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Rebookiversary Pt. 7 - Slammiversary IX

2020.09.25 20:34 ConorCulture Rebookiversary Pt. 7 - Slammiversary IX

Amazing Red defeats Brian Kendrick, Doug Williams and Kazarian (c) in an Ultimate X Match to win the X Division Championship
Douglas Williams goes on a 7-month long reign with the title until dropping it at Bound for Glory to Alex Shelley. Shelley’s third reign with the belt would be short however, as Jay Lethal would then defeat him at Turning Point to enter his fourth reign with the belt. He would hold it until dropping to Samoa Joe, a man feuding with Immortal. Bischoff books him in a match with his fellow Immortal-hater, A.J. Styles, for his X Division Championship at Victory Road. AJ wins, but then drops it next week to Kazarian after interference from Doug Williams. Kazarian then holds it up until now. Meanwhile, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels have been feuding, but Daniels never gets his title match.
Doug Williams and Magnus have been part of Immortal since its inception alongside Team 3D, Hogan and Bischoff, Abyss and Jeff Hardy. Williams costs A.J. the match and the week after sees the reformation of The TNA Front Line - more on that later. Brian Kendrick then also is a hater of Immortal so he wants at Douglas Williams, who wants at Kazarian. This sets up a Three-way feud, and Amazing Red joins the fray after winning the X Cup at Sacrifice. The four guys agree to an Ultimate X Match for their encounter. Kendrick sacrifices himself from winning, hitting a Hurricanerana off the structure to Doug Williams, just to make sure it doesn’t get into the grasps of Immortal. Amazing Red and Kazarian then fight on the cables, with Red winning and retrieving the title. Afterwards Christopher Daniels then comes out and blindsides Kazarian, raising Red’s hand to a chorus of cheers.
Winter and Mickie James defeat Sarita and Rosita (c) to win the Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Sarita and Rosita join forces with Hernandez and Homicide to join the Latin American Xchange. They would then soon after win the Knockouts Tag Team Championships to hold all the gold for a short while. But Mickie James arrival to TNA births a new lease of life into the division, and this is soon followed by her friend Winter. They challenge LAX for the titles, wanting some immediate gold to establish themselves as top contenders. They get their wish, with James pinning Rosita to win the belts.
The Motor City Machine Guns (c) defeat The Latin American Xchange to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machine Guns would defeat Beer Money at Victory Road to win the titles, and hold the belts until December where they would drop them to The Young Bucks. The Bucks would defeat them at Genesis again, but soon lose to LAX. MCMG would then regain them at Lockdown, have a Three-way Ladder Match with The Bucks at Sacrifice, and then here - the rubber match. MCMG win for the third time in a row, fully cementing themselves as the best team in TNA.
James Storm (Front Line: 1) defeats Abyss (Immortal: 0)
The rise of Immortal has sent TNA into a frenzy. Dixie was conned by Hogan and Bischoff into handing over power and now they control the show. The ones who take charge against them come in the form of first A.J. Styles, and then Samoa Joe. They’re two-on-eight though, but soon enough the ranks start to fill. Beer Money are one of these guys who band with AJ and Joe. Immortal send a message though, and break Roode’s shoulder.
This leaves Storm in outcry, and he is the one to announce what will happen at Slammiversary. He says he wants to fight Abyss (the guy who hurt Roode), AJ and Joe say they want to fight Team 3D, and Sting says he wants to fight Matt Morgan. If The TNA Front Line get more wins, Immortal are out of power. If Immortal gets more wins, they stay in power and every member of the TNA Front Line is fired. Storm and Abyss fight first, with two Last Call Superkicks sealing the deal for the first win going to the Front Line.
Angelina Love defeats ODB (c) to win the Knockouts Championship
Tara would defeat Velvet Sky at BFG to win her TNA Knockouts Championship back she lost earlier in the year. Tara would drop it to ODB, but she would then lose it to Angelina the same night. Mickie James on her debut night would defeat Angelina, but then ODB would take the title off of Mickie. Angelina doesn’t get her rematch, ODB gets the first title shot. This leads into this match, where Angelina wins the title back to enter her third reign with the title,
Team 3D (Immortal: 1) defeat A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe (Front Line: 1) in a Tag Team Street Fight
A.J. Styles is originally set to defend his TNA Championship against Desmond Wolfe at BFG 2010, but he has to pull out due to his health issue. This leads to a match with Jeff Hardy, which ends with Immortal forming. Him and seven others then rule the roost of TNA. A.J. Styles meanwhile is busy plotting with Samoa Joe to reform their TNA Front Line to take down Immortal. Fortune split apart with Wolfe being gone, with Beer Money turning face and Kaz staying heel.
Immortal have so much power that they cancel Against All Odds, and instead replace it with an Immortal branded PPV called “Forever” (Immortal Forever as the full title, similar to nWo Souled Out). The main event sees Jeff Hardy defeat his old friend Rob Van Dam, but it’s crashed by Styles and who announce that they declare war on Immortal. The battle lines are then drawn when Beer Money, Eric Young and Motor City Machine Guns come out and each faction stare at each other. Immortal send a message next week when Abyss takes out Samoa Joe’s protege, Okato, with a lead pipe.
In the Lethal Lockdown Match, The Front Line (Styles, Joe, Beer Money and a mystery partner) take on Immortal (Abyss, Matt Morgan, Team 3D and Doug Williams). The mystery man is Sting, the current world champion who we thought was out of action. He’s not, and is here to finally end Hogan and Bischoff once and for all. Immortal win after Hogan interference, and their new main guy Matt Morgan gives it to Sting afterwards; more on that later. James Storm then declares what will happen at Slammiversary, and AJ/Joe are set to face Team 3D. But these four guys can’t contain their hatred, it must be a Street Fight. Styles/Joe have a lot of the same spots as their match on real life from this show, but additional ones involving their teammates. A 3D through a table wins Immortal a point to even the score.
Kurt Angle defeats Jeff Jarrett; Since Angle won, he became the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Had Jarrett won, he would have received Angle's Olympic gold medal.
Mr. Anderson (c) defeats D’Angelo Dinero to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy holds the TNA World Championship for 6 months after his BFG win. The biggest test though is all building to Victory Road though, with the returning Sting stepping up to challenge him, after him and Kevin Nash bailed months ago. Then Hardy of course, does what he did, and Stings win the title in a frustrating way. He would have his first defence at Sacrifice against the majorly over D’Angelo Dinero, but he would be in a losing effort when The Pope would win in a huge upset. Dinero would lose the belt 17 days later to Mr. Anderson though, after Anderson uses dirty tactics to win his first world title.
Dinero is majorly furious that the run of his life was cut short by a cheater, and gets a match for Slammiversary using his rematch clause. Anderson then in anger, attacks him with his microphone and busts him open with it. He then uses a dog collar to choke him out. The battle is set, Dinero has every want in the world to beat Mr. Anderson up. This is his second World Championship match at Slammiversary in a row, but this time he’s going in as champion - and he sure as shit ain’t gonna go 0-2 in world title matches. Sure enough he doesn’t, because after a hellacious match he wins clean as a whistle to retain his title.
Sting (Front Line: 2) defeats Matt Morgan (Immortal: 1)
After Jeff Hardy loses his TNA World Heavyweight Championship and is suspended at Victory Road, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan is handpicked by Hulk Hogan himself as his official endorsement and the new leader of Immortal. Morgan goes on a tear, dominating in Lethal Lockdown and injuring the TNA Television Champion, Hernandez, to win the title. In Lethal Lockdown he targets Sting specifically, and in his promo on Impact he’s interrupted by Sting - who doesn’t the first time ever, finally descends form the rafters and storms the ring to beat up all of Immortal. 16 months of anger have led to this beat down, and the Impact Zone explode.
Sting would then rant the next episode about Immortal and the state of TNA. He goes over the points he made last year, but this time it isn’t “I think Hogan and Bischoff are untrustworthy” it’s that they ARE untrustworthy. After BFG, him and Kevin Nash had enough. He was sick of it, and Dixie Carter doing nothing about it. But he realised that TNA needed a hero, and with The Front Line slowly forming - he completed the set. “Matt Morgan: I think you’re a tall lumbering talentless piece of meat, and I want to beat your ass with the black bat.” Morgan fakes out an attack, but Sting is prepared.
Morgan says he wants Sting’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but The Pope has the match for Sacrifice. Matt Morgan hits Sting with a Carbon Footprint while Dinero is stunned, and this allows Dinero to hit his finisher to win the title to a huge ovation. Afterwards, Sting wants blood. On an episode of Impact, every match is followed with a segment of Sting beating up a member of Immortal. The last two are Hogan and Bischoff, but when he arrives to the office - he’s stopped by Miss Tessmacher. She says this isn’t right, this won’t resolve the issue. Sting then begrudgingly follows her plea.
James Storm then announces what will happen at Slammiversary - Immortal vs. TNA Front Line. They accept the offer, and it’s 8-on-8. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Sting, James Storm, Robert Roode, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin...and Kurt Angle. Angle comes out and claims his allegiance is with TNA. Scott Steiner then comes out. Then Amazing Red. Then Brian Kendrick. Then RVD. All the babyface roster come out and claim their allegiance is with the Front Line. They will take down Immortal, and prove that Immortal isn’t Forever. This the last visual before Slammiversary, with Sting pointing the bat at Hogan. After a hard fought match, with Sting doing everything he can for a 52 year old, a F5 countered into a Scorpion Death Drop wins the match. Immortal are out of power, everyone keeps their jobs, and after 18 months since they arrived - Sting took down Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.
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2020.08.31 16:01 Glum-Fortune1342 Rebooking every WWE PPV part 45

Judgement day 2007
2 out of three falls for United States championship MVP (c) def Chris Benoit (2-0) (12:46)
World tag team championships Hardy boys (c) def lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (15:02)
Ric flair def Carlito (6:23)
Eight man elimination tag New Breed (CM punk, Elijah Burke, Marcus cor Von & mike Knox) def ECW originals (rob van dam, Sabu, sandman & Tommy dreamer) (14:44)- after backlash the originals are reeling but they challenge the new breed to this rematch which they accept on one condition: if any of the new breed eliminate van dam they face him for the ECW championship at one night stand. The new breed do a clean sweep with pink eliminating van dam last.
Triple threat for WWE championship Randy orton def Shawn Michaels (c) vs John cena (18:55)- after backlash Michaels says he wants to face someone new but orton comes and says he would’ve beaten Michaels if it were a one-on-one match. Then Cena comes out and says him and Shawn aren’t done yet because he hasn’t had a one-on-one rematch. A number 1 contender match is made but it ends in a double countout resulting in the triple threat.
Edge def Kane (10:35)
Steel cage match for world heavyweight championship Undertaker (c) def Batista (22:40)- after backlash teddy long says the score needs to be settled between these two so he puts them in a steel cage match. Post-match mr Kennedy comes out and hits a mic check on taker into the side of the cage.
Money in the bank cash-in for world heavyweight championship Mr Kennedy def undertaker (1:53)
One night stand 2007
Ladder match for world tag team championships Hardy boys (c) def worlds greatest tag team (17:17)
Street fight for intercontinental championship Umaga (c) def Bobby lashley (10:22)- lashley is drafted to raw and Umaga wants revenge for his loss at wrestlemania. Lashley accepts.
Six-man tag team tables match Chris Benoit, Tommy dreamer & sandman def Elijah Burke, Marcus cor Von & mike Knox (8:18)- Benoit is drafted to ECW and agrees to help out the originals after Sabu is injured
Women’s championship Ashley (c) def candice Michelle (5:05)
Falls count anywhere John cena def great khali (10:30)
No holds barred match for world heavyweight championship Mr Kennedy (c) def Batista (14:48)- Batista says Kennedy was just a lucky bastard who was in the right place at the right time. Kennedy says Batista has had too many chances already to win the belt back but teddy long forces him to defend it against him. Batista asks for it to be no holds barred so he can punish Kennedy for injuring undertaker who he’s developed a great deal of respect for. Long agrees
Lumberjack match for WWE championship Randy orton (c) def edge (15:10)- edge is drafted to smackdown but orton still wants revenge on his former partner for stabbing him in the back. Edge wants to take the belt with him to smackdown so he accepts.
Extreme rules match for ECW championship CM punk def rob van dam (c) (27:25)- van dam has had enough of punk and wants to beat respect into him at all costs. Punk says it’s his time to rise to the top and he’s a better face for the brand anyway not some stoner. Van dam passes out in the anaconda vise.
Vengeance 2007
United States championship MVP (c) def ric flair (8:43)
World tag team championships Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch def Hardy boys (c) (8:55)
Cruiserweight championship Chavo Guerrero (c) def Jamie Noble (13:16)
WWE tag team championships Deuce & domino def Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) (12:06)
Triple threat for intercontinental championship Umaga def santino Marella (c) def Bobby lashley (11:50)- santino debuts on raw and beats Umaga for the belt just like irl
Women’s championship Melina def Ashley (c) (7:25)
Extreme rules match for ECW championship CM punk (c) def hardcore holly (10:24)- holly is a last minute replacement for Benoit who, well what happened irl still happens tragically. Punk focuses on hollys back which was lascerated months ago in a match with van dam on ECW eventually forcing the ref to stop the match out of mercy for holly
Last chance match for World heavyweight championship Mr Kennedy (c) def Batista (15:07)- Batista asks teddy long for one more match which he grants him. Kennedy says already beaten Batista once and shouldn’t be getting this match. He says this should be Batista’s last chance and Batista says if he doesn’t win he won’t challenge for the belt again as long as Kennedy is champ
Triple threat for WWE championship Randy orton (c) def booker T vs John cena (22:08)- booker is drafted to raw and wants to hold the WWE championship before it’s too late, orton wants to continue his reign and cena wants to be champ again
Great American Bash 2007
Six-pack challenge for cruiserweight championship Chavo Guerrero (c) def Shannon Moore vs Jimmy wang yang vs funaki vs Jamie Noble vs super crazy (15:55)
WWE tag team championships Deuce & domino (c) def Paul London & Brian Kendrick (8:10)
Intercontinental championship Umaga (c) def Jeff Hardy (16:24)
Untied states championship MVP (c) def Matt Hardy (12:55)
Great Khali def Bobby lashley (4:03)
Women’s championship Melina (c) def candice Michelle (5:40)
Extreme rules match for ECW championship CM punk (c) def balls Mahoney (9:52)- balls is sick of being left out on the sidelines and wants to shut punks mouth and be ECW champion which he never was in the original. Punk just dismisses him as another relic who stands in the way of progress. Punk wins with the anaconda vice with the chair wrapped around balls neck
World heavyweight championship Mr Kennedy (c) def Kane (14:45)- Kane is drafted to smackdown and wins a battle royal to become #1 contender. He wants to avenge his brother. Kennedy wants to beat Kane just like he did with undertaker
WWE championship Randy orton (c) def booker T (16:12)- booker wants to be champ still and orton wants to continue his reign. Cena is on commentary for this match.
Summerslam 2007
World tag team championships Paul London & Brian Kendrick def lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (c) (12:22)
Triple threat for United States championship MVP (c) def ric flair vs Matt Hardy (14:18)
Cruiserweight championship Rey mysterio def Chavo Guerrero (c) (17:19)- rey returns from injury on smackdown and challenges Chavo to this match. Rey retires the cruiserweight championship after this match
Triple threat for Intercontinental championship Umaga (c) def Charlie haas vs Shelton Benjamin (14:09)
Triple H def booker T (8:00)
Women’s championship Beth Phoenix def Melina (c) (6:24)
Extreme rules match for ECW championship CM punk (c) def Tommy dreamer (13:25)- dreamer says he can’t sit idiling by while punk & the new breed destroy all his mates. Punk wants to continue taking out the originals and assumes if he takes out their new leader the rest will fall.
World heavyweight championship Edge def mr Kennedy (c) (16:54)- edge had Kennedy as a guest on the cutting edge and says Kennedy’s cash-in was just a carbon copy of his. Kennedy says edge hasn’t done anything to earn a title shot so he beats Kane in a #1 contender match on smackdown. The rest of the build is about who is the most opportune.
WWE championship John cena def Randy orton (c) (21:20)- cena wins a battle royal on raw to determine #1 contender for summerslam. He says orton can’t suck him anymore and he’ll teach the viper a lesson. Orton says cena doesn’t seem to realise how dangerous he is and he doesn’t have what it takes to beat him.
And that’s it for part 45. Come back tomorrow for part 46 which will cover unforgiven 2007 to Armageddon 2007 including the return of the undertaker. Thanks for reading.
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2020.08.29 14:34 Ineedahaircut0909 Rebooking Roman Reigns as a heel

booking Roman Reigns as a heel
WrestleMania 32
The show continues as normal but Dean Ambrose beats Brock Lesnar after a Dirty Deeds on some thumbtacks after a brutal deathmatch showing off what both men can do
Raw after WrestleMania
Roman Reigns comes out to a standing Boo-vation and invites Dean Ambrose to the ring to congratulate him on winning just like he did at WrestleMania and dean comes out and jokes about taking the title from Roman to massive cheers from the crowd. This awakens something in Roman who spears Dean in half and leaves with his belt to more Boos.
The next week Roman Reigns comes out at the beginning of Raw and tells the Crowd that he is tired of the fact that they keep of shitting on him for being successful in the WWE and that he doesn’t give a damn about any of them and he especially doesn’t give a damn about that bastard Dean Ambrose who everyone wanted to win at WrestleMania 32 so if the fans want dean ambrose to main event a PPV for the title so bad then Roman will make sure that at Payback Dean will have his last match in the main event. Meanwhile, dean ambrose is watching the PPV over a monitor and tells Renee Young that over the years he has suffered many injuries but last week he suffered the worst of all when Roman broke his damn heart.
Payback 2016
Roman Reigns (c) vs Dean Ambrose - WWE Championship match
In this match, Roman Reigns tries to absolutely destroy Dean who does the opposite and tries to quickly end the match and not hurt his friend by using quick roll-ups and grapples instead of his usual brawling, unfortunately, this costs Dean the title as Roman spears him out of his shoes and pins him for the win
Roman Reigns (c) beats Dean Ambrose to retain the WWE championship
After the match, Roman takes out a chair and wraps it around the neck of Dean and gets on to the middle rope, ready to pillmanise Deans neck and end his career but before Roman can jump this music plays
Seth Rollins comes out with a lead pipe and attacks Roman causing him to retreat and stop Dean Ambrose from having his neck crushed like an apple.
Over the weeks until Summerslam Roman Reigns id an unstoppable destroyer with his championship, spearing people left right and center while Seth Rollins is trying to make Dean Ambrose know that they both that he only saved him so that he could attack Roman Reigns and get a match for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules. On the go-home episode of Raw before Extreme Rules, Mick Foley decides to give all of the fans a nice little present like the nice grandpa that he is and book an Extreme triple threat match between the WWE champion Roman Reigns, the Lunatic Dean Ambrose and the recently returned Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules.
Extreme Rules 2016
Roman Reigns (c) vs Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins - WWE Championship extreme rules triple threat match
The match sees Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns try to destroy each other with Seth Rollins being caught in the crosshairs and in the end, Dean Ambrose hits Roman Reigns with a massive chair shot to the head before setting up for a Dirty Deeds but Seth Rollins catches Dean with a Curb Stomp while he is bending over yelling at Roman Reigns and that then leaves Seth open for a spear from Reigns that knocks the mustard out of his hair before stacking both men on top of each other and pinning them both at the same time for the victory
Roman Reigns (c) beats Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to retain the WWE Championship in an Extreme Rules Triple threat match
After the match, Roman Reigns delivers individual spears to Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to show that he is the most dominant force in the WWE or any other promotion in the world.
Throughout the weeks going up to SummerSlam Roman Reigns does an open challenge and takes out every single wrestler he faces. Rusev was destroyed, Mark Henry was broken in half via a spear and Enzo Amore was crushed like a soda can. At SummerSlam, Roman Reigns isn’t booked because he has been destroying everybody and could cause someone to get injured and create a PR disaster so since he isn’t wrestling Roman interferes in the cruiserweight ladder match and murders everybody in the match. TJ Perkins and The Brian Kendrick each get speared through ladders, Neville and Roman brawl until Roman hits three superman punches on Neville and clotheslines him out of the ring and finally Roman leaves with a shit ton of destruction in his wake. When Roman gets to the top of the ramp he is greeted by Mick Foley who tells him that with this attack he has been suspended without pay for a month and so with this Roman spears Grandpa Mick in half and leaves with his belt.
A few weeks later on Smackdown AJ Styles is cutting a promo about how he is the best in the game but in the middle of the said promo Roman Reigns comes out from under the ring and spears Styles before grabbing a mic and proclaiming that he doesn’t care if fans think he is a good guy or a bad guy because he already knows that he is THE Guy before lifting his WWE championship in the air with the commentators shocked that the suspended Roman Reigns is on Smackdown live.
The next week, The Big Dog cuts a promo on AJ Styles telling him that he should go back to wrestling in front of 20 people in a bingo hall while he will be main eventing WrestleMania for another five years but AJ Styles comes out and tells Roman that he could barely wrestle and has to rely on attacking his opponents instead of actually facing them man on man and challenges Roman to a technical wrestling match at Backlash with the added stipulation that if Roman attacks Styles before the match then Styles wins via DQ automatically and GM Daniel Bryan comes out and makes the match official for Backlash much to Roman’s anger and AJ’s delight.
Backlash 2016
Roman Reigns (c) vs AJ Styles - Technical wrestling match for the WWE Championship
In this match, AJ Styles is outwrestling Roman who uses his strength to try and fight off the Phenomenal One but Styles keeps uses his technical ability to stop Roman, Roman being increasingly frustrated at Styles manages to down Styles with a surprise superman punch out of nowhere before looking straight down the camera and yells “IT'S TIME BOYS” and then once Styles gets the advantage and accentually knocks down the ref, two masked men come down to the ring and attack Styles before Reigns spears the shit out of styles and pins him for a slow 3 count to retain his title
Roman Reigns (c) beats AJ Styles to retain the WWE Championship
After the match, the masked men unmask to reveal that they are American Alpha before they hit a grand amplitude on AJ Styles before posing with Roman Reigns to end the show.
On the next episode of Smackdown Roman and Friends come out to cut a promo talking about how they are the best in the entire company but he gets interrupted by AJ Styles who tells Roman that if he has an army then AJ wants a war before he brings out these men.
The Usos come out and join AJ Styles on the stage before Roman Reigns and American Alpha storm the stage and both teams brawl before they each get separated by security but Roman gets trough and hits Styles with a cheap superman punch to end the segment.
On the road to No Mercy Roman Reigns and American Alpha and AJ Styles and The Usos keep assaulting each other with Roman Reigns spearing Styles multiple times so his body weakened against more of Romans spears
No Mercy 2016
Roman Reigns and American Alpha vs AJ Styles and The Usos - six man no disqualification tornado tag team match.
This match is hot with every man pulling out all the stops with tables being broken and multiple hits to the weakened body of AJ Styles and in the end, American alpha took out the usos with german suplexes through tables before Roman Reigns takes out Styles with a vicious spear to finish the match
Roman Reigns and American Alpha beat AJ Styles and The Usos
After the match, Daniel Bryan makes the announcement that there will be a steel cage match at survivor series between AJ Styles and Roman Reigns to conclude their feud with a match without any interference from American Alpha or The Usos.
In survivor series time period Raw is invading Smackdown so Styles is busy defending his brands so with that he gets hit with multiple cheap shots from Roman Reigns before the big steel cage match
WWE Survivor Series 2016
Roman Reigns (c) vs AJ Styles - Steel Cage match for the WWE Championship
This match begins out of the ring with roman reigns smashing AJ Style’s face into the side of the cage before throwing him into the ring and starting the match which jas Roman attack the body of Styles and uses power moves to dominate the hurt phenomenal one who finally gets put out of his misery via a spear from The Big Dog
Roman Reigns (c) beats AJ Style to retain his WWE Championship
Over the next two weeks, Roman Reigns hosts the TLC open challenge with his opponents being able to choose whether the match they have is a table, ladders or chairs match for his WWE Championship, his first opponent is Kalisto who chooses a ladder match but loses easily to Roman Reigns once he is put through a ladder. The next week Apollo Crews accepts the challenge and puts up quite the fight, even managing to reverse a spear with a chair shot but eventually, he gets distracted by American Alpha leading to Roman Spearing him for the win
Tables, Ladders, and chairs 2016
Roman Reigns vs ??? - WWE Championship tables match
Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring first with American Alpha and says that it doesn’t matter who faces him because Roman Reigns is the best wrestler in this entire company and he can squash anyone who tries to challenge him like a bug and his opponent for the evening comes out
Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and brawls with Roman and the two men have a hard-hitting brawl of a match that ends when roman reigns manage to spear Randy Orton through one of the announce tables to get the win
Roman Reigns beats Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship
After the match Roman Reigns announces that he is entering into the Royal Rumble so that he can win and get Wrestlemania off and that nobody can stop him because he is the Big Dog and this is his yard.
Over the next few weeks, Sami Zayn makes his smackdown debut and manages to secure entry into the Royal Rumble via beating Cesaro, Jack Swagger, Kalisto, and The Miz in a gauntlet match.
Royal Rumble 2017
The Royal Rumble match
Sami Zayn enters first and manages to stay alive managing to eliminate American Alpha, Mark Henry, and Goldberg until Number 30 comes out. IT'S ROMAN REIGNS. The Big Dog enters the ring and immediately targets Sami Zayn who quickly pulls the top rope down and eliminates Roman Reigns who has been in the match for 11 seconds and in the end, Sami Zayn manages to last eliminate Brock Lesnar with three helluva kicks to win the Royal Rumble.
Sami Zayn wins the 2017 Royal Rumble
After the match, Sami Zayn announces that he is going to face Roman Reigns in the main event of Wrestlemania but before he can conclude his promo he gets attacked by Roman Reigns and American Alpha who tell Zayn that if he wants a fight then he will get absolutely destroyed by all three men.
Over the next few weeks up to Elimination chamber, Reigns and AA are constantly berating and underrating Zayn and American Alpha challenge him to a tag team match at Elimination Chamber if he can find a partner and zayn accepts
Elimination Chamber 2017
Sami Zayn and ??? vs American Alpha
This match at the beginning is pretty one-sided with American Alpha using their number game to damage Sami Zayn until this hits
Kevin Owens comes out and this lights a fire in Sami Zayn who manages a comeback before tagging in Kevin Owens who manages to win the match for his team with a pop-up powerbomb to Jason Jordan
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn beat American Alpha
After the match Roman Reigns attacks both men from behind with a chair before telling sami zayn that he needs all the luck he can get at WrestleMania
Sami Zayn vs Roman Reigns - WWE Championship match
This match is filled with Roman Reigns using his power moves to keep Zayn down but Sami keeps using his determination to fight back against this raging bull who keeps trying to kill him, American alpha even try to interfere but they get taken out by Kevin Owens with a chair leading to Sami Zayn hitting a helluva kick on Reigns for the win to gain the WWE Championship before celebrating with Kevin Owens to end the show
Sami Zayn beat Roman Reigns at wrestlemania to win the WWE Championship
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2020.08.17 02:52 john14325 What if Owen Hart never died part 2
Build to Backlash 2000
Owen Hart comes out the new Light Heavyweight Champion and announces that every week on Raw he will hold an Owen Hart open invitational match for the Light Heavyweight Championship anyone 225 and under can challenge for if that includes non-WWF talent.
The former champion Funaki answers the open challenge and they have a great match to kick off Raw with Owen getting the win then out comes Funaki’s partner Taka Michinoku who challenges Owen on the spot but is also beaten by Owen.
The next week on Raw, the challenge is answered by fellow Canadian Christian and they have a great match showcasing Christian’s abilities but ultimately Owen once again retains.
The next week on Raw, the open challenge is answered by an ECW named Justin Credible, I think this would work because it was obvious that the WWF has a working relationship with ECW at the time. Anyway, Hart once again retains.
We are on the go home Raw before Backlash and Owen defends his Light Heavyweight Title against X-Pac and retains and JR announces that he know who Owen Hart is defending his Light Heavyweight Title against at Backlash and hints that he is a high international superstar.
Backlash 2000
Owen Hart(c) vs Jushin Thunder Liger Light Heavyweight Championship
The open challenge is answered by none other than Jushin Thunder Liger and the crowd goes nuts for one of Japan’s biggest stars and the two men tear the house down with Liger’s high flying offense vs Owen’s technical mastery and ultimately Owen gets the win over this huge star and Liger raises Owen’s arm as a sign of respect.
After Liger leaves, Owen is attacked by Dean Malenko signifying his next feud.
Insurrextion 2000
Owen Hart(c) vs Doug Williams Light Heavyweight Championship
We goes overseas to the UK and Owen defends his title against future TNA Star Doug Williams in a technical masterpiece and Owen retains. Once again, after the match, Owen is attacked by Dean Malenko and Doug Williams helps fend him off starting an impromptu tag team match against Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko.
Owen Hart and Doug Williams vs Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko
Hart and Williams win after Doug puns Perry Saturn to a roaring British crowd and they celebrate with the crowd after the match.
Build to Over the Edge 2000
Since I’m this timeline Owen never died, Over the Edge isn’t retired as a PPV.
On the Raw after Backlash, Owen calls out Dean Malenko and implores him to accept his open challenge but instead Eddie Guerrero comes out and says you don’t want to mess with the Radicalz and Malenko attacks Owen from behind ruining his open challenge and holds up the Light Heavyweight Championship.
Next week, the match is made for Over the Edge, Owen Hart vs Dean Malenko for the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship is Owen wins all of his open challenges.
Owen dispatches talents such as Scotty 2 Hotty, Brian Christopher and Crash Holly in open challenges for the Light Heavyweight Championship.
Over the Edge 2000
Owen Hart(c) vs Dean Malenko /w Eddie Guerrero for the Light Heavyweight Championship
Owen and Malenko open the show and we get a 25 minute technical masterclass until we get a ref bump and Eddie Guerrero hits Malenko with the Light Heavyweight Championship busting him open and Malenko goes for the cover 1,2, kick out and Owen manages to roll up Malenko who is arguing with the referee to get the 1,2,3 and retain the Light Heavyweight Title but then he’s attacked by Eddie Guerrero who hits a frog splash and holds up the Light Heavyweight Championship.
Build to King of the Ring 2000
The next night on Raw, Owen continues his open challenges despite the fact Eddie Guerrero is the new #1 contender and this times it’s answered by current MCW member (which was one of WWE’s developmental territories at the time) Brian Kendrick and the young upstart looks great but ultimately falls short of winning. Eddie Guerrero is on commentary for the match.
The next week on Raw, Taka Michinoku answers the open challenge and despite interference from Funaki, Owen retains the title but is attacked by all four members of The Radicalz when he is saved by The Rock, and The Hardy Boyz and we have an 8 man tag team match as the main event on that week’s Smackdown where Owen Hart’s team wins after Owen makes Chris Benoit tap to the Sharpshooter in a spectacular Smackdown main event elevating the Light Heavyweight Championship even further.
This week on Raw, Owen’s open challenge is answered by former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Minoru Tanaka and these two put on a hard hitting classic with Owen retaining the championship.
On the go home Raw before King of the Ring, Owens open challenge is answered by K-Kwik (R-Truth) who makes his debut and takes Owen to his absolute limit with his high octane offense and gets near fall after near fall but once again, Owen retains but raises K-Kwik’s arm in defeat and now it’s time for Owen to prepare for his match against Eddie Guerrero at King of the Ring.
King of the Ring 2000
Owen Hart(c) vs Eddie Guerrero Light Heavyweight Championship
These two have an amazing match that goes 20 minutes and when Eddie goes for the frog splash, Owen locks in the Sharpshooter when Benoit interferes causing a DQ win for Hart and both Benoit and Guerrero attack Owen to close the segment.
Build to Fully Loaded 2000
The next night on Raw, commissioner Mick Foley books a steel cage match for the main event of Raw which marks the first time the Light Heavyweight Championship will be defended in the main event on Raw when Owen Hart takes on Eddie Guerrero in a rematch from King of the Ring. We get to the match which Owen wins by escaping the cage but then he’s attacked from behind by Chris Benoit who became #1 contender for the WWF Championship earlier in the night and he holds up the Light Heavyweight Championship and promises to be a double champion after Fully Loaded.
The next week on Raw, Mick Foley makes the match official Benoit gets the title shot but if Owen wins, he is inserted into the Fully Loaded main event.
Owen and Benoit main event the show having one of the greatest Raw matches in history with Owen winning and restraining the Light Heavyweight Championship and being added to the Fully Loaded main event.
Owen decides despite being in the main event, he has a duty to defend his Light Heavyweight Championship on the show and he will defend against one of Mexico’s biggest stars Mil Mascaras.
Fully Loaded 2000
Owen Hart(c) vs Mil Mascaras Light Heavyweight Championship
They open the show and we get a great match with Owen getting the hard fought win after 25 minutes of action. After the match, Owen is attacked by Chris Benoit who he will meet later in the night.
Owen Hart vs Chris Benoit vs The Rock(c) WWF Championship
Owen comes out selling an arm injury that Benoit gave him earlier in the night. These three men go to war especially Owen and Benoit but ultimately neither man can claim the WWF Title as The Rock retains pinning Chris Benoit.
Build to Summerslam 2000
With Owen’s feud with The Radicalz behind him, he continues his open challenges for the Light Heavyweight Championship which is answered by “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson who was signed to a developmental contract at the time and they have an amazing technical wrestling match which Owen wins.
Jeff Hardy runs into Owen backstage and just taps on the Light Heavyweight Belt letting him know who he’s facing at Summerslam.
Summerslam 2000
Owen Hart(c) vs Jeff Hardy Light Heavyweight Championship
They have a great match which Jeff gets the upset win becoming the new standard bearer of the WWF Light Heavyweight division. Owen hands Jeff the title and raises his arm and says this man is the future.
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2020.08.07 13:07 MarcoTalin NJPW Marathon/Retrospective - New Japan Soul 2011

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Hello NJPW Subreddit. It's time for a relatively short post (because boy is the next post going to be a big one). In this post, we're going to be covering a bunch of short tours between Dominion and the G1 Climax. There's still some stuff to talk about, including a 6-man tag tournament, a few title matches, and the continuation of the Suzuki-Kojima feud. Let's get right into it.

