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[Table] IAmA: We’re Alex Stypula and Tim Ross: Two stand up comics preparing to do a week-long tour of unconventional performance spaces prior to Alex recording his debut stand up album. Ask us anything.

2016.05.22 02:01 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We’re Alex Stypula and Tim Ross: Two stand up comics preparing to do a week-long tour of unconventional performance spaces prior to Alex recording his debut stand up album. Ask us anything.

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Date: 2016-05-21
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Questions Answers
What's your favorite joke? Alex: Something about sucking one's own dick, dear boy.
Tim: A variation of this joke is my favorite street joke: An old farmer is sitting on his front porch watching the sunrise when he sees the neighbor's kid walk by carrying a spool of something metallic under his arm. "Hey boy, whatcha got there?"
"What you gonna do with that?"
"You damn fool! You can't catch chickens with chicken wire!" says the old man.
The boy just laughs and keeps walking. That evening at sunset, the boy walks by, dragging behind him 30 chickens caught in the chicken wire.
The next morning, the old man sees the boy walk by carrying a shiny roll of something. "Hey boy, whatcha got there?"
"Duct tape."
"What you gonna do with that?"
"Gonna catch me some ducks."
"You damn fool! You can't catch ducks with duct tape!"
The boy just laughs and keeps walking. That evening at sunset, the boy walks by, trailing behind him 30 ducks caught in a long trail of duct tape.
The next morning, the old man sees the boy walking by carrying a branch behind him. "Hey boy, whatcha got there?"
"It's a pussy willow."
"Wait up," says the old man. "I'll get my hat!"
Obviously you have a few jokes prepared that you plan on telling, however I was wondering about how you structure your set. Do you prepare a "set list" and write out transitions between jokes or do you guys use improv to connect ideas? Maybe you asses the audiences reaction and add/omit jokes as you go? Just curious. Alex: The most ideal set is quite structured, for me not quite to a T, but I like to have a pretty solid structure for my sets. It's important to gauge the room and go from there, but it's definitely not supposed to be an interactive performance. As far as transitions and using improv I like to play around with that sometimes at open mics to see if something organically comes up and works, but for actual shows I probably wouldn't do that. If a joke I have high hopes for doesn't go well I just get slightly bummed for like a minute but then move on, it rarely happens that I'm really confident about a new joke going in, I just have the mindset of trying it out/workshopping it.
2nd: Describe a time when a joke didn't go as well as you had hoped and the repercussions from it. Tim: I do more improvisational stuff than Alex I think. But still not a ton. I don't do a whole lot of crowd work but I enjoy doing it when I work it in. Most of the time my set is a list of words and each of those words represents a bit with a certain theme to it. That bit is generally between 2-7 minutes. So I'll go through those bits and find space to play around with audience a bit or try to be improvisational.
Best piece of advice you've gotten from another comedian? Alex: Wear a three piece suit.
Tim: When i first started I ate complete and total shit at an open mic and was standing around outside smoking a cigarette and feeling dejected. The host of the mic came out and I was like "man i fucking bombed" and he asks me how many times I've been on stage.
When I answered he goes "Listen - if you can still count the times you've been on stage you don't have to be concerned with bombing. It happens."
And he's right. After you lose track of how many times you've been up you still eat shit sometimes but by that point it's happened enough that you know it isn't the end of the world and you just move on and try to get better.
I'm a fellow Pittsburgh dweller. Where besides the Improv is the comedy here? I hate that it's really the only place we have with the growing culture in the city. There's honestly tons of stuff going on in the city. The Improv hosts the bigger nationally touring headliners but there's a great comedy scene outside of that. Arcade Comedy Theater does stand up and improv and has some seriously fun and creative shows. Blue Light Special is a consistently great monthly show there. Aside from that there's stuff going on at different music venues all the time. Tonight at Club Cafe is WDVE's Loaded Show. (Alex is actually gonna be on that. As well as Comic Wars at Arcade Comedy Theater tonight)
But yeah check out for show listings. There's always something cool going on in the city. It's a strong scene with a lot of really talented performers.
I'm not a huge stand up fan (never seen a live show but I've watched a few HBO specials) and I'm curious what is so different about the spaces you'll be performing in? Tim: Well when people think of stand up they traditionally imagine comedy clubs or theaters. Because it's a small DIY tour we're going off the beaten path and doing some unique venues that people wouldn't really expect to be hosting a comedy show. We're performing at a Hostel in Indy, a Record Store/Hair Salon in Columbus and in Louisville we're performing in either someone's house or an art gallery. We haven't decided yet. It's a fun and different way to see and perform comedy. The dynamic is much different from what we see when we're performing at more traditional venues.
What is your favorite podcast to listen to? To be on? Why is it Does This Hold Up? Alex: My favorite podcast to listen to is Radiolab. My favorite podcast to be on is NPR's Fresh Air.
