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2020.11.23 19:45 TeamTraction The London Project - NEW YEAR SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

The London Project Has A Big Announcement: The New Years fireworks display has been a staple of the celebrations since 2000, and is one of the standout events of the year in London. However,with the ongoing pandemic it was inevitable they would be cancelled. When this was announced, A group of people from The London Project started preparation for recreating the new years fireworks display virtually, inside Minecraft.
The London project is an organisation who are recreating London 1:1 scale in the popular game, Hosting it online for everyone to join and see the sights of the city without ever leaving their home. The show will have lights, music, and sound, and will be live streamed across all major social media sites live on new years eve, so you can still have a new years celebration with fireworks! To stay up to date with news on the project and links to where it will go live, follow The London Project on Instagram, Twitter or join their Discord server at:
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2020.11.23 19:38 lotanto2 Can LEOS and detectives make you come out of the closet in front of your parents?

If someone is a predator where they are an adult wanting to meet a child from online, then that's a different story. Of course the law and the media will shame them for doing that.
But like if someone is a closeted bi guy like me who uses gay dating apps and let's suppose I did bad stuff online and got in trouble for it where LEOs and/or detectives show up to my house, can they get embarrass me in front of my parents with a print out of all the information I put up online about my sexuality (dating app messages or social media posts admitting my sexuality)? I know that if someone is an adult, the LEO would usually talk to the adult of interest privately, but what if I was a minor myself, would they still force me out of the closet by showing my parents the stuff I put online
When I was 14 and when I got traced for sending harassing emails and prank calls to a company in town, the detective had a print out of my Facebook account and the FB posts I made, but thankfully nothing about my sexuality was on there (I was straight at the time), but there were just some silly posts on there.
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2020.11.23 19:17 windfujin knowing 'the one' in the age of online dating

Hello everyone,
So online dating... we've all done it and some of us have been more 'successful' at it than others right.
I'd like to believe that I(35 M) have fared relatively well with them. But this is where things started becoming a little bit difficult for me.
This might sound like I'm blowing my own horn, but essentially speaking I have become spoilt for choices - without the guarantee of getting them all. Because I'm 'matching' with someone 'fresh and interesting' (note not necessarily 'better') regularly I've found it difficult to really give one girl an 'all in' she deserves or more importantly any relationship needs to flourish.
But i find myself essentially comparing the best qualities of all the girls i've been lucky to have been with. Oh that girl was beautiful, this girl is smart, that girl is funny - maybe the next girl will be all of this... I know this is an illusion but I cant seem to be able to help it.
I feel like 'the one' is just a match away.
I know online dating has been criticized for the newer generation's tendency to treat human relationship as disposable - and perhaps i fear that i might be falling into that too.
I don't think i'm addicted to online dating as it doesn't affect my ability to maintain my life whether professional or social.
I'm currently seeing two girls (we haven't determined exclusivity yet) but i think if I really invest into them it would become a proper relationship that could actually lead to something more. Of course if I really choose one i will commit to that one.
I guess there is no real question here.. if anything: - how did you know the girl you are currently with is 'the one'? - What did you do to stop yourself from looking for the next thrill/adventure? - How do you control the niggling sensation that makes you feel you 'settled'.
I'm sure there isn't going to be any clear cut answer. I guess this post is less about seeking advice and more about wanting a brainstorm - an attempting at accessing our collective intellect if you will.
tl;d when online dating is exposing you to so much 'choices' how do you know you when you should stop looking
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2020.11.23 19:15 ShrunkGiant Chinese Mail Order Brides on camera

He stated in recent months that the Philippine Consular Office in Seoul has obtained issues from Filipina other halves of abuses dedicated by their Oriental hubbies that created separation, separation and abandonment. As language and social differences come to be an issue, the Filipina ladies are considered as products purchased for a rate. Most of mail order brides from China to South Korea contain Chinese residents of Oriental ethnicity. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are sources of mail order brides to South Korea. The Oriental males really feel that because of the challenging circumstances from which the Filipina ladies come, social differences and also the language obstacle, they "will certainly not flee".

Is adultery a crime in the USA?

Although adultery is a misdemeanor in most of the states with laws against it, some — including Michigan and Wisconsin — categorize the offense as a felony. Punishments vary widely by state. In Maryland, the penalty is a paltry $10 fine. But in Massachusetts, an adulterer could face up to three years in jail.
The majority of these women were solitary, yet some were widows, divorcées or runaways. The head of the Chinese federal government agency battling human trafficking trouble claimed this month contraband of ladies as well as children from neighboring nations right into China is raising in spite of initiatives to combat it. NBC's aborted funny regarding a bought Filipina bride reveals the midsts of the entertainment industry's cultural blindness. marriage agency Internet site without the ladies's knowledge or permission. Web sites often include sexualized and also semi-nude photos of the females.
On June 4, 2001, Turkmenian President Saparmurat Niyazov licensed a mandate that needed foreigners to pay a $50,000 fee to wed a Turkmen resident, and also to live in the nation as well as own building for one year. Authorities showed that the legislation was created to shield women from being ripped off right into violent relationships.In June 2005, Niyazov junked the $50,000 and the property-owning requirements. In November 2009, Philippine Ambassador to South Korea Luis T. Cruz alerted Filipina women versus weding Oriental men.

The Misconception Of The Subservient Eastern Bride-to-be

Courtship was performed by letter, until a lady agreed to marry a man she had never ever fulfilled. Several females wanted to escape their present way of living, gain financial security and also see what life on the frontier could offer them.
Nevertheless, as a lot of companies are being ranged from outdoors Belarus, he has actually been incapable to stop this activity. Since 2003, the Federal government of Australia's willpower to lower what was deemed "unsuitable immigration" by then-Prime Minister John Howard has gotten energy. The Australian public even more welcomed its federal government's brand-new plans following the media circus of the Jana Klintoukh instance. According to an earlier Give Thornton International Business Report for 2012, Russia had an also greater percentage of females in senior administration at 46%, still highest possible on the planet.
Gladly, we have provided an inventory of the very best mail order websites that is not just real but also has the greatest assortment of solitary ladies trying to find marital relationship. Select the greatest Asian mail order bride-to-be site that fits your requirements. Japan does not belong to the class of the growing countries, and Japanese women do not have to seek for a rich foreign husband who may improve all their economic Chinese Mail Order Brides concerns. This is the problem for individuals who require to acquire an incredible wife and the bright side for many that are in search of love as well as love. Some of them suppose that Eastern mail order brides can not succeed in a relationship with Eastern men as a result of they have bad good manners as well as frustrating state of mind. If you'll make use of a dating platform to get an Oriental partner, you are not thought-about as an individual, that stopped working to discover an affiliate in the homeland. You merely need to find an elegance, that will share your tastes and choices, appropriate?
Canadian migration authorities frown upon conjugal-partners sponsorship for heterosexual pairs, and also currently require the pair to wed prior to a visa is provided. Ladies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other Eastern European countries are common mail-order bride prospects. European American guys discovered monetary success in the migration West, however the one point that was missing out on was the company of a wife. Very couple of women lived there right now, so it was hard for these males to calm down as well as start a family. They attempted to bring in women living back East; the guys composed letters to churches and also released individual advertisements in magazines and also newspapers. In return, the females would certainly write to the males as well as send them photographs of themselves.
But also for every one of those tales, there are additionally tales of honored, clever Asian ladies, choosing lives in distant locations and doing so by themselves terms. Initially, the Thai and also Filipina females were reluctant to speak with me out of fear of how they would certainly be portrayed. Visiting journalists that 'd reoccured had actually left a less than good perception, relaying tales that did little to break down the misconception of the subservient Oriental new bride. Currently, with 1,500 more males than females in between the ages of 18 and 60 on the islands, locating a wife can be hard. I am not Asian, yet having actually resided in a number of Oriental countries over many years, I understand women that battle the assumption that they are targets regardless of where worldwide they move.

The Style Evolution Of Dan Levy, One Of Individuals's Sexiest Men Alive

When I told people I was mosting likely to the remote Faroe Islands to movie women from Asia who had actually relocated there to wed males they satisfied online, many would certainly think they encountered some sort of exploitation or trafficking. Sometimes, the social pressure puts anxiety on younger Chinese people. ItвЂs possible that the Chinese language mail order new bride you satisfy shall be introverted.

New Bride Oriental

There has been a surge of mail-order promotions in Shanghai guaranteeing to locate better halves from Southeast Asia. Chinese authorities are advising guys to be cautious of marital relationship agency advertisements to discover them wives from Southeast Eastern nations.

Which country has the most loyal husbands?

Now let's jump on our list of countries with most faithful husbands.Italy. Russia. China. Canada. Turkey. Britain. United States. Americans are also high on the list of faithful husbands. Australia. Australians are at the very top of our list of 10 countries with most faithful husbands and not without reason. More items•
As for informing Pura's side of the tale, Clarke really did not specifically influence much self-confidence. Alex Jung explained cached article by Clarke that included gems such as, "The Asian compulsive is a relative of gay for evident reasons. In the picture, the personality of the Filipina mommy is portrayed angrily submitting her nails while three dewy-eyed youngsters grin from a corner. boyfriends worked as pimps for several of the worldwide (20%) and also UNITED STATE Noosibirsk, 655) are the residence of a moderate number of hired females.
Better, she said, Korean males identify Southeast Oriental women as friendly, hardworking, "accommodating as well as obedient, able to talk English, and also recognize with Oriental patriarchal society". Effective prosecution under this statute is unusual or non-existent as widespread deployment of the Net in the mid-1990s brought a proliferation of internet sites operating outside the Philippines which legally stay beyond the reach of Filipino law. One Montana site profiled in an ABS-CBN News and also Current Matters record qualified "Pinay Brides" prevented the restrictions by qualifying its function as that of a travel agency. Because of the multitude of Colombians wanting to leave their country by marrying immigrants, a black market for marriages to immigrants has actually created, with some individuals allegedly paying as long as 20 million pesos ($ 10,000) to unlawful groups. In 2005, President Alexander Lukashenko attempted to control "marriage companies" in Belarus and make it tough for them to run. He thought that Western men were draining his country of women of child-bearing age.
Yet with normal communication, they might turn out to be much more open and also friendly. Several might be atheist but fans an approach that can coexist with various other religions. The movie-- which broadcast Monday evening as a component of the PBS "Independent Lens" series-- considers Caucasian men's infatuation with Eastern ladies as well as checks out the stereotypes that paint Oriental women as sex-related and submissive creatures. It additionally checks out the intricacies of Steven and also Sandy's relationship as they navigate married life, managing a language barrier along with normal connection issues such as envy. Filmmaker Lum, a fourth-generation Chinese-American, discovered Steven on the online matchmaking website Oriental Buddy Finder, where he had actually been looking for as well as corresponding with prospective Chinese brides for several years.