J Sports Crown Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Tournament 2011 (Jun 21-23, 2011, Differ Ariake, Tokyo)

IMG: J Sports Crown Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Tournament Logo
In a sort of precursor to the NEVER 6-man tag titles (though those wouldn't debut for another 4.5 years), we have the 2nd annual and the final J Sports Crown Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Tournament. NJPW had a few J Sports Crown-themed events throughout 2010 and 2011 (we'll have one more at the end of this year), and this is one of them. As you can expect from a 6-man tag tournament, there are a few teams representing their factions, and a lot of hodge podge teams as well (as you can see in the bracket below). To cut the tournament short, the team of Apollo 55 and Hirooki Goto (named Apollo 555) won this tournament for the 2nd straight year.
IMG: J Sports Crown Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Tournament Bracket
A couple of story beats occurred during this tournament. As you can see, the GBH+Kojima team beat the Suzuki-gun team of Archer, Taichi, and Taka in the first round, though Archer did go back and attack them after the match ended. Also, in a bit of a preview into the title matches ahead, the Bad Intentions team beat the Tanahashi team in the Quarter Finals (though with Anderson pinning Dorada), and Goto's team beat the Bad Intention team in the finals (with Goto pinning Anderson no less), so the tag champs hold a win over the heavyweight champion, but one of the tag title challengers hold a win over the tag champs. Also, Kushida beat Brian Kendrick to get back the win from Dominion.

New Japan Soul 2011 (Jul 3-18, 2011)

NJPW World Link
IMG: New Japan Soul 2011 Logo
New Japan Soul is another tour on NJPW's schedule, though it's got a lot going on, and the final day of the tour practically PPV level, with a 10-match card and an IWGP Heavyweight Championship match as the main event.
Of course, with the G1 Climax looming over the horizon, everyone is fighting to get that last bit of momentum going into the tournament. The participants for this year's G1 would be announced on the first day of this tour, including many first timers, such as the newly returned Hideo Saito, NJPW newcomers MVP and Lance Archer, and CMLL representative La Sombra. We also have two wrestlers competing in the G1 Climax for the first time in a while, with Minoru Suzuki participating in his first G1 Climax since 2005, and Yoshihiro Takayama participating in his first G1 Climax since 2004.
A few people made their return during this tour as well. Strong Man made his first appearance in NJPW since New Beginning, making shoutouts to his fallen tag team partner Nakanishi, and Shinsuke Nakamura is back from his short tour with CMLL, debuting a new look with the sides of his head shaved (while it's not quite his iconic look yet, he's starting to move in that direction) (he trades off with Naito, who takes his turn at a 1-month excursion to CMLL). Both men will be participating in the G1 Climax. We also had Hector Garza appearing for the first time since Wrestle Kingdom to start a mini-feud with Jushin Thunder Liger. They would have a match on the final day of the tour, which Liger won.
We also had some feuds continuing from Dominion. First, Hideo Saito continued his attacks on Nagata. He'd make his merciless beatdowns on Nagata during their matches, but would then revert to showing respect during backstage interviews. Nagata tried to bring Saito back to his senses, but in their match on the final day of the tour, Saito would get himself DQ'd by refusing to let go of his version of the Tongan Death Grip choke on Nagata.
Another feud continuing on from Dominion is Yano's continued pursuit of the MVP and his Intercontinental Championship. Yano would regularly taunt MVP with the hair he cut off at Dominion. However, in their title match on the final day, MVP got his revenge by making Yano pass out with his TTB hold and stuffing the plastic bag with his hair in it into Yano's mouth. However, just as MVP is celebrating his win, Masato Tanaka comes out to attack him, making his challenge for the IC title. We'll see that match later down the line.
Next we have the continuing feud with Kojima and Makabe against Suzuki-gun. Kojima would regularly team up with GBH members Makabe and Honma against Suzuki-gun (without Lance Archer for this tour), but it would be a singles match that would cap off their feud in this tour. Let's see how it went.

Special Singles Match

NJPW World Link
Singles Match
Satoshi Kojima vs Minoru Suzuki [Suzuki-gun]
Kojima seeks revenge as he faces the man who usurped his stable from him, Minoru Suzuki.
My how the tables have turned for Kojima. Earlier this year, it was him facing solo opponents with Taichi and Taka, but now he's the one going solo, and he has to face Suzuki flanked by his old underlings.
This was a solid match that was made to establish Suzuki as a new dominant force in the company. He was in control for most of this match, taking Tanahashi's "wear down the lariat arm" tactic from Wrestle Kingdom, but in a much more methodical way. He didn't even need Taichi or Taka to interfere to win.
Result: Minoru Suzuki pins Satoshi Kojima with a Gotch-Style Piledriver
Rating: 7/10
Solid match. nothing amazing or groundbreaking, but if you like either man, you'll enjoy this match.
Lastly, we have the champion vs champion rivalry, with Tanahashi and Goto challenging Bad Intentions for their IWGP Tag Team Championships, and Giant Bernard challenging Tanahashi for his IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The tag title defense came first on the first day of the tour, and though Tanahashi and Goto showed some surprisingly good synergy, the champions eventually prevailed and successfully retained their titles. Then, we come to the last day. Earlier in the night, Hirooki Goto beat Karl Anderson as a half a rematch from the tag title match. Will Tanahashi be able to prevail as well? Let's find out.

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match

NJPW World Link
Singles Match, IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs Giant Bernard
It's now time for Giant Bernard's turn to challenge for Hiroshi Tanahashi's IWGP Heavyweight Championship.
Although Bernard is mainly a tag team wrestler, he is quite an accomplished singles wrestler as well. He is a 3-time finalist and 1-time winner of the New Japan Cup, winning it in 2006. That win led him to his first IWGP Heavyweight Championship match, challenging Brock Lesnar, but failing to win. This is now his second attempt at the belt.
This is a great match, really taking advantage of Bernard's size and power without being too much of a slog, while Tanahashi got to show how good he can be. There are some really good false finishes (that kick out of the High Fly Flow really got me) and nice exchanges throughout. There's even a nice moment of respect (or maybe arrogance) with Bernard stopping Red Shoes from counting out Tanahashi. What else can I say. It's another really good title defense from Tanahashi with a challenger that isn't around the heavyweight title scene much.
Result: Hiroshi Tanahashi pins Giant Bernard with the Daruma-shiki German Suplex - Champion Retains, 6th Defense
Rating: 8/10
After the match, as Bernard is walking down the ramp to the back, Tanahashi calls him back to the ring. Once he's there, Tanahashi tells him he has one thing to say. He yells "Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling-", at which point Bernard snatches the mic from him. He pauses for a moment, and yells "Ichiban!" (which means #1) into the microphone, which is basically his catch phrase in NJPW (if you recall, he yelled it after his Wrestle Kingdom match as well). He then follows it up by also saying "Tanahashi Ichiban" (Tanahashi is #1) and hugging Tanahashi before leaving the ring.
That ends the New Japan Soul tour. For a holdover tour, it was pretty good, and it helps build some momentum going into the G1 Climax.

New Japan Live 2011 (Jul 19-24, 2011)

IMG: New Japan Live 2011 Logo
We also have a short 4-day tour to tide us over until the G1 Climax. As is normal with these short New Japan Live tours, not much happens here. It's just a bunch of Young Lion matches and multi-man tags furthering previous stories.
That brings this post to a close. See? Told you it was gonna be shorter. However, the next one is gonna be a doozy, as we have one of the biggest events of the NJPW calendar: the G1 Climax. It's gonna be a big one, with a lot of matches to cover, and a show and a half to watch and review. I'm looking forward to it, and at the same time dreading writing it all down. Ah well. Should be fun.
Until then, thanks for reading! See you next post.
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2020.07.15 18:04 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jul. 1, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002 5-13-2002 5-20-2002
5-27-2002 6-3-2002 6-10-2002 6-17-2002
  • Bret Hart was seriously injured in a bicycle accident in Calgary last week. As of press time, Dave has very little info. Hart was thrown off the bike and flipped over the handlebars going at a high speed and landed on his back and hit the back of his head. Over the next couple of days, he's undergone a number of tests due to issues he's had since the accident. Bret was forced to retire 2 years ago after he suffered a serious concussion during the Starrcade 99 match with Goldberg and it's believed the fall may have aggravated the issues he's had since then. Hart is expected to be hospitalized for at least a week and has little movement on the left side of his body and can't see out of his right eye. He's also suffering severe back pain, though x-rays and scans haven't shown any physical damage to his back. That's all Dave knows right now. (Much more on this next week, obviously).
  • After a year of questionable decision-making, Vince McMahon made his most questionable decision yet when he announced the surprise re-hiring of Vince Russo. It's a shocking decision for lots of obvious reasons, not the least of which is most of the wrestlers either outright don't like him or at the very least, don't respect him. And many front office employees feel even more strongly about him. Not even Stephanie McMahon, who is the head of creative, knew Russo was coming back and she was just as blindsided by the news as everyone else. It's believed the deal has been in the works for a few weeks. Russo had owned a CD store in Marietta, GA but he sold the store recently. He also stopped submitting ideas to the Jarretts for TNA a couple of weeks ago. There's also the fact that Russo's lawsuit against Hulk Hogan over the Bash at the Beach 2000 incident is still pending and now they're in the same company again, although Dave suspects the legal issues must be wrapped up for Russo to take the job (Turner was still paying his legal fees so long as he didn't work for any other wrestling company, which is why everyone was denying his involvement with TNA). Another rumor going around is that Russo is planning to write a tell-all book about his time in WWF and when word about that got out, the company rehired him in an effort to squash the book. Dave thinks that might be believable if Russo was just hired and stuck in a closet somewhere. But he was brought back in a key position in the creative department, which means that likely wasn't the reason (or not a big part of it). Most likely, it's exactly what it appears on the surface: Vince McMahon is getting desperate and he's going back to what worked in the past.
  • When word got out about Russo's hiring, needless to say, everyone was shocked and, as you'd expect, it was an overwhelmingly negative reaction. The plan for Russo on day one was for him to be in control of the creative team, answering only to Stephanie McMahon. The next day, those plans changed after McMahon, Russo, Stephanie, and the rest of the writing team had a big meeting. There's been multiple stories about what happened during the meeting. One version of the story is that Russo's ideas were so bad that he pretty much buried himself with everyone immediately. Another version is that Stephanie pretty much buried all his ideas and shut him down. And yet another version is that Russo obviously hadn't kept up with the product and was unfamiliar and out of touch with many of the characters and ongoing storylines, and that soured Vince McMahon on him. Regardless, the result was the same: the very next day, Russo was no longer part of the creative team. Word is he has already been sent home and will be brought back if/when they need ideas, as sort of a consultant on retainer. Officially, his role now is to critique the TV shows and report back to Vince McMahon what he thinks. So he's basically paid to be a critic and tell McMahon how he would do it better. Anyway, that's the story for now. Dave runs down Russo's history in the business, how he came into power in WWF, jumping ship to WCW with no notice, where he proceeded to help kill the company and all the drama that happened there (can't wait for that one Vince Russo superfan that always accuses me of lying about him to chime in on this one).
  • For the record, one of Russo's big ideas for TNA's debut was taking the Shane Twins and dressing them up as giant penises and calling them the Big Johnsons. Thankfully, when the show aired, the announcers downplayed the "penis" aspect of it a lot, leading Russo to tell friends that the idea flopped because the commentators didn't sell it hard enough. Just in case you're wondering what Vince Russo is bringing to the table in 2002.
  • WWE's King of the Ring is in the books. For the first time since Wrestlemania, it was a legit sellout on PPV. And sucks for them because this was a pretty blah show. Undertaker retained the WWE title over Triple H in a bad match that was hampered because Undertaker is banged up in general and Triple H came into the match with an elbow injury. 2 days after the show, he underwent elbow surgery to remove bone chips, one of which was embedded in cartilage and had caused his arm to lock up. He was nowhere near 100% during the match, but if he had been, Dave suspects they probably would have put the belt back on him. But for now, they stuck with Undertaker. They did a post match angle to set up Rock vs. Undertaker vs. Triple H at Vengeance, assuming Triple H is ready by then (he was not).
  • The biggest story of the PPV, in Dave's opinion anyway, is the Kurt Angle/Hulk Hogan match, in which Angle beat Hogan clean as a sheet by submission. Dave gives Hogan credit: he didn't treat this like Kidman. Hogan put Angle over as strong as he possibly could. Dave believes it's the first time in Hogan's entire career that he lost via submission as a babyface. He did have a few submission losses as a heel (once to Inoki in NJPW in 1981 and a handful in WCW during the NWO era) but that's it. If he had any as a babyface, it would have been before 1979, before he was a national name. Whether this ultimately springboards Angle into a certified top guy that fans take seriously remains to be seen, but Hogan did everything he could. Probably didn't help that, as soon as the match was over, Angle put his goofy wig back on, at a moment that should have been used to turn him into a serious threat. But regardless, nobody can fault Hogan here if it doesn't get over.
  • Other notes from the PPV: Jericho vs. RVD in the opening match was easily the best match on the show. Lesnar got loud "Goldberg" chants and Dave thinks he sold way too much for Test, especially since the rumor is Lesnar is being groomed for a Summerslam main event with Rock. Nidia in her hillbilly gimmick with Jamie Noble was great and Dave thinks they might have something with Nidia and this gimmick. Ric Flair vs. Eddie Guerrero was.....not what you'd think. Dave has seen Flair drag talentless hacks to great matches for 20 years but somehow, Flair vs. Guerrero was a drag and should have been better than it was considering the two men involved. Two all-time greats just had a misfire somehow. Molly won the women's title from Trish and Dave thinks this whole storyline where they claim Molly is fat is insulting to probably every single female viewer they have and a lot of the males too. A backstage segment with Rock, Goldust, and Booker T was the most entertaining thing on the show. Lesnar won the King of the Ring tournament by beating RVD in a nothing match. And of course, the main event, which was an overbooked mess with two guys who probably didn't have any business wrestling that night anyway.
WATCH: Goldust/Booker T/Rock backstage segment at WWE King of the Ring 2002
  • NWA-TNA's debut show is in the books! Actually, so is their second show because it was a double-taping. And buckle in because we have a metric fuck-ton of TNA news to cover. Overall, it was a well-received debut. A lot of the young wrestlers were hungry and some of the old guys worked like they had something to prove. Guys like Konnan and Buff Bagwell looked the best they have in years and many of the people who worked the show said this felt like the real deal (many of those same people had worked the recent WWA shows and saw those as paid vacations, nobody took it seriously). Scott Hall, said to be the highest paid wrestler in the company ($3,500 per week) didn't do anything special but he got by far the biggest reaction and, according to all accounts, was sober and professional. There were about 3,000 fans in the building, but only 400-500 were paid. More than 10,000 freebies were given away around Birmingham the week of the show, but the crowd they got was actually a good, active audience, so it worked. Mike Tenay on commentary was great and full of knowledge, though Ed Ferrara playing heel announcer was useless. Don West was enthusiastic as hell, but knew nothing about the product. Regardless, he knows how to work a camera and he took charge of the commentary booth and Dave thinks he did fine in the role and will only get better. Ricky Steamboat was there, giving an emotional interview and putting over the NWA title. Ken Shamrock won the gauntlet battle royal (basically the same thing as a Royal Rumble match) to win the title, beating Malice (former WCW wrestler The Wall) in the final match after they were the last 2 left in the battle royal. There's been talk of doing a Shamrock vs. Don Frye match to try to catch some of that crossover UFC/PRIDE audience, but Dave is doubtful it'll be a draw here like it is in Japan.
  • What else? Country music star Toby Keith did a series of angles with Jeff Jarrett and Keith was by far the biggest star to the live fans. Keith got involved in the battle royal and eliminated Jarrett. NASCAR drivers Hermie Sadler and Sterling Martin got involved in a racial angle with K-Krush (R-Truth) using a bunch of "your kind" and "my kind" talk and Dave thinks that was pretty pathetic. The company was hoping all this celebrity involvement would get them some mainstream publicity but it got practically none. They brought in a bunch of women, most of whom were total unknowns except for ECW's Francine, Electra, and former WCW valet Daffney under the name Shannon, and their battle royal on the second show was said to be awful. The whole event definitely had a southern/regional feel to it. The opening match of Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, and Low-Ki vs. Jorge Estra, Sonny Siaki, and Jimmy Yang was the show-stealer and was better than most of the matches in WWE this year.
  • Now the bad news: TNA was under the impression they had Dish Network cleared to air their show, but no dice. They don't have Cablevision in the U.S. either. For a company that needs to draw 50,000 buys a week to break even without a corporate sponsor, that's extremely bad news. They're also losing their Canadian PPV after the response to the debut show was said to be lackluster. At press time, InDemand has allegedly told TNA that their debut show did 80,000 buys but preliminary numbers are always drastically higher than the final result, so it'll almost certainly be less than that (for example, InDemand's number for WWA's first PPV was originally 40,000 but later got revised to 15,000). In WWE, they don't take any PPV numbers seriously at first because the thought is any numbers you hear within the first 2 months of the show are always wrong, the final tallies take time to come in. Regardless, even if this show did well, the more important question is how will they be doing in 4-5 weeks when the new has worn off?
  • Despite TNA claiming they aren't even interested in TV and are 100% committed to running exclusively on PPV, that's obviously not true. They have already struck syndication deals in Nashville and Chattanooga and are actively working to get a national television deal. The problem is that, as you can tell by looking at WWE ratings over the last year, the business is in a sharp decline, meaning the TV industry isn't chomping at the bit to give TV deals to some new startup nobody company. But anyone who understands the industry knows they have no chance of surviving on weekly PPV alone so getting on TV sooner than later is going to be essential to TNA's survival. The local syndicated deals they struck will mostly be hype shows with interviews and highlights designed to drive viewers to buy the weekly PPVs. Dave lists, like, 10 different promotions that have folded over the years in part due to the costs of paying for television.
  • Tons of TNA news in this issue which brings us to the debut "Random TNA News & Notes" section! Here we go: Bert Prentice will be working with the company and will no longer be running his own weekly shows in Nashville. There will be a one-night tournament at the next show to crown NWA tag team champions. Fun fact, those belts are currently held by The Shane Twins, who now wrestle in TNA as The Johnsons, doing the aforementioned masked penis gimmick. They'll be in the tournament even though they were already the champs in their previous gimmick. But the titles are being vacated and they will crown new ones.
  • We ain't done with TNA news. The dark match of the show featured a 450 pound dude named Cheex who is basically ripping off Rikishi's gimmick of doing things with his big ol' ass. And in case the ass gimmick and the "Cheex" name wasn't clear enough, he's being managed by a woman named Brown Eye Girl. So....yeah. If this ain't Vince Russo, I'll eat my shoe. Anyway, during the dark match, because Cheex is so big, the ring broke. As the show was going on the air live, the ring crew was frantically struggling to fix the ring, which is why it felt like they were stalling so much for the first 15 minutes. Because they were. The ring breaking also caused them to not be able to do the second dark match they had planned. Both matches were being taped to air on next week's show.
  • Actual notes from TNA's debut show (I'm gonna divide this into multiple paragraphs because there's a lot): it opened with some pyro, which is meant to make them look major league, but everyone else always looks minor league compared to WWE's huge pyro show every week and this was no exception. No graphics or details on any of the wrestlers, which is a mistake considering so many of them are complete unknowns to most fans. Started with a bunch of legends coming out to put over the NWA title, including Ricky Steamboat cutting one of the best promos of the year in any promotion and Dave thinks they need to hire Steamboat and put him in an on-air role as a commissioner or something ASAP. Jeff Jarrett cut a promo saying it was stupid to crown a new champion in a battle royal. Way to bury your own main event 10 minutes into your debut show, especially since most people also agree that it's a pretty dumb way to do it. But they still did. Then Ken Shamrock and Scott Hall came out and they both cut promos and they also shat on the battle royal idea, leading Dave to worry already that this company hasn't learned anything from WCW's mistakes. As mentioned earlier, the opening match easily stole the show. Next up was a little person match, with the jobber actually being referred to as "an enhancement midget." The Shane Twins did the penis gimmick, but as mentioned, it was severely played down from the original idea as conceived by Russo.
  • More notes from the show: They brought out a bunch of women for a big segment and Dave, who spends his entire life watching wrestling, didn't know half of them. And even if he did, it wouldn't matter because there were no graphics to name any of them and even if there had been, the cameras were often showing the wrong woman when a name was announced. Anyway, among them were Francince from ECW (who Dave is worried about because she looked sickly thin), Shannon (formerly Daffney in WCW), Alexis Laree (better known years later as Mickie James), Elektra from ECW, Taylor Vaugn (formerly Barbara Bush in WWF), Erin (who was a finalist on Tough Enough season 1 but got booted from the show before production started because other contestants saw her out on a date with one of the judges and they complained and got her kicked off), and some others. At least one of the no-name chicks was a stripper they hired specifically for this show because they needed one more woman to make 10. Anyway, this all led to the expected brawl with Elektra getting her shirt ripped off to show her bra. It wasn't even that risque. If you're trying to use sex appeal to draw viewers, the worst thing you can do is be less risque than WWE is on free TV when you have the luxury of PPV (give em a few months and we'll get actual nudity on this show). Alicia Webb, formerly known in WWF as Ryan Shamrock (and who is dating Ken Shamrock in real life) was playing a prostitute collecting money from referee Mark Johnson.
  • Even more notes from the show: the NASCAR guys got a bigger pop than any of the wrestlers. K-Krush came out to confront them about not being real athletes and they did the racial angle. Brian Christopher got involved and funny story there, they were debating whether to use the last name Christopher, or his real last name of Lawler. Nobody told the announcers which it was gonna be so Mike Tenay kept using "Christopher" while Ed Ferrara kept using "Lawler." More WCW-level shit. Toby Keith performed. The gauntlet battle royal to crown the new champion featured Buff Bagwell, Prince Justice (later becomes Abyss), Konnan, Rick Steiner, Scott Hall, Jeff Jarrett, etc. Toby Keith ran in and suplexed Jarrett, causing him to get eliminated because why not? Chris Harris, Vampire Warrior, Steve Corino, and more. And when it got down to the last two, it became a regular match and Shamrock beat Malice to win the title with Steamboat as the special referee.
WATCH: NWA-TNA' s debut PPV (Full Show)
  • So that's the notes from the debut show. Are we done with TNA yet? Not by a long shot. They taped a whole second show, remember?! It hasn't aired yet so Dave hasn't seen it so here's the scarce details. The crowd started filing out after the first show ended and kept leaving as the second one was going, to the point that Jeremy Borash and Bert Prentice had to get on the mic and beg everyone to stay and then moved a bunch of people to the hard camera side so there wouldn't be visible empty seats all over the place. Lenny Lane and former WCW star Kwee-Wee were put together as a gay tag team called Rainbow Express, managed by Joel Gertner, and kissed each other instead of tagging each other to swap in and out during the match, which got a lot of heat because Alabama. A 9-woman battle royal (guess they didn't let the hired stripper actually work) to crown Miss TNA resulted in a bunch of women getting stripped half naked. They did a 4-way elimination match to crown the X-Division champion which was won by AJ Syles in what was said to be easily the best match of either show, with even Harley Race going on record later to say it was one of the best matches he'd ever seen. But by then, there were very few fans left in the building. And that is finally it for TNA news for now. Whew.
  • PRIDE's latest show is in the books and once again featured pro wrestlers drawing the crowd. NOAH's Yoshihiro Takayama replaced Mark Coleman in the main event (out due to injury) against Don Frye, leading to last minute interest from wrestling fans that packed the house. Frye defeated Takayama in what many are calling the best fight in the history of PRIDE. Takayama has had 3 fights in PRIDE and has lost all 3 of them, but all 3 of them were also show-stealing outright wars that, despite losing, has grown Takayama into an even bigger star. Afterward, Frye hinted at retiring from MMA and returning to NJPW full time. Dave hasn't seen this fight but it was described to him as "something out of Dragonball Z or a comic book" the way they were just throwing bombs at each other, with the crowd going insane (yeah the opening minute or so if this fight is absolute madness, video below). The show also featured Bob Sapp vs. Kiyoshi Tamura, which was a total mismatch. Tamura is a skilled MMA fighter, but Sapp outweighed him by literally almost 200 pounds and the fight was over in 11 seconds, with Sapp basically murdering him. Dave says it's clear they're trying to turn Sapp into a huge unbeatable monster psychopath and it's working. But Dave thinks it's bullshit to put fighters this mismatched against each other in real shoots. It was funny though because after what happened in Sapp's K-1 fight a few weeks ago, they made some new rules like no knees and no kicking a downed opponent, which is fine. But they also announced other rules for the fight, such as no flying sentons or splashes off the top ropes, which have never been done in an MMA fight and is utterly ridiculous (If Cormier doesn't hit Miocic with a Canadian destroyer at UFC 252 next month, what's even the point?). Another NOAH star, Takashi Suguira, lost a split decision with Daniel Gracie and Suguira had several NOAH wrestlers at ringside cheering him on. And of course, Antonio Inoki came out at intermission and did his catchphrase.
WATCH: Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Don Frye - PRIDE
  • UFC made its TV debut with a half-hour segment on Fox Sports Net's "Best Damn Sports Show Period" which featured a full Robbie Lawler vs. Steve Berger bout, as well as highlights of other fights. "Fear Factor" host Joe Rogan did commentary with Mike Goldberg and Jeff Osbourne. They aired several warnings during the show, but the violence ended up being far less brutal than most average boxing matches. The show drew a strong crowd and there's talk that this may become a regular thing on the network. They also hyped the planned Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock fight for later this year and Dave thinks TNA would be wise to get the NWA title off Shamrock before the fight, because he's going into it as the underdog. Plus, Shamrock would likely not want to risk injury or spend time flying to Nashville every week during the last few weeks of training. Wouldn't be a good look for TNA if Shamrock goes to the octagon with the NWA title belt and gets demolished by Ortiz. Also on the show, Chuck Liddell defeated Vitor Belfort in a war that catapulted Liddell into title contention and he'll likely face the winner of Shamrock/Ortiz sometime down the road.
  • Dave got his hands on a copy of Shaun Assael's new book "Sex, Lies, and Headlocks: The Real Story of Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation" even though it hasn't been released yet. Review time! The original concept for the book was to chronicle the Monday Night Wars, but just as the book was being finished, the whole business changed and since Vince became the lone survivor, the book was changed to focus on him and the WWF primarily. The book is fair and accurate for the most part. Assael didn't run from any of the controversial stories, but he also didn't sensationalize things to make them seem bigger than they were. If you're a long-time Observer reader, you already know all this stuff and could probably point out details or inconsistencies in the story, but to the average fan who hasn't been following all the behind-the-scenes stuff for the last 20 years, it's sure to be an eye-opener. Anyway, Dave recaps the book in detail, mostly just correcting things that the author got wrong but also acknowledging that this is an early review copy and some of these mistakes will be corrected before it's published and released. Otherwise, he just pokes holes in various myths and stories that are covered. The Observer was credited in the book for being one of the author's sources, specifically in regards to Dave's coverage of the steroid trial (yeah, if you haven't read it, go back and check those out. Dave actually attended the trial and his recap of it is one of the most must-read issues of the Observer in its entire history). The book pretty much ends at the death of WCW, though it does note that business has declined significantly since then. Overall, Dave says it's by far the best book on the real modern history of professional wrestling that he's ever read and is a must-read for any wrestling fan. But it's also too short (288 pages) to really get into all the detail needed to tell so many of these stories. But for what it is, best book of its type that Dave's ever read.
AMAZON LINK: "Sex, Lies, and Headlocks: The Real Story of Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation" by Shaun Assael
  • In AAA in Mexico, there's a new guy named Canibal who's gimmick is pulling his opponent's trunks down and biting them on the ass. It's too late. You already read the sentence. You can't un-know that now.
  • AJPW stars Kaz Hayashi and Kendo Kashin were supposed to be working some shows for AAA at the moment. Fun story, when they arrived in Mexico, nobody from AAA was there to meet them at the airport and nobody they called from the AAA office would answer the phone, so they basically found themselves stranded in Mexico with no idea what to do and unable to speak the language. Dave says the exact same thing happened to Great Sasuke several years ago when he went to Mexico. Anyway, last Dave heard, Hayashi and Kashin were trying to get themselves booked on some indie shows in Mexico so they can get some pictures of them working there to take back to the magazines in Japan (which was the whole reason for their trip) so they're just looking to work one or two shows and then go back home. They can't work for CMLL because that promotion has a business relationship with NJPW.
  • Last month, AAA held its 10th annual Triplemania show in Los Angeles. Here's the problem though: it was an utter flop, with embarrassing attendance and almost nobody even realizing it happened. So AAA has decided to just pretend it didn't happen and has now scheduled Triplemania X again, this time in Mexico (maybe WWE should do that next year. Since Wrestlemania was pretty much just in an empty warehouse this year, they shouldn't even acknowledge it. Just redo Wrestlemania 36 again next year and pretend it's the first time).
  • Remember the story a couple months ago about how Invader 1 (the guy who murdered Bruiser Brody) left the WWC promotion? Well, he was scheduled to return this week as a special referee for a Carlos Colon match but it ended up not happening. He said he wanted his return to be a surprise, but the story was already out on the internet that he was coming back. For what it's worth, almost none of the wrestling fans in Puerto Rico have internet (I did the research, only 17.5% of the country had internet access in 2002 and you gotta figure only a fraction of those are wrestling fans, so Dave is likely correct here) so it still would have been a surprise to probably 99% of them. But either way, Invader 1 pulled out of the show over it and still isn't back with the promotion.
  • Spanky (Brian Kendrick) won a tournament at an indie show in California to get a shot for the Zero-1/UPW unified title. That's not the important part. How it happened is the original guy who was scheduled to win ended up pulling out of the show at the last minute because his pregnant wife was overdue so he stayed behind to be with her. So they made a call to Spanky, who was in Cincinnati. He immediately packed up his car and was on the road 30 minutes after receiving the call. And didn't stop. He drove 30 hours straight, some 2,200 miles, and made it to the venue literally an hour or so before showtime and did the match. That's freakin' dedication (I think he's talked about this in a shoot interview before. Said he masturbated to stay awake and started vomiting uncontrollably halfway through the drive or something, but still made it. Madness.)
  • AJPW news: there are no truth to the rumors of a WWE/AJPW relationship, which was mentioned last week. Motoko Baba and Tenryu were at WWE's show in Hawaii to take photos for the Japanese magazines to make people think something is up, but there's nothing there. They were just visiting because Johnny Ace got them backstage. Also, the newspapers in Japan have begun reporting that Keiji Muto will take over as AJPW president when Ms. Baba retires, which confirms what Dave has been saying for months.
  • Kenta Kobashi's first match back for NOAH will be this week at Korakuen Hall. He'll be working undercard tag matches so he won't be doing too much. If you recall, he was out for over a year with knee injuries, had one match in February in which he re-injured himself again and has been out ever since.
  • Speaking of Korakuen Hall, NJPW's latest show there only drew 1,200 fans, which means the building was only half full. Just in case you're wondering how NJPW is doing in 2002. Not great.
  • Don Frye did an interview claiming Antonio Inoki is working to put together a match between himself and Mike Tyson. "Nobody is taking that seriously," Dave says.
  • Speaking of Japanese companies trying to latch on to the WWE train and speaking of lyin' ass Inoki: there have been rumors that Inoki is putting together a relationship with WWE. Not true. Inoki claimed recently that he had met with Vince McMahon about using some of WWE's undercard guys in NJPW and of starting his own promotion in the U.S. Dave says the meeting with Vince never happened and, in fact, the two men haven't gotten along or really even spoken at all in nearly 20 years.
  • More on Jesse Ventura's decision not to run for re-election as Minnesota governor. Part of the reason may be that the polls are showing he would likely lose the race. Of course, that's what the polls said last time and he shocked the world. But after 4 years in office, his popularity isn't near what it was back then, when he was the exciting outsider. Now the voters have seen what he brings to the table and they don't seem to like it too much. Ventura was already planning to make the announcement, but then the story about his son hosting parties at the governor's mansion broke, and Ventura made the announcement 2 days earlier than he'd planned. Using the criticism that his son has gotten in the media as his excuse for not running provided Ventura a good "out" but he was already planning not to run long before that story happened and the press conference had been scheduled nearly 2 weeks earlier, so take it with a grain of salt. Most likely, he saw the writing on the wall and knew he was going to lose if he ran again.
  • Notes from the latest Ring of Honor event: it was said to be an incredible show, with guys like Bryan Danielson, Low-Ki, Christopher Daniels, Spanky, Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, and more all having amazing matches. There was a moment during the show where Scoot Andrews went to hit Christopher Daniels' valet, Lucious. But then he stopped himself and said he'd never hit a woman, but he knew somebody who would. This was a tease to bring out another female wrestler, but the crowd started chanting for Steve Austin. The show drew 450 fans and sold out the building, which is the largest crowd ROH has drawn so far.
  • Famous St. Louis Cardinal announcer Jack Buck passed away a couple weeks ago and Dave notes that Buck actually had some involvement in wrestling back in the day. He used to do radio broadcasting of Sam Muchnick's shows live for KMOX radio in the 1960s and there's even a picture somewhere out there of Giant Baba picking Buck up and holding him like a baby. (I actually just watched the 30 For 30 documentary on the McGwire/Sosa home run race and they talked about Jack Buck in there. Good times. Anyway, someone find that picture because I'm having no luck).
  • Sting is scheduled to make an appearance, but not wrestle, at an indie show Harley Race is putting together this week in St. Louis. This will be Sting's first wrestling-related appearance since WCW folded.
  • In case you're wondering what XPW and Rob Black are up to these days, allow Dave to fill you in. Black is currently doing an angle where he's pretending he had a stroke and he pisses and shits on himself all over TV. They also did a segment where wrestler GQ Money (now a producer for NXT) broke into Black's home and tried to rape his wife until somebody made the save. The next week, they showed Money supposedly raping a girl in the parking lot and leaving her for dead, and the week after, he got sprayed with raw sewage. Now they're building up to a raw sewage match, based on this rape storyline. XPW, folks.
  • Dave has some more notes on Cody Runnels, the son of Dusty Rhodes who was backstage at WWE's show in Atlanta last week. Cody is a sophomore in high school and placed 6th in the state in amateur wrestling the past year. He also plays football. He was described to Dave as having a similar physical look as Randy Orton, "but with a face like Dusty."
  • WWA's scheduled tour of Europe has been officially canceled. The German and Switzerland shows had abysmal ticket sales and pretty much had to be canceled. The show in Ireland had more than 4,000 tickets sold and would have been a success, but even so, that one show alone wasn't going to make enough money to offset the cost of the whole tour.
  • This is actually hilarious. UFC fighter Vitor Belfort and his training partner were in a taxi before the UFC show when a bunch of cops showed up and surrounded the car. Why, you ask? Well the cab driver overheard Belfort and his partner talking about "shooting at the legs" and she got scared, not knowing what they were talking about, and called the police. Seems like they got it all straightened out though.
  • Rock will be working nearly full-time on TV from now until Summerslam, at which point he's leaving for a few months to go film his next movie. He won't be on every Smackdown, but he'll be on most of them.
  • Nothing new on the Goldberg/WWE negotiations. Vince McMahon told Goldberg's agents that he will clear his schedule any time Goldberg wants to have a meeting, but Goldberg doesn't seem particularly interested. The fact that WWE rehired Russo probably won't help matters because Goldberg is one of the many who doesn't like Russo.
  • Shawn Michaels is booked to be in Kevin Nash's corner on upcoming house shows once Nash is cleared to wrestle again. There's still no plans for Shawn to wrestle, but given how depleted the WWE roster is right now, Dave is sure they'll probably start pushing him to sooner than later (Nash ends up getting injured again almost immediately, so I don't think Shawn ever did these house show appearances).