Tim: you mean Link to My favorite to lsiten to is Fitzdog Radio with Greg Fitzsimmons. My favorite podcast to be on is all of them because i get to listen to myself fucking talk for an hour. Does this Hold Up is super dope. Hi guys.
I graduated high school with Alex's brother. He was one of the craziest people I remember from those days. Is any of your comedy based on him? I really don't base my comedy or writing in anything specific other than what occurs to me to be funny. I've heard some of the stories about my brother and that shit is nuts, we just come from a weird family I guess. Or due to a certain set of serendipitous circumstances we both turned out , um, "different." So no I don't base anything specifically on my brother we're just both 2 weird dudes.
Who are you favorite comedians? Alex: Doug Stanhope, John Mulaney. A little of both. Sometimes stuff just occurs but I definitely force myself to sit down and write sometimes.
Do you get inspired to write or does it just come to you while shooting the shit with friends and you just stem off that? Tim: Mitch Hedberg, Louis CK, Mulaney as well. Any time I write it's mostly me standing outside smoking a cigarette and talking to myself. Or I wake up with something dumb in my head and write it down.
How do you deal with hecklers? Alex: Be as creepy as possible so they're too scared to do it in the first place.
Tim: I don't get a ton of hecklers. I am nice. It really hasn't happened often enough to have a consistent approach. I usually try to make any interaction like that relatively cordial or end it abruptly.
You guys ever come out to cali? There's a growing scene out in the northbay, the whole Sonoma County area, you guys should come out. I can send some names your way if you're serious about doing some little to medium sized shows out here. Totally, we're not averse to going anywhere for comedy. We just have real world/financial limitations (we are not wildly successful comedians and have day jobs). Pennsylvania is a good location to hit up a lot of Southern/Midwestern/Northeastern cities, Cali is a lot further and harder for us, but definitely hit us up on facebook and hopefully we could work something out!
Tim, will impulse buy cat shirts be a key part of this tour? Is there scrapple in the mid west? Tim: I'll probably need to buy some shirts after Alex stabs me in my sleep for snoring too loud. (I only own one shirt). I don't think so.
Alex, do you plan on buying cat shirts or scrapple on the tour? Alex: Multi-part answer here: 1) Fuck cats 2) I'll be selling my own shirts 3) Tim snores SUPER loud, so he would totally deserve that.
Would you rather sweat mayonnaise or salivate ketchup, and why? Alex: Salivate ketchup it's a little more manageable only coming from the mouth as opposed to the whole body, both totally gross though.
Tim: I already do both I have no choice.
How do you guys memorize jokes and do you memorize them word for word? Just repetition honestly. Doing the bits over and over. They're not gonna be exactly the same every single time but it's just drilled into your head over many many sets.
It would be prudent to include a picture of you holding a paper stating your name, date, and a reference to your reddit AMA. Alex: For Tim is was all of his diabetes material he had built up. For me, it was less of a straw and more of a case of whiskey.
Though I will ask, what was the straw on the camel's back that got you to step on stage to do standup for the first time? Tim: I took a public speaking class and just did funny speeches and decided to give it an honest shot.
I also want to be a comedian but don't know where to start with. Can you give me a little push how to start with ? Alex: Getting on stage. It seems counter intuitive but writing isn't the most important thing at first. Just do as many open mics as you can.
Have you been approached by any companies such as HBO, Comedy Central, etc? Tim: I used to have HBOGO but now I don't and I'm missing game of thrones so if they hit me up I'm gonna ask about that.
Do you attribute your success more to god? or john dick winters? Tim: I'm pretty sure you think both of those are the same thing, John.
Tim, have you been drunk this whole time? Oh man I'm a fuckin idiot. And not the whole time, but a pretty good bit of it. Sorry!
Hey Tim! I follow you on Twitter! You're real funny. Cool to see you on Reddit. I don't really have a question prepared so damnit why aren't you coming to MN? I have been there before! I have a friend who lives near the Twin Cities so I would like to get back there again.
NeuPittsburgh or Old Pittsburgh? Neither of us know what this means
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2012.06.29 19:43 tabledresser [Table] IAmA Canadian soldier AMA

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Date: 2012-06-29
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Questions Answers
Growing up, how many times did you pretend you were Joe Carter? More times than I can count, I played baseball for 13 years.
How does it feel fighting for a country that made Justin Bieber? (I'm Canadian too, student though.) Thanks for protecting the country. I'm convinced Justin Bieber was created in a lab.
What about Nickelback? Do you ever feel shame that you are defending them in a way? Yes much shame.
Follow-up question: How would you respond if you were assigned to guard one of their concerts? Would you assist the inevitable angry mob? I respectfully refuse to comment on the grounds that it would require me being at a nickleback concert.