Teenage Brides Trafficked to China Reveal Ordeal: ‘Ma, I’ve Been Sold’ - The New York Times

Teenage Brides Trafficked to China Reveal Ordeal: ‘Ma, I’ve Been Sold’.
Posted: Sat, 17 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT [source]
lives, just to be forced into sex-related bondage in whorehouses in Taiwan. This vulnerability of disadvantaged women is well known to traffickers.

Worldwide Marriage Company

Mail order brides are hardly a modern convention and the practice of selecting other halves from magazines or advertisements has been going on for hundreds of years. As he neared his 40th birthday celebration, nonetheless, Mr. Behnen began to tire of the rate. Early one early morning, after an evening invested making the rounds of Cincinnati bars, he quit to go to a 70-year-old priest as well as buddy from his days as a monk. After listening to his problem that he "didn't like conference women this way," Mr. Behnen states, the senior clergyman showed him a newspaper article regarding American Asian Worldwide Providers. However the isolation, Mrs. Elkington states, is a little price to pay for a life in the USA, a conviction she seems to share with much of the hundreds of other ladies that stare from mail-order brochures. Mr. Patterson picked more than 90 women from those in the brochure as well as those who had written to him, as well as sent them a kind letter telling about himself. He was, he wrote, birthed and raised in Tennessee, his work as a quality-control specialist at Planetic Design made him concerning $28,000 a year, he was sterile as well as he was trying to find a better half.
Vietnamese as well as Uzbek mail order brides have actually gone to Taiwan for marital relationship. While there is still no official demand for a minimum income, the enroller needs to give proof of income with their IMM 5481 Sponsorship Analysis. One of the major modifications was conjugal partner sponsorship, offered for any kind of two people (consisting of same-sex pairs) that have had conjugal connections together for at the very least one year.
may be exploited and abused by males who use to marry or embrace them. versus him as well as momentary custody of their son on allegations of abuse. setup of marriages between two globes-- the first and also the third.
Economic and also social problems for women in Russia as well as other Post-Soviet states are an inspirational factor in finding foreign arrangements. 52 percent of Russia's labor force is composed of ladies, yet according to some sources they usually hold reduced settings of importance in their home nation as well as work jobs with much less regard as well as lower wages; and also females make 43 percent of what males do. A representative at a marriage agency told the paper such spouses normally run away within the first 2 months of marriage if points do not go as anticipated. The male is reported to have actually paid $7,400 in firm costs as well as an added $5,500 to the female's household. Authorities with the management stated they have actually obtained complaints from a variety of guys saying such females, for whom they paid a high cost, had gone away a few months after marriage. Global Times, part of the Chinese Communist Event paper Individuals's Daily, reported in Shanghai officials have actually found a number of instances including young Southeast Asian females in the city this year.
It was amidst the personals in The National Enquirer that Mr. Patterson initially checked out a classified advertisement for an organization called Pacific Advances, among an estimated hundred in the USA that present American males to Oriental women. In February 1985, he sent out $120 to the noted message office box and also within weeks obtained a magazine with images as well as important data of more than 200 Eastern females. By Might, he had obtained letters from 150 extra females, not in the brochure, who had actually been provided his name by the firm. Fulfill the South East Asian females saving the population of the remote Faroe Islands, one marital relationship each time.
a woman that instituted a residential violence defense order against Mr. The 'Potato Orphans' of Australia is an obscure period in the nation's background when countless susceptible, adolescent women were delivered from Ireland to be other halves for the Australian convicts.
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2020.11.23 19:12 hello_there669 How does people meet in this day and age?

Corona aside, how does people meet each other, in a way allowing them to talk, fall in love and all that? I get online dating, something my socially anxious but charismatic ass like a lot (my ex/whatever [it’s complicated]), but where I live, there aren’t too many people using that. I might have thought something like clubbing/going to the bar might be a thing, but the few times I’ve gone to such places it just seem like a horrible place for it; it’s impossible to just talk to someone, too loud, some creepy guy coming past to drag her with her, just impossible.
Hobbies might be the next possibility, lots of time spent there, but for someone like me, doing very solitary sports (horse riding) isn’t exactly the best way (tho sometimes people start flirting with me, asking me out and such, which is nice, but I’m more concerned with taking initial myself)
I know people just casually “slides into someone’s dms” on social media, but to me it just seems weird.
Where, how and why does people meet?
Not exactly asking for advice for myself (my relationship is pretty complicated, unsure where it’ll go), but just generally curious.
Also, how did people meet back before social media and all that?
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2020.11.23 19:00 extractserrand Andrew Tate - All courses thread.

I have the listed below courses by Andrew Tate. If you are interested in any of them, you can let me know on direct message:
**\* If you are interested, you can let me know on Direct Message. Proofs are included! All other Andrew Tate courses are also available! **\*
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2020.11.23 18:53 idunnoproblybuttstuf Nothing much more I can do I guess?

Had a hot and cold run with a young lady I am quite fond of. I (m33) met her (25) online a couple months ago and she made it clear she enjoyed the courting process and wanted to take it slow. So we did. Lots of lunches, nature, and dinner dates. About the 4th date in we got physical (kissing and cuddling) and all seemed right with the world. She was clearly into it when we broke for the night. Coming back for that “one more kiss”. Then she went pretty quiet the next few days which is not completely out of character (she has dyslexia and is not a strong texter). The next time we get together she tells me she is very into me but is not sure she’s ready for the responsibility of a relationship. I take it well and we just hang casually for the night. We make plans to see each other again but on more of a just friends terms, but when we get together, it’s clear the tension is still there, and she keeps making comments and openings for me to make a move. I don’t mind being just her friend, I am not really hurting for dates, but I really like this one so I lay out to her that I enjoy spending time with her it’s clear we have strong chemistry and I would like to explore this further with her. No pressure or expectations. Just doing what feels right as it happens and if this is something she is interested in, then to call me sometime. This was said last week via text, and I have not heard from her (not surprised). However, she is clearly up my butt on social media. Viewing stories immediately, liking etc. even though she has virtually no social media presence herself. So, what is going on? Young person who doesn’t know what they want? Playing games for attention? Fear of commitment? Where’s this wall coming from and why does she keep peaking over it?
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2020.11.23 18:30 wZeroSeventy [INT][PC][Clan] Royal Destiny is Recruiting! 3700+ Alliance Members 4 Branches to Choose From Come Join our Family!

# Welcome!
We are Royal Destiny! A large and highly active Warframe community that focuses on all the different aspects of the game. From veteran players to newcomers, competitive to casual, we are confident our community will provide you with the Warframe experience you’ve always wanted.
# Our Story
We started our clan in 2015. It was founded by a group of four individuals, RoseDestiny, FerrousWolf, Gbonk, and Papersuit. Our founders met by pure chance running a public mission. They then proceeded to play more missions together and decided “Hey, let's create an amazing clan.” That was it, the birth of Royal Destiny. We are founded on principles of fun, social-minded, and competitive play, and we’re passionate about making a community full of like-minded people making new relationships and stronger bonds.
Due to the ever expanding popularity of our community, we have managed very successfully to grow into 4 strong clans. It was through the helpful attitude of our members and our strong leadership that we were able to accomplish this. We have certainly had ups and downs, as you can expect from any developing community, however, we’ve pulled through and can certainly say we’ve come a long way and accomplished a great many things together.
# What We Can Offer You
>* An active community, full of active and helpful members.
>* Four fully developed clans with an emphasis on activity.
>* An international clan with membership from all over the globe.
>* Our very large and enjoyable dojos.
>* Research and Labs are 100% completed in all of our clans, so everything is available to you.
# The Royal Destiny Discord
>* Our large community Discord contains over 4000 members from all over the globe.
>* Lots of channels for both voice chat and text conversations for all sorts of topic discussions and focuses. Memes, events, squadding, the works.
>* Keeping you up to date on alerts and announcements from our community leaders.
>* Multiple bots for all sorts of purposes, such as music, minigames, assigning roles, creating temporary voice channels, pinging alerts, and much, much more.
# List of Clans
>* **Royal Destiny** *(MR6+, Competitive Moon clan, 900+ members):*
Where it all began, the OG clan. Royal Destiny is the largest clan of the community, boasting highly active chats and 100+ members online at any one time. Our members and officers promote a positive and helpful environment and host weekly clan competitions for promotion and encourage socializing among members. If you find yourself to be a competitive person this is the clan for you.
>* **Royal Destiny Academy** *(MR6+ Moon clan, 900+ members):* The first expansion of Royal Destiny. Royal Destiny Academy is perfect for players looking for an event-oriented environment that offers playful experience and content for both casual and veteran players, while still keeping the quality standard of the Royal Destiny community.
>* **Royal Destiny United** *(MR3+ Moon clan, 900+ members):*
Want to learn how to play the game? Want to focus on teaching and providing a foundation for new players? Royal Destiny United is great for those of you who are new to the game and want to get the best learning experience possible.
>* **Royal Destiny Immortals** *(no MR required, Preparatory Mountain clan):*
Are you someone who likes to discuss/experiment about builds, team formation, eido runs etc? Royal Destiny Immortals will present you such opportunities to theory craft and test them out in the game. Our members encourage an engaging environment in the clan for newcomers and vets alike. We promote socializing among our members ingame and in our discord server.
# How to Join
Everything sound good to you? Awesome! Now follow the steps below to apply for an invite to one of our clans.
>* Step 1: Pick your desired clan to join.
>* Step 2: Join our Discord through [this link]( >* Step 3: PM the bot named Kon with “<* Note: Before joining, ensure you have messages from server members enabled so the bot can PM you.
# Other information
[Royal Destiny Website](
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2020.11.23 18:20 RegretsAndSorrow I Feel Like A Fucking Monster