Looks like this is one of those issues where I went over the 40,000 character limit. Hit the comments below for the rest.

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2020.07.09 13:11 MarcoTalin NJPW Marathon/Retrospective - BOSJ 2011 & Dominion 2011

NJPW Marathon/Retrospective - BOSJ 2011 & Dominion 2011
Previous Post: New Japan Brave+Wrestling Dontaku 2011 and the Invasion Tour 2011
Next Post: New Japan Soul 2011
Hello NJPW Subreddit, or, at least, the 8-10 people who still read these things. Don't worry, I don't mind that much. This is just helping me organize my thoughts about these shows. Maybe now that NJPW is back running shows, this'll get more coverage.
Speaking of, yeah, at the time of writing this post, New Japan is back! We're getting crowd-less shows for a very unique New Japan Cup, building up to an also unique Dominion, which, wouldn't you know it, we'll be covering the 2011 edition of here in this post, along with the 2011 Best of the Super Juniors.
As the second biggest show of the year, we've got a massive card lined up. There's the previously announced IWGP Heavyweight Championship match between Hiroshi Tanahashi and Hirooki Goto, a big interpromotional double title match between the IWGP Tag Team Champions Bad Intentions and the GHC Tag Team Champions from Noah, Yoshihiro Takayama and Takuma Sano, as well as the debut match for the 2 biggest members of New Japan's newest stable, with Minoru Suzuki and Lance Archer representing Suzuki-gun to take on the new team of Satoshi Kojima and Togi Makabe.
But before we get to Dominion, we've got a long road ahead of us, where we'll take a look at what the best Junior Heavyweights from New Japan and around the world can do as we go through the 2011 Best of the Super Juniors tournament!

NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 2011 (May 26 - Jun 10, 2011)

IMG: NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 2011 Logo
The Best of the Super Juniors (BOSJ) is one of New Japan's big annual tournaments, and the biggest one for Junior Heavyweights. It's a tournament dating back to 1988, and the winner traditionally gets a shot at the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship, if they're not already the champion (and the champion has won the tournament before).
The format for this year's edition is as such. The tournament is divided into two blocks, each competing in a round-robin tournament to compete for points. The top two competitors from each block will go on to compete in a playoff tournament to determine the "Best of the Super Juniors".
This year's edition is the biggest in history, with 18 competitors split into two 9-person blocks. It's also pretty stacked, with 4 former winners in the mix: 3-time BOSJ winners (and joint record holders for most BOSJ wins), Jushin Thunder Liger and Koji Kanemoto, 2-time BOSJ winner Tiger Mask, and the previous year's winner and current IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Prince Devitt (his BOSJ win last year led him to win that Jr. Heavyweight title that he's held for almost a year now). This year's tournament is also notable for featuring the only BOSJ appearance of Junior Heavyweight legend: The Great Sasuke.
However, before we get to the tournament proper, let's just get one story out of the way. Only three stories of note outside of the BOSJ tournament took place during the tour: the build to Tanahashi-Goto, which happened through tag matches as per New Japan norm, the build-up of Kojima and Makabe as a tag team in preparation for the arrival of Suzuki-gun, and the one we'll cover here, which is the breakdown of No Limit and the birth of the Complete Players.
If you recall from the last post, No Limit had a title match against Bad Intentions that didn't really go very well. They got demolished and Yujiro blamed the loss on Naito. There was tension and ill will, but nothing really happened until the first day of the BOSJ, where No Limit teamed with Masato Tanaka to take on the Seigigun team of Yuji Nagata, Wataru Inoue, and Hiroyoshi Tenzan. It looked to be a standard Chaos v Seigigun 6-man tag, but the tensions between Naito and Yujiro came to a head. Yujiro refused to tag Naito, instead solely working together with Tanaka. He eventually did tag Naito in, only to attack him as he bounced off the ropes and abandon him to be decimated by Seigigun, leading to Inoue pinning Naito for the win.
After the match, Yujiro confronted Naito, which was followed by Tanaka, Gedo, and Jado all coming to the ring to beat down Naito. Yujiro then declared the end of No Limit and the creation of the Complete Players. Naito was then taken from the ring on a stretcher. This led to a match between Naito and Yujiro to be booked for Dominion.
Now, with that out of the way, let's get into the tournament!

The Blocks

All right, so here's how this BOSJ is going down. We've got two round robin blocks of 9 wrestlers each. The standard NJPW round-robin scoring system applies (2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss), and the top two scorers from each block face each other in playoffs, where the winner of each block faces the runner-up of the other.
We'll get 9 days of block competition with 4 matches from each block a day (because of the odd number of competitors in each block, on each day, one person from each block will not have a match), with the finals and semi-finals both occuring on the 10th day of the tournament.
Let's take a look at the competitors in each block.
IMG: BOSJ 2011 A Block
Our A Block competitors are as follows:
  • Prince Devitt (Main Unit/Apollo 55, IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion, IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champion)
  • Davey Richards (Chaos/No Remorse Corp)
  • Taichi (Suzuki-gun)
  • Jado (Chaos/Complete Players)
  • Tiger Mask (Main Unit)
  • Koji Kanemoto (Main Unit)
  • Kenny Omega (DDT/Golden Lovers)
  • Fujita Hayato (Michinoku Pro)
  • TJP (Freelancer)
IMG: BOSJ 2011 B Block
Our B Block competitors are as follows:
  • Ryusuke Taguchi (Main Unit/Apollo 55, IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champion)
  • Taka Michinoku (Suzuk-gun)
  • Gedo (Chaos/Complete Players)
  • Jushin Thunder Liger (Main Unit)
  • Kushida (Main Unit)
  • Kota Ibushi (DDT/Golden Lovers)
  • Mascara Dorada (CMLL)
  • The Great Sasuke (Michinoku Pro)
  • Daisuke Sasaki (Freelancer)
Tag teams are split up between blocks, so no partners facing each other until the playoffs. A Block is heavy with the former winners (Devitt, Kanemoto, Tiger Mask), while B Block only has one (Liger), but B also has the Jr. Heavyweight legend The Great Sasuke, so there's still some power there.

Day 1-3: Accumulating Points

IMG: BOSJ 2011 A Block after 3 days
A Block sees some heated competition, with 5 wrestlers all tied at 4 points each. However, with them taking their breaks early on in this tournament, Tiger Mask and Kenny Omega are technically in the lead, as both are undefeated so far at 2-0, while the other 3 are sitting at 2-1. Meanwhile, Taichi and Jado are at the bottom of the block, with a record of 0-3 and 0-2, respectively.
We also saw some major clashes already. Day 1 saw a clash between the champion Prince Devitt take on other favorite Davey Richards, in a match that saw Richards pin the champion. His momentum slowed, though, as he lost to former winner Tiger Mask on Day 3.
IMG: BOSJ 2011 B Block, after 3 days
In B Block, however, one competitor has risen to the top in the early days of the tournament. Ryusuke Taguchi is the first person to make it to 6 points, going 3-0 after 3 days, including a big win over Kota Ibushi on the first day and a big win over Sasuke on the third day. Not far behind him, though, are three competitors at 4 points: Taka Michinoku, Kushida, and The Great Sasuke.
Some surprises at the bottom of the block here. Kota Ibushi has started the tournament 0-2 (hmmm, that sounds familiar), with big losses to Taguchi and Kushida. Liger as well has had a rocky start, losing to the man who he beat at Dontaku, Mascara Dorada, and to the Jr. legend, Sasuke.
I should note here that the Taguchi-Sasuke match is available on NJPW World, now with English commentary thanks to the Together Project. Don't listen to the English commentary if you don't want to get spoiled on the winner, as Kevin Kelly talks about some stuff that happens later in the tournament.
You can watch the commentary-less version here, and the version with English commentary here.
Also, the third day of this tournament is infamous in NJPW history for being the day when Manabu Nakanishi injured his spinal cord after taking a german suplex from Wataru Inoue. He would be out of action for the next 16 months.

Day 4-6: Mid-tournament Leaders Emerge

IMG: BOSJ 2011 A Block, after 6 days
After 6 days of competition, a clear leader finally emerges from the pack in A Block. At the end of Day 5, 2 men in A Block were tied and undefeated: Kenny Omega and Tiger Mask, both with a 4-0 record and 8 points. However, the two clashed on Day 6, and with an undefeated record on the line for both men, Kenny Omega came out victorious, and is now at the top of A Block with 10 points and a 5-0 record. It's not a big lead, though, as, along with Tiger Mask, both Prince Devitt and Davey Richards are hot on his heels with 8 points, and Omega has yet to face either of them. Kanemoto isn't too far behind either with 6 points, and with 3 days left, it's still all to play for.
Well, for that part of the block at least. With 4 points each, Hayato and TJP's chances are slim at best, while Jado and Taichi are officially out of the running.
IMG: BOSJ 2011 B Block, after 6 days
B Block also sees its own leader emerge, with The Great Sasuke leading the pack with 10 points and a 5-1 record. moreover, he's 4 points ahead of the rest, with a gaggle of 6-point players down the block:
  • Jushin Thunder Liger, who gained some ground by beating bottom-dwellers Gedo and Sasaki,
  • Taka Michinoku, who got two more points after beating Liger,
  • Kushida, who also got two points from beating Gedo,
  • Kota Ibushi, who has recovered from his losing streak by winning his next three matches, and
  • Ryusuke Taguchi, our former block leader.
Moreover, Sasuke has wins over three of these five 6-pointers (Taka, Kushida, and Liger). Taguchi owns Sasuke's sole loss, and Ibushi has yet to face him. However, with Sasuke taking his break on day 7, it gives these guys a chance to close the gap. Dorada, who is at 4 points, is not quite out yet either (Jado and Sasaki, on the other hand, are out of the running).
Let's talk about Ryusuke Taguchi for a bit. As you can see, he's taken a bit of a fall. After winning 3 straight matches at the start of the tournament, he lost his next two matches, one against the previously win-less Gedo, and one against our CMLL visitor Mascara Dorada. With Taguchi holding a CMLL belt, Dorada laid a challenge for his CMLL World Welterweight Championship, which Taguchi accepted.

Day 7-8: Leaders Upset

IMG: BOSJ 2011 A Block, before the last day
These two days saw some major shake-ups in A Block.
Day 7 kicked things off. First, we saw a major upset, with TJP getting the surprise win over Davey Richards, giving him his second loss. Then, we saw block leader Kenny Omega take on the champion Prince Devitt, which saw Devitt overcome Omega and tie him at the top of the block. We also had Kanemoto beat Tiger Mask, taking both men to 8 points, and Taichi score his first win by beating Jado.
On Day 8, another upset was seen, with Jado beating Kenny OmegaTaking him out of 1st place for the first time. Then, later on, Davey Richards beat Koji Kanemoto to eliminate him from the tournament, and Prince Devitt beat Tiger Mask to eliminate him from the tournament, while placing Devitt firmly at the top of block.
Now, with Devitt at 12 points, Omega and Richards at 10 points, and Omega and Richards facing each other on the last day, our path out of A Block is clear. Devitt has secured his spot, and Omega and Richards are playing for the last spot in the play-offs for A Block (with Richards potentially becoming top of the block himself if he wins and Devitt loses to Kanemoto on the final day).
IMG: BOSJ 2011 B Block, before the last day
B Block saw its own share of shake-ups as well.
With Sasuke out for Day 7, the scramble for second took place. Ibushi got a win over Gedo to get to 8 points, while the other 6-pointers faced each other. Kushida beat Taka and Liger beat Taguchi so they climbed up to 2nd along with Ibushi. Dorada also won over Sasaki to get 6-points
Then on Day 8, we saw Sasuke take his second loss, losing to Ibushi in a big match, placing the two of them at the top of the block. Meanwhile, Taguchi managed to get to 8 points, breaking his losing streak by beating Kushida. Taka and Dorada also managed to make it to 8 points by beating Sasaki and Gedo, respectively.
Now, unlike A Block, the state of B Block is in flux. Anyone who makes it to 10 points has a shot of qualifying for the playoffs, but that's for naught if both Ibushi and Sasuke win their final day match. For Ibushi, he's got a big match against Jushin Thunder Liger, but for Sasuke, all he has to do is beat Gedo. Should be simple, right?
Well, if that doesn't happen, we also have Taguchi facing Taka and Dorada facing Kushida. While Taka and Kushida can't make it to the playoffs (Taka's losses to Ibushi and Sasuke keep him out, while Kushida's losses to Liger, Sasuke, and Taguchi keep him out), Taguchi and Dorada both have a shot if they win, so all four B Block matches have playoffs stakes.

Day 9: Playoffs are Set

IMG: BOSJ 2011 A Block, final results
And on the last day, everything is settled. Devitt won his match against Kanemoto, securing his 1st place position in A Block, and giving him the highest point total in the tournament. Davey Richards also beat Omega, putting him firmly in second place. Taichi and Jado also managed to sneak in some last minute wins over Tiger Mask and Hayato, respectively.
IMG: BOSJ 2011 B Block, final results
Over on the other side, B Block, while not as clean, is still decisive. Ibushi scored a big win over Liger, giving him 12 points and securing his spot in the playoffs. Sasuke, on the other hand, was upset by Gedo, keeping him at 10 points. In the other two deciding matches, Dorada lost to Kushida, eliminating him from the running, but Taguchi managed to overcome Taka, putting him at 10 points.
With that, there's a 3-way tie in points between Taguchi, Kushida, and Sasuke. However, comparing the head-to head results, Taguchi's early win over Sasuke and last-minute win over Kushida allow him to qualify for the playoffs.
Thus our semi-finals are set. Kota Ibushi, the winner of B Block, will face A Block's runner-up, Davey Richards, and we'll have a battle between our Jr. Tag Champs as Prince Devitt faces Ryusuke Taguchi. The winner of those two matches will face each other in the finals to see who will win this year's Best of the Super Juniors tournament.

Day 10: The Playoffs

Not much to say here without match videos or a block graphic. To keep it brief, Ibushi beats Richards to advance to the finals, and, in a bit of a shock, Taguchi pins his partner and Jr. Heavyweight Champion Prince Devitt.
IMG: BOSJ Finals: Taguchi vs Ibushi
That means our finals, on the same day, will be Kota Ibushi vs Ryusuke Taguchi, which will guarantee us a brand new BOSJ winner. In the main event of the show, in a hard-fought 20-minute match, Kota Ibushi is able to beat Ryusuke Taguchi to win his first Best of the Super Juniors tournament! He is the first non-NJPW roster member to win the BOSJ tournament, and he will face Prince Devitt in a Wrestle Kingdom rematch for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship at Dominion.
So that's the BOSJ 2011. Congrats to the winner, Kota Ibushi, who's getting a title shot against the champion Devitt. Our runner-up is Ryusuke Taguchi, who put up a respectable showing, but will now have to defend his CMLL Welterweight Championship against Mascara Dorada. Props also to our semi-finalists, Jr. Champion Prince Devitt, showing his worth by having the highest score in the tournament and having only 2 losses, and Davey Richards, as well as our 10-point scorers Kenny Omega, Kushida, and our special guest The Great Sasuke.
With the BOSJ over, it's now time for...

NJPW Dominion 6.18 (Jun 18, 2011, Osaka)

NJPW World Link
IMG: NJPW Dominion 6.18 Poster
It's now time for NJPW's second biggest show of the year: the 3rd annual Dominion show1 6 titles are on the line across 10 matches with some big match-ups in store and quite a few debuts and returns (gasp).
Let's start with the matches not featured on NJPW World. First up, we have a young lion match, with Hiromu Takahashi facing Koji Kanemoto. It goes how you'd think, with Kanemoto submitting Hiromu with the Single-Leg Boston Crab.
Next, we had a juniors 6-man tag with Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask, and Kushida facing Gedo, Jado, and Killer Rabbit ... or, at least, we were supposed to. However, as Killer Rabbit was making his entrance, Gedo and Jado came out to beat him up. They then called out Brian Kendrick in his first ever appearance for New Japan to help them. Gedo then got on a mic, calling Killer Rabbit weak and kicking him out of Chaos, with Brian Kendrick taking his place. Kendrick then also took Killer Rabbit's place in the match, where he would pick up the victory for Chaos by giving Kushida a Sliced Bread #2. He came in a bit too late to participate in the BOSJ, but this was a pretty good first impression for Brian Kendrick.
Lastly, in what was actually the 4th match on the card, we got our regularly scheduled Chaos vs Seigigun multi-man tag match for the show, with Yuji Nagata, Wataru Inoue, and Hiroyoshi Tenzan facing Masato Tanaka, Tomohiro Ishii, and Takashi Iizuka. It went as normal, and ended with Nagata pinning Ishii with his Backdrop Hold.
After the match, though, who would come out but Hideo Saito, the former Mitsuhide Hirasawa, who is now back from his excursion in the US. He was a part of Seigigun before his excursion, but now he's got a new name, a new look, and a new allegiance, taking out Yuji Nagata and declaring his defection to Chaos by joining them as they exit to the back. That's 2 new prospects for Chaos already.
Now with that done, let's take a look at some matches, and we're starting with a title match.

CMLL World Welterweight Championship

NJPW World Link
Singles Match, CMLL World Welterweight Championship
Ryusuke Taguchi (c) vs Mascara Dorada [CMLL]
IMG: Ryusuke Taguchi vs Mascara Dorada
Mascara Dorada gets his second chance at taking CMLL gold back home in a New Japan ring, as he challenges the man who originally took the title from him, whom he managed to beat in the BOSJ, and who went on to be the BOSJ runner-up, Ryusuke Taguchi, for the CMLL World Welterweight Championship.
I've gotta say, this is the best I've seen Mascara Dorada. This was a good, fun, quick Juniors match that you can expect from New Japan with some stakes to sweeten the deal. The only sore spot was a nasty botched dive by Dorada. It was pretty scary, but luckily he seemed to have landed relatively well. Still looked nasty. He followed it up by repeating the spot again, and this time landing it. It's usually a bit awkward to repeat a failed spot, but he sold the landing really well and the crowd ate it up, so I'll give it a pass.
Result: Mascara Dorada pins Ryusuke Taguchi with an Oklahoma Roll - New Champion!!!
Rating: 6/10
Solid match. Again, this is the best I've seen Dorada all year, so good on him.

Special Singles Match

NJPW World Link
Singles Match
Tetsuya Naito vs Yujiro Takahashi [Chaos]
IMG: Tetsuya Naito vs Yujiro Takahashi
Next we have a grudge match between former partners. The former No Limit clashes with Tetsuya Naito vs Yujiro Takahashi.
The match got off to a hot start with Naito immediately missile dropkicking Yujiro to send him to the outside. He then dragged him to the ramp where Naito got some serious air (as you can see above) running off of it to do another dropkick. They then brought it back to the ring where it went back and forth for a bit.
Unfortunately, I feel like that this match was held back by its length. If the match got another 3-4 minutes, it might've gotten really good. Still a good match, especially with that start, but I was left wanting a bit more. Maybe that's a good thing.
Result: Yujiro Takahashi pins Tetsuya Naito with a Tokyo Pimps
Rating: 6/10

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship

NJPW World Link
Singles Match, IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Prince Devitt (c) vs Kota Ibushi [DDT]
IMG: Prince Devitt vs Kota Ibushi
It's a Wrestle Kingdom rematch, but with some new context, as this year's BOSJ winner Kota Ibushi faces Prince Devitt for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship.
So the immediate thought going into this is how does it compare to the Wrestle Kingdom match. The Wrestle Kingdom match is so memorable, for better or worse, so is this gonna be the same kind of match, or is it going to be different? The short answer is yes, it's different.
First of all, contexts are already different. Ibushi got the Wrestle Kingdom match because he and Omega took the belts off of Apollo 55, and he pinned Devitt to do so. It was a big win for a title, but it was still a tag team win, not a singles match. Then, in the Wrestle Kingdom match, Devitt proved that he was a better singles wrestler and beat Ibushi. This would be the second time Devitt has beaten Ibushi in singles competition, as Devitt had beaten Ibushi in the finals of the 2010 BOSJ to win the whole thing and go on to beat Marufuji to win his current Jr. Heavyweight title.
This time, though, Ibushi is coming off of winning the Best of the Super Juniors himself, mirroring Devitt from the previous year. However, he didn't face Devitt at all in the tournament, so the question of whether or not he's better still hangs in the air.
As for the match, it's less crazy and more back and forth, which were the main positive and the negative points I noted for the Wrestle Kingdom match. Also, because I watched the Wrestle Kingdom match, some of the spots don't wow me as much (though Ibushi's dragon suplex-fakeout into german suplex always gets me). As it stands, though, it's a fine match, and would be enhanced if it were your first Kota Ibushi match.
Result: Kota Ibushi pins Prince Devitt with a Phoenix Splash - New Champion!!!
Rating: 7/10

Special Tag Team Match

NJPW World Link
Tag Team Match
Togi Makabe [GBH] & Satoshi Kojima vs Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer [Suzuki-gun]
IMG: Togi Makabe & Satoshi Kojima vs Suzuki-gun
Next, from the best of the juniors, we go to the biggest of lads, with the new team of Satoshi Kojima and Togi Makabe facing the debuting team of Minoru Suzuki and Lance Archer.
Minoru Suzuki had previously appeared at Wrestle Kingdom V, though he was a freelancer at the time rekindling an old feud. This time, he's here to stay, and he's got a new faction (mostly raided from the corpse of an old one), and new muscle in Lance Archer, who is also making his debut in this match.
And boy, is this a big boy match. Everyone is a solid heavyweight, and they all had great spots, particularly Archer in his debut (even then, he had one of the best chokeslams in the business), especially with the other talent in the ring with him.
It's an excellent match with fun spots that the crowd enjoyed the whole time, which enhanced the whole experience. It's an excellent heavyweight tag team match (I certainly enjoyed it more than the tag title match later, slight spoilers for that), and a great debut for Suzuki-gun in the heavyweight division (their juniors could use some work though).
Result: Minoru Suzuki pins Satoshi Kojima with a Gotch-style Piledriver
Rating: 8/10

Intercontinental Championship

NJPW World Link
Singles Match, Intercontinental Championship
MVP (c) vs Toru Yano [Chaos]
IMG: MVP vs Toru Yano
It's now time for the trio of championship matches to main event the show. First up is the Intercontinental Championship match, in a rematch from the IC tournament finals, where champion MVP defends his title against Toru Yano.
Not much to say here. It's a better match than the Invasion Tour one, but I still stand by what I said about that match and who's involved in it. Maybe it's just hindsight, but it does not feel big time.
One thing I didn't mention is that, apparently, MVP does Benoit tributes in his match. He does the Triple German suplexes, mimes cutting his throat with his thumb, and goes up to the top rope for a diving headbutt. I've got mixed feelings about this. On one hand, MVP has said he owes a lot to Benoit helping him improve and legitimizing him in WWE. He's been very vocal on his thoughts regarding Benoit, and I'm on his side. On the other hand, people could take it the wrong way, and, even to this day, the Benoit situation is a delicate one. Hard to say whether or not it's a good idea, but it's his choice.
Result: MVP pins Toru yano with an O'Connor Roll - Champion Retains, 1st Defense
Rating: 6/10
After the match, Toru Yano attacks MVP with his chair, and then he cuts off the ends of MVP's dreads. I guess this feud must continue.

Double Tag Title Match

NJPW World Link
Tag Team Match, IWGP Tag Team Championship & GHC Tag Team Championship
Bad Intentions (Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson) (c, IWGP) vs Yoshihiro Takayama & Takuma Sano [Noah] (c, GHC)
IMG: Bad Intentions vs Yoshihiro Takayama & Takuma Sano
And now, for our semi-main event, we have a historic match. For the first time ever, the GHC and IWGP Tag Team Champions will face each other in a match where both titles are on the line. We have the IWGP Tag Team Champions Bad Intentions facing the GHC Tag Team Champions Yoshihiro Takayama and Takuma Sano (aka Naoki Sano).
It's the best of both company's tag divisions in one match ... though ... I dunno. Takayama and Sano don't really inspire me as a tag team. I know they're both legends, and upon seeing this team, I found out that they've been teaming together for a long time, winning the 2010 Global Tag League (Noah's annual tag team tournament) and holding their titles for 9 months. However, they didn't really click for me.
I've talked about Takayama in the Wrestle Kingdom V post. Half the time he's a great big man, the other half he looks like he's having trouble just walking around. Him facing off against Bernard was the highlight of the match, though, and was clearly the moment the match was building to. Sano, though, didn't really have impressive offense. His go-to move was the double foot stomps, but they didn't look very impactful.
Well, it was a fine match. It was elevated by the cross-promotion aspect and the historical significance, but otherwise fine.
Result: Giant Bernard pins Takuma Sano with a Tombstone Piledriver (?) - Champions Retain, 8th Defense / New Champions!!!
Rating: 6/10

IWGP Heavyweight Championship

NJPW World Link
Singles Match, IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs Hirooki Goto
IMG: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Hirooki Goto
It's Main Event time. The 5th title defense of Hiroshi Tanahashi's historic Heavyweight Championship run. This time, he defends himself against Hirooki Goto.
This match is excellent. It's a little light on psychology, apart from some scary moments when Tanahashi looks like he injured his neck. I'm still not 100% sure if that's worked or not. I assume it's worked.
That aside, this match is excellent. Great work from both guys. If the Kojima matches were Tanahashi defending NJPW from an outsider, the Nagata match was Tanahashi outlasting a veteran, and the Nakamura match was him facing an old rival, this match Tanahashi stepping into the proper champion role. This is the first time we've had someone step up on their own and lay down a challenge to Tanahashi, someone who has never held the title (spoiler: this is gonna be the pattern for some of the next few defenses). Goto does a great job working as the hungry challenger. A lot of spirit and moxie from him.
It's an excellent match, and I have to keep reiterating that because I have issues with this match, and my issues with it having little to do with the match itself. My problems have to do with Goto's characterization, the post-match angle, and the hindsight knowledge looking back on this match. You see, Goto got this match by headbutting Tanahashi and declaring that he's a new man following his own rules. His new tendency comes out a bit in the match with his aggression, but, well, I'll get into it when we talk about the post-match angle.
Just gonna touch on the rating. I'm gonna give this a 9. It was a tough decision. I'm torn between an 8 and a 9. I'm gonna keep my judgement based on the match itself, and less on the angles and story stuff around it. If I talked about all my frustrations with Goto, we'd be here for a while. Let's just stay on the 9 and say, once again, this is an excellent match.
Result: Hiroshi Tanahashi pins Hirooki Goto with the High Fly Flow - Champion Retains, 5th Defense
Rating: 9/10
And now for the post-match. First, Tanahashi offers Goto a fist bump as a sign of respect. Goto accepts, which ... is not the best move. I guess they wanted to make Goto a fan favorite, but doing this so soon after his heel turn is really weak.
Then, as Tanahashi is celebrating his victory, Bad Intentions comes down clapping for him. Giant Bernard gets on a mic and shows of their new tag titles. He then lays down a challenge for Tanahashi's world title. Tanahashi agrees, but under the condition that he gets a shot at their tag titles too. Anderson pipes up, asking him who his partner is. The crowd then starts chanting for Goto, which Tanahashi builds on, turning to Goto in the corner and asking him to be his partner. Goto accepts once again, shaking Tanahashi's hand and exiting the ring. This sets up an IWGP Heavyweight Championship match between Giant Bernard and Hiroshi Tanahashi, as well as an IWGP Tag Team Championship match between Bad Intentions and the team of Hiroshi Tanahashi and Hirooki Goto.
Again, turning Goto face after a month of being heel is weak, but going so far as to team with the guy he failed to beat fro the top title. It's baffling. What was the point of the heel turn then? Just for this one match? I just don't get it, and looking back on Goto's history, this is one of the last serious Heavyweight title matches he got. Such a shame.
At least Hadou is still a kickass theme song.
And that brings Dominion to a close. As the second biggest show of the year, it was pretty good. Didn't quite have the atmosphere of a Wrestle Kingdom, but in terms of match quality, it was alright. Maybe a bit more consistent than Wrestle Kingdom V was (though I didn't have to watch the multi-man tags for this show), but not quite as good. The highlights were definitely the Heavyweight title match and the Suzuki-gun tag match. Overall, a good show.
That ends this post. The next one will be a bit of a short one. There's gonna be a 6-man tag tournament, and a couple of short tours before we get into the next big event: The G1 Climax. I can't lump in the next tours with the G1, because the entire finals day of the G1 is up on NJPW World, and if I combine that and the opening night matches that are also on NJPW World (as well as the coverage of the G1 climax itself) with the matches on this tour, the post is gonna end up being super long. Thus, I'm gonna make the next post a mini-post. There's still some stuff to talk about, like the title matches set-up at the end of Dominion, so there'll be something to write about.
Until then, thanks for reading! See you next post.
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Next Post: New Japan Soul 2011
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2020.06.30 20:03 MikeTysonChicken r/NFL Top 100 Players of the 2019 Season - #30-21

Welcome to the reveal for players ranked 30-21 for this year’s NFL Top 100 Players for the 2019 Season!

