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Ghost of Tsushima Review

2020.09.26 20:42 DaftNeal88 Ghost of Tsushima Review

Ghost of Tsushima Review
Samurai media has been prevalent throughout popular culture for decades, mainly in the form of old folk tales and film, but very rarely do we get a more grounded interpretation of the elusive warriors and the bushido code in video games. The legend of the samurai, their honor and their diligence are ripe material for video games to explore in interesting and thoughtful ways, much in the way Akira Kurosawa explored the implications of tradition in changing times and the repercussions of the samurai’s stobborness in his countless classic films. Enter Ghost of Tsushima, the latest open world action game from Sucker Punch Studios, developers of the Sly Cooper and Infamous series previously. During the development of Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch constantly sighted Kurosawa as an inspiration for their narrative and overall theme of the game, wanting to explore the way the samurai code both is an example to live by and how that example would be tested during the Mongol Invasion of Tsushima Island in 1274 AD. While Ghost of Tsushima has undeniable strengths and flashes of brilliance, it can’t overcome the fact that the narrative fails to live up to its lofty ambitions and that the open world activities often are too repetitive and meaningless for their own good.
Ghost of Tsushima follows Jin Sakai, the last surviving samurai member of Clan Sakai, as he follows his uncle, Lord Shimura into battle with the Mongols as they begin to invade Tsushima Island. After being left for dead on the beach, Jin is saved by Yuna, a thief whose tactics while contrary to the samurai’s strict code of honor, is effective against the Mongols and their dissection of the samurai code. Together with a band of makeshift and old allies, Jin launches a full frontal assault against the Mongols and their leader Khotun Khan, hoping to rescue the kidnapped Lord Shimura. Along the way, Jin realizes that the old ways of the samurai will not be enough to defeat Khan and the Mongols and may have to break his lifelong oaths to save the people of Tsushima. He’ll also have to grapple with the fact that breaking his oaths can have dire consequences not only for him but the people of Tsushima.
The game has obvious inspiration from the works of Akira Kurosawa and countless other samurai media, from Lone Wolf and Cub to even Rurouni Kenshin. However, the story of Ghost of Tsushima really falls flat in its admirable ambitions and themes because the narrative never adequately commentates on the nature of the samurai code and why Jin’s decision to break it is so devastating. Jin is a very one note character who has no interesting or dynamic personality throughout the game, making his decent into dishonorable tactics not as compelling as it could be. Lord Shimura often chastises Jin for his breaking of the samurai code, but never effectively articulates why breaking that code is so horrible. He often states it’s not the samurai way while never making an effective case of why the samurai way is the right thing to do. This routine continues as the game goes on with no real depth being added to the central thematic conflict, even as Jin does abhorrent and despicable acts against the Mongols.
Had Jin, Lord Shimura, and Yuna had a more interesting dynamic together to discuss the implications of Jin’s actions and the samurai code as a whole, the story would have been much stronger and impactful. As it is though, we are left with characters that have one reaction to all the story events and repeat that same reaction with no interesting wrinkles or dimensions added throughout the entire running time. It also doesn’t help that the Mongols and Khotun Khan are very boring villains. All they want to do is pillage Tsushima, which granted fits with the historical narrative of the Mongol invasions of Asia, but if Khan had a more interesting backstory, personality, or even presence, the threat of the Mongols would have been much more fascinating to be a part of. Overall, Ghost of Tsushima aspires to be Kurosawa in terms of themes, but in execution really lacks the delicate touch of humanity, complexity or heart that would have made this narrative more compelling. As it stands, its a mediocre video game plot that could have been so much better than it is with more fine tuning and more compelling characters.
Narrative issues aside, its undeniable how beautiful Ghost of Tsushima looks and feels. Tsushima Island is full of lush colors, gorgeous landscapes, and fascinating environmental details that make the entire island feel lived in and real. Some of the best moments of the game come from simply you riding your horse through the country side as the flowers brush against your noble steed and you face the burning landscape in front of you. The animation is also top notch, whether you engage in sword fighting, sneaking around enemy patrols, or constructing haikus in secluded areas. The soundtrack also evokes the classics of the samurai genre, with great biwa and shakuhachi instrumentals that really set the mood and tone for the game perfectly. Throughout the roughly 20-25 hour story campaign and through the side activities, as an audio and visual spectacle, Ghost of Tsushima is unquestionably a gorgeous game and one of the best looking games on the PS4 console.
While you take the grand tour of Tsushima Island, you’ll be partaking in a lot of activities that should be familiar to anybody who’s played an open world action game in the past several years, from clearing out bandit camps, to completing side-quests and even finding rogue Mongol generals to defeat. You’ll even do some less traditional activities, such as following ever-present birds to hidden items and upgrades in the world and following foxes in order to upgrade your secondary abilities. As you play the game you’ll gain access to many different armors that give your character unique tactical advantages and gather resources to upgrade your armor and weapons. You’ll also gain access to charms, which allow you to add additional powers to your armor set, including recovering life when you kill enemies, which was my personal favorite. You’ll gain major and minor charms, and the numerous armor and charm combinations and tactics do allow you to customize Jin pretty effectively to become your own unique samurai wrecking ball throughout the world.