Before I continue, I'd like to say this. I have high-functioning autism, and I struggle heavily when it comes to social situations. I remember once at an IEP meeting my teachers all said that I was "a few years behind" maturity wise. I also have bipolar disorder, and I was going through a manic episode when I decided to start dating this person. When you're in manic state, you tend to make poor decisions, you don't think before you act. With that being said, let's get to the reason I made this post.
I'm currently 18, when I was 16 I briefly dated someone who was 13 online (we didn't know each other irl). I didn't actually like them in that way, I had no romantic or sexual attraction to them, but I knew that they had a crush on me. I didn't want to turn them down and hurt their feelings, so we started dating. At one point during the relationship, we exchanged inappropriate photos of each other (not really nudes, but defintiely suggestive photos), but I didn't think anything of it at the time because I thought it was normal. At the time I didn't know that 13 and 16 was a weird gap, but I figured it out during the relationship. We only dated for a period of like 3 weeks before I realized that it was wrong and decided to break up with them.
After we broke up we went back to being just friends, and I kinda just forgot about the whole thing. I just went about my life for the next 1 & 1/2 years. I didn't start feeling bad about it until a few months ago. I've apologized to the person I dated (they're 15 now), and they told me that they weren't harmed or negatively affected by the relationship in any way. They said they never felt uncomfortable during the relationship. They told me that it's ridiculous that I feel so bad about it, that I'm making a big deal out of something small. But even after they told me that, I still feel terrible about it. I'm terrified that I might've groomed them without even knowing it or something, even though they told me that I didn't.
I just feel so fucking terrible about it, even though no one was hurt. I just wish I could fucking go back in time and make different choices, because I feel like I completely fucked myself over. Every time I see that like a celebrity or a youtuber was cancelled for being a predator, I feel the need to compare what they did to what I did. I feel like a hypocrite for criticizing these people and I fucking hate feeling this way. I can't stop seeing myself as a predator. I keep imagining someone making a call out post about me and then all of social media hates me, and I know thats not gonna happen but if it did I'd just kill myself then and there. I haven't killed myself yet because I don't want my family to be sad. I'm trying to give life a chance, I've started going to therapy and Im taking medication as well, but I feel like I'm too far gone to be fixed by any of those things, and frankly, im not sure I deserve to feel better. I feel like a fucking monster and a predator and I just wish I told the kid to go fuck themselves or something. Yeah it wouldve been mean but I least I wouldn't have become a fucking nonce. I don't want to be a nonce, I never wanted to be a nonce, I never wanted to groom or take advantage of anyone, that was never my fucking goal, but i cant help but feel like thats what ended up happening. I've told several people about this and almost all of them said that it's not a big deal, but what if they're wrong? Hell, even someone who was groomed by a 16 year old at 13 told me that I didn't groom anyone, but I feel like I can't trust anyone. I don't know if I should believe anyone and the uncertainty is killing me. What if they're just being too kind and forgiving? I don't fucking know. It feels like suicide is the only way out, but what if it's actually not a huge deal and I'm killing myself over something small. My head is in so much pain and turmoil and I just want it to fucking stop.
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2020.11.23 18:18 RegretsAndSorrow I Feel Like A Fucking Monster

Before I continue, I'd like to say this. I have high-functioning autism, and I struggle heavily when it comes to social situations. I remember once at an IEP meeting my teachers all said that I was "a few years behind" maturity wise. I also have bipolar disorder, and I was going through a manic episode when I decided to start dating this person. When you're in manic state, you tend to make poor decisions, you don't think before you act. With that being said, let's get to the reason I made this post.
I'm currently 18, when I was 16 I briefly dated someone who was 13 online (we didn't know each other irl). I didn't actually like them in that way, I had no romantic or sexual attraction to them, but I knew that they had a crush on me. I didn't want to turn them down and hurt their feelings, so we started dating. At one point during the relationship, we exchanged inappropriate photos of each other (not really nudes, but defintiely suggestive photos), but I didn't think anything of it at the time because I thought it was normal. At the time I didn't know that 13 and 16 was a weird gap, but I figured it out during the relationship. We only dated for a period of like 3 weeks before I realized that it was wrong and decided to break up with them.
After we broke up we went back to being just friends, and I kinda just forgot about the whole thing. I just went about my life for the next 1 & 1/2 years. I didn't start feeling bad about it until a few months ago. I've apologized to the person I dated (they're 15 now), and they told me that they weren't harmed or negatively affected by the relationship in any way. They said they never felt uncomfortable during the relationship. They told me that it's ridiculous that I feel so bad about it, that I'm making a big deal out of something small. But even after they told me that, I still feel terrible about it. I'm terrified that I might've groomed them without even knowing it or something, even though they told me that I didn't.
I just feel so fucking terrible about it, even though no one was hurt. I just wish I could fucking go back in time and make different choices, because I feel like I completely fucked myself over. Every time I see that like a celebrity or a youtuber was cancelled for being a predator, I feel the need to compare what they did to what I did. I feel like a hypocrite for criticizing these people and I fucking hate feeling this way. I can't stop seeing myself as a predator. I keep imagining someone making a call out post about me and then all of social media hates me, and I know thats not gonna happen but if it did I'd just kill myself then and there. I haven't killed myself yet because I don't want my family to be sad. I'm trying to give life a chance, I've started going to therapy and Im taking medication as well, but I feel like I'm too far gone to be fixed by any of those things, and frankly, im not sure I deserve to feel better. I feel like a fucking monster and a predator and I just wish I told the kid to go fuck themselves or something. Yeah it wouldve been mean but I least I wouldn't have become a fucking nonce. I don't want to be a nonce, I never wanted to be a nonce, I never wanted to groom or take advantage of anyone, that was never my fucking goal, but i cant help but feel like thats what ended up happening. I've told several people about this and almost all of them said that it's not a big deal, but what if they're wrong? Hell, even someone who was groomed by a 16 year old at 13 told me that I didn't groom anyone, but I feel like I can't trust anyone. I don't know if I should believe anyone and the uncertainty is killing me. What if they're just being too kind and forgiving? I don't fucking know. It feels like suicide is the only way out, but what if it's actually not a huge deal and I'm killing myself over something small. My head is in so much pain and turmoil and I just want it to fucking stop.
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2020.11.23 18:06 mybpdmisery714 Having a new crush... here we go again

I've reached that time again where I have a crush and become so painfully dysfunctional that my life is turned upside down. I'm normally very independent and emotionally stable, can handle schoolwork and work and other obligations with no problem but I just feel like a different person now.
I've just started talking to this girl a few days ago and the logical part of me is having an endless war with my emotions. We've been talking through facebook messenger (I know her aunt through work, who introduced us) and I feel like we have so much in common and that we'd be good together. But I'm having such a hard time just getting through the days because this feels like torture.
She often takes a while to respond; the logical part of me tells me she's busy with school and work but the emotional part of me tells me that I'm annoying and she's just humoring me. She told me she has really bad social anxiety; the logical part of me tells me that could explain why she takes a long time to reply (as I've literally done the same thing in the past because I have it too) but the emotional part of me tells me she doesn't want to talk to me.
I see her active on messenger when she doesn't look at my messages; the logical part of me reminds me that I often did the same thing when I tried online dating (as I had to be in a flirty mood to respond) while my emotions make me think "how could she DO this to me???" I remind myself that we just started talking days ago and my emotions remind me how asymmetrical our feelings towards each other seem to be. The way she talks to me AND what her aunt tells me she says about me tells me that she likes me and that I just need to be patient... but it's just so hard.
The thought that I have to put myself through this misery just for the chance to receive the love that I wish I could feel for myself makes me want to splatter my brains on the wall. And there's no guarantee a relationship might even come of this; and that's totally rational and fine as she owes me nothing. I just really hate my life and fucked up brain sometimes
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2020.11.23 17:58 saengjan [Personal opinion] Start-Up (K-drama), its parallel elements in the real world, and how we should view its plot

Hello everyone. So this has been running around my mind, and hopefully I can help engaging healthy discussions in this post. I'll be talking about how I viewed Start-Up, a currently airing K-drama, contrasted with how the writer desires to narrate the story to the general viewers.
Silicon Valley culture and present-day corporate world
Silicon Valley in San Francisco, California
It is apparent in present-day companies that they are somewhat influenced by the Silicon Valley culture and millennial-friendly work setups, and previous generations (actually, even some millennials who began their careers at old-school companies) are getting a hard time understanding that truth. I remember one of my uncles saying that it’s so impossible for a company to offer free lunch meals everyday at the office, while I’m at the office lining up getting free lunch. They also can’t believe that some companies prioritize personal growth at some point, while not necessarily disregarding the company vision. I’ve mostly been working with companies that embrace that culture, and all of these culture adaptations came from Silicon Valley.
This culture enabled one of the most talked upon entrepreneur bootstrapping methods, the so-called startup. Many envisioned millennials suddenly see this amazing culture fitting into their visions and dreams. This is the heart of a currently airing K-drama, which is named Start-Up.
Sand Box: a perceived parallel image to Silicon Valley
Sand Box, a fictional startup kickstarter
We see a so-called Sand Box, a fictional startup kickstarter district in Korea, parallelized with California’s Silicon Valley. The Sand Box building, as everyone saw in the series, is encompassed with what Silicon Valley was known for. Offering nice office spaces, free food, and conducive working environments are some of its key aspects. This attracted the attention of the main protagonists in the story, thus thinking about starting a business in Sand Box.
The Start-Up narrative
Start-Up's main protagonists
The story started with an emotional backstory that attracted viewers’ attention. There were siblings that had arguing parents - a father who was sick of the corporate world and wanted to start a new company with a vision, and a mother who wanted to get away from struggling financially. Their parents’ relationship suddenly went down, and their mother wanted a divorce. At the end, the father with a vision suddenly died, but the mother lived in luxury because of marrying another man who is a chaebol and had one of the siblings (Won In-jae) live with them.
Seo Dal-mi and Won In-jae, the siblings in the story
The side story to this sad situation is a young orphan who wants to live his life on his own and start his career all by himself, shadowed with a harsh childhood, which significantly molded his generally cold personality towards most people. Suddenly, the siblings’ grandmother noticed this guy and offered him a place to sleep. While their artificial mother-son relationship starts to grow, the grandmother suddenly asks this guy to write fake letters to the sibling who was left with her father. Here, an emotional rollercoaster is bound to be present in the series.
All after giving this one-episode long story, we were brought to a time leap to 2016, where three geek guys who finished computer science and engineering degrees decided to establish a startup, with a guy named Nam Do-san primarily running it. Looking back through the one-episode long backstory, this guy’s name was used for the fake letters because the young orphan saw his name in the newspaper.
The guys at Samsan Tech
Focusing on the three guys, they were typical stereotypes of the common computer geek. They were obsessed with coding, and like me, they were amazed with AI and computer imagery, therefore adding it as a basic component of their company. They were kids in their mid-20s dreaming to start a business, and as what is expected of amateurs in the startup industry, they weren’t getting any investments in the company.
Contrastingly, the young orphan is now the person whom we know as Han Ji-pyeong, a successful venture capitalist who has experience working with the tech industry. Cutting every detail short, we now see this guy suddenly meeting halfway with the geek guys, however a rivalry was bound to start because of how these people didn’t come up with an agreeable negotiation with meeting the sibling (Seo Dal-mi) whose fake letters were sent to.
The plot timeline and perceived character developments
The plot timeline
We can see the time plot focusing on the 2016 story*, where 12 episodes were dedicated to that time period alone. Based on the narratives, we can estimate a total running time of around 7-8 months in the plot squeezed into 11 and one-fourth** episode.
[* the 2016 setting can be inferred upon the cellphone dates seen when watching the drama]
[** the three-fourth is dedicated to the backstory]
Here, this suddenly makes a weird perception of the series. Why did the series focus on this timeline most of the time? By thinking over it, one thing was sure to me. The writer designed this series to make people focus on how businesses are created in the startup industry, but also, it included a somewhat awkward storyline to create a love story between the main protagonists, which generally also affected the perception of the public viewers. This is actually considered a slow-paced storyline, in which the viewers were fooled thinking that the startup venture took so long before the demo day, that is, the day where the companies in the startup kickstarter are pitted upon the products that they have made. All the people are watching is a very small percentage of the story between all the characters in the plot. This fooled a lot of viewers regarding the character development of the protagonists, as well as other characters in the story. It seems like on the 12 episodes alone, almost no one got a significant character development, although we can also see some improvements in the way they think in the series. In short, the developments seem not enough at all, and are waiting to unfold in the last 4 episodes of the series.
The acqhiring stuff: the pros and cons
Also, the acqhiring stuff that happened in the series was perceived negatively in the series. In the real world, this scenario can be both viewed positively and negatively. This method allows outstanding individuals to be absorbed in a large company, with big compensations that are rated at an all time high compared to the regular employees in the company. It's a fact however, that this will cause some people to be disbanded from the acquired company because they lack some qualifications. That is what happened in Episode 12, and it seems that everything went down so fast. In reality, it is an opportunity for the founders to expand their skill set, and once they decide to resign from the acquiring company, they still have the funds at the end of the day. This is what we need to look closely on the next episodes.
Why doesn’t the plot seem to sit well upon most viewers?
Most K-dramas are focused on constant character development. This is the reason why some series sit well upon viewers. For example, Crash Landing on You executed a clear character development with the female and male protagonists, and the details are well-delivered in every episode. When The Camellia Blooms also focused on constant character development between most of the characters while being distracted by a killer substory in the plot.
Start-Up wasn’t written to run that way. It is clear that the main focus of the 12 episodes alone are about running a business, alongside an unconventional love story plot. Also included is a deep character execution of most* characters, which caused a lot of discussions and arguments in social media and other platforms. This also caused a lot of hate with the main male protagonist, as well as other characters that seem to fare badly in the series.
[* some characters were not that expounded, ex. Won In-jae]
What to think about all the protagonists in the story?
It’s still enough to think about all characters rationally. Some might not understand how the main male protagonist doesn’t seem to engage well with his personality. Some also get angry because the second male lead is a primary example of a company executive who lash out on their employees, with some calling it constructive criticism.
Without understanding the context on why the series is written in such a way, emotions will always come first for those watching the series, causing them to have a hazy understanding of the story. I’m still happy that some people don’t watch the series this way.
Nam Do-san
In reality, however, most of the claims written by viewers can be considered valid. For example, Nam Do-san really doesn’t go well with maturity yet in the series. This personality, based on personal experience, is actually common with many computer science and engineering graduates, myself included. Many youths have a vision in their head but they still need to deal with the harsh reality of this world. They act with emotions rather than being rational.
Han Ji-pyeong
On the other hand, Han Ji-pyeong was generally being nitpicky and showed signs of lacking trust in people. We all knew that the series is based on Silicon Valley. How is this reality connected with how Han Ji-pyeong acts in the series? As cited on Wharton’s article (2019), millennials who work in Silicon Valley “want...the same as everybody else. Essentially, it’s just to be treated well, to be treated with dignity, to be treated with respect.” His character appears to miss this fact and as a result of his harsh past, he lashes out on other people who fail to meet his standards. The present-day Silicon Valley culture view this attitude as unacceptable.
What is the essence of having this K-drama aired on cable TV and Netflix?
Simply showing how businesses should be kickstarted is one of the essence of having this K-drama aired into everyone’s small screen. The series also suggests life lessons that might not stick well with the harsh reality of the world. Sadly, many fans don’t get a clear picture about this. I’m hoping that for the next episodes, everything can be cleared out for everyone, considering that we are now away with the 2016 setting.