Players whose average rank had them land in places 30-21 are on this portion of the list revealed today. Players are associated with the team they finished 2019 with.
Below you will see write-ups from rankers summarizing the players' 2019 season and why they were among the best in 2019. Stats for each player are from this season and are included below. Additionally, their previous ranks in this long running series are also available for all of you.
  1. A CALL FOR RANKERS just after the Super Bowl.
  2. Rankers for each team nominated players to rank. 10 Games Played Minimum Threshold. Players are associated with the team they finished the 2019 Season with.
  3. The Grind. Utilize ranking threads for individual rankers broken up by positional group. Users were tasked with ranking players within the following tiers based on their evaluation: T-25, T-50, T-100, T-125 based on 2019 regular season only. There were no individual case threads. There were no arbitrary position limit caps. Just questions and rankings.
  4. Users submitted their individual Top 125 list. Ranking out to 125 is new for this year.
  5. User lists were reviewed for outliers by me with assistance from two former rankers. Users were permitted to correct any mistakes found. Once complete, lists were locked.
  6. Reveal the list… right now.
So now, without further ado, here are the players ranked 30-21 in the NFL Top 100 Players of the 2019 Season!

#30 - Luke Kuechly - Off-Ball Linebacker - Carolina Panthers

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
70 14 8 6 53 18 14
Written By: robdog1330
Luke Kuechly may have retired from the NFL after eight great seasons with the Carolina Panthers, but he was still exceptional in his final season in the NFL. Kuechly, in 2019, recorded 2 picks, 12 passes defended (which ties his career high which he previously set in 2014), 144 combined tackles (5th in the league), and even got the first and only safety in his career. If you want an example of the types of plays he made, check out this tackle he made on Derrick Henry. Even though the Panthers went 5-11 this past season, Kuechly's play earned him his seventh Pro Bowl selection and helped him get named to the 2nd Team All-Pro. Unfortunately, numerous concussions played a role in Kuechly's decision to retire, but he is still with the Panthers as a scout and is one of the greatest all-around linebackers to ever play the game despite a rather short career.

#29 - Marshal Yanda - Offensive Guard - Baltimore Ravens

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
50 N/R 14 15 9 N/R 41
Written By: wrhslax1996
Coming in at 29 on this year's list is the Ravens' now retired RG, Marshal Yanda. He was an absolute treat to watch this year, even at 34/35 years old and he is well-deserving of his spot in the top 30 of this list. He was amazingly consistent in pass protection, he was an absolute mauler in run blocking, and he put together a 16-game season at an age where most guys struggle to stay healthy.
His pass protection is a tale of two things. First is his consistency in his pass sets. Yanda is amazingly consistent in gaining some depth, punching at the right time, and stonewalling his opponents when left 1v1 vs an interior defensive lineman. Reps like this, while not explicitly sexy, comprise the majority of Yanda's pass reps. In other words, he's exactly what you want out of an interior offensive lineman. He plays mostly mistake-free football through good technique, good functional play strength, and intelligence. Now he did have some pretty sexy pass protection reps, but those fall under another category. The second thing I wanted to cover is that Yanda is phenomenal at passing stunts, catching stunts, and finding work when nobody's rushing at him head-on. Watch this montage of his pass protection and note in that first rep how well Yanda passes the stunt to Brown. He tosses Woodyard like a ragdoll, resets his feet, gets square, and is immediately ready to accept #50. That's textbook. On the second rep, Yanda has nobody rushing him head-on, so he gains some depth to match the rest of the OL, keeps his head on a swivel, and goes over to punish the inside swim. Yet another textbook rep. You never want an OL satisfied with sitting back doing nothing. This was a regular occurrence last season. In that mashup you'll see him willing to engage immediately and break off to provide help where he's needed. Finally, here he is making TJ Watt really regret the inside spin. An IOL getting a full head of steam and going and laying the wood on pass rushers is something you just don't see very often.
Not only is Marshal Yanda an elite pass protector, but he is an absolute mauler in the run game. Remember how I said that Yanda likes laying the boom on people? Well he does it when pulling in the run game as well. His ability to pull effectively, fight through initial contact, and still hit the free rusher is a thing of beauty. Another element of his run blocking is his elite technique. Yanda can accept a large run defender and use his hips, arms, core, and general play strength to completely remove his assignment from the play. Blocking in the interior can be very difficult due to the sheer amount of bodies so knowing how to get your guy into his own space and completely eliminate him is extremely valuable, especially in a scheme as run-dependent as the Ravens. Finally, now that I've showed his ferocity + technique, I wanted to show one more rep where he just runs his guy nearly out of the frame. This outside zone is not perfectly blocked (looking at you Orlando Brown Jr.) but Yanda takes his horizontal step, engages with the DT, and breaks off on to the DB coming down to fill the gap. Instead of just holding firm, Yanda drives his feet through that man's soul.
Yanda is strong, fast, ferocious, and technically sound which makes him an elite run blocker and pass protector. He played great football last season and his retirement leaves a noticeable hole in the Ravens offense.

#28 - Eric Kendricks - Off-Ball Linebacker - Minnesota Vikings

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Written By: TheSwede91w
Eric Kendricks hasn’t reached the prestige of guys like Bobby Wagner and Luke Keuchly, but he is quickly on his way. In fact, last year Kendricks beat out Keuchly on PFF’s all-time forced incompletion record for a linebacker, logging 21.9% forced incompletion rating to Keuchly’s 21.9%. Here is what I consider to be one of the best examples of Kendricks forcing an incompletion. On the road against the Cowboys with the game on the line Kendricks comes up with a game winning forced incompletion up by laying out and playing the ball perfectly. And, Kendrick doesn’t just do it against RBs and TEs. Here he is breaking up a pass against the normally sure handed Julio Jones. Overall Kendricks, Keuchly, and DeMario Davis all ended the year leading the league tied in pass break ups for a LB at 12. Like most of Mike Zimmers players, Kendricks isn’ a one trick pony. Here are back to back forced fumbles against the Eagles and Chargers. On the first play Wentz and Goedart find a whole in the zone but Kendricks is quickly there to punch the ball out. In the second play Hunter Henry and Rivers run a great timing route but Kendricks is again able to rip the ball out after a quick recovery. While Kendricks has shown the speed and range to be a coverage back, he can also do some serious work around the box. This next play is one of my favorite plays from last season, largely because of the reaction from Hunter and Kendricks after. 4th and 1 against the Raiders in an obvious rushing situation against the best Center and one the stronger backs in the league Kendricks finds his way through the crowd and with the help of Hunter drives Jacobs into the backfield for the big stop. I wanna know what kind of sweet nothings those two were screaming at each other. And here he is against the Packers in another obvious rushing down. The O-line does a great job job getting of the line of scrimmage and getting to the second level, laying hands on Kendricks almost immediately. Kendricks using his strength, speed, and awareness to fight through the block and make the stop, bringing up a 4th down. Kendricks wasn’t asked to blitz a lot and played a lot more coverage last year, largely due to the Vikings limitations at CB. But, when he was asked to blitz, he was effective. Here he is rushing up the middle with tremendous burst and bringing down Wentz for the sack. All the insane athleticism needed to break up passes, stuff the run, fight through blocks, and rush the passer don’t mean much if you don’t have the mental processing required to put it all together. This next play isn’t the flashiest, but it shows Kendricks can diagnose and manipulate a play. Here Kendricks recognizes the outside zone run and stay right behind the DT until the RB is forced to cut back inside where Kendricks is in perfect position to make the tackle. All in all Kendrcks is earning every penny of his extension and is poised for another big year. Eric says bye.

#27 - Mitchell Schwartz - Offensive Tackle - Kansas City Chiefs

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/R N/R N/R N/R N/R N/R 36
Written By: DTSportsNow
Schwartz has been recognized as one of the best tackles in the NFL with 3 prior All-Pro designations and this season may have been his best, but it didn't come without sacrifice. For the first time in his 7.5 years in the league Schwartz missed a few snaps in two separate games. But for every other snap that Schwartz was on the field he was sensational, allowing no sacks all season from his spot.
When you break it down by the numbers Schwartz ended tied with the 3rd fewest total pressures given up. He tied 1st with Ryan Ramczyk in pass blocking efficiency with a pressure allowed on just 1.6% of snaps among all tackles. In the run games Schwartz finished 5th in run blocking grade, and ranked 1st in average assisted line yards on runs.
With all this incredible performance in mind there's an argument to be made that Schwartz is the most valuable tackle in the league. Despite being among the top tackles he ranks just 7th in average money per year among right tackles and 26th overall among all tackles. That's with having just signed a new 3 year deal before the 2019 season. And although his post-season action doesn't count in this ranking, it's hard not to mention his absolutely dominating run to the Super Bowl. Schwartz has really turned into a leader on this team stepping up when it matters, and being a constant steady force protecting Mahomes. Doesn't matter who he faces across that line whether it be Von Miller, J.J. Watt, or even his old pal Dee Ford; they better be ready to face that stone wall.

#26 - Za’Darius Smith - EDGE - Green Bay Packers

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Written By: packmanwiscy
With the advent of free agency in the early 90’s, no team used it to their advantage quite like the Green Bay Packers. Signing Reggie White re-invigorated the franchise in 1993, and key signings like Santana Dotson, Sean Jones, Frank Winters, and Desmond Howard helped propel the team to it’s first Super Bowl in almost 30 years in 1996. However, when future Hall of Fame GM Ron Wolf retired, subsequent GM’s Mike Sherman and Ted Thompson usually erred on the side of development and retention rather than free agency to supply talent to the team. Sometimes this worked out, the 2010 Packers won the Super Bowl with only three free agent signings, but even then all three (Charles Woodson, Cullen Jenkins, John Kuhn) were major contributors. Unfortunately, If you draft poorly like Ted Thompson did in the mid-2010’s, you get disastrous results. If you aren’t importing talent and your drafting sucks, you aren’t going to get better. Seems simple, but the Packers didn’t get that for a couple of years.
2019 completely flipped the script for how the Packers constructed their team. The year before, new GM Brian Gutekunst made headlines with Muhammad Wilkerson and Jimmy Graham, but neither were in-their-prime studs. But last year Gute dipped into the pocket book and shelled out over 180 million dollars to free agents. The jewel of Gute’s free agency haul was Za’Darius Smith, booking him to a 4 year, 86 million dollar deal. Gute gambled that Big Z, combined with Preston Smith and Adrian Amos, would bolster a defensive unit that finished in the lower third in the league in points against and forced the fourth least turnovers. Zed and co. completely succeeded, with this year's Packers finishing in the Top 10 in both least points allowed and turnovers created en route to the NFC Championship Game. Za’Darius wasn’t the sole reason for this, but there’s no way the unit would have been as good without him. Zed finished with ‘only’ 13.5 sacks, which is merely tied for sixth last year. But Z finished first in the league in pressures according to pff and tied for first in the league in quarterback hits via pfr. Even if he wasn’t close to the league leaders in sacks, Za’Darius was perhaps the best at generating a pass rush against the QB, and when he wasn’t dragging down the QB he was causing chaos so others on the defense could capitalize.
Z’s best plays came when the Packers needed them the most. The Packers matched up against against the Vikings with a chance to clinch the NFC North title, and Za’Darius racked up 3.5 sacks and held the potent Vikings offense to only 10 points, all of which came off of short fields (granted it was MNF Kirk Cousins so it’s not that impressive but whatever). Watch this sack, left tackle Riley Reiff is thrown off balance by Smith’s punch and then gets blown by on the outside. How do you match that combo of speed and power? Another play, just admire how Garrett Bradbury tries to engage Zed in some hand fighting and Zed just says ‘nope’ and swims through him, gets held by Pat Elflein, and STILL manages to swat Cousins down for a loss. If you aren’t convinced by Za’darius beat up the shitty Vikings lineman, just watch him bull rush through Top 100 honorable mention Brian O’Neil. Three different pass rush moves, three different offensive linemen, three sacks. If Kirk wasn’t eating turf, he was feeling the heat. Like here, Kirk is able to get the ball away, but Zed’s beautiful stunt is far too quick for the linemen and the dump off pass is easily corralled for a loss. Za’Darius is a top-tier pass rusher, he’s got such a great combination of speed and power and agility that very, very few OL can match him.

#25 - Cameron Heyward - Interior Defensive Line - Pittsburgh Steelers

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/R N/R N/R N/R N/R 37 89
Written By: Astro63
As the captain and anchor for the Steelers dominant 2019 defense, it should be no surprise that Cameron Heyward did nothing but to affirm his status as one of the most disruptive and imposing interior linemen in the entire NFL. Even with a nine-year career and some extremely impressive performances in recent seasons, the 2019 campaign may just have his best yet. Heyward posted 9 sacks and 59 total pressures, with both figures ranking third among all IDL. These numbers have become almost routine for Heyward as he has become well-known for his gaudy pass-rush figures and his ability to generate interior pressure with ease, but it was his added contributions against the run that really made this season special. Heyward took that facet of his game to the next level with a career-high 83 tackles (51 solo) and a ridiculous 44 Run Stops which was the highest among all IDL. He was always a good run defender with his ability to out-muscle defenders and collapse running lanes, but these numbers point to a level of consistent excellence not seen before. Simply put, Heyward was a commanding force in both run-stop and pass-rush and his well-rounded contribution was the basis for the entire front-seven’s dominance last season.
There is really only one word I can use to describe Cam Heyward’s playstyle and that is ferocious. His brute strength combined with his surprising lateral agility makes him near unblockable, and that doesn’t even factor in his constant motor which leads to many high-effort plays. For my money, Cam boasts the very best bull-rush in the entire league. Just ask Quenton Nelson. Heyward knows how to win to the inside and use his extension to drive blockers deep into the pocket. This combination of leverage and force commands a ton of attention, and in many cases it still can’t be stopped. On top of his raw power, Heyward boasts extremely underrated movement skills given his size which allows him to burst constantly upfield. Lastly, I want to point out his contact balance and ability to stack and shed. Watch here how he is able to plant his body through contact and toss Nelson aside like rubbish to continue working upfield towards the ball carrier. This is one of the most challenging plays to execute as an interior defender, and it really showcases how physically imposing he is even against NFL strength. All in all, Cam Heyward is an exceptionally complete player who understands the nuance of his position to a very high level, and it’s his consistency that brings it all together to make him a truly dominant force at the forefront of the Pittsburgh defense.
Cam Heyward was named a First-Team All-Pro for the second time in his career, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. With his interior partner Stephon Tuitt back from injury next season, Cam should once again lead a ferocious defensive unit in the Steelers’ pursuit for the Lombardi.

#24 - Justin Simmons - Free Safety - Denver Broncos

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Written By: BlindmanBaldwin
When the Broncos hired Vic Fangio as their new head coach last year, one name became a prime candidate for having a breakout season — Justin Simmons. It seemed that wherever Fangio went, he put his safeties in position for success: Eddie Jackson and Adrian Amos in Chicago, Dashon Goldson in San Francisco. With Justin Simmons already being one of the Broncos better players throughout the first three years of his career, it was easy to see why there were such lofty expectations put on Simmons for the 2019 season.
But no one could’ve foreseen this.
Much like one of his beloved anime protagonists, Justin Simmons rose to the challenge and emerged a new player in 2019. Among nominated free safeties, Justin Simmons had the most stops per snap, gave up the third fewest receptions per target, and had the second-lowest QB rating — doing all of this while playing every defensive snap (a feat he also did in 2018). Simmons received All-Pro accolades from PFF (1st team) and the AP (2nd team).
Joe Rowles (one of the better follows on NFL Twitter) wrote this about Simmons’ breakout season:
There is no doubt in my mind that Justin Simmons has blossomed into one of the best safeties in the NFL under Vic Fangio. The combination of his jump in processing and a better system to utilize his talents led to a career year in 2019. Still just 26, there’s reason to believe the best is yet to come.
In a time where the Broncos had been struggling to find talent to replace the departures from the great 2015 team, Justin Simmons has been a bright spot for a few years. During 2019, he ascended to heights even some of his biggest fans never thought to be possible. Simmons still has room to improve as a player. Is he the 24th best player in the NFL? Who knows. But what I do know is Simmons will remain an important part as the Broncos try to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2015.
(Now John, give him the bag)

#23 - Brandon Brooks - Offensive Guard - Philadelphia Eagles

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N/A N/R N/R N/R 96 55 67
Written By: wrhslax1996
Brandon Brooks is a fan favorite among Eagles fans, and for good reason. He's an elite RG in an era where great and consistent OL play is hard to come by. He's a great dude off the field and a phenomenal teammate and locker room presence. He has openly addressed and discussed his struggles with anxiety in an industry where guys typically remain pretty closed-off. He might be my favorite player in the NFL, so when I read the news that he had ruptured his achilles while training this off-season I was beyond upset. I'm upset for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, I'm sad that he won't be lining up between Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson this season. The OL will take a hit and that's just unfortunate. Secondly, I'm sad that a guy coming off the best season of his career won't be able to further cement himself as one of the best in the game. Finally, I'm sad that this will be the last Brandon Brooks NFL Top 100 write-up until 2022. I've rambled enough, let's get to what he actually did on the field last season.
Brandon Brooks was, in my opinion, one of the most consistent pass blockers in the NFL last season. Per PFF, he allowed 19 pressures in 16 games played, didn't allow a single pressure in 9/16 games, had a 4-game stretch from week 6 to week 9 without allowing a pressure, and only let up his 2nd sack allowed in four (4) years as an Eagle. It didn't matter whether it was a power rush or an inside spin. Brooks' ability to keep his feet + shoulders square, keep his anchor intact, and keep hands on the pass-rusher makes him an amazingly consistent blocker in pass protection. His ability to hold his own vs some of the best interior pass-rushers in the NFL is something all Eagles fans will sorely miss in 2021. There aren't many OGs who can keep Grady Jarrett in check, but Brooks can (full disclosure: Jarrett wrecked the Eagles W2 last year, but all of his wins came vs Isaac Seumalo. Jarrett rushed vs Brooks for the first 10 minutes before the Falcons realized "hey we should probably have him go head-up vs the lesser guard.") In addition to his unfaltering consistency in normal pass-pro, Brooks worked perfectly in tandem with Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce to make the screen game much more effective than it should have been. Brooks is a big guy at 6'5" 346lbs, but he can get out ahead of a screen pass and climb to the third level faster than most. That play is extra funny because, after you see a 346-pound man run that fast, you also get to see him envelop Haha Clinton-Dix which gives me great joy. Finally, Brooks is a ridiculously smart player. Throughout the season he showed his intelligence and instincts through his ability to pick up and pass off stunts. Here's a pretty standard T-LB stunt with Holcomb looping around to rush the B gap. Brooks sees it coming from a mile away and doesn't give up an inch. Here's one final play to show Brooks' situational awareness. He stonewalls his assignment, notices Wentz is taking longer in the pocket than he wants, and follows his opponent's momentum in carrying him across the front of the pocket, thus clearing a huge hole for Wentz to scramble through.
Anyone who has watched Brandon Brooks knows that his ability in the run game is elite. It's impossible to mention Brooks' effectiveness in the run game without discussing how well he works with Lane and Kelce. The run game is rooted hard in Brooks' ability to perform combo block/double teams with one of his surrounding offensive linemen. Here you can see it during the first Washington game and here you see him block a Power O perfectly with Lane Johnson vs Chicago. The man is so large, powerful, and fast that he's a valuable asset in run blocking. He is phenomenal at engaging, gaining leverage, and driving his feet until his opponent is just out of the play completely. He can climb to the second level and get his opponent in an unwinnable position on a regular basis. He's a phenomenal run blocker who helped Miles Sanders greatly throughout the course of his rookie campaign.
In summary, Brandon Brooks is absolutely amazing. He will be sorely missed in 2021 and I know I speak for every Eagles fan when I say that Matt Pryor has some big fucking shoes to fill.

#22 - Richard Sherman - Cornerback - San Francisco 49ers

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Written By: scmsf49
The decline of Richard Sherman has been greatly exaggerated. Sherman had one of the best seasons of his career in 2019. After rupturing his Achilles. At age 31 (an age when the other legendary corner of his generation was essentially out of the league). He was thrown at only 51 times in 15 games this season. What's even more impressive is his deep coverage- he was targeted 11 times on 20+ yard passes and allowed only a single catch and a passer rating of 12.1, playing an integral role in the 49ers’ allowing the fewest big passing plays last season (10 total completions of 20+ allowed, the 2nd best team allowed 16).
Sherman gave up 0.44 yards per snap of pass coverage. The next best figure for an outside corner was 0.62. He was also PFF’s #1 ranked corner and #1 ranked coverage player. Individual numbers are great for Sherman, but it’s a disservice to not discuss the pass defense as a whole since he was the clear face of the group. The 49ers' pass defense allowed the fewest yards per attempt in the NFL and a ridiculous 1320 air yards, or 82.5 per game, over 400 less than the 2nd best team. There was also that dominant stretch from week 5 to week 8 (4 games), where the defense surrendered only 276 passing yards TOTAL. That’s 69 per game, historically nice. They also only allowed 6 3rd down conversions on 42 attempts during that stretch.
Sherman opened the season strong, taking his first interception as a Niner back for 6, one of 2 pick-sixes on the day for a team that managed only 2 interceptions in the entirety of the previous season. If there was any obvious indicator that this was not going to be the same 4-12 team, it was both outside corners scoring touchdowns in the first game. Sherman has no problem cleaning up either, picking up a crucial 3rd down stop in a game where the San Francisco pass catchers refused to hold on to the ball. Sherman and the defense were able to hold the Steelers to 20 and win a game with a -3 turnover differential (2 to 5). This wasn’t the norm, obviously, as the Niners finished with the 2nd best scoring offense in the league, but when the offense had its worst game of the season, the defense was there to save the day. No highlight reel of Sherman’s 2019 is complete with also adding in this beauty against the Browns.

#21 - Shaquil Barrett - EDGE - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Written By: Manimal4Eva
Weird, I didn’t realize this list was going to end at 21, because there’s no way anyone is being ranked above the Sack Ferret right? The guy who led the league with 19.5 sacks, who had 9 sacks in 4 games to start the season, who’s only 6’2 250 pounds.
Shaq Barrett came to the Bucs with just 14 sacks over 4 years with the Broncos. As an undrafted free agent, he only started 15 games over that span but still showed that he had a proverbial “nose for the ball”, getting QB hits and racking up tackles when he could. Once on the Bucs, he was able to apply that talent and evolve into the pass rush god that he was meant to be.
Some people looked at what Barrett did in the first 4 weeks of the season and thought it was a fluke. They said there was no way he would keep up that pace (yea no shit) and some even thought he wouldn’t get another sack for the rest of the season (Marc Sessler…). One person who did believe in Barrett at that time was Brett Kollmann, with this amazing video breaking down his technique. I’ll be honest, this video helped me tremendously with being able to watch the edge position and understand what they’re actually doing.
Barrett’s stats on the year are, of course, impressive. 19.5 sacks, 18 qb hits on top of those, 44 pressures, 6 forced fumbles, an interception. But those numbers don’t show everything. A number of his QA hits led to interceptions due to errant throws. He had 38 stops to help bolster one of the best rush defenses in the league. All while being considered slightly on the smaller side as an edge. His ability to get to the QB (or ball carrier) relied more on technique than pure power. Slipping lower than the towering tackles trying to stop him, spin moves, his weird power speed jump kick thing. He’s a fascinating player to watch simply from how smart he plays. It’s his ability to rush in then hop back when the QB climbs the pocket, darting in for a sack. It’s perfectly reading a run play to shoot the gap and get a tackle for loss. And it’s these things, combined with his consistency over the year, that show that this season won’t be a fluke.




Schedule Change

Unveiling of ranks 10-6 will take place Monday, July 6 instead of Tuesday. Unveiling of ranks 5-1 will take place on Thursday, July 9. Thank you!
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2020.06.30 01:51 W_T_D_ NITRO Week 12: Dusty Classic Round 1 (Part 2/2)

Wednesday, Week 12
Live from Miami, Florida
•To kick off the show, WCW Champion Keith Lee is here. He understands that Adam Cole has been scratching and clawing for a shot at the champ - but Lee isn't waiting for Cole to come to him. Keith Lee is laying down the challenge himself. Lee vs Cole for the WCW Championship at The Great American Bash...with one condition: if Undisputed Era even comes to ringside, Cole forfeits the match.
Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1: Street Profits def. Authors of Pain via roll-up pinfall - much to the shock and dismay of AOP.
Next week: former friends Brian Kendrick and Daniel Bryan go one-on-one!
•Tony Nese def. El Mago Jr. via pinfall following a 450-Splash.
•Finn Balor def. Harper via pinfall following a Coup de Gras
•Backstage: A brawl erupted between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley. Charlotte attacked Rhea, however it was the latter who stood tall at the end.
After accepting the challenge, it is now official that Adam Cole will challenge Keith Lee for the WCW Championship at The Great American Bash!
Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1: Matt Riddle & Drew Gulak def. Undisputed Era (Fish & O'Reilly) via pinfall following a Bro Derek. Riddle's mystery partner is finally revealed to be Drew Gulak - the very man Undisputed Era stole the Cruiserweight Championship from.
Next week: the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic comes to a close as Street Profits battle The Forgotten Sons and Sami Zayn & Chad Gable face Matt Riddle & Drew Gulak. The winners of each match will meet in the main event to determine the winners and #1 Contenders for the WCW Tag Team Championships!
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2020.06.20 23:09 W_T_D_ NITRO Week 11: Dusty Classic Round 1 (Part 1/2)

Wednesday, Week 11
Live from Wheeling, West Virginia
•Tonight, the WCW Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic begins! The winners of the tournament will challenge The Hardy's for tag gold at The Great American Bash!
Additionally, a Triple Threat main event tonight will determine Asuka's next challenger for the WCW Women's Championship.
Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1: Chad Gable & Sami Zayn def. Daniel Bryan & Brian Kendrick via possum pinfall. Bryan's back injury from his match with Jaxson Ryker made a return, ultimately costing him the match.
•Natalya def. Local Talent via submission with a Sharpshooter.
•Backstage: following their loss, Brian Kendrick attacked Daniel Bryan - tossing him into walls and boxes before Superkicking him into the lockers and leaving his now former friend unconscious.
Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1: The Forgotten Sons def. Breezango via pinfall following a BackbreakeElbow Drop.
•Oney Lorcan def. Local Talent via pinfall following a Half-and-Half Suplex.
•Matt Riddle has confirmed he has found a "bro" to team with next week.
Next week: Round 1 of the Dusty Classic concludes when Authors of Pain battle Street Profits and Undisputed Era faces off with Matt Riddle and his mystery partner!
#1 Contender for the WCW Women's Championship: Lacey Evans def. Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair via roll-up pinfall. Evans will challenge Asuka at The Great American Bash.
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2020.06.16 18:05 W_T_D_ NITRO Week 10: Gulak vs Strong

Wednesday, Week 10
Live from Lafayette, Louisiana
•Tonight, Drew Gulak defends his Cruiserweight Championship against Undisputed Era's Roderick Strong. Both men have been undefeated since coming to Nitro.
Also, with the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic on the horizon, long-time friends Brian Kendrick and Daniel Bryan have entered the tournament as a team. Word backstage is that their first-round opponents will be Sami Zayn and Chad Gable - the former being the man who toppled Kendrick in singles action last week with the help of Gable.
Additionally, Matt Riddle has announced his entry to the Dusty Classic, but his partner is currently unknown - if he even found one.
•Charlotte Flair def. Ember Moon via pinfall following Natural Selection.
•Pete Dunne def. Local Talent via submission with a Triangle Choke.
•Authors of Pain def. Local Talents via pinfall following The Last Chapter.
•Per General Manager Hulk Hogan: Next week, Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley, and Lacey Evans will compete in a Triple Threat. The winner will challenge Asuka for the WCW Women's Championship at The Great American Bash.
•Angel Garza def. Mark Andrews via pinfall following a Wing Clipper on the floor and a second in the ring.
•Brian Kendrick & Daniel Bryan def. Local Talents via submission with the Captain's Hook.
Next week: the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic begins!
WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Roderick Strong def. Drew Gulak via pinfall following an End of Heartache off a distraction from Adam Cole to become the new champion.
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2020.06.13 00:40 W_T_D_ NITRO Week 9: Keith Lee vs Lars Sullivan

Wednesday, Week 9
Live from Brooklyn, New York
•Tonight, Keith Lee defends the WCW Championship againt Lars Sullivan in what will be his first, and as Sullivan promised, last title defense.
•Lacey Evans def. Nikki Cross via pinfall following the Woman's Right.
•Jeff Hardy def. Kyle O'Reilly via disqualification. Adam Cole had tried to interfere behind the referee's back, but the referee caught him just as he delivered The Last Shot and called for the bell - much to the chagrin of the Undisputed Era teammates.
•Street Profits def. Local Talents via pinfall following a Spinebuster and Frog Splash.
•Sami Zayn def. Brian Kendrick via pinfall following a Helluva Kick and Blue Thunder Bomb. Kendrick appeared to have the match won before Zayn's partner Chad Gable caused a distraction.
•Liv Morgan def. Local Talent via pinfall following a 201 Facebreaker.
Next week: Drew Gulak defends the Cruiserweight Championship against Roderick Strong!
In two weeks: the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic begins!
WCW Championship: Keith Lee (c) def. Lars Sullivan via pinfall following an Avalanche Spanish Fly. Sullivan suffered a minor back injury during the match.
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2020.06.12 07:14 J12ich Rebooking Daniel Bryan’s 2018 Return