How much of a bitch is it to try and communicate with the francophone soldiers? Is the language barrier bad and do you have to take language classes? Most francophone soldiers I've worked with make a good effort to speak english and a lot of anglophone soldiers try to speak a little french, there are language courses although they're not required.
Dropped behind enemy lines, you have a sidearm and your main weapon. What are they? Not that this would happen to me but our current sidearms are Browning 9mm pistols, and our service rifles are C7A2's which are similar to the M16/M4.
Also, do the Canadian people thank you for your service like we Americans thank our soldiers? My guess would be "yes." And yes a large number of Canadians do thank us.
I have been wanting to join the forces as a medic since I was 16, I'm 19 now. The biggest thing that has been holding be back from filling out the papers is fitness, but thankfully I am working out with a trainer who is definitely getting me in to shape. I am also planning on taking an EMR course to make me look like a great potential candidate. Do you have any other tips that will help with getting in? Make sure you can follow direction well and know that even if your bed space is perfectly set up for inspection there will be something wrong, also learn how to make a bed with hospital corners.
Is the signals logo the one with the naked boy running with flags? It's Mercury with lightnting bolts.
Also where did you do your BMQ? SQ? I did my BMQ in St Jean-sur-Richaelieu Quebec, and my SQ in Shilo Manitoba
I would like to write to a Canadian soldier but I don't know of anyone who actually serves in the Canadian Forces. Would you like a pen pal or know of a program that allows citizens to send thanks to the troops? I would love a pen pal, the best way to find out about sending letters to troops would be to contact the MFRC (Military Family Resource Center) at the closest base to where you live, someone there should be able to help with that.
What do you even do? Me personally, I am a signal operator(Actually called ACISS, army communication and information system specialist), I work with radio and satellite systems to extend secure data networks to forward command posts in the field.
Have you spent any time in America? If so, what differences have you seen? I've spent a little time in America, but not enough to really notice any major differences.
Was basic training really difficult and horrible? Any memorable experiences you've had while in the army? Basic training is tough but not difficult it's designed to see how you react under stress, some memorable experiences are my basic training Graduation, my trades course grad, and just today being promoted to corporal, plus any number of things from exercises i can't think of at the moment
Is it true that Canadian soldiers are better trained then their American counterparts? Also that if they wanted to transfer to the American army that they would automatically become a Ranger? Sorry if i'm wrong, i heard it from one of friends in the army. From what I know we are better trained from what I've heard we know more out of Basic Training than they do,, although automatically becoming a Ranger is something I hadn't heard of before now so it may or may not be true although I personally think it's not
Is there any part of your career that you are "looking forward to"? Right now I'm looking forward to going on a course related to being a corporal which is in Kingston Ontario, but I've found that looking forward to things usually means that those things either don't happen or a big let downs.
Do they give you guys combat Bacon? No, although i want to get some from thinkgeek, however they don't ship it outside the US.
Anything? I apologize in advance for the personal questions. How much education do you have, and which school did you attend? How much do you get paid, and how much did you get paid the first year? How long have you been in the army? What do you in the army if you want to have sex (heterosexual)? I have a high school diploma with some college(never graduated) basic pay for a recuit in BMQ equals out to around $30,000 a year I've been in for around 3 1/2 years most people live off base in apartments or houses so they have sex there, if you live in single quarters as i do, you can always bring someone home there or go back to their place.
Early next year I'm applying to be a Army Communications & Information Systems Specialist because of my IT background. If they don't take me, I'm going to London to join the British. If the British don't take me then I'm taking the train to France to try the Foreign Legion. If the FL doesn't take me then I'm gonna become the god dam Batman. I want the army life, to be pushed everyday. Any tips? I already work out 5 days a week, and don't smoke. EDIT: How did you feel at the end of each day in BMQ? Did they make you feel like you want to give up everyday? Sounds like you have a good background for the job, at the end of the day in BMQ I was usually tired but they are long days.
What do you call Canadian Bacon? Do you call regular bacon, American Bacon? We call Canadian bacon Back Bacon, or Peameal Bacon, and regular bacon is just bacon.
Back Bacon? Where does that come from? Not sure, it's just what I've always heard it called
Weird. is it typically eaten at breakfast? Sometimes, not always, it is good on hamburgers though.
Whoa! with cheese and mustard? Grilled first and also with ketchup
Have you ever had to kill anyone? No, I've never been in a situation where I've had to kill anyone.
If you were though, are you required to apologize? Not as far as I know.
What's your opinion of the ACISS merger and has it impacted your training in any way? I'm not a big fan because it seems to be producing soldiers who are barely qualified, but as I've been told it's here to stay, It hasn't impacted my training as I completed my trades course before the merger.