Citation source:
How Silicon Valley's Work Culture Made Everyone Miserable (
Images used in this post are grabbed online, credits to all of them (sorry, I didn't have the time to cite them completely)
I'd be happy to read some comments from viewers too. I hope that I expounded well on this post. Thanks!
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2020.11.23 17:35 One_Bear_Two_Dicks This Whole Hiccup Thing with the NWFT Vinyl Release is Irksome

As far as bands go, for the most part, I feel that Coheed does a particularly good job of respecting their fans and doing the best for them. I sincerely believe that, as performers and professionals, that they truly care about their fanbase.
But this whole release thing... it's a real fucking mess.
The limited aspect of the Gunslinger colored pressing and online ordering was, IMO, fine. Honestly. Given some recent releases I can think of, like the Sekiro and Cowboy Bebop ones, showing how bad limited edition stuff gets botted for flipping in less than 5 minutes, this was a relatively smooth release, minus the initial hiccups with the page organization in the first 10-15 minutes. Judging from times on posts with Facebook and Instagram, the 3000 copies sold out within like 2-3 hours. Given that the band has millions of monthly listeners on Spotify alone, that seems pretty reasonable, especially with announcing the time of the drop at least 24 hours in advance. And then there was the black pressing available for anyone who wasn't lucky enough/awake to get a copy of the Gunslinger variant.
But all this junk with sending out shipping numbers and canceling and then people getting it early?
I think it's particularly annoying because it highlights a number of issues.
First, that the vinyl is ready to ship. I mean, obviously people are getting their copies now, so... why the wait until December? It's not like that's when the Neverender was set to start and it's not like it's the anniversary of the album either. Nor is it that there was a need to wait for getting the albums from the pressing plant, since they're going out. Heck, the tracking number issues started a week ago. Given that there was a hard number made and that listings for, presumably, is the black version on Amazon since, what, June/July? It wasn't really a "pre-order" in the sense of they needed to know how many to make. For whatever reason, they picked an arbitrary release date for it. Really, compared to everything else, it's the least of the issues at hand.
Second, even it was was an error in the system at the warehouse/Artist Arena (if they're handling fulfillment) during fulfillment or whatever, how was it only a select few people? Of course, we have no idea what happened but it was only a few people? Not the entire list? As someone who pulled the trigger on his copy at 10:03am (from my confirmation email) it seems almost random vs. at the start of the list or anything.
Third, since there was an issue and copies are going out early, why hasn't the entire list just been moved up for shipping? I mean, looking at the first problem, it's not an issue of having the vinyl. And with the second problem, it's also not everyone who purchased the colored variant got accidental shipping notifications. So, why not just push the release forward for everyone, not just go forward with a select few people? Even then, why not just send a second email saying "hey, sorry about the mix-up, we'll give you a new number when we're ready to ship" instead of an email just saying the first tracking number is wrong, here's a new one and then shipping the copies anyways, even though it's weeks before the streetdate.
But lastly, and most importantly, I feel, is that the band is radio silent on all this. I get that they're not the ones stuffing envelopes and licking stamps. This is almost certainly a goof-up on the warehouse/distro side. But like... nothing? I know the band isn't exactly the most prolific on social media, but there's not been a single peep from the band about this on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram... Nothing's even been posted in over two weeks, aside from Travis and Josh's personal accounts, and that was just their personal lives. I find it a little hard to believe that they haven't heard anything form fans posting, let alone that nobody from the warehouse/Artist Arena called to own up to the mistake. Again, I'm sure the band probably doesn't do too much with personally running their SM even, but, we're just getting nothing. No email blast to the people who bought it or their mailing list, nothing posted anywhere... Not that anyone's gonna blame them for this, but it sucks that there's just no explanation on what's going on right now. To me, and given how Coheed's interacted with and shown respect to their fans in the past, this seems like the worst part. Super easy to just shoot out a quick message like "Hey guys, sorry about the mess up, here's what's going on." or give a brief update. Instead, all we have are people getting their stuff early, a bunch of us not even having our orders past "processing" yet, and little more than conspiracy theories on what maybe happened.
I think, all around, this is just going sideways and it's annoying. Is it the end of the world? Of course not. It's just sloppy, annoying, and incredibly disappointing and frustrating for all of us who are still in limbo about our copies. Plus an added insult to injury if the majority of us are going to still have to wait until December for our copies when other people have theirs, for some reason.
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2020.11.23 17:30 regularcuppawithmilk Old enough to be a Desi Auntie, my stalker.

This isn’t your typical cyber stalker story, it’s far from being typical. When I tell this story in person, I often say to my small audience, I feel like the crazy one, but I know that’s not true.
Imagine coming across a psycho you’ve never met in real life, but for some reason unbeknownst to you, she comes into your life. You may exchanged a few messages, she puts on this sweet and charming act. In front of the world, she puts on this facade of being a “cyberbully” specialist, when in reality, she’s the one being the keyboard warrior.
This goes beyond name calling, my abuser with google the shit out of your name. Find every single detail about you, screen record your lives, pay XX amount of money to get personal details off websites. To her this all a game, the hunter vs. hunted.
Once she gets your details, you’ll get the typical flow of harassing text from her burner numbers, she will change them every couple days. You can keep blocking and reporting her fake accounts across social media, but like the head of snakes, you cut one off, three of them keep growing in it’s place.
The truth is, she’s been doing this sort of harassment since the AOL chatroom days. I almost long for those days, cause it was much easier to hide from her. She used to go into the India chatrooms. taunt others, flood chatrooms with nonsense.
She now takes your personal details to the next level, by masking her mobile number and somehow getting in touch with the local authorities. From there she will create a false report, saying some batshit crazy crap.