At Wrestlemania 34, Shinsuke Nakumura defeated AJ Styles to win the WWE Championship, and Daniel Bryan made his return to the ring, teaming with Shane McMahon to defeat Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, kicking both of them on Smackdown.
The first Smackdown following Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring, cutting a promo on all of the things he missed about WWE while in retirement. He says that backstage, he sees a lot of old faces and a lot of new ones, and there’s a lot of matches on his bucket list that he wants to have. He namedrops wrestlers like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and the Miz, but there is one in particular that he has been dreaming of since he was told he got cleared. Bryan calls out Shinsuke Nakumura, the new WWE Champion, and says that 4 years ago, he had to surrender that Championship due to injury. He never lost that title and he wants it back, and he is invoking that rematch clause tonight. AJ Styles comes out to confront Bryan and says that he’s happy he’s back, but if anyone is getting their rematch against Shinsuke, it’s him. Commissioner Shane McMahon comes out to the ring and tells them since they both have claims to the title match, the two of them should fight it out tonight in a match, and the winner will face Shinsuke at the Greatest Royal Rumble.
Later in the night, Bryan faces off against AJ in the main event. Towards the end of the match, AJ sets up for a phenomenal forearm, but Shinsuke runs out from the crowd and attacks Styles, causing AJ to win the match by DQ, and the title match at GRR. The following week, Bryan is announced as an entrant in the Greatest Royal Rumble. He is interviewed backstage by Renee Young regarding what he thinks his chances are in the match, when he is attacked by The Miz from behind, who has just moved over to Smackdown in the superstar shakeup. He beats him down and throws him into a wall, before kneeling down next to him and saying “I’ve been waiting for years to finally get my hands on you Daniel. You’re gonna be seeing a lot of me now.”
At the Greatest Royal Rumble 3 weeks later, the WWE Championship match ends in a double count out after Styles hits Nakumura with a Styles Clash through the announce table and neither man recovers before the 10 count. In the Greatest Royal Rumble match, Bryan enters the match at 10, asts for over 40 minutes and records 4 eliminations before the Miz enters at 43 and ends up eliminating Bryan. Following GRR, Styles is granted one more rematch against Nakumura at Backlash in a Steel Cage Match, since Smackdown GM Paige says “the ring clearly isn’t enough to contain them” and she wants a clean finish. Bryan is once again denied his rematch for the WWE Championship, and requests to face Miz at Backlash in a proper singles match, which is granted.
Daniel Bryan finally faces off against the Miz in their long awaited singles match, building ever since their infamous confrontation on Talking Smack way back in 2016. Maryse is shown to be sitting at ringside, and Miz goes over and kisses her prior to the match, and places something in her hand. That match begins and they have a good back and forth, but Bryan has the upperhand for the majority of the match up. For the finish, Miz sets up Bryan for the “IT Kicks”, but Daniel ducks down and low sweeps Miz’s leg before locking him in the LeBell Lock. Miz crawls to the ropes and gets a rope break, forcing Bryan to release it. Miz rolls out of the ring and limps over to his wife Maryse, who hands him the object from before, a pair of brass knuckles. Bryan goes out to get Miz, but Miz turns around and left-hooks Bryan in the head with the brass knuckles and he drops down to his knees. Miz hands them back to his wife and throws Daniel back into the ring, then hits him with a skull crushing finale and pins Daniel to pick up the cheap victory.
Later on, in the main event Steel Cage match between Styles and Nakumura for the WWE Championship, both men end up in a punching match at the top of the cage, when Shinsuke manages to get his leg up and kick AJ off the top of the cage, back into the ring, while Shinsuke climbs out and retains his title.
Build to Money in the Bank
The next week on Smackdown, Bryan confronts Paige backstage, saying that he is done waiting and wants his rematch for the WWE title. However, AJ interrupts them asking for another shot at the championship, but Paige says that he’s had 2 rematches and there are other superstars who also have claims for a match. They are then interrupted by the Miz, who says that seeing as he beat Bryan last night, if anyone deserves a title shot, it should be him. Paige tells the three of them she wants them to settle it amongst themselves and sets up a Triple Threat match for later that night, with the winner facing Shinsuke for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank. Later on in the night, just as the main event is about to ring, Shane McMahon runs out and announces he has just signed the hottest free agent in WWE and is inserting him into the match. Samoa Joe’s music hits and he walks down to the ring, and commentary notes he has history with both AJ and Daniel. The match is hectic and has a messy finish, ending with Miz pinning AJ and Bryan pinning Samoa Joe simultaneously. Paige comes out and orders that the match be restarted with just Miz and Bryan to determine a winner, but Shinsuke runs out from the crowd and attacks both men from behind, with neither one of them able to compete. Shinsuke walks over to Paige at the top of the entrance stage and laughs in her face, and she says that since he thinks that's so funny, then Shinsuke will be facing both the Miz and Bryan at MITB in a Triple Threat Match.
Leading up to MITB, Bryan, Nakumura and the Miz meet in the middle of the ring for a contract signing. Shinsuke, while limited in his promo, says that he is the King of Strong Style and the best wrestler in the World. The two of them are nothing more than gimmicks, and Nakumura says he’ll enjoy beating them both. Miz says that WWE “isn’t Japan” and nothing Shinsuke did in the past matters here. Miz says that he is the A Lister and the greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time, and his quest to the top is not going to be stopped by some Indy darling or a Michael Jackson wanna be. Daniel says that he is above name calling. He simply says that he has waited 4 years and dreamed every night about being WWE Champion again, and will beat anyone and everyone in his path to do so. The 3 men sign the contract, all stand up, and then Bryan turns to get out of the ring, before Miz leaps over the table and attacks him. Miz punches Daniel before he is nailed from behind by Shinsuke with a running knee. Bryan gets
back up and puts Shinsuke through the table, then picks up the WWE Championship and poses with it as his music plays. Additionally, in the leadup to MITB, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe qualify for the Men’s Ladder Match.
Money in the Bank
Shinsuke Nakumura defends the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan and The Miz. Bryan and Miz go right after eachother, while Nakumura sits back and lets the two of them wear each other down. Daniel eventually throws Miz out of the ring and Nakumura attacks him from behind. Shinsuke gets in a few good strikes on Bryan, but he eventually fights him off and the two go back and forth with a great technical showcase. Bryan takes down Nakumura and locks him in the LeBell Lock, but Miz runs back in and breaks up the submission. He sets both men up for “It” kicks, and Shinsuke rolls out of the ring, allowing Miz to focus on Bryan. He beats down Daniel and goes to nail him with a skull crushing finale, but Bryan elbows him in the gut and takes down Miz, eventually locking him in the LeBell Lock. Miz is close to tapping, but Shinsuke runs back in and hits Daniel with a Kinshasa from behind and then throws Daniel out of the ring. He turns around and nails Miz with another Kinshasa and pins him to retain the WWE Championship.
Later in the night, Styles and Joe get into a fight with each other in the Men’s Money in the Bank match, however, it is still one by Braun Stroman.
Build to Extreme Rules
Following this loss at Money in the Bank, Daniel Bryan confronts Paige and requests a proper singles match for the WWE Championship, insisting that he was not the one pinned in the match on Sunday. Paige says she doesn’t just want to hand out title matches, but Nakumura interrupts them and says that he is the King of Strongstyle and Bryan was King of the Indies. Time to finally see who is the better man. He accepts Bryan’s challenge and offers to shake his hand. Despite his hesitation, Bryan eventually shakes, but when he turns away, Nakumura headbutts him, and then throws Daniel into a cement wall. Shinsuke picks up his title and then walks away.
The following week, it is announced that Nakumura will team up with the Bar to face Bryan and two partners of his choice, with the winning team deciding the stipulation for the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules. Nakumura and the Bar enter first, followed by Daniel Bryan. He walks out holding a microphone and says that he thought long and hard about who he wanted to team with, but what it came down to was, which 2 men in the locker room does he trust the most. The first man to come out is Brian Kendrick from 205 Live, Daniel’s oldest friend in wrestling, and the second man is Kane, Bryan’s partner in team Hell No. Towards the end of the match, Bryan, Kendrick and Kane take out the Bar and leave Nakumura alone in the ring. Kendrick hits Nakumura with his Sliced Bread finisher, Kane picks him up and nails Shinsuke with a chokeslam, and Bryan covers him to pick up the victory. Following the match, Bryan says that since Shinsuke likes to run around the ring and play games, their match is going to be Fall Count Anywhere.
Extreme Rules
In the opening match, AJ Styles defeats Samoa Joe in a grudge match, after each man got into a fight with each other, blaming the other for costing them the Money in the Bank Contract. In the Main Event in the WWE Championship match, pitting the Champion Shinsuke Nakumura against Daniel Bryan, the two men finally have the dream match that had been talked about since Nakumura first joined WWE. The two begin in the ring and go back and forth technical wrestling, before eventually spilling out of the ring and into the crowd. Shinsuke eventually nails Bryan with a running knee on the concrete, but hurts himself and takes too long to cover and Bryan kicks out. They make their way up to the stage and Bryan takes down Shinsuke on the top of the stage and sets up to nail him with a Kinshasa, his own finisher, but suddenly, the Miz runs out from backstage and nails Bryan with a Skull Crushing Finale on the top of the stage. Shinsuke is confused and Miz just stands there and stares down at Daneil. Nakumura eventually crawls over and pins Bryan to win the match and retain his title.
Build to SummerSlam
Following his loss to Shinsuke Nakumura, Daniel Bryan calls out the Miz for interfering and costing him the match. Bryan demands Miz come out to the ring and face him like a man, which Miz does. Bryan says that he gets the Miz never liked him, and Bryan says to be honest, he never liked Miz either, not since the first day they met on NXT, but he doesn’t understand Miz’s obsession with him, and why he keeps trying to ruin his life. Miz says that it’s because he doesn’t just hate Daniel Bryan, he hates what Bryan represents. Miz claims he is the true success story in WWE, and not Daniel Bryan. Miz says that he came up through a reality show and no one supported him backstage, and he had to fight and claw to be a WWE superstar, and has been in the company for 14 years now. He has a beautiful wife and his own reality show, is the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, a former WWE Champion and even beat John Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania, but no matter what, it is never enough for the fans. Yet they love Daniel Bryan, the personification of mediocrity, and now that he’s back, Miz refuses to let him walk all over him and his show ever again. Bryan says that clearly, this is only going to end one way, so he challenges Miz to a match at Summerslam. One on one. No disqualification. Loser leaves Smackdown. Miz accepts, saying he’ll do anything to get rid of Bryan.
In the leadup, Miz defeats Bryan’s old friend Brian Kendrick in a single’s match and beats him down after the match to send a message to Daniel. The following week, Bryan defeats Heath Slater in a singles match, and Miz attacks him after the match with a steel chair. In the final Smackdown before SummerSlam, it is announced that Daniel will not be there, after suffering a ribs injury from Miz’s attack the previous week. However, Miz faces AJ Styles in a match later in the night and Bryan runs out from the crowd and attacks Miz, ending the match in a DQ and security has to run out and break them up.
Earlier in the night, AJ Styles defeated Shinsuke Nakumura to win the WWE Championship in a rematch from Wrestlemania.
In the semi-main event, Daniel Bryan faces the Miz in a no disqualification, loser leaves Smackdown match up. Right out of the gate, Miz and Bryan locks up and nail each other with punches. Bryan eventually takes Miz down, but Miz pulls the brass knuckles from their first match out of his trunks and hits Daniel in the head with them, busting his head open. Miz rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair and jams it into Bryan’s injured ribs, before breaking it over his back. Miz rolls back out of the ring and takes out a Kendo Stick and starts attacking Bryan with it. Bryan rolls out of the ring and Miz gets out and clears and announcers table to put him through. Daniel fights back though and takes down Miz and puts him through the table. He then grabs Miz and throws him back in the ring, beating him down with kicks and attacking him with a steel chair. He then picks up the brass knuckles and nails Miz in the nose with it, (kayfabe) breaking his nose and busting him open. Bryan then locks Miz in the LeBell Lock in the center of the ring, and Miz is forced to tap. Daniel Bryan has defeated the Miz and kicked his long time rival off Smackdown
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2020.05.17 22:22 TheRoyalGodfrey [DISCUSSION] Snoop Dogg - BUSH (5 Years Later)

Bush (stylized in all caps) is the thirteenth studio album by American rapper Snoop Dogg. It was released on May 12, 2015, through Doggy Style Records and I Am Other, and distributed by Columbia Records. The album was produced by Pharrell Williams with additional production by Chad Hugo. It features guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Stevie Wonder, Charlie Wilson, Gwen Stefani, T.I. and Rick Ross. Bush was the first album by the rapper after his return to the hip hop moniker Snoop Dogg.
Bush was supported by three singles; "Peaches N Cream", "So Many Pros" and "California Roll". The album received generally positive reviews from critics, debuting at number 14 on the US Billboard 200, and number one on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. It serves as the follow-up to Snoop's twelfth studio album Reincarnated (2013).

Background and title

On August 28, 2014, a video was released of what would be a preview on one of the songs working together between Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams. In September 2014, Snoop announced on his Instagram account, his new work together with Pharrell. The LP is the first studio album entirely of hip hop released by Snoop since Doggumentary (2011). Since then, Snoop alongside his good friend and rapper Wiz Khalifa, released the soundtrack Mac & Devin Go to High School. This collaborative album contains the hit single "Young, Wild & Free" (top ten in the Billboard Hot 100). The song was nominated for a Grammy under the category of Best Rap Song. In 2013, Snoop then used his new moniker Snoop Lion, and released his first reggae and twelfth overall album Reincarnated. This album was nominated at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards in the category Best Reggae Album. At the end of 2013, he then used another moniker Snoopzilla, in reference to Bootzilla, and joined with music producer Dâm-Funk to launch the entirely of funk collaborative album 7 Days of Funk.
In January 2015, Snoop revealed the album's title at the Convention Consumer Electronics Show that occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
The track "So Many Pros" was originally a track recorded by Timbaland and featured Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake, called "Been It", however, due to Timbaland's album being cancelled Pharrell re-worked the final track, in which Chad Hugo, Charlie Wilson, Pharrell and Rhea Dummett featuring as backing vocals. The video was also shot for "Been It", with amateur footage showing Timberlake recording his portion of the music video whilst on The 20/20 Experience World Tour and Timbaland recording his portion on a beach with skantly clad models. The lyrics to the song seem to have remained unchanged, however the lyric " many hoes" has been changed to " many pros" which is the title of the track itself.


The album was produced by Pharrell Williams, with additional production by Williams' Neptunes partner Chad Hugo. The duo had worked in partnership with the rapper on Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss (2002), R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece (2004) and Tha Blue Carpet Treatment (2006). The partnership between these two artists has earned several singles of successes for both Snoop Dogg and for Pharrell, including "From tha Chuuuch to da Palace", "Beautiful" and "Drop It Like It's Hot", among others.


"Peaches N Cream" was released on March 10, 2015, as the first single from the album. The song features guest vocals from Snoop's longtime collaborator Charlie Wilson. The lyric video was released on the same day. The song peaked at number 16 on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles.
The album's second single, "So Many Pros", was released on April 14, 2015. The music video won an MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction, during the ceremony on August 30, 2015.
The album's third single, "California Roll", was released on May 5, 2015. The song featuring vocals from American R&B singer Stevie Wonder. The single peaking at number 15 on the US R&B Songs.

Critical reception

Bush received generally positive reviews from critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, the album received an average score of 69 based on 20 reviews. David Jeffries of AllMusic said, "Accept Bush is a delayed dank disco triumph, and then drop it like it's hot, one more time." Brian Josephs of Consequence of Sound said, "Although it's well-intentioned, you're very aware that the only reason you're at this party is because Snoop invited you." August Brown of the Los Angeles Times said, "There aren't many '90s rappers who could credibly settle into a sound like this, but Snoop is an excellent student of his formative musical era." Kate Hutchinson of The Guardian said, "Bush is a high five of an album, made for hydraulic cars and throbbing dancefloors, delivered, in typical Snoop style, as if from a fur-lined throne overlooking a pool party." Kellan Miller of HipHopDX said, "Snoop and Charlie Wilson play off each other's energy, and the instantly catchy nature of the track justifies the notion that the diminished returns of Bush are the result of an excellent dream deferred by poor execution."
Phil Hebblethwaite of NME said, "Snoop takes a surprising back seat, singing low in the mix and seldom rapping--an odd decision, but it works and when Bush is good, it's an absolute joy." Jonathan Frahm of PopMatters said, "All in all, Bush is another consistent release from Snoop to add to his portfolio, with enough freshness to still be spinning his name in the clubs." Roger Krastz of XXL said, "Overall, Bush is a fun and enjoyable listen from start to finish with the album's retro imagery brought to life by Snoop Dogg and his slick persona." Julian Kimble of Pitchfork said, "While Bush is strong enough musically, you can't help but wonder what would've happened if this crew had followed R&G with a full-length a decade ago, when everyone involved was still in his prime." Brittany Spanos of Rolling Stone said, "From the moment opening track "California Roll" hits its "Drop It Like It's Hot"-ish bass line, Bush is a pleasant stroll down memory lane." Kris Ex of Billboard said, "It's a quick listen, clocking in at less than 45 minutes, and the 10 tracks are laid-back--perhaps too much."

Commercial performance

In the United States, Bush debuted at number 14 on the US Billboard 200 with 32,000 album-equivalent units, which included 27,000 pure album sales, marking the third highest debut of the week and the eighth best-selling album of the week. The album was also streamed 2.8 million times in the first week. It serves as Snoop's sixth solo album to debut at number one on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Bush dropped to the number 44 in its second week, earning an additional 12,000 album-equivalent units, which included 9,000 pure album sales. In the United Kingdom, the album debuted at number 25 on the UK Albums Chart. Bush was Snoop's tenth solo album to debut at top-ten on the UK R&B Chart, reached at number two. As of May 2016, the album has sold 250,000 copies worldwide.

Release Thread

Other Release Thread (?)

P4k thread

First Impressions


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2020.05.15 19:16 SimonBRUH8217 Re-Booking Austin Aries WWE/NXT run(part 2, Jr Heavyweight Title match)

Part II: The Greatest Champ That Ever Lived
NXT, August 30th, 2017: Aleister Black defeats Austin Aries
After another high profile loss, Austin Aries is set to face The Dutch Destroyer in another high profile match, and despite another amazing performance, he can’t hang with Aleister Black. He is put away promptly by a Black Mass, and Aleister rolls on to get his impending push towards the NXT Championship, as well as his feud with Velveteen Dream... Austin is it nearly as pleased when he comes to. He grabs a mic and relays this unto Full Sail University:
“... You know for a while I thought it was my fault... All the failure, and how I haven’t even gotten an NXT Championship match... But I know better, such a mediocre roster can only get further than the Greatest through INCOMPETENT MANAGEMENT and an IDIOTIC AUDIENCE! I told William Regal once upon a time that I knew my worth... And it’s clear he doesn’t. I quit.”
And with that, Austin leaves NXT. People shouldn’t worry about where he’s gone though...
No Mercy 2017: Austin Aries defeats Neville to become the NEW Cruiserweight Champion!!
For a few weeks, it seems like Austin Aries unsuccessful efforts in NXT have driven him away from the entire company, rumours swirl of unhappiness and frustration with creative every week Austin doesn’t show. Meanwhile though, a big focus on Raw is the still reigning Cruiserweight Champion, Neville. The King of the Cruiserweights returned as a dastardly Heel but ever since claiming the Championship at Royal Rumble, he has began to grow as a legend in the eyes of the fans, and even the roster itself. Neville is still brutal, but he gets cheered more and more by the fans after decisive wins over Rich Swann, Jack Gallagher, Mustafa Ali, Akira Tozawa And others. The question is: Who is Neville’s next challenger? After another win on Raw, Neville beckons for a new challenger, so he can cement his place as the greatest Cruiserweight wrestler of all time further. The next week it is announced that Neville will be facing a brand new challenger, someone who hasn’t been in the division. Neville awaits the next week, the final Raw before No Mercy, and it is... Enzo Amore. The crowd is mildly excited to see the Realest Guy in the Room, as he does his whole spiel. “BADA-BOOM, REALEST GUYS IN THE ROOM, HOW YOU DO-“ AND HE IS BLASTED WITH A DISCUS FIVEARM!!! Austin Aries finally returns after a few weeks gone from the company, and he takes out another “undeserving” talent to take his own opportunity. He walks down to the ring, readjusting his jacket along the way, before getting in the ring and staring down Neville. He once again reiterates that he knows his worth... And he knows that his worth will bring true relevancy to the Cruiserweight division, more than this “hack champion” ever could. At this point Kurt Angle runs out and reprimands Austin for debuting when he was never signed, but Neville stops him from inflicting a punishment. He talks about how Aries’ only worth in NXT was “being a reliable failure.” He knows he can’t beat The King, and he’s going to bow down on his sword to try and prove how “great” he is... It’ll be his last mistake made in WWE after Neville sends him back to “make an ‘IMPACT’ somewhere else.”
At No Mercy, the two men have an excellent match as they did in their trilogy of real matches, it starts off with a slight heel vs heel dynamic, but the crowd naturally rallies behind the badass Neville instead of the cowardly Aries. Austin starts to target the King’s legs in order to ground him and block him from having the strength to display his power. However, Neville fights through the pain to the roar of the crowd, and nearly claims victory with the Rings of Saturn, but Aries gets to the ropes. So, Austin does what he does best: He cheats. He drags the belt into the ring to distract the ref, and then kicks low to take down Neville. He follows up with a BRAINBUSTER and pins him, becoming the NEWWWWW Champion!
TLC 2017: Austin Aries defeats Mustafa Ali in a Ladder match to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
After NM, Neville is nowhere to be seen. Aries brags on the Raw afterwards that he “ran the false prophet into obscurity!” There is a special coronation segment set up for Aries on 205 Live, and during the show leading up to the segment there are multiple backstage vignettes with different Cruiserweight roster members, the heels celebrate the disappearance of Neville, saying that Aries has freed them, but the faces lambast them for cheering for a dominant run ending in such a cheap fashion. The Cruiserweights are gathered around the ring for Austin’s Champion address, where he asks each individual Cruiserweight to thank him, personally, for saving their division. A few heels do, like Gulak, Gallagher and Perkins, but they are eventually cut off by Mustafa Ali. The Soul of the Cruiserweight Division makes the point that whether or not any of them liked Neville, it is Ali’s opinion that he is twice the champion that Aries could ever be. “You can’t accept that you aren’t the greatest Austin. Neville was the King, and you’re a peasant. And he knows that you can’t survive for long.” Austin starts to laugh, before CRACKING ALI WITH THE MICROPHONE, instigating a massive brawl to close the show between all Cruiserweights. On the next Raw, a massive 205 Live wide battle royal is announced with the winner challenging Austin at TLC for the Championship and lo and behold, Mustafa wins, last eliminating Cedric Alexander who has a dynamite performance. The two shake hands afterwards, and after Cedric leaves, Ali cuts a promo about how even though he hasn’t been successful, he knows he can defeat Aries, and he won’t let the image of the Championship be tainted... He is SMASHED FROM BEHIND WITH THE TITLE BELT!! Austin stands above Mustafa and mimics his passionate speech by saying that “I’m still the greatest, and you’re not even a has been like Neville, you’re a NEVER WAS.” And, just to prove that he really is the greatest Cruiserweight the division has now, he’s gonna beat Ali in one of their signature matches: a Ladder match! TLC comes and Ali & Aries deliver a hot opener, with spots including a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER INTO A CORNERED LADDER, and a 450 SPLASH ONTO A LADDER BRIDGED BETWEEN THE ANNOUNCE TABLE AND THE APRON! After that spot, Ali seems to have the match won, but before he can get to the top, out comes Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher, TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick. They grab Ali and drag him down, beat him down and then grab Aries to help HIM up the ladder. They’ve made their allegiance clear. However, Ali’s Calvary comes down in the form of Cedric Alexander, Akira Tozawa, Rich Swann And Kalisto! They all rush down the ramp and unload on the “traitors” to the division, and all hell breaks loose. Gulak wraps a ladder around his neck and spins, but Kalisto climbs onto it and hits a standing PK to take out Drew, Jack dropkicks Swann Into the timekeepers area but gets planted with a Lumbar Check, which leads to TJP moonsaulting onto Cedric with a chair, but Tozawa runs up a leaning ladder and hits a Tope Con Hilo!! Brian Kendrick sees the babyfaces recovering and seeks Aries’s help, but both men scamper up a ladder in the ring... But Ali is on the other side. He kicks Kendrick off into the crowd, and then hits a SPANISH FLY OFF THE LADDER TO ARIES!! MAMMA MIA!!! Ali grabs a ladder and starts climbing... But Aries still grabs at his feet SOMEHOW. They fight near the top, meanwhile Kendrick sneakily slides a ladder bridge in place between the ropes and the ring. Austin barely gets the upper hand on Ali... And hits a BRAINBUSTER OFF THE LADDER, THROUGH THE BRIDGE!!! Austin leaves Ali in the wreckage and claims his title, after an adrenaline rush of a match.
Survivor Series 2017: Team Neville(Neville, Alexander, Ali, Tozawa & Swann) defeats Team Austin(Aries, Kendrick, Gallagher, Gulak & Perkins) in an Elimination Tag Team match
Austin is riding high after a successful title defence, and he celebrates with another Champions Address, this time surrounded by his followers. He laughs at the other Cruiserweights standing dejectedly on the stage, saying that they should just bow to their new king... Then the old king returns. Neville’s music hits, and the former champion makes his first appearance in nearly a month. His hair is disheveled, his eyes have pure black underneath, and he stares down the Champion blankly. Here he cuts a similar promo he did to Enzo Amore after he won the title in real life, saying:
“You were dropped onto our doorstep like an unwanted slug, and I decided you should stay, and this is how you repay this division? Clearly so. So Austin Aries, on behalf of the entire Cruiserweight division, I am here, to end you.”
Neville stomps down the ramp and just wrecks fucking house. He sends Aries’ followers flying across the ring with suplexes, but he never quite gets his hands on Aries himself. He sends a message though, hitting a Red Arrow on Kendrick and synching in the Rings of Saturn to send a message. The faces clap on Neville from the ramp... The Cruiserweight war has begun. And it concludes at Survivor Series with Neville’s team of former rivals who now respect their former king taking on Austin’s false rule. The elimination order goes as such, in a great match:
  1. Neville quickly blasts TJ with a superkick and hits a Red Arrow to take him out mere seconds into the match.
  2. Tozawa is eliminated after his established feud with Kendrick goes too far, with Kendrick and Gallagher laying out Akira with a double team move outside, leaving him to get counted out.
  3. Aries establishes dominance by making Swann tap out to Last Chancery.
  4. Cedric Alexander goes wild after Gallagher and Kendrick double team his two partners, and eventually eliminates Gallagher with a Lumbar Check.
  5. Kendrick attacks Cedric causing him to tag in Ali, who has a nice back and forth until he hits the 054 and gets rid of the veteran...
  6. Only to get blindsided by Gulak and locked in the Gu-Lock, which forces Ali to tap.
  7. Cedric comes back with a vengeance as him and Neville do battle with Gulak and Aries for a decent amount of time before finally hitting Gulak with a Lumbar Check to eliminate him.
  8. Finally, Neville and Cedric hit a combination of a Lumbar Check followed by a Red Arrow to take out Aries.
Team Neville is victorious!
Monday Night Raw, January 2nd, 2018: Austin Aries defeats Neville in a 2 out of 3 Falls match to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
After Survivor Series the King makes one last charge against Aries to reclaim his crown, but Austin is fuming. He scolds his team for failing, and lets them all know that he is greater than ALL of them. He knows he has to face Neville again, so he’s gonna do it on the first Raw of the new year, to ring in a “new year of GREATNESS!” Neville is so furious with Aries that he wants to brutalize him multiple times before winning back the title... A 2 out of 3 Falls match will do the trick. To ring in the newly elevated division, the two main event the first Raw of 2018. This serves as shades of their matches in real life, Aries scores fall number 1 after raking Neville’s eyes to escape the Rings of Saturn, before rolling up Neville to get a fall! After that though, Neville just powers through with brutish rage, eventually taking back a decisive win with a Red Arrow to the back followed by Rings of Saturn to take the second fall. After another 15-20 minutes of incredible action, Aries busts out a BRAINBUSTER ONTO THE APRON!! He rolls Neville back into the ring and HITS A DISCUS FIVEARM!! It’s over! 1, 2, OH MY GOD NEVILLE SUVIVED!!!! HOW?! Aries has had it though, he immediately locks in Last Chancery, and Neville’s last chance at the title fades as he passes out. Aries scores a definitive win over Neville to close Raw and kick off 2018. This would be Neville’s swan song in the Cruiserweight division, he would enter the Royal Rumble, and join the midcard and main event scene because he’s that good.
Royal Rumble 2018: Austin Aries defeats Cedric Alexander, Akira Tozawa & Drew Gulak to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
After vanquishing Neville, the division needs a solid reset, and a multi man match seems like a solid way to do that. It is announced that Aries will defend his Championship in a Fatal 4 Way at the Royal Rumble, and there are qualifying matches to determine his opponents. Gulak defeats Kalisto, Tozawa defeats Kendrick, and Cedric defeats Ali in what is considered the best of the 3. Aries addresses the crowd via satellite 5 days before RR, it’s his first appearance since his battle with Neville. He says that whole it is ridiculous that he is being forced to defend his title in a match where he doesn’t even have to be pinned to lose the title, he knows that he is the greatest, and that the other three are just more names to add to his legacy. The crowd is definitively behind Cedric, after all of his performances since the fall, the crowd is desperate to see him win the big one. He almost wins two separate times with two separate Lumbar Checks to Aries and Tozawa in which the pin attempts are both broken up. Cedric and Akira play as solid high flyers to Aries and Gulak’s submission based offence, but it comes down to foul play. Cedric once again gets a massive pop when he hits Gulak with a SUPER LUMBAR CHECK, but Aries steals the win, escaping with the title again.
Elimination Chamber 2018: Austin Aries defeats Cedric Alexander to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
After having the Cruiserweight title win stolen from him, Cedric ends up winning a one on one match after defeating the other two challengers from the Fatal 4 Way in a Triple Threat match! Cedric says he originally wasn’t even supposed to be signed until the CWC, and now he’s finally got a one on one shot at the Cruiserweight Championship, and he won’t let it slip. Aries has an interview backstage where he is asked about Cedric’s rising popularity, and he says that it’s all a fad. He was popular after the CWC, and quickly forgotten in favour of other wrestlers. He’s another name that just can’t hang with A Double. However, at Elimination Chamber, Cedric comes deathly close to taking the title off of Aries with a Spanish Fly and a top rope Michinoku Driver, but Austin, again, just scrapes by after Cedric survives a Discus Fivearm and escapes Last Chancery by countering a Lumbar Check into a Small Package for a another deflating loss for Cedric.
WrestleMania XXXIV: Cedric Alexander defeats Austin Aries in a “Last Chance” match to become the NEWWWWW Cruiserweight Champion!!
Austin is asked once again about his less definitive tactics, to which he snaps that maybe the WWE Universe should stop getting behind people that just aren’t as good as him. He knows he is the greatest, and he is tired of being denied the credit he deserves. He says that Cedric Alexander just isn’t good enough, and people should get used to it. Cedric comes out and says that he didn’t work his way up from nothing, from being a complete afterthought to being a Cruiserweight star, to have it stolen from him over and over again. Austin replies “Do you ever think maybe it’s your fault? Or how about pity? That ‘success’ you have is pure pity. You swear that you’re so good, how you got the fans to chant ‘PLEASE SIGN CEDRIC!’, but that’s not because you were that good, it’s because you’re a pitiful excuse of a wrestler. I am better than you, and you have failed multiple times. Why should I give you another shot?” Cedric ups the ante: If he can’t beat Austin one more time, at WrestleMania, he will never challenge for the title AGAIN. That’s enough to feed Austin’s ego, and he accepts the match. They aren’t on the kickoff, they make the main card and open the show. Cedric nearly gets the victory with a LUMBAR CHECK! 1, 2, ... And Austin gets his feet on the bottom rope. BARELY. Once again Austin can’t get the job done with a Last Chancery, so he goes for the Brainbuster on the apron, but Cedric counters and HITS A SPANISH FLY ONTO THE FLOOR!! Cedric rolls Austin back in the ring, and takes him up for the super Lumbar Check, but Austin battles back and sends Cedric crashing down before hitting a 450 SPLASH!! 1, 2, 2.999, Cedric survives! Austin can’t believe it! He throws Cedric into the corner and starts stomping, saying that “THESE PEOPLE DON’T CARE, YOU THINK YOU MATTER?! YOU’RE REPLACEABLE, I AM THE GREATEST, AND YOU ARE NOTHI-“ and he’s kicked in the face! They enter a striking sequence where Austin gets the upper hand and goes for a Discus Fivearm, waving goodbye to Cedric but he EATS A NEURALIZER!! LUMBAR CHECK!!! 1, 2, 3!!!!! CEDRIC HAS DONE IT! CEDRIC IS FINALLY CHAMPION!!
This run elevates the Cruiserweight Title to a new standing and gives Aries a solid reign. He, like Neville would leave the Cruiserweight division after this, and have great midcard matches before teaming up with the heel Bobby Roode, reforming the Dirty Heels. As of now though, I’ve booked the two key parts of his run, and the booking seems to be over.
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2020.05.07 02:31 SimonBRUH8217 The 64 man WWE Network Classic (part 2: Rounds 2 & 3)