Have you ever had to ride in a SeaKing? If yes how are you still alive!?!?! No i haven't had that opprotunity.
If you know anything about US military, how does it compare to yours? I don't know much about the US military, and don't really feel qualified to compare one to the other.
I'm not talking about who's better, I'm asking how they differ between giving some slack or straight to the point. Edit - idk how to word it. I'm not quite sure what you're getting at but as far as giving orders go we are pretty straight to the point if that answers your question.
Hey, I just wanted to say I really appreciate you doing this AMA. I just finished high school and was curious about enlisting within the next couple of years in the infantry as an NCM. If you could anwser some of my questions, I'd really appreciate it. What is training like? If not serving in a combat role, what do you spend your time doing? I've heard from people that if they had the choice, they would never leave the army. Do you also share this mentality? I can't really comment specifically about infantry training as I've never done it, but as I and others have mentioned BMQ can be easy or hard depending on the staff you have, most of my time is spent preparing for exercise, training and refreshing skills with the equipment we have, I personally don't see myself leaving until i reach retirement age.
How strong are the muscles in your arms? I'm a little out of shape right now so not as strong as I'd like.
Can you lift heavy things by the muscles in your arms? Yes, how heavy are you meaning?
Do you thing the Jay's chances of making a playoff spot are pretty much hosed at this point what with the starting pitching staff being so ravaged by injury? A more related question; What is the political ideaological makeup of the people you serve with? Are they for they most part conservatives who like Harper? I honestly haven't been following baseball very much this year, as far as I can tell the political makeup of the people I serve with tends to run towards the conservatives, although there are some liberals, ndp and green party as well
250 kg. Not on my own, plus most things that heavy are considered a two man lift.
Is there a moose based Calvary? No.
Done any fighting alongside different countries? Favorite country to fight with? Any condescending stories? I haven't so i can't say any favourites.
What are the hearing requirements to enlist? You would have to check at a recruiting center.
Since you are not involved in any war what do you do all day? Training, preparing for exercises, cleaning equipment after exercises, repeat.
Thanks for your service man. My question would be did you do any tours in Afghanistan, and if so, did you notice any positive progress in your time there? I did not have any tours in afghanistan.
I want to be an aerospace control operator and at the same time do a math degree. I'll probably be going to northbay. If i wanted to continue with my math degree, do i do it online or at the local university? I'm not entirely sure how it'll work. What can i expect when i join the air force? I am not a recruiter, your best bet would be to speak with someone at your local recruiting office.
Have you ran into many American expats in the Canadian Army? And to your knowledge, how hard is it for an American to join the Canadian Army? I've run into a couple, as far as I know it's the same process as for anyone else.
When you send "plz transmit in english" to the 34th Signals (or any signaleer from them quebec places), do you say it in frensh or enlich? I've personally never dealt with any signalers from Francophone units so i couldn't say.
It seems like the politics of the day to throw around "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!" in an attempt to rationalize military action without criticism. Do armed forces personnel take it personally when there is criticism of policy decisions? I personally don't take it personally because it wasn't me making those decisions.
Have you ever worked with the Black Watch before? I am curious as to how "intense" they are, since I used to be in the Cadets and marched in the Black Watch Parade. Never had a chance to talk to any of them, seem so...intimidating, lol. But then, I was in grade 11 back there. I have not had the opportunity to work with them.
So much does the Canadian military actually love Tim Horton's? It's one of our nations greatest institutions.
Are there only 76 other Bluejays fans? No the Blue jays First year in MLB was 1977.
As a fellow Canadian, I would like to say thanks for your service. If I could, I would like to take you out for some Kraft Dinna! If your ever in edmonton end me a pm.
From Tim Hortons of course. Of course nothing better than a Boston Cream and a Large Double Double.
Unfortunately, both of those things are descriptions for women here in the U.S. That's not necessarily a bad thing.
As a fellow Canadian and sister of a retired Air Force pilot, thanks so much for your service and if you or any of your soldier friends want a pen pal I would love to write to anyone in the Canadian Forces. Pm me for details I'd love to have a pen pal.
Capt here, I just got back from Edmonton working at 408 sqn. Small world! Indeed it is.
Does it ever feel like you're part of the US Army Reserves? No.
When was the last time Canada has ever fought in a war? See the above comment about afghanistan.
I admit it for a second i thought it was the dudes who stand outside the royal palace with the funny hats on. Do they really not talk or react back? I can't say, that's the British army.
It's the Queens Guard specifically. Not the entire British Army. Fair point.
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2010.12.11 06:51 Raerth List of North American subreddits (excluding USA)

Global reddits: Africa Asia Europe North America (USA) South America Oceania
I've stopped manually updating this list.
For up-to-date information please see's Canada and Caribbean/Central America lists.
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