The cops have no choice but to swat your house and break down your door. A home is supposed to your place where you feel safe. Despite blocking her, not provoking her, dodging her online, she just keeps coming back.
Believe it or not, she’s been doing this for over 23 years, when things start getting too hot, her family decides to move. Many have filed police reports, she will file a counterclaim, those who have tried to take her to court - she tends to never show up. You see, it’s all just a game to her. And since it’s municipal court, nothing ever comes out of it. She gets the sick pleasure of wasting your time, your money and your sanity.
If looks can kill, not to be mean, but she’s the stereotype of what a troll would look like. I think after being falsely accused of so many things by her, I’m allowed to say that much.
It doesn’t stop with the swatting, over the years she has also got lots of people fired from their positions.
Her town is like the armpit of the US, the cops are not very sophisticated. They deal with parking tickets and DUIs, not cyberstalking. She comes from money, I don’t want any of it. ALL I WANT IS PEACE AND FOR HER TO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. But at times, it feels like some authority figures are being paid off. I keep asking myself, is going to take someone to be accidentally killed during a swat for someone to take this seriously?
The story has actually got international news coverage in both the US and UK where some of us reside.
I feel if you got this far, I thank you, this is such a release. Because I’m feeling like I’m not the crazy one, but fighting a corrupt system, where stricter laws need to be put in place. I don’t know how and I don’t know where to begin.
I just long for the day, where I don’t have to constantly have to keep blocking this weirdo. I believe she’s a danger to others (including myself) and herself as well.
The police here in the UK, eventually hit a roadblock with all her false report calls. While her court case date is still pending, she is free and not in the US custody. The burner numbers are untraceable, once they do find the company, I been told they can't track it. The only identity she has is her voice is very distinctive. It may seem minor or trivial, especially if you're not in my shoes, but imagine. Someone in a different country, can manipulate the police up to a point, it's beyond me. Although there's been no extradition from the US to the UK, in the last 25 years I think, the last was a murder. I doubt she will have to face charges here. But I can't imagine the resources lost due to her disruptive behaviour.
Not to assume anything, but something must’ve happened to her in her childhood to be consume with so much hate, but I can only hope her time is running out and justice will seize the day.
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2020.11.23 17:25 PorcelainTubb I (16F) have had a crush on one of my guy friends (16M) for awhile, but I just recently got out of a relationship with another friend (17M)

I (16F) and my ex-boyfriend (17M) have just broken up after being together for about a year. It's been about a week since the breakup, we're both doing very well. We're from the same online group of friends and are still friendly with each other and play videogames, voice chat and text with our mutual friends on a daily basis.
But I've always had feelings for one of the other guys (16M) in our friend group ever since we all met, which was a little more than a year ago. The only reason I didn't pursue him was that he had told us that he had a crush on another girl for a year+ at this point, and I didn't want to push my feelings onto him so I backed off. I tried to be supportive and encouraged him to make a move on his crush, but he never did. At this point in our friend group, my current ex-boyfriend had showed interest in me, so that's why we started dating.
My crush is in Germany, and I am in the United States. We recently started talking more after I and my ex broke up, but in a friendly setting where all of the other friends could see/hear what we were talking about. I also asked him about his crush, and he revealed that his feelings had faded for her. It was shocking of course, I didn't expect that from him since he had liked her for so long.
After hearing that his feelings for his crush had faded, I started making a big fuss about finding girlfriends for him and my other guy friends as kind of a joke, since none of them have ever dated anyone before (excluding me and my ex). This eventually led me down a rabbit hole of realizing that in Germany, their "dating culture" is quite different from America's.
Apparently, a lot of German guys are shy and have a hard time approaching girls, especially if the girl is practically a stranger. They also tend to date within their friend groups. I asked my crush if this was true and he confirmed it true, at least for him. I'm guessing this is why he never went after his crush, she never really ended up in his social circle.
I've always been a confident person who could walk up to a guy and ask them out or make the first move, but I'm scared to do that with my crush, even though I know that even if he liked me back, he probably wouldn't make a move. This is because it's only been a little over a week since me and ex split up, so I'm not sure if it's even appropriate to make a move. I'm just not sure how to contain my feelings since I don't feel comfortable telling my other friends.
I guess I'm looking for advice on what to do with my feelings towards my crush. Do I wait my feelings out? Do I tell one of my friends? Do I confess my feelings to my crush? I'm just so conflicted. I don't want to look like a player or a bad person to my friends. They're all so dear to me, but I feel a need to do something about how I feel, I just don't know what.
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2020.11.23 17:20 watts8 Been on a self improvement journey after dealing with depression and anxiety most my life. I’ve noticed some friends have got jealous. It’s something I haven’t found much on to turn to, and I’d like to hear your thoughts. It would help a lot, thanks

Long story short... I’m 29 m, sufferer of social anxiety all my life, which led to depression and anxious feelings over a host of diff things. Got heavily bullied in work because of it. However, started listening to Jordan Peterson and reading his work and it helped me take action for myself, to be accountable, and to be better. I started running, been doing that for 2 years now, I added weights and yoga, and started doing therapy (cbt) for social anxiety (this was all gradual over time, I ran for a year first before slowly adding the others). And it’s all helped massively, when all felt lost, I did something about it and I’m really getting there. I haven’t had a gf for years but I’ve started online dating and just messaging girls for me and having a conversation is pretty big. However, I’ve noticed some friends who do seem to be struggling at times too get very jealous and they tend to lie to me about what they’re up to at the moment, belittle what I’m doing, and I really don’t believe I’m pushing it in their face or anything. I just thought they’d be happy to see their mate doing well finally. But, it doesn’t come across that way. Does anyone have advice to get past that? Why are they like that? I hate that I can’t speak to some of my friends properly for weeks because they’re resentful over what I’m doing to overcome my struggles. And it makes me feel guilty... when I know it shouldn’t. Any advice or opinions on this I’d be really grateful for.
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2020.11.23 16:35 cw9595cw Be Happy (2020 Short Story)

Be Happy
In this harsh, yet valuable story. I will use Date-Of-Birth's instead of names for the characters.
Plot Summary: Two sick, and mean girls continue to bully and humiliate a man with Mild-Autism (ASD) on a regular basis for a matter of years. After experiencing a sickening amount of online harassment, the man eventually went to Niagara Falls, with intentions of taking his own life. But his suicide was prevented outside the lines of duty, and would be given another shot at life.
Buffalo, N.Y. - May 25, 2019.
Mr. 1995-07-27, age 23, was suffering severe depression, after years of online bullying, as well as social discrimination.
Ms. 1995-01-11 and Ms. 1995-04-26, two beautiful, smart, yet very mean individuals. And were continuously humiliating him on social media. Not to him, but about him to others.
Continiously uttering insults online and whenever they saw him at bars, which was usually about once every few months steadily over 3 or 4 years, and mentioned that if he ever committed suicide (killed himself) no one would give a shit.
For over 4 years, They humiliated and spoke ill of him online on a regular basis, with frequent mocking and ridiculing him which dehumanized him and hurt his dignity.
They strongly discouraged he will never be anything, and that he’s stupid, and a loser of an individual.
For years, they would make mean and hurtful jokes about him.
And that all he ever did, was smoke Cannabis, drink Alcohol, and Masturbate.
And who’s too dumb for anything nice for anyone but himself.
This deeply hurt his feelings, he was even hurt so bad to the point that overtime, he experienced not only psychological symptoms, but suffered brutal physical symptoms as well.
This went ongoing for years, untreated.
They continued their insults and trash-talk, intentionally giving others poor, false or misleading impressions of him, making him far more vulnerable to bullying, to which he was, over time.
Unfortunately, their posts had been quite popular at first, but eventually, they crossed the line, blew the last straw, knocked the last leg off the stool or whatever metaphor you wanna use.
On May 25, 2019. Ms. 1995-01-11 and Ms. 1995-04-26 finished off their series of insulting social media posts, quoting his life didn't mean anything, and that the world was far better off without Mr. 1995-07-27,
On that same day, Mr. 1995-07-27, age 23, traveled to Niagara Falls alone, from The Canadian Side of The Niagara River, with intentions of suicide, thinking that absolutely no one liked him, nor cared about him.
Mr. 1995-12-19 and Mrs. 1995-08-10 were both a married-couple on a romantic getaway vacation to Niagara Falls, and the Husband happened to witness a man jump into the Niagara River upstream. He dipped beneath the surface. Then he was gone.
Then The Husband spotted the suicidal man in the water, and frantically pointed him out to his Wife, “There he is!”.
The Wife knew what he was doing (committing suicide) and made a remarkable risk of her own life, to save another life that would have very little chance of survival shall he go over The Canadian Horseshoe Falls.
She ran as far ahead of him as she could, then bravely jumped into the frigid waters of The Niagara River.
Unfortunately, the suicidal man had rendered unconscious, and after a series of white water rapids, and strong currents, constantly tugging him under water.
The Wife somehow managed to catch up to The man, grabbing him just in time before going over the falls, then swam with him to the nearest shore.
Once the water was shallow enough, the closer to the Canadian Shoreline they got, she then climbed out of the frigid winter waters with the man, then they were assisted by her Husband, who ran alongside the river downstream.
The man was still unconscious, so The Wife performed mouth-to-mouth C-P-R, while The Husband simultaneously King Kong Chest Pounded him.
He regained consciousness, and survived. He was given a second shot at life.
After this incident, Mr. 1995-12-19, and his Wife, Mrs. 1995-08-10 became close friends with Mr. 1995-07-27, and convinced him not to listen to a word Ms. 1995-01-11 and Ms. 1995-04-26 said, and told him life absolutely, is worth living.
They strongly suggested whatever pain he might be feeling now, whether it's been less than a day, or more than a year, it won’t last either way.
Strongly emphasizing the extreme importance of enjoying life the best we can, no matter how hard it may seem, but he has everything to give right now, as we all come from different walks of life.
We all have ups and downs, which is why life is very much like that of a roller coaster. And that also, not everything is always black and white, there is bad in every good and good in every bad.
They encouraged positive energy for the benefit of progress in his own growth and development, to better the quality of life as a signature of maturity, and wisdom.
We all have stupid bullshit we gotta deal with sooner or later in our lifes, but if it doesn’t kill you, It’ll make you stronger.
Strongly Reminding time will pass either way whether he enjoys it or not, implying that life is what you make of it, as every single one of us inevitably will pass away eventually either way in a harsh but natural part of every life.
Mr. 1995-12-19 and Mrs. 1995-08-10, strongly encouraged that Mr. 1995-07-27 can seize the temporary, yet readily available opportunity, to be a smart, and talented individual.
He can also seize the temporary, yet readily available opportunity to be a decent, and pleasant person to the hand that feeds, and strongly advised to never ever bite it.
“Treat others the way you want to be treated.” it isn’t called the golden rule for nothing.
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2020.11.23 16:28 Parciphract Please help with a project - need some people to talk through my notes

Hi all, I'm working on a messengeevent booking app project to bolster my portfolio with a digital product, showing steps from start to finish. The app is targeted primarily at gamers - 16/18 to 30 yrs. From conducting some user interviews one of the things that came up that I wanted to pursue as the brand's mission is to provide an inclusive platform that has two goals: It allows for setting up gaming sessions/events on a calendar which can be easily shared on social media or existing calendar apps, with a visible countdown timer within the chat group showing that upcoming event/date with an easy ability to access further information (and potentially a countdown widget to also have on the home screen of a device as an instant indicator of when the next event is without needing to open the app); and to integrate a vocoder system into voice chat as both a fun feature and as a way of masking gender and identity of the speaker for a degree of anonymity. From my interviews, people said that they lose track of important event information and wanted access to that info easily so that people in the chat didn't forget about the upcoming sessions. The second important thing was that it turned out that female gamers were facing sexism and gender discrimination in fps games online - they would be targeted by hate and abuse as soon as their gender was discovered. So I thought to give this app a unique selling point to differentiate it from all the other messenger apps out there or say discord, that one of the main goals of the app would be to supply an app that could work on multiple devices that could disguise peoples voices via the use of vocoder technology to allow people a level of anonymity so as not to be targeted in such a way. My interviews also pointed out that lots of people use chat apps like discord to play tabletop games through and I thought having the ability to modify/manipulate vocals may help with a fun element they could employ for characters as they played.
In short, I'm looking for some people to chat to and bounce ideas off - talk a bit through my notes before I go into prototyping to see if I'm on the right track or if areas need more work.
I initially started the research for this much earlier in the year in this subreddit but had to put it aside at that time. I'm determined to get the prototypes made in the next week or so.
Thanks all.
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2020.11.23 16:20 pixelmonkey965 38 [M4F] #Houston –– Experienced Dom seeking virtual playmate.