(Gonna be going in reverse for this one, starting on the other half of the bracket)
Match 1: Matt Riddle vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Riddle and Dunne have a little talk backstage where Riddle talks about how focused he is on making it to Brock Lesnar. Dunne reminds him that he still has two more matches to get through before he can get to Lesnar, and he’s got a few tough opponents to get through... One of which could be Pete himself. Riddle replies saying that he knows, and that no matter what happens, they’ll be Stallions for life. Dunne says that may be true... But he will not hesitate to put down Riddle to win this tournament... Matt says the feeling is mutual. Riddle and Nakamura have their match with zero interference, and it’s a striking dream match for the ages to kick off this stacked second round. At one point Riddle even hits Nakamura with an F-5 as the ultimate sign of disrespect to the Beast (which is seen by Paul Heyman on a monitor in the back)! Nakamura puts in his best effort since the Zayn match at Dallas, almost winning with a Landslide off the second rope and a great knee strike to the back of Riddle’s head, but gets caught out of a Middle Rope knee and hit with a powerbomb/Final Flash knee combo followed by a Floating Bro for the pinfall victory. Heyman is interviewed after the match, but when asked if Lesnar is at all intimidated by Riddle, he just snickers and walks away.
Match 2: Pete Dunne vs. KUSHIDA
The other member of the Broserweights is in action next, clashing with the technical genius of the Time Splitter for a Cruiserweight dream match. KUSHIDA spends a lot of the match working over Dunne’s arm for the Hoverboard Lock, but Dunne works multiple joints to battle back. At one point Dunne goes for an X-Plex but it’s countered into the Hoverboard lock which is in for a little bit, but is eventually countered with an X-Plex 2.0. Near the end of the match, Dunne looks for a top rope Bitter End but his arm is too weak and gives out, allowing KUSHIDA to flip into another Hoverboard Lock for an even closer near tap but Dunne counters by picking at KUSHIDA’s ankle for an extended Ankle Lock which KUSHIDA escapes. KUSHIDA wins out in an extended striking sequence but his leg gives out when he tries to lift Dunne for Back to the Future which allows Dunne to power through to the Bitter End and the victory. Riddle comes out to tend to his partner but they have a bit of a staredown when they realize what it means: The Broserweights will clash in Round 3... And the chance to face Lesnar hangs in the balance.
Match 3: Big E vs. Brock Lesnar
Before this match begins, Heyman cuts a promo on how Brock Lesnar is going to do what he should’ve done at the Royal Rumble had he not been blindsided: Prove how much of a fluke this entire roster is, and how Brock Lesnar is still the most dominant force in WWE, whether everyone around him likes it or not. Heyman says that Cesaro, to his credit, did better than expected, “but after all, I knew that a long time ago” he says, winking at the camera. “This tournament, and its competition, is The Beast’s bitch!” Big E follows soon after, not coming down to his comedic antics but staring a hole through the Beast. Much like Lesnar’s previous tournament match, this is just 12 minutes of uh, shall I say, BIG MEATY MEN SLAPPING MEAT!!! Only now, Big E actually dominates a portion of this match, spearing down Lesnar early on and hitting all of his big moves. Lesnar hits back with some brutal strikes and suplexes, but Big E powers through a German attempt and lifts Lesnar up for a BIG ENDING, AND THEN ANOTHER ONE for a 2.9999 count! E is completely blown away as to what to do next, so he climbs the top rope and goes for a HUGE splash but Lesnar rolls away, driving Big E into the canvas. Lesnar then repays E for earlier, hitting two consecutive F-5’s for the win. Lesnar advances after Big E almost knocked him off, and it becomes clear to Heyman and maybe even Lesnar himself that this tournament isn’t quite in the bag yet.
Match 4: Dominik Dijakovic vs. Jeff Hardy
This is the most peculiar match up of the round of 32 considering how different these two superstars are, and many wonder how it’s going to go. Fortunately, the two fan favourites mesh very well, and the match rules. Dijak realizes pretty early on that his strength is countered out by Hardy’s speed and agility, so he begins to break out his own insane moves. Hardy steps up his game to match up, even busting out a Whisper in the Wind to the outside! Dom goes for a twisting corkscrew moonsault after Hardy survived a Discus Big Boot, but Hardy rolls out of the way and goes for a Twist of Fate which is countered and lifted into a Feast Your Eyes attempt which is dropped into a Twist of Fate but it’s still not enough to put down Dijak. Jeff looks for another Whisper in the Wind but Dom catches him for another FYE, but Jeff struggles and reaches the ropes, he preps for a Swanton Bomb but Dom jumps up and hits a SPANISH FLY! He quickly follows up with a Feast Your Eyes and finally puts down the Enigma. Hardy gives props to Dijak, putting him over as the “Next Big Thing”... Ironic, given who he’s up against next.
Match 5: Andrade w/ Zelina Vega vs. Roman Reigns
This time there’s no baiting of the opponent by Zelina, she knows better than to tempt the Big Dog. What follows is a match that begins with Andrade trying to keep his distance off Roman after an incredibly hot start, and he retains control after Roman crashes head first into the steps after a spear attempt. Reigns makes a fiery comeback, and the two stars end up going blow for blow, with Reigns hitting a Superman Punch, replied to with a Spinning Back Elbow from Andrade, who is then turned inside out by Roman’s clothesline leading to an escaped double pin spot. Zelina doesn’t like what she’s seeing, so she confers with Andrade in the corner before Reigns grabs him and goes for his massive Crucifix Powerbomb, but Andrade counters and hurricanrana’s Reigns face first into the middle corner pad before distracting the referee long enough for Zelina to swing around and straight up 619 Reigns around the corner before having him eat Andrade’s Running knees for another nearfall! El Idolo sets up La Sombra, but Reigns counters by single arm powerbombing Andrade into the corner! Zelina calls to the back and Theory/Garza both rush down to tend to the downed Andrade on the outside, but they don’t see Reigns charge and fly over the top rope for a huge dive! He follows up with a successful Cruicifix Bomb and gets ready for a spear, but runs right into a SHOCK SPIKE LA SOMBRA!!! And, in a massive upset, the U.S. Champion bounces Reigns in Round 2.
Match 6: Buddy Murphy vs. Edge
Before this match, Murphy is seen in the back conferring with Seth Rollins, who gives him guidance on his upcoming match... But they’re interrupted by Edge himself. He says he understands why the Best Kept Secret would go for ruthless tutelage... But that he shouldn’t be fooled into being the Messiah’s attack dog. Rollins goes to speak for Murphy but Murphy stops him and says that he remembers once upon a time his gracious mentor had the opportunity to take away Edge’s chances at a return but didn’t, so Edge should be thankful that he’s even standing there and not in a wheelchair. “Don’t worry though, you’ll have plenty of time to be grateful when you’re looking up at the lights... And when the Messiah wins the tournament.” Edge lets both know that he hasn’t forgotten about what happened those years ago, and that he is grateful: Grateful that he gets the chance to shatter Seth, and his pathetic goon. Murphy takes umbrage to the last comment but Rollins calms him down and tells him to focus. All he has to do is “put Old Yeller out of his misery”, and then the both of them will make it to the promised land. Edge and Murphy have an excellent match where Buddy proves he isn’t just some goon. He nearly tops off Edge with a Murphy’s Law but Edge actually kicks out! After that move though Edge is seen cradling his neck, the match seems to have taken its toll. Murphy shoves the referee out of the way to check but EDGE WAS FAKING IT and he rolls up Murphy for a two count before its escaped, Murphy then however runs directly into a spear which turns him inside out, and is pinned there after. The Rated R Superstar puts his finger to his head, saying “Old Yeller’s got some new tricks, kiddo.” As Murphy walks away, dejected.
Match 7: Adam Cole vs. Kevin Owens
A battle of former NXT Champions, Adam Cole is interviewed before the match and says that he has been bringing NXT up to new heights ever since he became its Undisputed leader, and that tonight he is going to embarrass the shell of NXT’s heart. Owens retorts That He’s the one who put NXT on the map as it’s champion, facing and defeating John Cena on PPV while holding that title up high. As far as he is concerned, he’s still the past, present and future of NXT, and he’s gonna prove that. These two had really good chemistry in the little bit of back and forth they had in the WarGames match and that obviously carries over here, and it ends when the two men recreate the Austin/Michaels StunneSuperkick spot only this time when Owens goes for the finishing stunner, Cole drops and pulls Owens head first into an exposed middle turnbuckle which he tried to use earlier! Adam then follows up immediately with a Panama Sunrise and the Last Shot to just eek a win out over the Prizefighter, bouncing another potential favourite in the process.
Match 8: Mustafa Ali vs. Keith Lee
Good lord I wonder how high Ali is gonna bounce after a Spirit Bomb. Actually though both of these guys are dark horse picks for winners for many people, and it’s time for them to clash in a seemingly David vs Goliath style match, but Ali And Lee actually match each other with highflying moves and the like. Ali ends up hitting some insane moves like a 450 off the apron to the outside and a diving DDT onto the apron, but Lee powers back by Pouncing Ali so far over the ropes that he hits the announcers table, and also busts out a CANADIAN DESTROYER for a damn near 3 count. However, Ali catches Lee off guard on the top rope and goes for a super rana.... But he forgets that Lee is just massive, and he gets lifted sky high and PLANTED with a Super Spirit Bomb that almost bounces him back up through roof, giving Lee the victory. Ali once again extends a handshake but unlike last time, Lee gladly accepts after a match well done. The Limitless One is finally gonna get his hands on the NXT Champion in singles action next round.
Match 9: Finn Balor vs. WALTER w/ Chad Gable
The long teased match finally takes place in the second round of the classic, and The Ring General just oozes confidence, this time being accompanied by his newest accomplice in Imperium, Chad Gable. The two men wait a while for Balor to enter but it takes quite a while... But then the lights go out. A slow, repeated heartbeat rings throughout the arena, as red smoke fills the top of the entrance ramp, the beat speeds up rapidly before the DEMON KING EMERGES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER A YEAR TO CHALLENGE WALTER!! It’s a glorious entrance, the Demon has come to claim the General’s head... But does he? These two start off slow but eventually let loose, despite some hesitant interference from Gable, Balor looks like he’s gonna be the one to topple WALTER. He almost hits a 1916, but gets countered into the Gojira Clutch, but Balor rolls out and then CATCHES WALTER MID DROPKICK WITH A FOOT STOMP! He follows it up with a Coup De Grace for a 2.999 count! Balor starts talking smack to WALTER in the corner before unloading a few Shotgun Dropkicks, he goes for a third one but the now enraged WALTER EXPLODES WITH A LARIAT!!! He follows it up with a Powerbomb, but Balor kicks out! WALTER wastes no time and cinches in the Gojira Clutch for a second time and despite a valiant effort, the Demon shockingly fades and passes out to WALTER in a rare loss.
Match 10: Daniel Bryan vs. Johnny Gargano
This is the match that is without a doubt the most hyped up heading into the second round, many are shocked to see the match happen so early on but no one complains about it happening at all, that’s for sure. Both Bryan and Gargano elect to have their managers, Gulak & LeRae respectively, to stay back for this particular match. Bryan wants this to be a fair one on one match, while Gargano exudes arrogance, “knowing” that Bryan doesn’t stand a chance no matter what. What follows is an instant classic, without a doubt the best match of the tournament so far! The two begin with technical prowess but Gargano opts to be a bit more savage whenever Bryan gets the upper hand. The match goes for about 20-25 minutes already and Daniel is just lighting up Johnny with Yes Kicks, over and over, Johnny just can’t counter, so on the final wind up kick, he ducks and shoves Bryan into the referee, AND GOES FOR A LOW KICK... BUT BRYAN WAS WEARING A CUP!!! He slides in for a roll up but Gargano kicks out and eats the final Yes Kick after escaping to the apron and launching for a slingshot spear! Bryan winds up, looking for the running knee, but he charges straight into a SUPERKICK! GARGA-NO ESCAPE LOCKED IN!!!! Daniel spends an ungodly amount of time locked in the hold, he almost passes out but just barely gets the rope, only for Johnny to roll back and GET BRYAN IN HIS OWN YES LOCK! The Yes Man is fading, Gargano laughs at him for being so weak, the ref lifts Bryan’s arm... BUT HE’S STILL ALIVE!!! Daniel maneuvers out and reigns down stomps on Johnny and tries for a Yes Lock of his own but it’s countered into a small package, Bryan kicks out at 2 and then the match rockets into its proper final sequence with the two men going strike for strike until Bryan tosses Gargano to the apron, he kicks Daniel in the gut and goes for a slingshot DDT but Bryan catches him and tries to drop him into a Yes Lock, but Gargano escapes that and bounces off the rope to swing into another Garga-No Escape but Bryan fights out of it, Gargano goes for an enziguri but Bryan ducks and goes for a European Clutch pinfall but Gargano escapes, bounces off the ropes for a Discus clothesline but it’s ducked and he turns around RIGHT INTO A RUNNING KNEE OFF THE ROPES FROM BRYAN!!!! BUT GARGANO KICKS OUT, BUT IMMEDIATELY IS CAUGHT IN A YES LOCK!!! He fights for his life, looking to make it to the ropes, but Bryan rolls back and grabs Johnny’s arm, before pulling it back for a modified Rings of Saturn/Yes Lock combination, and after about 3 minutes in the hold in total, Mr. Wrestling finally taps out. Bryan wins this round, but after this 30 minute masterclass, these two will definitely be seeing each other again. For now, Bryan has another insane dream opponent waiting for him in the form of WALTER, and despite his visible exhaustion, he is still determined to prove himself to be the best wrestler in the world.
Match 11: Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman
Going from a technical masterpiece to a hoss fight seems like a decent style change to keep the crowd refreshed, and Braun & Drew are more than happy to provide. These two finally have the epic brawl they should’ve had years ago. Braun hits a Powerslam on the outside of the ring and rolls Drew in for a nearfall, but in the end, it takes two Claymore kicks to have Drew put down the Monster. The WWE Champion is one of the emerging favourites in the early stages after beating the Universal Champion in the 2nd round.
Match 12: Roderick Strong vs. Samoa Joe
It’s a battle between ROH alumni, with Roddy seemingly entering alone to challenge the Samoan Submission Machine. This is the most brutal match of the tournament thus far given both superstars apt striking and submission ability, it mimics the time of wrestling that these two made their biggest rounds in. Near the end Roddy hits a Rocket Kick on Joe but ends up busting his lip open in the process, he laughs off the ref’s concerns and goes for a pin only for Joe to power out IMMEDIATELY with a deathly look in his eyes, and the two engage in a striking match after Joe slaps the taste out of Strong’s mouth. Roderick retains control and sets up Joe on the ropes for his constant forearms but gets caught from out of nowhere with a “GOTCHA!” Uranage, Joe then locks in the Coquina Clutch for an extended near submission but Roddy escapes, and retreats to the top rope. Joe catches Strong though, and returns the MUSCLE BUSTER to finally put away the Man of 1000 Backbreakers.
Match 13: Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega & Austin Theory vs. Kofi Kingston w/ Big E
These two guys ooze charisma and it shows in the early stages of the match when it starts off comedically, but the two then move to a breakneck pace for a solid 12-15 minute match where E and Austin cancel each other out, leaving Zelina to interfere near the end of the match trying for a hurricanrana on Kofi into the steel steps, but Kofi holds on to Zelina and flips her on her feet, only for Angel to dropkick Kofi Into the steps. He looks for the Wing Clipper in the ring but Kofi rolls up Garza which is escaped only for Angel to walk into a Trouble in Paradise for the three count!!
Match 14: Seth Rollins w/ Buddy Murphy vs. Tyler Bate w/ Trent Seven
The Messiah once again walks into a match with a definite fan favourite, delusional to the fact that no one is rooting for him. He gives Tyler all the props in the world for being such a “solid little worker”, but when push comes to shove, he just can’t hang with the best wrestler in WWE. (BOOOOOOOO) In a not very shocking development, Rollins and Bate TEAR THE FREAKING HOUSE DOWN in another amazing tournament match. Buddy Murphy tries to interfere but bets laid out by Trent Seven, but Rollins still barely weasels out the victor after rolling up Bate out of a Tyler Driver. Rollins defeats another over hero to a chorus one boos as he heads into the same crowd slaughter with Kofi Kingston. He’s happy about the victory... But looks disappointedly at Murphy as they walk up the ramp.
Match 15: Aleister Black vs. Sheamus
Another strike heavy match at first, this is also without a doubt the STIFFEST match in the tournament thus far. Both guys work stiff really well when they want to, and this match is no exception. What this match does however, is pinpoint a bullseye on Aleister that will be further continued on in the tournament, and it happens after Sheamus hits a White Noise on the apron. Black’s ribs are in a bad way during this match going forward, and only get worse after Black gets caught out of a Tope Con Hilo and hit with the High Cross onto the apron again. Black fights through the pain though and works a great match with the Celtic Warrior, finally catching him off guard with a Black Mass when he charges for a Brogue Kick. The Dutch Destroyer remains a favourite moving forward, but he’s definitely at a disadvantage with his now injured mid section.
Match 16: Rey Mysterio vs. Ricochet
Finishing off the round of 32 with a huge shot of adrenaline seems like the way to go, but there’s a bit of background story going on too. After Cedric Alexander’s loss in the previous round, Ricochet approaches him and asks why he wouldn’t take the loss graciously, to which Cedric asks if Ricochet ever gets tired of just “getting over it?” The consistent lack of use on Raw, the amount they’ve both been looked over is ridiculous and Cedric doesn’t know how much longer he can take it. Ricochet tells Cedric to just be patient, but Cedric replies that they’ve both been patient long enough. He’s calmed down but just lets his partner know to not hesitate to win. This is his chance to prove himself and he can not let it go to waste. Ricochet thinks on this, before leaving for his match. The ultimate Cruiserweight dream match is everything that the fans could possibly dream of, packed with insane counters and top rope maneuvers. Mysterio shockingly kicks out of a Shooting Star Press, which almost incites Ricochet to freak out on Rey but he doesn’t, however he goes to pick up Rey but gets kicks in the legs, into the ropes and hit with a 619! Rey waits for Ricochet to get up and launches for a West Coast Pop, but Ricochet catches him and turns it into a BENADRYLLER!!! Rey is out cold, but that doesn’t stop Ricochet from climbing the top rope and hitting a 630 to defeat the masked legend. Cedric comes out from the back afterwards to celebrate with Ricochet, but as he motions for them to go, Ricochet stops and accepts a handshake from Mysterio after a match well fought. Rey extends his hand to Cedric, who begrudgingly accepts, but leaves soon after as Ricochet celebrates to end the round of 32!
Match 1: Daniel Bryan w/ Drew Gulak vs. WALTER w/ Chad Gable
Kicking things off is the Ring General and the Yes Man in a technical dream match. Gulak talks up Bryan and his two excellent previous matches as proof that Bryan is the best wrestler, and that he knows he’s going to make it to the end of the tournament. Bryan is thankful for the support but knows he has to remain 100% focused, as WALTER is no push over, and after Bryan’s last war with Gargano, he has to be prepared for the fight of his life... They are then interrupted by Imperium. WALTER says he comes in piece... and offers Bryan & Gulak places in Imperium. It’s worked out well enough for Chad Gable thus far, and while Bryan does think advancing an entire new group is tempting... He wants to move forward himself, and not as anyone’s stable mate. He declines. WALTER’s arrogance fades into mild annoyance, and he looks at Bryan and says that if he won’t join them, he’s just not fit for the mat... The match is his funeral. WALTER works his absolute best with complete underdogs and Bryan is so good at getting the crowd on his side, in this match specifically. WALTER dominates the early stages, having an answer for most of Bryan’s offensive maneuvers. At one point the Ring General just refuses to relent on a series of sickening chops, leaving Bryan’s chest bright red and littered with welts. WALTER waits for Bryan to climb to his feet in the corner, arrogantly patting the Goat on the head, lamenting his refusal to join Imperium... Bryan responds with a cracking open hand slap to WALTER which reverberates throughout the arena. WALTER, enraged, goes to kick Bryan’s head off with a crisp big boot but his carelessness allows Bryan to dodge and catch WALTER’s foot on the top rope and unload with kicks! From here on out Bryan is able to counter the General, wailing on his leg and other joints to counter his offence. He locks in both a Heel Hook and a Yes Lock separately in this comeback but his momentum is cut off when he’s booted in mid air after a running knee attempt, but he kicks out at two. He puts Bryan in the Gojira Clutch but he doesn’t get a tap/KO victory so he hits a vicious Sleeper Suplex for another nearfall. Gable gets on the apron but he’s pulled down by Gulak, but the two just back off and let the match end honourably. WALTER grabs Bryan and sets him on the top rope, looking to ends things with a super Sleeper Suplex, he goes... BUT BRYAN FLIPS, HOOKS THE DAMAGED LEG AND ROLLS UP WALTER FOR THE SHOCKING 3 COUNT!!! BRYAN BARELY ADVANCES AND HES PINNED THE UK CHAMPION TO DO IT!!!
Match 2: Drew McIntyre vs. Samoa Joe
McIntyre cuts a backstage promo after his match with Braun Strowman and says while he’s exhausted, and while he knows how good Samoa Joe is, he is going to fight to win this tournament to the very end, because he’s the WWE Champion, and that means that he has to show that he is the best wrestler alive, no matter the cost... And then Samoa Joe, fresh off of his victory over Roderick Strong, enters the scene. He asks Drew if he remembers him, cause it seems like more and more people forget about him only to be put down by him time and time again. He remembers Drew though, he remembers Survivor Series 2018, when Drew eliminated him mere moments into the match after one foolish mistake. He’s never forgotten that night, and he’s intent on making Drew never forget how Joe put him to sleep to advance in the WNC. “You’re so intent on ‘proving yourself’ ... But I just want to knock your ass out.” These two have the most evenly balanced match possible, with the crowd split down the middle for all of it. Near the end, the same spot from SS 2018 happens where Drew counters the Coquina Clutch into a roll up before going for a Claymore Kick, but Joe catches Drew this time, plants him with a Uranage and locks in the Clutch again. However, Drew powers both himself and Joe to the second rope and hits a huge air raid crash to escape! The match reaches its conclusion when the two go back and forth with strikes until Drew catches Joe with a shock Claymore, which only drops Joe to his knees. Drew goes back to the corner, and looks Joe in the eyes as he yells at Drew to “take his best shot”, before hitting a second Claymore to pin the Samoan Submission Machine. Joe refuses Drew’s offer to help him to his feet, but does reluctantly shake his hand and leaves to a massive crowd reaction, allowing Drew to celebrate his victory. (Ideal world, Joe wins next year’s tourney)
Match 3: Andrade w/ Zelina Vega vs. Edge
At this point Edge is building up massive babyface energy, similarly to Brian Kendrick in the CWC, as a veteran trying to prove that he can still hang and winning everytime. Andrade on the other hand, is building up momentum after knocking off Roman Reigns, and interrupts an interview backstage with Edge to let him know that his sob story is coming to an end after El Idolo beats him without breaking a sweat. Andrade actually is good on his word for that last part, managing to counter Edge at every turn, but Edge gets a break after pulling out a Killswitch! The match is more even from there, to the point where Zelina tries to interfere by putting Andrade’s feet on the ropes for a roll up pin but she’s caught in the process... Leaving Andrade distracted long enough for Edge to then roll him up, putting HIS feet on the second rope out of the ref’s sight, and getting the win to the crowd’s delight! The Rated R Superstar survives against the U.S. Champion, but he knows how close it came a few times. He laughs and celebrates at the top of the ramp, as Andrade and his crew fume in the ring.
Match 4: Adam Cole w/ The Undisputed Era vs. Keith Lee
It’s another Champion vs. Champion match, this time between the Undisputed NXT Champion, and the Limitless North American Champion. The Era is desperate to keep their leader in the tournament, and to ensure that one of them walks away the winner, so they interfere heavily in this match, but Lee is able to repel them at multiple moments. Cole is able to hold his own as well, but Lee looks to get the upper hand. After Lee busts out a superkick to counter a Last Shot attempt, Cole falls out of the ring into his comrades, so Lee decides to definitively rid the match of them by hitting a HUGE TOPE CON HILO!!! He rolls Cole back into the ring and lifts him up for a Spirit Bomb, but Cole drops down and HITS A PANAMA SUNRISE for a 2.99999 count! Cole freaks out, shocked that it wasn’t enough, so he sets himself up and goes for a proper Panama Sunrise, but Lee plants himself when Cole tries to flip into the piledriver and just hauls Cole over his back for a back drop, he looks down at the fallen champion and around to the cheering crowd, and climbs the top rope for an AMAZING MOONSAULT! That gets the job done, and Lee scores a pinfall victory over the NXT Champion! He is interviewed in the ring afterwards about how he’s steadily gained momentum, and he says that ever since his performance at Survivor Series last year, it’s always been stand out performances with no victory, and that’s going to change when he wins, to determine that the possibilities for the future of NXT, WWE and wrestling in general are indeed, Limitless.
Match 5: Kofi Kingston vs. Seth Rollins w/ Buddy Murphy
An interaction is filmed between Rollins and his most loyal disciple, where he reprimands Murphy for failing to oust Ed’s from the tournament, and for not adequately helping his “Messiah” advance farther in the tournament. He wants to keep giving to Murphy, but if he’s not going to provide, then things will change... Rollins notices the cameraman watching them and sends Murphy off before just walking right up to the camera and ranting about how after WrestleMania 35, the night where his coronation as the “hero of WWE”, he was upstaged and forgotten in the favour of Kofi Kingston’s crowning moment later in the show. He has never “forgiven” Kofi for his “sin against wrestling”, but rest assured, bouncing him from the tournament will be enough of a repayment from the universe for him. Later on, Kofi has a promo on where he calls out Rollins for just not being able to handle the pressure as “the guy”, and that it’ll be his pleasure to ensure that the Messiah doesn’t poison this tournament with his presence any longer... He heads a commotion around the corner and goes to see that BIG E IS BEING ATTACKED BY MURPHY! Kofi runs him off and tends to his partner, as the camera pans to see Murphy and Rollins in the distance, Rollins adorning Murphy with a pat on the back. Kofi comes out alone, fired up and furious, while Rollins enters calm and collected with Murphy at his side. Kofi is initially intent on taking both men out, and it costs him multiple times as his attention being on Murphy allows Seth to take advantage. He is able to finally gain the advantage after rolling out of the way of a Frog Splash, and the match revs up massively in pace from then on, with both men countering and hitting their biggest moves, Rollins busts out God’s Last Gift at one point and Kofi even hits a Big Ending on Rollins for the ultimate payback. He lays out both Seth and Buddy with a Trust Fall dive out of the ring, and looks for a springboard clothesline which Seth dodges, before intercepting a charging Kingston with a superkick that turns him inside out before hitting a Curb Stomp to, yet again, barely overcome yet another crowd favourite for even more heat. Kofi’s journey back to the top of the WWE is cut off by the despised Messiah.
Match 6: Aleister Black vs. Ricochet
A battle not only between former Tag Team partners, but also a battle that NXT fans never got to see once upon a time when these two both ruled over the black and gold brand. Before this match starts, both stars have build up where Black disregards his slight injury he sustained in his brutal match with Sheamus in the previous round, and stating that no matter who is next, the fights he is set to pick in the coming rounds of the tournament will end the same, with his opponents fading to black en route to the Dutch Destroyer claiming his newest prize. Meanwhile, Cedric Alexander is still imploring Ricochet to take any chance he gets, implying Black’s ribs, but Ricochet still refuses to stoop to that level, determined to beat Black fair and square to prove how good he is on his own wrestling merits, cause he “knows” he can beat Black on his own. Tonight is his night. What follows is one of the best matches of the tournament, it’s adrenaline fuelled from start to finish and the chemistry between the two is off the charts. At a certain point Ricochet just can’t put Black away, so he begins to target Black’s midsection with Northern Lights suplexes, visibly hurting Black to boos from the crowd. He snaps out of his desperation and goes outside for a springboard while the ref checks on Aleister... who just looks at the waiting Ricochet and sits crossed legged. Ricochet goes for a springboard crossbody to his seated opponent, but Black uses his momentum to flip into a pin attempt which is kicked out of, leading right into Ricochet hitting a Benadryller followed by a reverse Frankensteiner for a DEATHLY close nearfall. He looks for a 630 to wrap things up, but Black avoids it as Ricochet lands on his feet, they charge at each other and Black catches Ricochet with a snap German suplex, a roundhouse Kick and a Running Meteora for ANOTHER nearfall! Finally, the two go into an INSANE counter sequence with Ricochet going for an OSCUTTER but he gets caught in the OWARI DEATH CLUTCH, but he rolls through and goes for a DETONATION KICK but Black catches him, sweeps the leg and HITS A DOUBLE FOOT STOMP, waiting for Ricochet to get to his feet, he goes for BLACK MASS but Ricochet ducks, kicks Black in the gut and lifts him into a GORY STRETCH FLATLINER, but Black rolls through until Ricochet rolls onto his feet and eats a BLACK MASS!!!!
The two men lay for a little bit, exhausted after such an intense match, but eventually Black gets to his feet while Ricochet crawls to the corner. As Aleister celebrates another hard fought win, Cedric runs down and tends to his partner, Black goes to help Ricochet up, but Cedric gets in his face and tells him to back off, so he does. Cedric helps his team mate up, but then he stops, looks at Black, who’s turned his back.. AND HITS HIM WITH A LUMBAR CHECK!! Aleister writhes around, his damaged mid section drowning in pain, while Ricochet pulls Cedric back and starts to reprimand him... But as the loss sets in, as he realizes that his not exploiting of Black’s mid section might be why he lost, and as Cedric’s words over the last few weeks run through his mind... He still goes to help up Black, but then KICKS HIM IN THE BALLS! He smirks at Cedric, and finishes off the tandem assault with a 630 Senton, leaving Black in the worst way he could possibly be in going up against Seth Rollins, who is shown watching the match unfold on a monitor backstage, with a smirk across his face.
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2020.05.06 02:47 DGenerationMC Rebooking 2010 TNA Pt. 7 - Victory Road

Link to Genesis:
Link to Against All Odds:
Link to Destination X:
Link to Lockdown:
Link to Sacrifice:
Link to Slammiversary:
Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson def. Team 3D
Although they came up short in winning the tag titles at Slammiversary, The Enigmatic Assholes' bond grows even more. When Anderson's mouth gets him into trouble again, this time with Team 3D, Jeff sticks up for his new friend. Out of respect for their past, Ray and Devon warn Hardy that Anderson can't be trusted. Despite the teases throughout the match, Anderson actually sacrifices himself, giving Jeff the assist as he wins with a Swanton. After the match, Anderson continues jaw-jacking and yet Hardy remains at his side, telling Team 3D off.
Angelina Love def. Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne by disqualification
The self-destruction of The Beautiful People continues as Madison, feeling her reign is in jeopardy, willing takes a belt shot from a mystery woman masked with a motorcycle helmet.
Doug Williams(c) (with Rob Terry) def. Brian Kendrick in a Submission Match to retain the X-Division Championship
In Kendrick's last shot at the Brit's title, he makes no attempts to get Terry barred from ringside and even allows Williams to pick the stipulation. As expected, Williams retains in the match in spite of the fight Kendrick brought.
Jay Lethal def. Kazarian (with Ric Flair)
Flair's group, going by Fortune, look to maintain order in TNA and refuse to let the likes of Hogan, Bischoff and their "favorites" take over. One of the label sell-outs to the new authority is Lethal, who gets targeted due to his continuous taunting of The Nature Boy and his refusal to back down to the group. Once again, Lethal pulls out a victory over a Flair disciple but is beat down afterwards. While Flair puts the youngster in the Figure-Four, Kaz stabs him in the eye with a pen.
Matt Morgan def. Hernandez in a First Blood Match
Showing his true colors, The Blueprint finds himself getting beat from pillar to post by SuperMex after a hot start. Eventually using the lenient rules to his favor, Morgan takes control. The finish sees Hernandez go for his trademark dive only for Morgan to smash him mid-air with a chair, busting his former partner open.
Motor City Machine Guns def. Beer Money(c) to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship
Following months and months of chasing, The Guns get their shot. Overcoming the infamous beer bottle attack attempt, the former X-Divison Champions can now officially take the name of best tag team in the world.
Kurt Angle def. Samoa Joe
Angle's climb back up the ranks continues, as he faces his stiffest competition since 1/4 Impact match against Styles. In another classic encounter between the two, Kurt surprises Joe with a roll-up, winning the game of wits. Angle tries to shake Joe's hand but The Samoan Submission Machine walks away, shaking his head in disgust.
AJ Styles(c) def. Rob Van Dam, Abyss & D'Angelo Dinero in a 4-Way Match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
With the other three members of Fortune having lost their matches, it's all up to The Phenomenal One to end the night on a high. As RVD is caught up trying to out-hardcore The Monster, AJ ends The Pope's chances of an upset with the Styles Clash. Delivering when it counts, the champion celebrates with the rest of Fortune for an in-ring party. With a bunch of smiles from Flair and his crew, we get a split screen shot of Hogan and Bischoff smirking, looking bemused.
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2020.05.04 15:56 JoeyJoeySiwa 4th May - NEO Uprising - First Show Special

4th May - Live from Sacramento, CA
"Holla holla holla!"
Those three words which are too familiar to the wrestling fan are the first three words heard in NEO history. Holla. Holla. Holla. Of course, Theodore Long, Head Commissioner of NEO, starts the show off in the ring.
"New Era Offense welcomes you to the first... ever... NEO Uprising!!!"
There would be a cheer from the crowd, however, that couldn't be arranged as of right now.
"Of course, NEO is new on the wrestling scene, so let me introduce you to what you are about to see!
"And finally, I can assure you that we have some of the best wrestlers here at NEO. We have veterans such as Randy Orton and Edge, and we have young promising rookies such as Sammy Guevara and Andrade, and in addition, we have arguably the two hottest stars in the business right now! We have Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho!
"As a matter of fact, Rollins and Jericho are going head-to-head, tonight!"

"But what are they fighting for? Well, ultimately, they're fighting for a shot at the most prestigious championship here at NEO, the Worldwide Championship! And that match will take place tonight!
"So, whoever wins between Rollins and Jericho will move onto the main event. But who will they face? Well, let's find out right now, in this 21-Man Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal!!"
Match 1 - Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley vs AJ Styles vs Rusev vs Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Braun Strowman vs Randy Orton vs Edge vs Shelton Benjamin vs Bobby Lashley vs Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio vs Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes vs Dustin Rhodes vs Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy vs The Brian Kendrick vs Kofi Kingston vs Big E vs Xavier Woods
Pretty much half of the NEO Men's Division crammed into one match. The Brian Kendrick is the first person eliminated. The match sees the Rhodes brothers team up to eliminate the New Day, and Edge and Orton briefly teaming up to eliminate Braun Strowman. Eventually, the match boils down to the top 4 - Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley, AJ Styles and Hiroshi Tanahashi, 4 of the biggest stars in NEO. Hiroshi eliminates Styles and Omega eliminates Moxley. Hiroshi then manages to throw Omega over the top rope to qualify for the main event.
Match 2 - Singles Match Angel Garza w/ Austin Theory and Zelina Vega vs Tyler Breeze w/ Fandango
The first singles match in NEO is between Angel Garza and Tyler Breeze, with their respective tag team partners at ringside. The two athletes pull up some pretty cool spots, but Garza ends up with the win
We cut to Teddy Long's office, where we see MJF barge in.
"What. The. Hell, Long? I am CLEARLY the best and most flawless wrestler here in NEO, but yet I don't have an opportunity to qualify for the Worldwide title? Smart move, idiot!"
Long is quick to respond.
"Well, playa, I'm sorry. I musta missed ya. However, I can book you in a title match tonight."
MJF - "A Worldwide title match?"
Long - "Not quite. May I introduce you to the Atlantic Title. And tonight, to win this, all you gotta do is climb up a ladder and retrieve it! Simple enough, right?"
MJF - "Too easy. Thanks for doing business."
Long - "Uh uh... not quite. I'm not giving it to you that easily. Also going for that title is Andrade."
MJF - "You've got to be kidding"
Long - "And Sammy Guevara..."
MJF - "No. Stop."
Long - "And Jake Hager... And Johnny Gargano..."
The shock on MJF's face is easily seen.
"And Pete Dunne, and Dominik Dijakovic, and Apollo Crews!"
MJF slams his hands on the desk and storms out, as Long chuckles in the background.
Match 3 - Worldwide Title Qualification Match Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho
The top two draft picks for NEO go head to head, and oh boy what a match. These two just seem to click, and the crowd gets excited. The Inner Circle isn't seen throughout the match - I guess Jericho just wanted to make a good first impression and prove he can get by without his mates. The match ends as Rollins dodges a Judas Effect and hits a curb stomp for the 1-2-3.
Match 4 - Tag Team Title Match Street Profits vs The Usos vs Santana and Ortiz
A quick match to recover from Rollins vs Jericho, the match sees Santana and Ortiz looking strong throughout. The Usos and the Street Profits briefly team up to take out the duo. Eventually, Jey Uso manages to pin Angelo Dawkins to become the FIRST Tag Team Champions with Jimmy.
We go to Long's office for the second time today, where we see the Boss N Hug Connection consulting with the Commissioner.
Bayley - "Look, how dare you not book us in the Women's Title Match tonight!"
Sasha - "We are some of the best women in the company - you can't just exclude us!"
Long - "Look, I'm sorry ladies, I had other plans for you tonight but I just couldn't squeeze you guys in the card! Enjoy the week off, you can relax for a bit!"
Bayley - "Relax!? How am I---"
She's cut off by Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, who also walk into the office.
Alexa - "Hey, how come Nikki and I don't have a match tonight?"
Long - "I apologise but---"
Then Long is interrupted by the Kabuki Warriors
Asuka -
Long - "Ladies! Ladies! Calm down! Look, I apologise that all 6 of you weren't on tonight's card, but I just couldn't find room. So, next week, the Boss N Hug Connection will take on the Kabuki Warriors, and Bliss and Cross, and the winners will become #1 contenders for the NEO Women's Title
Match 5 - Women's Title Match Tessa Blanchard vs Shayna Baszler vs Becky Lynch vs Rhea Ripley
Four of the toughest women in the industry go head to head. Tessa Blanchard and Shayna Baszler face off for the majority of the match, their two styles perfectly clashing against each other. Meanwhile, Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley face off in what also is an interesting match. Eventually, Blanchard and Baszler take each other out and Lynch manages to get the pin over Rhea Ripley.
Match 6 - Singles Match Chad Gable vs R-Truth
Quick match. Not much offense by R-Truth gets in, Chad Gable is quick to hit his finisher and pick up the pin.
Inner Circle meeting. Jericho is quick to point out that it hasn't been quite a successful night for the Inner Circle, saying that unfortunately he couldn't get the win over Rollins, and Santana and Ortiz were unfairly screwed out of the title despite their dominating performance. However, he also points out they have strength in numbers, and that there are two of them in the upcoming ladder match for the Atlantic Title. He strategises with Guevara and Hager to use that for their advantage.
Match 7 - Atlantic Title LADDER Match Andrade vs Sammy Guevara vs Jake Hager vs Johnny Gargano vs Pete Dunne vs Dominik Dijakovic vs MJF vs Apollo Crews
The four people that the crowd have their eye on are MJF, the Inner Circle (Guevara and Hager) and Gargano. The match is filled with interesting spots, I mean, it's an 8-man Ladder Match. Apollo Crews does some cool flippy stuff as always, such as a swanton from the top rope through a ladder. MJF relies on the use of a ladder as a weapon to get through the match, however, he is obviously reluctant to climb the ladder. He eventually starts climbing up the ladder. Hager and Guevara team up to take out Andrade, Dunne, Dijakovic and Apollo one-by-one. Gargano climbs up the ladder opposite MJF, and they start brawling. Hager and Guevara then tip the ladder over, re-set the ladder, and Guevara climbs as Hager holds the ladder steady. Sammy Guevara then retrieves the title to become the FIRST Atlantic Champion.
Match 8 - Worldwide Title Match Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Seth Rollins
Here we are. Hiroshi Tanahashi. Seth Rollins. Two absolutely massive stars duke it out to determine the first NEO Worldwide Champion. It's an amazing bout, with both pulling spectacular moves. Rollins does a suicide dive, Tanahashi does a crossbody from the apron, there are many somewhat high-flying spots. Tanahashi manages to move out of the way of a curb stomp, goes for a roll-up, Rollins manages to reverse it into a pin of his own, Tanahashi kicks out at 2. He then hits a snap suplex, followed by a High Fly Flow to become the FIRST NEO Worldwide Champion!
End of show.
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2020.05.03 03:36 MGTElite489 Underground Kings, Episode I January 10, 2020 Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan, New York

Cue the show's theme, just as the emblem for REVOLT: Underground Kings is shown, before cutting to a live shot of all the screaming fans in Hammerstein Ballroom, everyone in attendance excited for the first ever episode of Underground Kings. Don Callis and Matt Striker greet everyone from the announce desk, and marvel at the card they have tonight. Other than that, Commissioner Ricky Steamboat will be addressing the entire Junior Heavyweight Division, including its champion, Sammy Guevara, and Davey Boy Smith Jr of the Hart Foundation will be holding an open challenge. But to kick off the night, it's the the first match to ever happen on Underground Kings... a Four Way Dance for the ages!
Familiar music hits, and the crowd immediately lose their minds as their favorite Cowboy is set to make the very first entrance in Underground Kings history. With a serious look on his face, Page storms down to the ring, slapping hands with the occasional ringside fan, but staying focused as he rolls in and grabs the ropes, feeding off the energy in the Ballroom. As Page sinks in his respective corner, we hear new music, something the crowd has never heard of before. The entire venue is now coated in gold lighting, with only the stage area being devoid of any light. But after a few moments of darkness, it's immediately enveloped in gold lighting, and out from the curtain comes the One and Only, Ricochet. Wearing vibrant silver and gold tights with black kickpads, he races down to the ring, and slides in, jumping up the turnbuckles. Matt Striker notes the new gear and music, saying it might possibly Ricochet's way of moving past failing at the PPV. As Ricochet hops down, he comes face to face with his opponent from The Wrestling Classic, both men unable to claim the REVOLT Internet Championship as their own. They share a few words, but before they anything else can be traded, Death Before Dishonor's music starts ringing throughout the arena.
In comes Tyler Black with Roderick Strong, who's holding his REVOLT World Trios Championship close to his shoulder. Strong rolls into the ring and immediately starts talking trash to Page and Ricochet, causing both men to stare him down. Knowing he's already made some enemies, he backs off, and Hangman nods, smiling at Strong's double take, only for his smile to fade away as he notices Black looking at him closely, more than anyone else in the match. Page turns his back on him, trying to get his mind off being examined by the leader of DBD, only to turn back around once he hears Shane Strickland's music, which causes the entire Manhattan crowd to get into a "SWERVE" chant, something Don Callis says is proof that Shane Strickland is the unsung King of the Independent Scene. All four men are in the ring now, and the referee everyone up and down, before calling for the bell. HERE WE GO!
Four Way Dance: Hangman Page vs Ricochet vs Roderick Strong vs Shane Strickland
As soon as the bell rings, Strong comes raging out of his corner to blast Ricochet in the side of the head with a high knee! Immediately pairing off with one another, that leaves Hangman Page and Shane Strickland staring each other down. Page shrugs, and walks into the middle of the ring, just as Strickland is doing the same! They stand face to face, before Strickland tries to surprise him with a leg sweep! Page steps out of the way, and aims a huge forearm at Swerve's head, but he evades! Strickland connects with a shoot kick to the chest, and runs the ropes, only to have to dodges a lariat that would've taken his head off! Strickland lands underneath Page's arm, and hops back to his feet to land an enzuigiri! Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Ricochet bouncing off the ropes and hitting a tope suicida on Strong at ringside, an idea forming in his head! Suddenly, he grabs the ropes, waiting for Ricochet to get back to his feet, and bounces off, landing a breathtaking Arabian Press! Strickland smiles as the crowd chants his name, once again on his side, only to see Hangman rebounding off the ropes, looking for a dive himself! At the last second, Shane jumps up and connects with a spinning heel kick, knocking Page back into the ring and putting Strickland in full control! He climbs up on the apron and makes his way up the turnbuckles, and drops an elbow right on the Cowboy! He goes for the cover, looking for a quick win! 1... 2... Page gets the shoulder up!
Strickland looks forward to dealing out more offense on Page, but he doesn't see Roderick Strong pop up at ringside! Strong waits his turn, watching as Strickland puts Page in the corner and starts chopping the life out of him! Roderick finally slides in with Shane's back is turned, grabbing him for the O'Connor roll! 1... 2... Strickland kicks out, but Strong keeps the hold! He deadlifts him, connecting with the Chaos Theory! He looks toward Page, and runs, thrusting his shoulder right into the Hangman's gut! He grabs the head, hooks the arm, and plants him with a snap suplex! Getting back to his feet, Strong runs the ropes and delivers a knee drop right to the jaw, wanting to soften up any part of Page he can! Strong pulls Hangman back up to his feet, and looks for a Northern Lights suplex, only for Strickland to come in and land a dropkick on the Cowboy! Page falls back, inadvertently driving Strong's head into the mat with a DDT! Strickland tries pinning Strong, but ducks out of the way when he sees Ricochet flying through the air! The Future of Flight connects with a springboard 450 splash on both Hangman and Roderick! Ricochet hops up to his feet and dodges a gamengiri from Strickland, now grabbing his leg and pulling him in for an inverted DDT! Ricochet gets back up, only to immediately land a running shooting star press! Ricochet turns around to see Page using the ropes to pull himself up, and pounces, connecting with a Rolling Thunder neckbreaker from behind! Roderick gets to his feet and tries grabbing Ricochet from behind to hit a tiger suplex, but the One and Only flips out, landing on his feet and connecting with a superkick! He picks up Strong, looking for the Benadryller, but he gets a face full of elbows, before Strong lands behind him and hits a wicked backstabber!
Roderick tosses Ricochet out of the ring, and turns around to see Hangman and Strickland stirring. Strong starts going back and forth, dealing out hard backhand chops to both men, wanting to keep both subdued! Suddenly, he tries to nail Page with an Olympic slam, but he slips out at the last second and responds with a chop block! Strickland rushes and blasts Strong in the side of the head with a roundhouse kick! Strickland tosses Strong to the outside, only to get picked up by the Cowboy, who's hoping to hit the Rite of Passage! As he hooks the legs, Shane panics, knowing he only has a few seconds to escape! Page gets ready to hit it... but Shane slips out and counters into a sunset flip pin! 1... 2... Hangman kicks out in the nick of time! Page scrambles to his feet, knowing he was close to losing it all there! Strickland pulls himself up, but Hangman quickly takes advantage, lifting him up with ease! Page sets up for a fallaway slam, moving to the middle of the ring, wanting to toss Strickland so hard he crashes into the ropes! Hangman finally throws him... but Strickland lands on his feet behind him! Inverted Frankensteiner to Page, his neck snapping as he crashes to the mat! Shane knows it's about time he go for the kill, and he starts climbing the turnbuckles! He nods to the audience, and locks in on Hangman, who's finally coming to, and is sitting up on the mat. Strickland sets his feet, and jumps, looking for the Swerve Stomp... Hangman dodges! Shane rolls through, ending up back on his feet, only to see Page crashing toward him, looking to take back control! Strickland dodges, coming from behind to land a Satellite DDT! Strickland can feel it now, he knows he has the momentum on his side, he's ready to turn the Hammerstein Ballroom into Swerve City!
Shane pulls Hangman up off the mat, and starts lifting him up, balancing him on his shoulders. The crowd is on the edge of their seat, the commentators are anticipating it, everyone knows Strickland is about to hit the New Flavor! Page tries to land some punches, but Strickland retaliates by spinning around, throwing off his opponents' sense of direction! He stops, before setting up, ready to finish things off. He tosses him up, before catching him in the half nelson! He's about to finish off with the driver, but Page rolls through, getting into a roll up of his own! 1... 2... Strickland gets the shoulder up! Shane immediately looks for a bicycle kick, but Page dodges! He spins around, and blasts him with a discus forearm smash! He picks him up, forcing him onto his shoulder, before pointing out to the corner, signalling a Lawn Dart! He runs, but Strickland escapes and follows up with a nasty hook kick! With Hangman reeling, he runs, springing off the ropes, hoping to drop him with a cutter! He leaps through the air, target acquired... Page catches him, and falls back into a German suplex! Shane rolls to the outside of the ring, and Page is back on top of things! He contemplates going after Strickland, and turns around, ready to land a dive, only to see Ricochet on the apron! Ricochet leaps through the ropes, looking for a Rolling Thunder DDT! He springs over to Page, hoping it lands... PAGE BUILDS SPEED AND CATCHES HIM, MOONSAULT FALLAWAY SLAM!
Hangman throws Ricochet out to the apron, and springs off the ropes, delivering a Triangle Dropkick that sends Ricochet crashing into Strickland at ringside! Hangman climbs up the turnbuckles, knowing he doesn't have much time before Swerve and the One and Only get back to their feet. He gets his feet set on the top rope, making sure he's ready to fly... but he sees Roderick Strong climb up to the apron! Strong points at Page, and runs, hopping up the turnbuckles with him! Page and Strong go back and forth with the forearms, back and forth with elbows, back and forth with the chops and palm strikes! Page finally gets the advantage, landing three forearms in a row, causing Strong to lose his grip on the turnbuckles, just a little bit! Roderick senses he's in trouble, and tries to meet Page with a forearm of his own! He drives it in, hoping to connect with Page's skull... the Cowboy catches the arm! Roderick's eyes widen, and now he lifts his leg, thinking he needs to create space with a kick to the side of the head! Page catches the leg as well! Strong knows he's in trouble now, and he tries to elbow out of it, knowing he needs to break Hangman's grip! But it's no use, Page is already lifting him up, still balancing on the top rope! Hangman looks back the scene below: Ricochet is pulling himself up using the barricade, and Strickland is leaning against the apron, now advancing toward the Future of Flight. It's now, or never. Hangman gets set up... AND HITS THE MOONSAULT FALLAWAY SLAM ON STRONG, OFF THE TOP ROPE, TO THE FLOOR, CRASHING INTO RICOCHET AND STRICKLAND!
Page throws Strong back into the ring, and slides in, wanting to follow up with something big to end the match. Roderick crawls over to the corner, wanting to get away from the Cowboy before he can do anything hasty! Hangman trots over, thinking this is going to be easy as pie. But just when he reaches him, Strong surprises him, grabbing and dropping him into the turnbuckles with a reverse STO! Page backs away, holding his jaw, floored by the move! Roddy gets to his feet, and runs, bouncing off the ropes, before delivering a huge knee to the side of the face! Hangman falls back, now leaning against the ropes, as Strong advances on him. Roderick hooks the arm and grabs the head, looking for the End of Heartache. Still feeling the effects of the knee, Hangman can't do much to fight back. Strong lifts him up, wanting to drive the knees right into the back... Page delivers an elbow to the temple at the last second, messing up Roderick's flow! Strong stumbles and drops Hangman, the Cowboy now landing on the apron! Ricochet slides in from the other side of the ring and rocks Strong with a bicycle kick! He sees Hangman, and jumps out to the apron, wanting to get some offense on him as well! He picks him up on his shoulders, looking for a Benadryller, but Page lands back on the apron after some swift elbows! He holds onto the ropes, and lands an enziguiri, nailing Ricochet in the side of the head, before kicking him in the midsection, cradling him and picking him up, teasing a Gotch style piledriver! CRACKER BARREL ON THE APRON CONNECTS! Ricochet flops back to ringside, and Hangman now puts his attention on Strong once again. As the Messiah of the Backbreaker stumbles to his feet, finally recovered from Ricochet's attack, Page's eyes narrow. He grips the rope, and goes for it, flipping over... BUCKSHOT LARIAT CONNECTS! Hangman falls into the cover, and the referee gets into the position! 1... Shane finally appears at ringside, noticing the pin... 2... he slides in, desperate to break it up... 3! Strickland, mere inches away from keeping the match alive, slaps the mat in frustration as Hangman's music starts ringing throughout Hammerstein Ballroom!
Hangman Page defeats Roderick Strong, Shane Strickland, and Ricochet (12:53)
Page, ecstatic that he finally got himself a big win to kick off his stay in REVOLT, finally lets himself enjoy a cold one, indulging with one of the ringside fans. Shane Strickland runs his hand through his hair and looks up at the lights, as he can't believe he wasn't fast enough. As Swerve rolls out of the ring, he and Hangman share a look, before Page nods at him, the two forming a bit of mutual respect for one another as Shane makes his way to the back. The Cowboy goes back to celebrating, bumping fists and taking beers from fans who are more than happy to keep him inebriated. But as he raises his arms in victory and begins walking back toward the curtain, he stops downing his beer when he notices Tyler Black right at the top, slowly clapping his hands, still focused on the Hangman. Page looks at him, confused, before shaking his head and brushing past him, still not sure what that was all about. He leaves Black at the top of the walkway, still smiling despite Strong stumbling up, ranting about that crazy drunk Adam Page.
The screen fades away from the Hammerstein Ballroom, and is instead replaced with a scene from a bathroom. A man in a suit walks in, the sight of the screen too blurry for us to see who it is. It transitions to the sink, where the man spits out a bit of blood. Suddenly, it cuts to a ring, where presumably the same man, wearing a navy blue singlet and kickpads, is doing battle, ramming his forearm into his opponent's face, over and over again. It switches back to the bathroom, where we see him peel something off his face before throwing it down in the sink, revealing it to be a bandage. Once again, it switches to a ring, this time of the man, this time in a burgundy singlet, grabbing a snapping his opponent's fingers, before biting them to the referee's chagrin. It switches back to the bathroom, where the man finally ties up his hair into a topknot, ready to leave for the day. It switches to the stage of an arena, where the man, wearing a fur jacket with a championship in his teeth, and the camera finally clears up, revealing who it is. A graphic appears on the screen that reads "The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne... Coming Soon", before we return to the Hammerstein Ballroom.
Soon enough, the familiar strains of the Hart Foundation's theme begin to ring out. Davey Boy Smith Jr appears, getting a good pop from the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring, stepping through the ropes and swinging his taped up right arm, getting ready for battle.
Davey Boy Smith Jr's Open Challenge
Smith grabs a microphone and says despite him and his partners failing to defeat Willie Mack, Cedric Alexander, and Rich Swann at the Wrestling Classic, he wants to get back on track by doing what he does best: getting into a fight. So whoever wants to make a splash, come on down and show the Canadian Bulldog what you've got. Davey drops the microphone and leans against the ropes, nodding his head and taking off his jacket as the lights go out and music begins to play throughout the Ballroom. Davey waits in the middle of the ring as the entire crowd marvels at the sight of his opponent. Wearing a black, green, and red jacket, the man takes off his Scorpion mask, revealing himself to be Shingo Takagi. The audience erupts as the Japanese star storms down to the ring, ready to compete. Shingo rolls in and rips off his jacket, cracking his neck as he prepares to go one on one with Davey. The referee nods at the two men, before ringing the bell. And WE'RE OFF!
Davey hangs up his jacket, and turns around into a gigantic lariat from Takagi! He scrambles to his feet, and kicks away another lariat attempt! Shingo is already advancing, daring him to hand to hand combat. Smith uses his left arm to battle back with big forearm! Takagi responds with a chop, and follows up with a forearm of his own! Davey backs up, but manages to hold his own by connecting with a big boot that forces Takagi to lean against the ropes! Davey Boy quickly grabs Shingo, and lands a standing belly to belly suplex! But as he gets to his feet, Takagi pops up, refusing to stay down! He grabs Davey, and drops him with a German suplex! Shingo gets back to his feet, only to get taken off of them! The Canadian Bulldog is repaid Takagi by powering through the huge suplex, and now slams him with a nasty Saito! Davey turns around, taking Shingo popping back up in stride, grabbing a hold of him before he can retaliate, dropping him with a second Saito! The Canadian Bulldog can feel the energy in the crowd, and spells the beginning of the end, teasing a running powerslam! He picks Takagi up, and gets ready to put him down for the count, but Shingo slips out and responds with a roundhouse kick right to the damaged arm! Davey yells out in pain, grabbing at his elbow, opening him up for Takagi's snap Dragon suplex!
Davey tries to get back to his feet, but Takagi grabs him by the arm, and cranks the life out of it, stomping on it over and over again! He buries his knee into the elbow, and pulls Davey up to his knees, only to rebound off the ropes and come back with a tremendous big boot! Davey Boy grabs at his arm, refusing the referee's care, saying he's fine to continue the match. He gets back to one knee, but Takagi pounces yet again, grabbing the arm, yanking Davey across the ring, and body slamming him, forcing all of his body weight to come crashing down on his own arm! Davey's arm can't even hold up his own body, as he picks his head up, using the other arm to prop himself up. Shingo runs past Davey, and delivers a huge penalty kick to the arm, causing him to yell out in pain! Shingo yanks Davey back up, and ties his arm up on the top rope, pulling on it harshly, looking to tear it out of his socket! Shingo holds Davey up, and blasts him with chop after chop, forearm after forearm, elbow after elbow, before rearing back and blasting him with a headbutt, causing Davey to sink down, still hanging up by the ropes, practically out on his feet! Shingo pulls Davey out of the ropes, and builds momentum, before taking his head off with a Pumping Bomber! Takagi pulls him up, and lands a spinning backfist that knocks Davey out cold! Before he can collapse to the mat, Shingo grabs him, setting up for the deathblow! LAST FALCONRY! 1... 2... 3! Welcome to REVOLT, Shingo Takagi.
Shingo Takagi defeats Davey Boy Smith Jr (8:25)
Takagi composes himself, wiping his feet right next to Davey Boy, who's clutching his arm and near unconsciousness, still trying to use the ropes and pull himself up. Shingo takes his sweet time, circling Davey's prone body, before pouncing on him, locking in the rear naked choke, which he calls the Dream Gate! Davey, already weak, immediately starts fading, and soon enough, he's slumped against Takagi's body! Shingo turns him around, picks him up on his shoulders, before delivering a huge Hawk Buster, a modified spinning torture rack powerbomb! Takagi slides his Scorpion mask back on as he steps out of the ring, the audience shocked at the Dragon's arrival.
The camera cuts to backstage, where Roderick Strong is holding an ice pack to the back of his neck, as Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish act outraged that how Strong got callously robbed. Tyler Black comes in, and he asks Strong how he's doing. Roderick says he's felt better, but at least he doesn't have to be around that drunk lunatic anymore. Black scratches his head and says "Yeah... about that," just as Hangman Page comes in. Roderick immediately stands up, and asks Black what the Hell he's doing here. Hangman says he'd like to know the same, why did Black bring him face to face with this asshole. Black tells everyone to calm down, saying that everything happens for a reason. He lost the #1 Contender's Match to Shinsuke Nakamura at The Wrestling Classic for a reason... and Hangman Page pinned Roderick Strong for a reason.
Black continues, saying that it got him thinking, maybe before Death Before Dishonor completely takes over REVOLT, it's about time they add to their ranks and make their faction even strong. Black says Ring of Honor alumni need to stick together, because they're the ones destined to be the last men standing in this chaotic landscape. They're the ones who can handle the hard hitting action night after night. Page says he's not sure about this, saying he's used to going it alone, and he's much rather chase after some gold than throw his name into a faction. Strong says he might respect Page, but he's still not completely over their match from earlier tonight. Black coaxes both men to coming together, even teasing a handshake... Strong's glare softens, and Page shrugs, and it looks like they might just come together... Kyle O'Reilly puts a stop to everything, saying before he can even THINK about accepting Page into Death Before Dishonor, he has to earn his respect, just like he earned the respect of Black and Strong. O'Reilly challenges Page to a match next week, telling him he needs to impress KOR before he can join a high quality faction like Death Before Dishonor. Page raises an eyebrow, saying if it means shutting him up, then he'll gladly take that challenge. Kyle O'Reilly and Hangman Page go nose to nose with one another, with Tyler Black looking unsure and nervous in the background.
Steamboat's Summit: The Junior Heavyweight Division
The Commissioner's music hits, and Ricky Steamboat makes his way down to the ring to tremendous respectful applause from the Hammerstein Ballroom. Already in the ring is the entire Junior Heavyweight Division. Ricochet and Shane Strickland, now dressed in their outside clothes, along with Flip Gordon, the Rascalz, the Harts (in the form of Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr), Black Excellence (in the form of Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander), the Motor City Machine Guns, Tony Nese, Paul London & Brian Kendrick, and 2/3 of the REVOLT World Trios Champions, reDRagon. Steamboat steps through the ropes, and says he appreciates the Division for joining him here in the ring. He comments on how the fans might be surprised seeing some of them here, due to the fact that many of these competitors have been mainly associated with tag team wrestling. But that's exactly why he wanted them here for his Summit, because he wants to give tag team guys an opportunity as well. So do not laugh, if and when he gives Alex Shelley, or Chris Sabin a shot to prove themselves. Do not scoff if The Brian Kendrick starts to rise up the ranks for a Junior Heavyweight Championship match, because this Division, and this company, is all about straight up competition to prove who the best really is, whether they're used to being a singles star or not. Steamboat looks to continue, but he's soon interrupted by a certain Junior who's late to the party...
Sammy Guevara enters the frame, wearing a dopey smile as he holds up his phone, apparently recording for his vlog. He pulls back his leather jacket, revealing the REVOLT Junior Heavyweight Championship that rests on his waist. He grabs a microphone, and asks Ricky why he's even bothering holding this "Summit", when Guevara clearly told him to hold a championship coronation for the Spanish God. Steamboat says it's not all about praising the champion, sometimes it's about giving the challengers a platform to showcase their abilities. Guevara mockingly agrees, before laughing, saying Flip Gordon had the platform to showcase himself at The Wrestling Classic, but it ended with Sammy holding the gold, and that's how it'll end every other time someone steps up. Because Guevara reps LAX, and Latin American Xchange will forever be superior. Suddenly, as Guevara stares down the rest of the Juniors, new music starts ringing out, surprising everyone! It's Lightning Flash, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster! Sammy immediately turns around and backs up, not sure what to make of the new arrivals! Mark asks Guevara if he's sure if LAX will forever be superior, because with both him AND Flash gunning for the Junior Heavyweight Championship, Sammy and his boys will soon be right where they started, without direction, and without gold. But as they continue, THEY'RE interrupted, this time by the Juggernaut, Buddy Murphy!
Murphy goes face to face with both Webster and Andrews, saying everyone needs to shut the fuck up and realize that Sammy Guevara is just keeping him and his boys' spot at the top of the food chain warm. Murphy's dominated Junior Heavyweights before, and he has no problem taking another promotion's title hostage, especially when they fully make themselves known. Webster, feeling a bit smug, is handed the mic by Andrews, and responds, saying maybe Murphy landed on his head wrong when he got his ass kicked by Fenix, but he'd be remiss if he didn't ask... what does he mean by "they"? Murphy simply smiles, just as this music hits. The audience is on the edge of their seat, waiting for the next arrival. All of the Juniors tense up even more, knowing another competitor is about to join the table. They wait for a good moment... until three people pop out from the curtain! One wearing all black with long blonde hair and sunglasses... another wearing sunglasses as well, with black and maroon tights and a denim vest... and another with his back to the crowd, his leather jacket airbrushed with "SUPERBAD" in gold. Penelope Ford. Shane Thorne. And Kip Sabian.
Murphy, Thorne, and Sabian all pounce on Andrews and Webster as the rest of the Juniors look on! With Sammy Guevara distracted, Flip Gordon exacts revenge on him, bouncing off the ropes to deliver a big tope, taking out the Junior Heavyweight Champion! All Hell breaks loose, and everybody starts going at it! Motor City Machine Guns begin brawling with reDRagon and the Hart Foundation, Ricochet and Shane Strickland start up a sequel from the Four Way Dance, and the Rascalz start fighting with Nese, Kendrick, and London! Kip, Shane, and Buddy make their way down to the ring, having already dispatched of Lightning Flash, and they begin beating on Flip and Guevara, both men realizing they need to work together to survive! With multiple stars tumbling out of the ring and being thrown to ringside, in the ring, it soon ends up as Alex Shelley, Dezmond Xavier, Sammy Guevara, Shane Strickland, and Brian Pillman Jr. Guevara, who abandoned Flip to be eaten alive by the new trio spreading terror on the outside, now faces a new threat in the form of everyone else in ring. Everyone looks like they're about to come to blows, but Dezmond puts a stop to everything, and points out all the other Juniors at ringside beginning to drag themselves back up to their feet. Everyone comes to an agreement, and prepare for something big.
Suddenly, everybody with the exception of Guevara starts to run! Dezmond runs the ropes and delivers a corkscrew plancha to Chris Sabin and Ricochet! Alex Shelley climbs the top rope and brings down Trey Miguel, Tony Nese, and Teddy Hart with a crossbody! Brian channels Air Pillman with an Asai moonsault to Zachary Wentz and Bobby Fish! Shane Strickland runs and takes down Kendrick, London, and Kyle O'Reilly with a somersault plancha! Sammy Guevara sees that everyone is down, and climbs the turnbuckles, holding up his Junior Heavyweight Championship, claiming that he's the last man standing. But when he gets back to the mat, he realizes he's dead wrong. Standing across from him is Buddy Murphy, Shane Thorne, and Kip Sabian, all eyes on him. Guevara tries to escape, but Kip catches him just in time to lift him up... DEATHLY HALLOWS! He throws him to Thorne, who connects with a Black Swan Spiral, a huge rolling cutter! He finally passes him to Buddy, who looks out to the crowd, and drops Guevara with a Muprhy's Law! As Penelope slides into the ring, Murphy grabs a microphone, announcing that they're gunning for the Junior Heavyweight Championship. As the audience begins to chant "WHO IS THEY, WHO IS THEY, WHO IS THEY?" Murphy smiles, and says he bets Webster is regretting asking that question, because now, he and his buddy Mark is on their shit list to. He picks up Guevara's Junior Heavyweight Championship and finally lets the world know of their arrival.
Penelope Ford, Kip Sabian, Shane Thorne, and Buddy Murphy all pose in the ring to close the segment. The camera cuts to backstage, where the new World Tag Team Champions, El Generico and Kevin Steen are being interviewed by Joey Styles! Styles asks Steen how it feels to be World Tag Team Champions with his best friend. Steen says it feels like any other day, the only difference is there's a target on his back, a title on his shoulder, and a long line of people who need their heads bashed in, which is just the way he likes it. Steen says him and El Generico are the best tag team in the world, no one can overcome this combination. Joey aims the microphone at Generico, and it looks like we might actually hear him speak... only to hear some ruckus behind them! "HASTA LA MUERTE, Y DESPUES!"
In comes LAX, Andrade, Daga, and Zelina flanked by Santana and Ortiz. Andrade says something in Spanish to Steen, who flips him off, causing El Idolo to get offended! Zelina steps in front of Andrade, going face to face with Kevin Steen, not even batting an eye as she looks him up and down. She says she understands that Steenerico might think this is a good time to celebrate their championship win, but it's time to pack things up and screw off, because El Jefe, Andrade "Cien" Almas is in the building, and it's about time he take his rightful place, center stage of REVOLT. Steen laughs, saying if that's where Andrade really belongs, maybe he should have some better muscle by his side, because running through Santana and Ortiz last week was some of the most fun he's ever had. Santana and Ortiz, ever the Proud and Powerful, immediately face off with Steen and Generico, with Almas and Daga sticking their fingers in their face, goading them into a fight. Security guards come into subdue the brawl, and after a couple minutes, LAX and Steenerico are pulled apart, separated. Andrade, smirking at how Steen is fuming, pushes past a security guard and says something to Zelina. Vega nods, and stands off with Steen once again, saying that Andrade has a challenge... for El Generico. She turns to him all of a sudden, saying that El Jefe wants to debut against Tijuana's Biggest Legend. Generico simply nods, raising up his World Tag Team Championship as LAX backs off, seemingly satisfied with his answer. As Steenerico disappears in the other direction, Joey Styles takes a look at the camera, saying REVOLT is the only place where you can get unfiltered chaos like this. He caps things off by announcing it's about time for your main event. Suddenly, as Styles sends things over to Matt Striker and Don Callis, the screen glitches over. Black and white static take over, and only one word appears on screen: MADVILLAINY
The screen is taken over by static once again, and we see the same graphic from The Wrestling Classic: an umbrella opening up, only for a bolt of lightning to strike down and shock it, before being replaced by more static. The screen finally goes to normal, and the camera's sight wildly shakes, before it finally goes to normal. The camera is pointed up... and who else can it be but Marty Scurll, sporting sunglasses in all of his discolored, black and white glory. Scurll welcomes everyone to the first ever episode of Underground Kings, saying that he's glad to see his fellow roster members duke it out in the famous Hammerstein Ballroom. But sadly, he's going to have to cut things short. Marty turns the camera around, showing everyone watching that he's actually in a production truck, filled with televisions, monitors, an interface filled with buttons and levers, each one designated to complete a command. Marty points the camera to the floor, revealing at his feet, a producer lies unconscious. Scurll closes in, before ripping a pin off of his shirt, lifting it up close to the camera, revealing the the familiar insignia: REVOLT Pro Wrestling. Marty smiles, saying that since people aren't giving him and his good friend Jimmy attention, they're just going to have to take it. Therefore, NO ONE not in attendance is going to be able to see the blockbuster main event of the first episode of Underground Kings. NO ONE is going to be able to say that the most memorable part of tonight was a match or a promo, but Marty Scurll putting a stop to all the fun. NO ONE is going to be able to watch any future episodes without thinking, anticipating... fearing... that Scurll and Jimmy will do it again. And speaking of Jimmy...
Scurll points the camera outside the doorway of the production truck, presenting Jimmy Havok, dragging another producer by the legs, a trail of blood leaking from the back of his head. Jimmy drags the producer out of sight of the camera behind a car, before opening the trunk, and pulling out his trusty barbed wire baseball bat. He looks over at Scurll, who gives the thumbs up. Marty zooms in with the camera, catching Havok's eyes turn from questioning to devilishly ecstatic. The camera stays trained on the scene of Jimmy swinging back the barbed wire slugger, and bringing down with extreme force, the only sign of the producer still being there is the violent splatter of blood shooting out onto the concrete floor. Jimmy swings the bat down over and over and over, until his hands and bat are covered and leaking in blood. Jimmy, who's face is covered by his signature mask, turns back to Marty, who laughs, and turns his attention back inside the production truck. Marty puts the camera down, the only thing it can record is an upward view of the Villain leaning against the wall as Jimmy storms into the truck, before immediately swinging his barbed wire baseball bat at the monitors, causing sparks to fly! He swings it downward into the interface, tearing the keyboards and buttons away from the televisions and throwing it across the truck. He pulls out wires, tears out cables, before ripping open the protective cover on the truck's electrical box. Havok pulls back his slugger, before blasting the box, causing smoke to emit from it! Scurll walks toward the camera and crouches in front of it, staring the lens dead in the eye, before asking a question: Will you survive the Purge?" Scurll walks out of the production truck, and Havok makes a move to follow, only to turn back, swinging the barbed wire baseball bat at the camera, once again sending the screen back into the void of static.
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2020.04.23 01:28 Jarfolomew Booking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania 1 to WrestleMania 37 (Part 47)