Fit, stern caretaker Dom seeking Houston submissive for extensive role playing and field assignments. Bonus points if you enjoy being blindfolded and surprised during "date night".
Current areas of interest:
  1. Forced orgasms and edging
  2. Pompoir / jade egg training
  3. DD/lg
  4. 24/7 dynamic
  5. Tradwife
Online and virtual for now. I typically enjoy meeting right away but want to responsibly abstain till things settle down. The current social distancing situation has provided me unique opportunities to be more creative with requests via Telegram or Discord.
Can host in private play room once social distancing is over.
If this ad is up I'm still considering…
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2020.11.23 16:02 Throwawayicecream2 [24M Overweight] How can I meet and date women during the Pandemic?

I apologize if this has been asked already, if so feel free to delete.
I am a 24 year old straight male, recently graduated from university, wondering how I can meet and date women within this mess of a pandemic.
Some background information: for the past 3 years I have fluctuated between 170-220 pounds, and I am currently overweight again.
Throughout my college years, I did developed lots of meaningful friendships with both guys and girls, so I do not consider myself an anti social person. However, when it came to finding potential dates, I am horrible. I did some tinder messaging and did get a few numbers, but nothing really happened. Moreover, I never really clicked romantically with someone at my university.
Prior to Covid, my goals were to graduate, get in shape, get a job, and get out into the dating world. I was thinking that now that I didn’t have to worry about school, I would had more time to develop myself in other areas.
Then Covid happened. I managed to graduate and get a stable job, so I can’t complain in that regard. But due to the stress of everything, it has been hard for me to fully change my diet and exercise routine. I have made some small progress, but not enough to actually start burning considerable amounts of weight.
Moreover, being that I am overweight, and live with my senior parents, I have to be extra careful and socially distance for our safety. So my social interactions have been reduced to solely work, texting with friends, and occasionally meeting up w one my best friends.
I have tried and tried using tinder and bumble, but I rarely get any matches, and if I do, they never lead anywhere. I have realized that maybe online dating isn’t for me, as I am not considered conventionally “hot”, even when fit. (I don’t think I’m ugly, but def not conventionally attractive). And let’s face it, when it comes to online dating, most of the time you are solely judged by looks and not your personality. So it is much harder to leave a good impression when someone will swipe left in .5 seconds.
So yeah, I want to ask for your opinions on this. What has worked for you all, etc? I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advanced.
Also, just to be clear, I am not interested in any of my girl best friends (While I love them platonically, I am not in love with them and we are not compatible for a relationship).
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2020.11.23 16:02 RobbieIDK I was bored so I wrote this story and posted it here, some people liked it and asked me to continue it so yolo I guess. (CHAPTER 3 AND CHAPTER 4 OUTTT!!!!!!!!!)