SummerSlam 2007
United States Championship: MVP (c) def. Matt Hardy
Intercontinental Championship: Santino Marella def. Jeff Hardy (c)
(Heel Santino gets a lucky rollup but Jeff wins it back a couple weeks later)
Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Mysterio def. Chavo Guerrero (c)
(Rey returns and retires the Cruiserweight Title)
Mark Henry def. Kane
Divas Battle Royal; winner faces Candice Michelle for the Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix wins by last eliminating Victoria
ECW Championship Extreme Rules Match: CM Punk def. John Morrison (c)
DX def. King Booker & Bobby Lashley
(Lashley and Booker join forces briefly and attack Shawn Michaels on Raw. HBK says that he has the perfect man in mind to help him even the odds. Like Rey's match earlier, HHH doesn't show up in the entire build, returning here at SummerSlam)
World Heavyweight Championship: Umaga (c) def. Batista
WWE Championship: John Cena (c) def. Randy Orton
Unforgiven 2007
ECW Championship TLC Match: CM Punk (c) def. John Morrison
World Tag Team Championship: World's Greatest Tag Team (c) def. Paul London & Brian Kendrick
WWE Championship Number One Contenders Match: Triple H def. Shawn Michaels
I Quit Match: Rey Mysterio def. Chavo Guerrero
Mark Henry def. Kane
Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix def. Candice Michelle (c)
WWE Championship: Randy Orton def. John Cena (c) via DQ
(Cena goes into a fit of rage, looking for payback after Orton punted his dad a couple weeks back. He knocks Orton silly with a steel chair, causing the ref to call for the bell)
World Heavyweight Championship: Batista def. Umaga (c)
No Mercy 2007
Cena vacates the WWE Championship due to injury
Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) def. Shawn Michaels
WWE Tag Team Championship: Finlay & William Regal (c) def. MVP & Matt Hardy
(MVP and Matt become partners after Teddy Long forces them to work together in a tag team match playa)
Casket Match: Undertaker def. Mark Henry
(Undertaker returns to pay back the man who cost him the World Heavyweight Title)
Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix (c) def. Candice Michelle
Carlito def. Rey Mysterio
Vacant WWE Championship: Randy Orton def. Triple H
ECW Championship: CM Punk (c) def. The Miz
World Heavyweight Championship Samoan Strap Match: Batista (c) def. Umaga
Cyber Sunday 2007
World's Greatest Tag Team def. Finlay & William Regal
(Some brand warfare between the Tag Champs of both shows)
United States Championship: Matt Hardy def. MVP (c)
(MVP shakes Matt's hand after the match but then kicks Matt's knee out and goes to town on it. Crushing under the steel steps)
Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) def. Paul London
Stretcher Match: Rey Mysterio def. Carlito
Shawn Michaels def. Mr. Kennedy
ECW Championship: CM Punk (c) def. The Miz
World Heavyweight Championship: Batista (c) def. Undertaker
WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match: Randy Orton (c) def. Triple H
Survivor Series 2007
World Tag Team Championship: World's Greatest Tag Team (c) def. Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly
Survivor Series Match: Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Kane & CM Punk def. Mr. Kennedy, John Morrison, The Miz, Umaga & MVP
Belfast Brawl: Finlay def. William Regal
(Finlay and Regal lose the Tag Team Titles to Miz and Morrison on SD and Regal turns on Finlay)
Ten-Divas Tag Team Match: Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly & Maria def. Beth Phoenix, Melina, Victoria, Layla & Jillian Hall
WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) def. Shawn Michaels
World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Batista (c) def. Undertaker
(Edge returns in this match, posing as a cameraman and costing Taker the match)
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2020.04.10 22:48 elmerV2 Booking the Very First Cruiserweight PPV Part Two

Match Five: #DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) Vs. Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado)
Ultra popular indie team #DIY make their debut in the WWE basically the same exact way that they do in real life. They are pushed as one of the hottest teams in developmental and despite being tag partners and lifelong friends, are immediately placed in the first round of the Cruiserweight Classic against each other. The match goes the same way as it does in real life, the fight is super close, but ultimately Gargano manages to pull off the win after a moment of hesitation from Ciampa. After the match, Ciampa looks extremely angry, but still hugs Gargano and raises his hand. Gargano then manages to defeat Gran Metalik in the second round, only to lose to ZSJ in the Semi-finals soon after. Following his elimination from the tournament, Ciampa helps him out of the ring and walks him to the back. Make no mistake, these two guys are the best of friends forever and would never even think of doing anything bad to each other ever. Over the next few weeks, #DIY fights slowly through the tag division, winning some matches, losing others, but soon becoming one of the popular teams for the fans to root for due to their obvious drive and fighting spirit. After hearing the demands week after week for #DIY to get a shot at the tag titles Triple H finally caves in. He pulls aside Ciampa and Gargano backstage and tells them that because of their hard work over the past few months, at CruiserMania, they’ll be facing off against none other than the newly formed Lucha House Party for a chance to become the new #1 contenders for the tag team gold. Ciampa and Gargano are ecstatic at the opportunity, they say they know how lucky they are to be having this match right now, thank the fans, and say that they won’t let them down come CruiserMania.
The Lucha House Party have a pretty different trajectory towards this match than #DIY. Both Lince Dorado enter the Cruiserweight Classic with no knowledge of each other even existing. Gran Metalik puts on a pretty good performance in the tournament, winning his first round match only for his time in the tourney to be ended in the second round with a rollup from Johnny Gargano. Lince Dorado does even better, tearing his way through the first two rounds before finally being met with an “equal opponent” in Neville. Lince Dorado puts in a great effort against Neville, but ultimately the Bastard proves to be too much for him to handle, and he is eliminated from the Classic just as the fans really start to notice him. For the next few weeks, the two luchadors drift around the lower card of Raw, beating jobbers and just generally not doing anything of real value. This changes one day when they are approached backstage by Kalisto who pitches the idea of Lucha House Party to them, a group of luchadors working together to elevate each other in the company. Dorado and Metalik initially laugh him off, but as the weeks draw on and it slowly begins to dawn on them that nothing is going to happen to them, the idea of teaming up to form Lucha House Party doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. They come back to Kalisto to help him fend off several attacking heels on Raw, and just like that, the Lucha House Party is born. From the very beginning, the roles in the group are clear. Kalisto is the leader and the mouthpiece, but Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik are the fighters, silent almost always but incredibly adept and skillful. In light of this new team being formed, Triple H decides to give them an opportunity to prove their metal immediately, and places them in the NXT Tag Team Championship #1 Contendership match against #DIY.
Before their match at CruiserMania officially begins, both #DIY and Lucha House Party shake hands, a show of respect before the two of them absolutely murder each other for a chance at the NXT tag titles. The match starts, and almost immediately proves to just be one of the hardest looking fights so far into the night. As you would expect, Lucha House Party fit their flippy luchador roles perfectly, and provide a fair bit of spotty entertainment to the crowd throughout. Ciampa and Gargano on the other hand, they just fucking fight. Every hit, every counter, every single movement from them is filled with passion and brutal, bottomless aggression. These two have one objective and one objective alone: end the match as quickly as possible. They aren’t putting on a show, they just want to prove what they’re made of to the world. Though the match seems even initially, it quickly becomes clear that Lucha House Party is sort of not doing that great. They’re slowing down and both Dorado and Metalik seem to be worn out before Ciampa and Gargano can even break a sweat. The big problem for LHP becomes pretty obvious pretty soon after, they are both great individual singles competitors, but neither of them knows fuck all about working together in a tag team. In singles action, could either of them smoke either member of #DIY? Sure, but this isn’t singles action, this is a tag match, and in the tag stipulation #DIY rules supreme. They’ve been best friends for years, they know each other inside and out, how could they not be? EVentually, after a long, hard fought battle, the match ends when, with Gargano and Metalik down on the outside, Ciampa finds himself all alone in the ring with an utterly fucked up Lince Dorado. Ciampa pulls down his kneepads and goes for the running knee, only for Dorado to dodge and rush to the ropes for some springboard action. He leaps off the ropes, only to be caught in midair by another running knee from Ciampa, who then pins him for the 1, 2 , 3 to win the match for #DIY. The second the bell rings, the fans explode. Throughout this match, they’ve put their support fully behind Ciampa and Gargano, and with Dar, the Singhs, and Kendrick already triumphing earlier tonight the babyfaces haven’t really gotten a pure hard fought win until right now. #DIY waves to the fans as they walk up the ramp hugging. They’re the #1 contenders now, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything that can stop their rise to the very top.
Match Six: Akira Tozawa Vs. Tyler Breeze- Singles Match
I like both Tozawa and Breeze a lot, but honestly, this is more of a filler match than anything to give people a breather between the first and second halves of the show. Story here is that Tyler Breeze is a cocky bitch and new arrival Akira Tozawa won’t stand for it. Tozawa challenges Breeze to a match and Breeze spends weeks trying to avoid him and do basically anything he can to get out of facing professional murder machine Akira Tozawa. Eventually management, who are just plain sick of Breeze at this point, force him to face Tozawa at CruiserMania. This match is the most WWE-esque match on the card, Breeze is the chickenshit heel who keeps bringing up how he fought Liger that one time a couple years ago, Tozawa is the lovable, angry face who just wants to fight. Eventually Tozawa gets his hands on Breeze, beats the fuck out of him, and ends things with a simple Tozawa Driver ‘07.
Match Seven: Jordan Devlin Vs. Mark Andrews Vs. Tyler Bate Vs. Pete Dunne- Winner gets to to choose their opponent in the first round of the UK Championship Tournament
And what kinda show would this be if it didn’t showcase some of our Cruiserweights from the UK? To promote the upcoming first ever WWE UK Tournament, these four contestants are placed in this fatal four way match for the chance to choose who they’ll be facing in the first round of the tournament. In this match we manage to get a pretty decent grasp on each of the characters involved. Pete Dunne is the Broserweight, a tough, no nonsense guy who will break your fingers the very first chance he gets. Jordan Devlin is a tinier, blockier Finn Balor with much more sadistic intentions hidden beneath his sunny disposition and friendliness. Mark Andrews is the wrestling version of a fuck boy, and Tyler Bate is the young, lovable upstart who literally everyone sorta finds themselves rooting for. This match should be a pretty quick back and forth affair. The bout comes to a close when Pete Dunne hits Tyler Bate with a Bitter End, only for Mark Andrews to shove Dunne out of the ring at the very last second, hit Bate with his own patented Slam to Win, and then pins him to win the match. This gives us an already existing feud between Dunne and Andrews heading into the tourney, while also making Tyer Bate, the eventual winner, into more of a dark horse underdog. Everyone wins (Except Jordan Devlin).
Match Eight: Cedric Alexander Vs. Zack Sabre Jr- ⅔ Falls Match
Okay, so here’s the thing. Cedric Alexander is fucking great. We all know how his story goes, he enters the CWC to become the very next Ric Flair and makes a great underdog run throughout the Classic, only to be eventually knocked out in the quarter finals in an excellent match against Kota Ibushi, leading to him being given a standing ovation afterwards. For the next three years, Cedric Alexander is going to be the single biggest babyface in the entire CW division, rivaled maybe only by Mustafa Ali. He’s got it all, the looks, the skill, the charisma, everything about Cedric just screams “Hero”. Unfortunately, while Cedric will eventually climb his way to the top of the Cruiserweight division in order to become Cruiserweight champion, tonight will not be that night. It won’t be that night for at least another eight months actually. So for now what does Cedric do? Well, that’s simple, he takes on the second meanest guy in all of the Cruiserweight division, Zack Sabre Jr. As of late, ZSJ has been the single most annoying dude in the entirety of the WWE he's a cocky elitist dickhead who's nicknamed himself "The Technical Wizard" and "The Great ZSJ" and hyping himself up as one of the best technicians in all of WWE. What makes things even more annoying is that he's actually managing to back up every single thing he says. Every match he fights, he's able to methodically pick his opponents apart bit by bit and win pretty dominantly with little resistance. He does genuinely seem like he might be one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the history of the company, which makes his constant prattling about how great he is all the more insufferable.
Due to both Cedric and Zack’s incredible potential, they are both placed in an eight man tournament to crown the very first challenger for Kevin Owens’ Universal Title. Zack manages to put away Sami Zayn in the very first round, while Cedric just barely manages to put Braun Strowman away in a desperately fought big man/little man match. Following this, both of them are placed against each other in a semi-finals match (We got Rollins/Reigns in the other one, in case it matters) and we see both of these guys put on an absolutely bomb ass match against each other. ZSJ is as cocky as ever, putting on all his usual technical wizardry and barely even paying attention to Cedric, instead electing to spend most of his time yelling at fans about how fat they are. ZSJ’s underestimation of Cedric proves to be pretty deadly when it turns out Cedric has planned pretty far ahead for this match and has figured out how to counter most of Zack’s most common technical attacks. This leaves ZSJ at a disadvantage and leads to him just getting straight up battered by Cedric for the next few minutes. With very few options left, ZSJ resorts to cheating and just manages to defeat Cedric by pinning him down with his feet on the ropes. The next week, we see a genuine, honest to god fucking dream match in ZSJ Vs. Seth Rollins, the two burn the house (Drum solo) against each other with neither of them having any clear advantage throughout. They go for about 25 glorious minutes until finally things are ended when Cedric appears while the ref is turned and kicks Zack in the face, allowing Rollins to pick up the win with a Slingblade. Following the match, both men demand a match against each other, both believing that the other man cost them a shot at the Universal title. The WWE officials, not ones to turn down a bomb ass rematch such as this, set the match for CruiserMania. To make it even more interesting, the match is given the ⅔ falls stipulation.
At CruiserMania, ZSJ Vs. Alexander is a battle of styles. Cedric is bold, wild, and unpredictable. His attacks are erratic and uncontrolled, he goes high often and makes calculated risks in order to win himself the bout. Alternatively, Zack Sabre Jr. is reserved, cold, and calculating. He knows what he needs to do, he has a real developed strategy, he just needs to figure out how to best execute it to get himself the win. The first fall in the match comes when Cedric hits Zack with a springboard Overtime and pins him to score one point, only to realize that he’s played right into Zack’s hands just a little too late. Zack immediately grabs him, transitioning between an Article 50, to an Orienteering with Napalm Death, to a Cremation Lily, toa HAYSTOWBBTTLTIMOPWLUATH (this is a real thing, look it up), before finally settling on a simple old Hypernormalisation. Cedric taps out pretty quickly, and following Zack’s parade of murder holds is basically completely out of it. The rest of the match is basically a question of whether or not Cedric can keep himself alive in the match long enough to recover from Zack’s submissions, and if Zack can murder Cedric quickly enough to net himself the win. Throughout the rest of the bout, Zack keeps trying to finish off Ceddy by trapping him in various finishers, but Cedric escapes and survives everytime. Eventually he manages to pull off the unlikely win after getting his second win, escaping a Zack Driver, and somehow transitioning the driver into a Lumbar Check. He pins Zack for the three count and voila, we’ve suddenly got a new face of the Cruiserweight Division, all in a couple easy steps.
Match Nine: Kota Ibushi Vs. Neville- Cruiserweight Classic Finals Career Vs. Career Match to Determine the first Ever New Cruiserweight Champion
When Kota Ibushi first comes to the WWE, his debut is met with crickets. No one knows who he is, they know he’s a big star in Japan, they know that he tends to be a pretty good wrestler, but they don’t really seem to care about him. This lack of care is only further helped out by the fact that Kota just straight up refuses to do interviews, he won’t talk in front of the cameras, and he has no interest in cultivating a unique, beloved persona on his own. That’s not his style, he’s a wrestler, not a promo. Generally, Kota is viewed indifferently by everyone in the audience, a piece of first round fodder to be quickly disposed of by more talented competitors in the Cruiserweight Classic. Then Kota steps into the ring, and the people fall in love. To put it as simply, Kota Ibushi is a wrestling genius, a wrestling prodigy with every fiber of his being. And not in a fake bullshitty way like Brian Kendrick, Kota is a genuine honest to god genius. He breathes wrestling, eats wrestling, sleeps wrestling. When he enters the squared circle, his mind just seems to move faster than it normally does. He doesn’t talk a lot because he doesn’t have to, fighting is how he communicates, wrestling is his language of choice. He brutalizes himself in every single match he fights just for the opportunity to advance one more round, to face one new opponent worthy of his skills.. Honestly, Kota is basically just a living, breathing anime character, but that’s besides the point. Kota gets through the first two rounds of the tournament pretty peacefully, has his barn burner against Cedric Alexander in the quarter-finals, silences Brian Kendrick in the semi-finals, and finally, after weeks of work, he has made it to the finals of the Cruiserweight Classic. The fans have fully gotten behind Kota at this point, and cheer him constantly. They want him to be their very next cruiserweight champion. The only issue is that before he can do that, he’s going to have to go through Neville.
The bastard, Neville, has been on an absolute hot streak of late. After winning the US title in April and holding on to it for quite a while, has come back to the NXT developmental system to compete in the Cruiserweight Classic in the hopes of becoming the first ever modern WWE Cruiserweight champ. By the time he enters the classic, Neville is still doing his silly “Mighty Mouse” shtick. He acts like a cartoon character, he bounces around in a red cape, is constantly flashing everyone this creepy, pained sort of smile, like this isn’t really him, like he’s putting on an act. In the first round of the Cruiserweight classic, that act that he puts on finally ends. He comes down to the ring without a cape, walks slowly down to the ring without even glancing at the nearby fans, much less high fiving them, and stares daggers into his soon to be opponent Anthony Bennet. Before the match, Anthony Bennet offers a handshake to Neville as a show of respect. In response to this Neville laughs in his face and then, out of nowhere, attacks Bennet, brutally beating down his opponent for a full minute before officials can get him away and officially start the match. Once the match does actually start, it’s not much of a fight. Bennet is super fucked up and Neville dispatches him quickly to move onto the second round. Following the match Neville grabs a mic and says that he hates what the fans have turned him into, he’s not some silly children's show superhero, he’s THE bastard of WWE and the King of the Cruiserweights. The rest of the tournament goes pretty much the same for Neville as in the first round. He’s brutal, ruthless, and just generally awful, but no matter what he keeps advancing. In the Quarter Finals he batters the fuck out of TJ Perkins, and in the Semi-finals he manages to get rid of one of the biggest heels in the entire tournament (Second only to himself) Zack Sabre Jr. On the final episode of the Cruiserweight Classic, Kota Ibushi ends the night by defeating Brian Kendrick and scoring himself a place in the finals against Neville. The stage is set for CruiserMania, in several weeks it will be Neville and Kota Ibushi main eventing the show for the chance to redefine their careers forever.
In the weeks building up to CruiserMania, Neville does everything to try to provoke Kota, he makes offensive jokes, interferes in his matches, attacks him backstage, tosses pieces of trash at him, makes fun of some of the things that happened to Kota before he left for Japan (You know what I’m talking about), talks trash on Kota to the entire audience, and just generally does everything in his power to make Kota’s life hell, and yet Kota seems unaffected by it. He sees Neville as petty and weak, nothing more than an angry little man trying to be something that he isn’t, and refuses to participate in Neville’s charade by giving him any reaction. Whenever Neville comes at him he just pushes him away, ignores him, or refuses to acknowledge him. For someone like Neville, who has spent this past month cultivating this image of himself as a badass, all conquering villain, the fact that Kota couldn’t seem to give less of a shit about him or his attacks really seems to frustrate him. Quickly, Kota becomes the man most hated by Neville in the entire WWE, and in spur of the moment frustration, Neville proposes that whoever loses their fight at CruiserMania be fired from the company immediately and kept from ever coming back. He says that at CruiserMania, not only will they be fighting for the Cruiserweight title, they’ll also be fighting for their careers. Kota, who still doesn’t fear or even care about Neville, agrees quickly, stating that he’ll agree to anything as long as he is still allowed to compete for the cruiserweight title.
At CruiserMania, these two absolutely fucking batter each other. The crowd has been loud all night, but they seem especially hot for this final dream match. As Kota enters, he is showered with ear splitting cheers and when Neville follows he is met only with the loudest, most hateful boos. In terms of wrestling stories, this is a simple one. Neville is a shithead, a prick, a bastard, and Kota is a beloved, hard working hero with a passion for his work and a love for the people. It’s a hero and a villain facing off with the knowledge that after tonight, one of them will be gone from WWE forever. The match starts with a bang as the action immediately moves onto the outside, leading to a long, drawn out brawl in front of the commentators and eventually ending with Kota putting Neville through the english announce table with his one and only Corkscrew 630 Senton. From there, things are just pure chaos. There is no strategy here, no underlying stylism to the match, it’s just two guys very hard to keep their jobs and make history, and the fans are very fucking into it. Everytime Kota begins to get the upper hand the fans explode in excitement and cheer him on at the top of their lungs, but anytime it looks like Neville may be winning the fans become desperate and flip out at even the very thought of Kota losing. It may seem like a small match to some, but Neville and Kota have made it important, they’ve made it worth something, and because of that the world is watching on the edge of their seats. Finally, after a brutal back and forth epic that spans nearly thirty five minutes, the match comes to an end with both men down on the ground. Both men slowly get to their feet and stare each other down, blood drenching both of them to the point where it’s dripping down and staining the ring mat. After several seconds of anticipation, Neville goes for the Enzuigiri, only for Kota to dodge and got for the Golden Star Press, a move which he hasn’t had to pull out of his arsenal in nearly ten years. Neville catches him and rolls him up but Kota escapes and pulls Neville in for the Golden Star Powerbomb before pinning him. The ref begins counting, but Pac is able to roll out of the pin right before the ref can get to three. Kota then goes for the Kamigoye, only for Neville to move out of the way and finally hit a successful Enzuigiri before going up to the top rope and hitting the Red Arrow. Kota kicks out. Neville goes for the Superplex, Kota kicks out. Neville looks at his fallen enemy, who can do little more than just barely escape the pin now and goes up top one final time. He hits the Red Arrow once more, pins Kota Ibushi for the 1, 2, 3, and that’s it. Kota Ibushi’s career in WWE is over. Neville is the new Cruiserweight Champion. He’s the king of the Cruiserweights. Who’s going to try and stop him now?
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2020.03.30 12:49 VacantForHOF Official Card Smackdown SUPER SMACKDOWN SHIFT: HERE COMES THE PAIN (March 3, 2020)

Hello dick maggots, it's ya boi, VacantForHOF... and I arrive with a solution.
This week you were told that Smackdown was cancelled due to a taping that occurred last week. Such a shame...
Because you will be taking a trip to the past.
Now to STEVE with the CARD
u/BestInBounds v. u/AurumVocem - Smackdown Summit
u/BrokenPenisJoke (#1 Contender) v. u/BenjaminEarl - TWT Contendership
u/DealerTokes v. u/525Forever - On the build up to Mania, Tokes has been on a journey to taking on the Hooded Man. While 525 has been on the journey against MKD. A tangled web of former LCA members as the stable finally explodes come Wrestlemania!
u/InstinctMan20 v. u/Pruef - Sometime in the future, a team forming of Graziano, InstinctMan, and Kane Carnage will be taking on The Exalted for the Trios titles. Why don't we take a brief break from the build to Mania to see a preview of what's to come for that long awaited match?
Cassius-Gun (u/VitaminYes2000 and u/Fsnwj) v. Legion (u/RyRyLloyd and u/TheRandomGuy199) - Last week, we saw the remaining members of CSGN leave the Summit. Leaving only Legion to be in the finals. So lets see if they're able to round some steam off versus a tag team of the same stable they faced defeat too last week.
u/CaptainConundrum54 v. u/NicholasGraziano - A brawl between two members of the HOF Class of 2019. No exact reason for this one. Just two members of LLR's Hall of the Best there is dukeing it out!
Vacant Clusterfuck
u/Moose_Assasin v. u/DOWN_WITH_BIG_BUBBY v. u/Phenomenalnferno v. u/LionTamerY2J v. u/MrCappie v. u/Jess_Kay32
u/VacantforHOF v. u/Steve_Chandler__ - Come Mania, Vacant will be risking his career up against his greatest rival JJ. So on the weeks coming we're prepping for anything and hoping to provide no loose ends. On the week before Mania we're giving Vacant his own Tag Partner, Steve Chandler. Tear the house down, lads.
All rules will remain relatively the same. So please review them.
Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. What year are we Shifting to....
The year we are shifting to is:.... 2003!
Smackdown 2003 Roster:
Big Show
Bill DeMott
Billy Kidman
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Kanyon
Chuck Palumbo
Crash Holly
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
John Cena
Johnny Stamboli
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Matt Morgan
Mr America/Hulk Hogan
Nathan Jones
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty
Sean O’Haire
Shannon Moore
Shelton Benjamin
Spanky "Brian Kendrick"
Ultimo Dragon
Zack Gowan
Dawn Marie
Gail Kim
Miss Jackie
Molly Holly
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus
Eric Bischoff
Paul Heyman
Roddy Piper
Stephanie McMahon
Teddy Long
(Note: These are the Wrestlers compiled from the Roster of BOTH RAW and Smackdown, not just Smackdown)
SMACKDOWN NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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