Author's notes before writing
I originally wrote this story for fun and posted it here, I didn't realize that people would actually want to read it, I was making it up as I was writing this story XD. Now I'm committed to finish writing this story for my 3 new followers, thanks for keeping me motivated. This is the updated story with chapter 3 and 4.
Please note that I'm not a writer, so the story might have some narrative flaws.
I have fixed some grammar and punctuation mistakes in chapter 1 and 2. I'm sorry if you don't understand what I'm trying to write, I'm from Malaysia and not a native speaker.
This story contains a few swear words.
Hope you guys enjoy this trip full of cliches and cringy writing ;)
Let's get writing 😩🤘
Hi there, my name is Mark Stone, if you're reading this letter right now, you probably knew what happened to me. You must be sad and confused right now, but I would like to tell you about everything, how it all started, how I met the love of my life, Nicole Bennett.
It was the December of 2015, I forgot which day it was but I remembered that it was at night and it was snowing heavily, I couldn't see what was in front of me, it was as if I was transformed into the same universe at The Mist. I bumped into this girl, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever saw, she had blond hair and perfect blue eyes, I was an average ugly awkward high schooler so I was completely shocked and didn't know what to say. Her books fell after I bumped into her so I helped her pick it up, I just couldn't help but stare at her beauty, she also wore a grey hoodie (I have a thing for hoodies). While I was helping her pick my the books, she kept repeating "sorry", it was in the cutest and most sincere voice I've ever heard. I didn't expect to see anyone here late at night since it was snowing heavily, so I asked her:
Me: "Why are you out here? It's late and it's snowing like crazy."
Nicole: "Let's go somewhere to talk, you probably don't want to talk with snow in our mouth. Let's go to my house, it's not far from here."
Me: "Sure, if my mom was here she would have probably gone crazy, she always told me not to go with strangers into their houses."
Nicole: "Hah you're funny, I'm already starting to like you."
After we arrived, I quickly analyzed her house, it was so...colorful, it was a wooden cabin in the middle of the woods, her cabin had a natural smell that I don't even know how to describe, the cabin had a special warmth and charm to it. I sat down on her comfy couch and asked her the question I asked before:
Me: "So as I was saying before you brought me into your house, what were you doing out there?"
Nicole: "I was walking home after I finished working at the library, hence why was I carrying so many books. My parents are poor and their earnings are simply not enough to support our household. I also have a brother as well, his name is Jamie, he's sleeping upstairs by the way so we better be quiet."
Me: "Speaking of your parents, where are them?"
Nicole: "They're still working."
Me: "But it's.....3 am."
Nicole: "They had to work overtime everyday, they have to work until 4 am, have 5 hours of sleep then go back to work again at 10 am, they barely have any free time. Despite this, we still live in a shitty cabin. People may feel pity for us, but we have gotten used to that kind of life. Anyways, I've just realized, we have been talking for a few minutes now and we haven't even exchange our names yet, my name's Nicole, what about you?"
Me: "My names Mark, nice to meet you, don't say that about your cabin, I think it looks special and it feels comfy and warm, it's that warmth that modern homes doesn't have."
Nicole: "I guess you're right, hey we should exchange numbers, you seem like a really good guy and since I don't have many friends, maybe we could start talking?'
Me: "Sure, I'd love to."
We exchanged numbers.
Me: "I'll be leaving now, if you need anyone to talk to or vent to, I'm always here."
Nicole: "Thanks and have a safe walk home!"
While I was walking home I kept thinking of her, I couldn't concentrate on where I was going, it was as if I fell in love with her at first sight, I didn't know what love felt like, I had never fallen in love, I never even had a crush. When I arrived home I realized what a mess my house was compared to her house, despite living in a rich environment, I was never happy. My dad passed away in a air crash accident when I was 9 and my mom is always working, we also live with my sister Emma and my uncle Tommy, who helps my mom do all the housework. My mom is a famous businesswoman, hence why we live in such a rich environment. Despite this, I never connected with rich kids, I found myself making friends with poor kids, maybe because I think most rich kids are jerks who are spoiled.
I went up to my bedroom to see my uncle and sister sleeping.
Me: "Guess mom's still working again."
As I was getting ready to sleep, I heard my phone beeped and vibrate, my friends rarely texts me so I was curious to see who it might be, it turns out it was Nicole.
Me (texting): "Don't you think it's a bit late?"
Me (texting): "Do you miss me already?"
Nicole (texting): "Nah, I just forgot to ask you a question, do you go to Claymore high?"
Me (texting): "Yeah how did you know?"
Nicole (texting): "I think I've seen before, we go to the same school btw."
Me (texting): "That's cool I guess."
Nicole (texting): "Aren't you that kid who always eat alone at breaks, don't you have any friends?"
Me (texting): "I hate hanging out with rich kids, I connect with poor kids more, I hang out with them secretly. If the rich kids know that I've been making friends with the poor kids instead of them, they'll probably start bullying me. Besides, I like being alone at breaks, it helps me collect my thoughts."
Nicole (texting): "They probably don't care about you since you don't hang out with them at all, why would they start bullying you if they don't care about you?"
Me (texting): "I guess your kinda right."
Nicole (texting): "A horde is better than a lone wolf."
Nicole (texting): "So would you like to be friends with me? We can become our own horde...'
Me (texting): 'You're desperate for friends aren't you, we just met like what...a few hours ago and you're already asking me to be your friend? :P"
Nicole (texting): "Yea, I think my friend count is lower than -1"
Me (texting): "Sure, let's be friends"
Nicole (texting): "Woah, it's 4 am already, thank god it's Sunday tomorrow. Anyways I gotta sleep, I'm feeling really tired, have a good night's rest ^^"
Me (texting): "Goodnight, I'll talk to you tomorrow."
That night, I don't know why but.....I kept thinking about her. Who knew my life would change that night.
It had been nearly 2 weeks since we meet each other, it might not seem like that long but during that time we spent a lot of time together, we spent almost every hour of our free time together, it was as if we couldn't live without each other, it was like if we were born to be a couple, we had so much in common, I've never connected to anyone more than her. I was surprised that no one wanted to be friends with her, she had so many talents, drawing, playing piano, singing etc, and she was so....beautiful. It was as if she had a secret, a secret that everybody knew so they wouldn't be friends with her.
It was the 12th December 2015, the day before Nicole's birthday, I was in bed scrolling through Twitter as usual, when she suddenly texted me.
Nicole (texting): "Hey handsome."
Me (texting): "Handsome??"
Nicole (texting): "XD well I'm turning 16 tomorrow, what do you want to do?"
Me (texting): "Idk, tomorrow is Sunday, I'll probably stay home and play some COD or Minecraft."
Nicole (texting): "Well, that's a shame, I have no one to hang out with on my birthday :("
Me (texting): "Hmmmm, maybe it's time that I actually start spending time with other human beings instead of playing video games everyday XD"
Me (texting): "Maybe I could hang out with you :p"
Nicole (texting): "That's great! I would love to hang out with my best friend on my birthday."
Me (texting); "Best friend?"
Nicole (texting): "Well since we don't hang out with other people as much as each other recently, I was wondering if we could be best friends?"
At this moment I started feeling weird, I felt so happy, sure it can't be love, can it?
Me (texting): "Hell yea, best friends :)"
Nicole (texting): "Great! I thought it would be awkward but I'm glad you responded well."
Nicole (texting): "So where do you wanna meet?"
Me (texting): "It's your birthday so you should choose XD"
Nicole (texting): "How about the park? I haven't been to the park in ages, does 2 pm sound good to you?"
Me (texting): "Yup! Have a good night's rest, you don't want to feel tired the whole day on your birthday :P"
Nicole (texting): "Hah, I won't trust me, also I'm definitely NOT expecting a birthday gift from you ;)"
Me (texting): "Haha I'm sure."
Nicole (texting): 'Anyways, it's late, goodnight! ^^"
Me (texting): "Goodnight ^^"
That night I couldn't stop thinking about what should I buy her, I wanted it to be a simple but meaningful present, after I kept turning my body around on my bed, I decided that I will decide it tomorrow and that I should get a good night's sleep first.
The next day I went into a small shop near the park, it was already 1:30 pm, I didn't know that my house was that far away from the park, and since uncle Tommy was buying groceries, I had to walk. I was panicking and I had to make a decision fast, I quickly picked up two items and asked the shop worker to wrap it.
When I arrived at the park it was already 2:10 pm, I could see Nicole waving at me near a swing. She wore another hoodie, this time the hoodie was red, while I just wore a random t-shirt with some jeans. I always wondered if she was trying to express her feelings through what she was wearing, because I realized that the more we hang out, the brighter the color of the hoodie she wore. I'm still amazed at how a girl can be so cute naturally without any makeup.
Me: "Sorry I'm late, I didn't know the park was that far awa-"
Nicole: "Don't worry, do you really think that I would be mad at my best friend for being late? Besides, you're only 10 minutes late, I have a lot of patience."
She looked at the present I was hiding behind my back. She giggled and said:
Nicole: "Next time hide your presents better, I can see you're hiding them behind your back, so obvious."
Me: 'Oh."
Nicole: "Let's take a quick walk before we open my present shall we?"
Me: "Sure"
We walked and talked about ourselves, school and life in general for what seemed to be hours, we swung on swings and played with the children nearby just like as if we were still kids.
Nicole: "Mark?"
Me: "Yea?"
Nicole: "Don't you ever wish that you were still a child?"
Me: "No, why?"
Nicole: "When you're a child you don't have to worry about anything, you enjoy life as a child, but when you get older things start to get sad and depressing, you have to face the harsh reality of this world, you realize that the world is not colorful and happy, in fact it's dark and awful. I would rather live in an imaginary world where everything is positive rather than live in reality where everything is negative, I just miss the good old days you know? I'm already 16 and I don't have any goals or objectives in life, I just can't find any motivation to do anything, I just.....I want to die so badly.'
Tears started falling down Nicole's eyes
I was shocked at what she just said, I never knew she was this depressed on the inside, she was always a positive and outgoing girl on the outside. When I saw Nicole's tears, I couldn't help but help her wipe them off, I knew that she had gone through a lot in life, she never had any friends and she live in a awful environment. I hugged her and said:
Me: "Please don't cry, I know you never had any friends or people to rely on, but here I am, I'll always be there for you when you need me."
Nicole: "I'm sorry for that, just getting a little bit emotional on my birthday."
After that, I saw a busker playing guitar near us. I pointed to the busker and asked Nicole:
Me: "Hey, there's a busker there, he seems pretty good, do you want to go there and listen to him?"
Nicole: "Sure, I'd love to."
I asked the busker to play some calm and romantic music to calm Nicole down, the busker asked us:
Busker: "What brings you lovers here?"
Nicole blushed after hearing what the busker said. I awkwardly corrected him:
Me: "Oh...oh no, we're just best friends, it's her birthday today actually, we're just having a walk."
The busker giggled and said:
Busker: "Oh "best friends"? Really?"
Now we're both blushing hard.
Nicole talked to me about her problems and I asked her to start imagining a better future, a future where she's happy, where she's settled down, a future so good that would overlap what the past did to hurt her. She closed her eyes and started her imagination while we listened to the busker's guitar music for a good 10 minutes. During that time, I couldn't help but stare at her, I thought to myself:
Me (thinking): "Ah Mark stop! Why are you being such a creep?!"
Suddenly, she opened her eyes, she looked at me with a cute and sincere smile and said:
Nicole: "I hope you're part of my future."
I was speechless, was she trying to signal me something? I panicked and responded with:
Me: "I hope so too."
I didn't know what to say, that just came out of my mouth out of nowhere and I was embarrassed by it, we both blushed hard.
We listened to the busker for about a good 20 minutes more before we decided that we would open her present. I tipped the busker and he winked at me, till this day, I still don't know who that busker was but I swear to god that I will forever remember him.
We sat on a bench and she started opening up her presents, the present I gave her was a polaroid camera and an album. After she opened it I said:
Me: "I hope that we'll have many more amazing moments together, you can bring this camera everywhere and every time we have a unforgettable moment, you can take a picture and put it into this album, by the time we have our last breath, I hope we can fill this album up."
Nicole hugged me and started crying.
Nicole: "I don't know if we'll ever fill this album up but there's one thing that I'm sure of, and that's the fact that we'll be friends forever. Thank you so much Mark, this might be the best present I've ever gotten in my life."
I always thought it was funny that we went from complete strangers to "best friends forever" in 2 weeks, you'll never know what god throws at you in life, she just suddenly came into my life out of nowhere.
It was getting late so I offered to walk her home, before we started going home, we saw a poster on a shop that said that there was going to be a firework show at 11 am, I offered her to watch it with me, she responded with:
Nicole: "Won't your mom be mad at you?"
Me: "She never cares about me, all she cares about is money, I'm pretty sure she won't even realize that I'm not home."
Nicole: "Hey! Don't say that, you mom works so much isn't because she wants to get away from your family, she wants to earn as much money as possible so she can support your household.'
Me: "You don't get it Nicole....she......she..."
I couldn't say it.
Nicole: "What's the matter?"
My mom had a dark secret that only I knew, something that I've yet to confront her. I just couldn't tell least not yet.
Me: "I guess you're right, hey look! Here comes the fireworks!"
The fireworks were beautiful, it was a whole new experience for me, I've never watched fireworks with someone else before, every Christmas or new years I would always be lonely. I turned to Nicole and I just couldn't help but stare at her beauty once again, she was prettier than the stars, prettier than the fireworks, she shined the brightest amongst all of them. Thinking about it now, I wondered if she ever knew that I was staring at her, maybe she knew and she let me stare, maybe she knew that I had a little tiny crush on her already.
We saw everyone around us holding hands, she turned to me and asked:
Nicole: "Can we uh.....hold hands?"
Me: "Um....what?"
Nicole: "Everyone around us is holding hands, it would be weird if we didn't. But I don't want to make them think that we'"
Me: "Who cares what they think, the most important thing is that we'll enjoy the fireworks and have a great time."
She grabbed my hand and said:
Nicole: "But can we still hold hands?"
Me: "Sure, it's your birthday, I'll do anything for you."
I saw her blushed in the cutest way possible, god she was so cute I wish you could see her.
Her hands were cold and soft, it seems like I could easily break her bones if I pressed her hand too hard, I'm not even a strong man.
She suddenly took out her polaroid camera and said:
Nicole: "Let's take a picture and put it in the album!"
We posed for the picture and she put it inside her album.
After the fireworks I asked her:
Me: "So what did you think of the fireworks?"
Nicole: "It was...special, it might be the best firework show I've ever watched."
Me: "Same here."
We sat down on the grass and looked up to the sky, the stars were absolutely beautiful.
Me: "Do you think that every time someone dies, they get reincarnated into a star?"
Nicole: "No, where did you get that idea?"
Me: "I'd like to think that once you die, you get reincarnated into a star, every star represents a person's story, they are watching us creating our new stories while their stories is being stored with them up there with billions and trillions of stars."
Nicole: "If that's true, I hope that I'll get to have my star be near yours when I die. You're the most special person I've ever met in my life, I've never been able to connect with any person as much as you."
We slept on the grass looking at the beautiful stars and talking about our lives. After a while, I looked at my watch, it was already 2 am, the park was now empty, we were so focused on talking and enjoying the stars that we forgot our surroundings.
I walked her to her cabin, before she went in, she said:
Nicole: "Mark, thanks for spending the day with me, this is the best birthday of my best day of my life."
Me: "You're welcome, that's the least a best friend could do, I hope to spend many future birthdays with you."
She took out her polaroid camera and we posed for another picture.
Nicole gave me a small kiss on the cheek before she ran inside her cabin, I blushed and smiled while walking my way home. When I went inside my house, my mom, sister and uncle were already sleeping, I couldn't even bothered to be angry that they didn't call to check on me, I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth before going to bed, despite not eating dinner, I'm not feeling hungry at all. I tucked myself inside my blankets and whispered something before I went to sleep:
Me: "Thank you Nicole, today was the best day of my life as well."
Chapter 3 (NEW CHAPTER!!!)
It had been about a week and a half since that day, I still couldn't get that day out of my head, I think that was the day that I truly fell in love with her. We introduced my sister Emma and her brother Jamie to each other, they're now best friends as well, we hang out together almost every hour of the day, we do home work together, eat dinner together, play games together etc. I had never felt so happy in my life. Before this month started I thought that this would be a horrible month but it turns out this was one of the best months of my life. I wish I could turn back time to this day just to relive every moment, it truly felt like a good time to be alive.
It was Christmas eve, I felt fantastic as usual, I won't be lonely on Christmas for a change. I did my normal daily routine then I heard a beep and a vibration, it was a text message from Nicole:
Nicole (texting): "Hey handsome"
Me (texting): "Hey Nic, what's up?"
Nicole (texting): "You'll never guess what happened to me last night ^^"
Me (texting): "Hmmmm......did your post blow up overnight again? XD"
Nicole (texting): "Nope! Something better!"
Me (Texting): "You finally got rid of the monster under your bed?"
Nicole (texting): "Nope!"
Me (texting): "So what is it?"
Nicole: "You know Jason right?"
Me (texting): "Yea, that rich kid that everybody hates."
Nicole (Texting): "HEY! DON'T SAY THAT ABOUT HIM!"
Me (texting): "Excuse me?"
Nicole (texting): "He came to my cabin in the middle of the night with a basket of flowers asking me to be his girlfriend!"
Nicole (texting): "It was the cutest thing everrrrr"
Nicole (texting): "You don't know how long I've been waiting for this moment Mark, I simply couldn't reject it, I've had a crush on him for 5 years XD"
I freeze, I didn't know what to do, I was confused and heartbroken at the same time. Nicole had a crush on this jerk for 5 years? How come she never told me? They don't even hang out as much as we do! Didn't she like me? Didn't she tried to signal me something at the park?
So many emotions rushed through inside my body, I had so many questions. Tears didn't start roiling down my face, nor I felt sad or happy for her, I just felt emotionless.
Me (texting): "Congrats I guess"
Me (texting): "I gotta go my mom called me"
Nicole (texting): "Ok then, talk to yo-"
I blocked her number before she could finish typing.
I finished dressing up and went outside to try to collect my thoughts, I just sat on the snow looking at other people. My sister came outside of the house and asked me:
Emma: "Mark? What are you doing out here? You've been sitting here for an hour!"
Me: "I don't know, I'm trying to collect my thoughts."
Emma: "What's going on Mark? Nicole texted me like crazy, she's worried about you, why did you block her number?"
Me: "She belongs to Jason now."
Emma: "Wait WHAT?! Jason and Nicole are dating now? H-how did this happen?"
Me: "Nicole said she had a crush on this cunt for 5 years now, so when Jason asked her to be his girlfriend, she immediately accepted."
Emma: "Then why are you so sad? Shouldn't you feel happy for her? Wait, don't tell me you have fee-"
Me: "Yes I have feelings for her."
Emma was shocked..
Emma: "Oh...I-I'm so sorry Mark, if you really love Nicole you should be glad that she has found her happiness. You should try to mo-"
Emma: "Di-did you just fucking shout at me?"
Me: ....
Emma: "I can't believe this, I'm just trying to help you here. Everyone is looking at us now, ughh."
Emma slammed the door and went back into the house, tears flowed down my cheeks and I started crying, I didn't even care that my neighbors were watching me with a weird look on their face. I'm still surprised that no one recorded that and put it onto their social medias, 2015 was a different time back then.
I sat there for most of the day and in the end I realized that Emma was right, me and Nicole wasn't meant to be and I must move on. I went back into the house for dinner and I saw Emma watching Moonraker, I thought to myself:
Me (thinking): "Huh, a Bond film, she never watches those."
I walked up to her and said:
Me: "Hey"
Emma: ...
Me: "Why are you watching a Bond film? I thought you didn't like those."
Emma: ...
Me: "I guess you're a little bit moody today, that's why you're watching it, am I right?"
Emma: ...
Mark: "I'm sorry for shouting at you, I regret it, I was angry and confused at that time, I don't want to have a stupid sibling fight on Christmas eve, please accept my apology."
Emma: ...
Me: "Did you say anything to Nicole about what happened?"
Emma: "I said you're a cunt."
Me: "Excuse me, what?"
Me: "I can't be bothered to talk to you right now, you're so goddam childish."
I went over to eat dinner with my mom and uncle, Emma didn't want to eat dinner despite my mom's numerous attempts of yelling at her.
Emma: ...
I went upstairs and laid on my bed, I unblocked Nicole and texted her:
Me (texting): "Hey Nicole, sorry for blocking you, that was a mistake. I was suppose to block my sister, we got into a big fight."
I didn't know if this was a good idea or not but I decided to lie to Nicole, she couldn't know that I had feelings for her.
Nicole (texting): "Yea I can see that, when I asked her what's wrong with you, she responded by saying that you're a cunt XD"
Me (texting): "You're not mad at me?"
Nicole (texting): "Why would I be mad at you? Didn't you said that it was a mistake?"
Nicole (texting): "What did you guys fight about anyways? It's Christmas Eve, can't you guys not fight?"
Me (texting): "We fight over the smallest things XD"
Nicole (texting): "Hah I understand, me and Jamie always fight about the smallest things as well."
We kept texting each other for about another 3 hours.
Nicole (texting): "Hahah I'm about to go to sleep, have a good night's rest <3"
Me (texting): "You too ^^"
Even though that <3 at the end of her sentence was the smallest of things, it melted my heart.
Before I went to sleep, I checked on Emma, she was still watching a movie, this time it was "The Living Daylights", I went up to her and said:
Me: "Hey, it's a bit late, I think you should go to sleep."
Emma: "I'm sorry."
Me: "Wow you finally calmed down."
Emma: "I was being childish."
Me: "That's fine, we were both being childish, I'm glad that we can reconcile again."
Emma: "Hey, these Bond films are pretty good, I can't believe I never watched any of them."
Me: "I've literally been trying to get you to watch one for years now."
We both giggled.
I heard Emma's stomach rumbling, I knew she was hungry so I offered to cook her some noodles to eat. Thank god my mom and uncle was sleeping at that time, I tried to cook it without making to much noise. While she was eating, we both made and laughed at our horrible jokes before I washed the dishes and went to bed.
It was not the best of days, but I'm glad everything worked out in the end.
Chapter 4 (NEW CHAPTER!!!)
Christmas day was special, we spent the whole day together and I actually felt...happy for once. Sure I got shitty gifts like usual, socks, dvds etc, but I didn't feel lonely, I had Jamie, Nicole and Emma with me, we felt like an inseparable group, like pre 80s ABBA.
After Christmas our time together slowly dipped, it was now only Jamie, Emma and Me, Nicole started hanging out with Jason a lot more, every time I texted her she would say that she had a date with Jason or something, it was starting to get frustrating.
February 14th 2016, Nicole was buying flowers for Jason since it was Valentines day, while she was walking home she saw Jason holding another girl's hand and...kissing her. Nicole dropped the flowers and ran to my house and cried. I was confused because I didn't know what had happened, when she had calmed down and told me what had happened, I swear I felt a huge rage forming inside my body, I knew he was a fuckboy but how can anyone cheat on such a beautiful girl? I swear I wanted to punch that jerk's face so bad. I comforted her for a bit and I had to ask this question.
Me: "I don't want to sound weird or anything but....why are you in love with Jason? You guys didn't seem to hang out that much before you guys started dating and you both are so different."
Nicole "You don't understand, we have a backstory."
Me: "A backstory?"
Nicole: "When I was young, my parents didn't have a job, no one wanted to hire them, we were homeless, we literally had no money, to a point where sometimes we would have to starve through the entire week, his family gave us half of their money, we wouldn't have been alive if it wasn't for them. You might not even realize it but, the cabin was built by my father and his father. Me and Jason spent most of our childhood together, we couldn't live without each other. We started drifting apart when we were 14 but we were still good friends. I swore to god that I will love him forever, no matter what, I would try to win his heart. Even if he just randomly proposed to me out of nowhere, I would still accept it. I was obsessed with him. He changed as time moved on, even if he's the popular fuckboy kid now, I still love him. I became more and more obsessed with him, I would stalk him on all of his social medias every night. When he asked me to become his girlfriend, I had never felt happier, I felt like I finally had goals in my life. I understand now, he has changed, he's no longer the Jason I know and love, I.....I must move on but I don't know if I can."
I felt a my heart ache after hearing this, I had never seen her so sad, I didn't know her past was this sad, her family was literally homeless during most of her childhood. I was speechless, I look at her in the eyes and said what my heart told me to say:
Me: "I know you've gone through a lot, but see, things got better overtime. Somethings in life are just not meant to be, change is a permanent thing in life, to have a better future you need to be strong and move on from the past. You're still so young, you'll met your special one in the future, maybe he's around you and you haven't realize it yet."
Looking back now, I cringe at my attempt to try and comfort her, but somehow it worked.
I continue letting her vent to me for a few hours before she went back to her cabin, it's been a while since she talked to me for this long. She waved goodbye to me and I realized that she wasn't wearing any makeup, I never knew how I didn't notice that, she's the rare kind of girl who doesn't need makeup to make her look beautiful.
February 21, 2016, a few days had past since that awful day and Nicole had gathered enough courage to confront and break up with Jason. During the days before that I had been encouraging her and talking to her to make sure she's fine, it was obvious to me that she wasn't over Jason yet but had accepted that he had changed.
It was Sunday morning and I was playing Sunday league football with other friends, I had started making and hanging out with friends since Nicole came into my life, every time when I'm down all I needed to do was to think of Nicole, she was really something special. It was half-time and my team was leading 2-0, I scored one of the goals by scoring a Messi like free kick into the top bins of the net. It was half time and Nicole called me:
Nicole (call): "Mark, please help me.'
I could hear a loud banging noise in the background, I was really scared for Nicole.
Me (call): "What's going on?"
Nicole (call): "I've just confronted Jason and he literally just freaked out, I swear he's fucking crazy. I don't know what to do. I'm scared."
Me (call): "Where are you now?"
Nicole (call): "I locked myself in the bathroom when he started throwing things at me, he is currently outside banging the goddam door. His parents aren't home and I don't know their number so I can't call them for help. I just called my parents but they didn't pick up, I think they forgot to bring their phones to work, fuck my life."
Me (call): "Hold on! I'm calling his parents!"
I called Jason's mom:
Jason's mom (call): "Hello, who is this?"
Me (call): "I'm Mark, one of Nicole's friends, Nicole just confronted Jason about him cheating and he literally just freaked out and started throwing things at her, please go home and stop him, Nicole's in danger!"
Jason's mom (call): "WHAT???!!! I'M COMING HOME!"
Me (call): "Please also call your husband and tell him about the situation."
Jason's mom (call): "WILL DO"
I continued my football match but I couldn't stop thinking about Nicole. Somehow thinking about Nicole made me more motivated, I ended up scoring a hat trick and getting 2 assists to help my team win 6-2. My friends wanted to celebrate my Man of The Match performance but I refused, I went to Jason's house to see Nicole crying beside Jason's mom. Jason was nowhere to be seen. I went in there with my dirty football kit on and asked:
Me: "What happened? Where's Jason? Are you okay Nic?
Jason's mom: "We arrived just in time, Jason broke into the room and started hitting Nicole, she was bleeding but we managed to stop Jason before it got too serious. His dad dragged him to the park to calm him down."
My heart ache when she said that, I couldn't bear seeing Nicole like this, I hugged Nicole tightly and we started to cry.
Me: "I'm sorry I put football ahead of you, I should have quit the match and come here to stop him, I'm sorry it's all my fault."
Nicole: "It's not your fault, I wouldn't have known what to do if I were in your situation."
Me: "You still have some blood that you haven't wipe of, let me help you wipe it off."
I helped her wipe off the blood.
Nicole smiled.
Me: "You look beautiful when you smile, I haven't seen you smile recently, you should smile more."
Nicole giggled and said:
Nicole: "That's the first time someone call me beautiful, thank you."
We flirted for a bit before Jason's mom send us home, I wondered what she thought when she saw me flirting with her son's ex, I always wanted to ask her but I guess now is too late.
Before we parted ways Nicole took out her polaroid camera.
Me: “Wow so you're really bringing this camera everywhere with you?"
Nicole: "Yup!"
We took a picture outside my house before I went into my house to continue my day, I spent most of that day playing Minecraft with Nicole, Jamie and Emma online and we had a blast.
------To Be Continued------
Author's notes after writing
Fuck I can't believe this took me 4 hours
I just reread chapter 3 and my god it's cringy as fuck I think I might need to rewrite it in the future
I just realize this whole story is Mark writing a letter, how can he remember the exact dialog of each conversation 😩😩 I fucked up real bad
I'm going to eat dinner now goodbye and have a nice day
also the football in chapter 4 refers to soccer not american football
if you have any suggestions please tell me even tho I already have ideas for another 10 chapters lmao
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