In addition to traditional side quests, there are character specific quests that follow a unique story line, such as tracking the killers of Lady Masako’s family and the motive behind the horrible deeds. You’ll even encounter the legends of Tsushima quests, which tell a local legend and task you to find the elusive mysteries in order to learn new combat techniques and get more backstory to the residents and myths of Tsushima. In concept the side quests to a good job of making the island more fully realized, however the underlying gameplay mechanics make the side quests eventually unengaging and ultimately made me pass on most of them.
As for the gameplay itself, you’ll mainly engage in mainly two activities; fighting Mongol soldiers with samurai sword combat and sneaking around enemy lines with dishonorable shadow tactics. The main problem with the gameplay is that the samurai combat is vastly more interesting to engage with than the stealth mechanics. The samurai combat is very cool and engaging, focusing on stance changes in order to effectively react to different enemies and take them out more efficiently. While I do wish you got a bigger move set that more distinctly differentiated each of the styles, the system is engaging and really forces you to pay attention to the enemy combinations and differentiate your tactics. You’ll also gain resolve points in a meter which is used to heal in combat and execute unique attacks, which do a good job of adding flair and depth to the combat, even though the game needed more unique moves and systems to use the resolve meter on. Jin will occasionally engage in one-on-one sword duels which are some of the most interesting battles in the game. Some of the enemy routines and attack patterns repeat too often for their own good, but the duels are very engaging from start to finish, including the final boss fight which story context notwithstanding, is a very good battle.
Aside from the lack of unique moves, the major problem with the combat system is the lack of a lock-on feature. There were plenty of times I was swinging into thin air because I couldn’t’ effectively target the appropriate enemy, which caused some needless frustration particularly towards the end of the game as mobs of enemies engage in combat. The weapon selection interface is also very clunky, with different button combinations needed to select different arrow types and weapons, and it never felt seamless to engage with. Often times I would fumble around my controller trying to remember how to select a particular weapon only to get stabbed by an enemy from behind and lose my chance to use it. A simple weapon wheel would have made the selection of different weapons much easier and less cumbersome in the grand scheme of the game. I wish there were more unique mechanics and systems to the combat as well as moves to use resolve on and making the interface cleaner and easier to use, but overall I think the combat system is engaging and fun, even if it feels a bit limited in scope and execution.
The stealth gameplay on the other hand is very route and unengaging by comparison. You’ll sneak past enemies to silently take them out, use poison darts, and other instruments to quietly dispatch the Mongols, but it never feels as interesting or as engaging as the swordplay. Part of the reason is that the enemy artificial intelligence is not at all dynamic nuanced. There were plenty of times I snuck to the side of the enemies for them to not notice me, allowing for easy takedowns that felt like routines more than carefully planned out tactics. When the samurai gameplay is as nuanced as it is with the stance changes and varied enemy types, going back to hiding in bushes and slowly creeping up on enemies loses a lot its appeal and engagement. If the stealth system had more varied tools or more layered enemy routines, such as in the Metal Gear Solid series, it would have been much more interesting to participate in. However, since there are numerous times throughout the game where stealth is encouraged due to enemy placements and numbers, the lack of engaging stealth mechanics really puts a damper on a lot of the open world side missions and story encounters.
The mission design also feels very lacking in many aspects. There are way too many times you are asked to sneak into enemy camps, survey their tactics, and ride your horse to the next mission objective. The missions lack the depth in variety and uniqueness of personality to really engage with them in any meaningful way. Compare the objectives in this game to open world classics like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or even Super Mario Odyssey, and it quickly becomes apparent that Ghost of Tsushima has way too limited of a pool of mission types for the player to engage in. It also doesn’t help that the game still retains really outdated design choices that make no sense in today’s day and age. Why there are instant fail stealth missions still in 2020 is beyond comprehension to me. It was awful when The Order: 1886 subjected you to its terrible stealth missions and it stands out just as much here. While this game is much better than The Order: 1886 mainly because it actually gives you ways to engage in the stealth mechanics, these missions stand out as outdated and rudimentary in today’s gaming landscape. The legends of Tsuchima quests do the best job of varying up the mission objectives, such as having you track down blue flowers to lead to a mysterious island, or climbing up a mountain as the cold slowly drains your health away, but the main campaign and majority of side quests needed to shake things up considerably from the to do list of activities Jin engages in.
At the end of the day, Ghost of Tsushima is a solid but noticeably flawed attempt to convey the legend of the samurai and the bushido code to the PS4. The heights to which the story aspires to climb are never fully realized or trekked and the gameplay and mission design feels unoptimized and too limited in scope in very prevalent ways. That being said, the beauty of the world, atmosphere of the game and the samurai sword combat really do help the player engage in the tale of Jin Sakai. There is a good foundation to build a more thoughtful and nuanced samurai game in the future from Sucker Punch Studios. I hope that the narrative writers learn how to engage the player’s emotions and the complexities of the samurai legacy more diligently and I hope the gameplay designers learn new ways to draw interest from the players besides repeating the same tired mission types repeatedly in the future though. That being said, Ghost of Tsushima is a good game and a fun way to indulge your inner samurai.
I give Ghost of Tsushima 3.5 scenic haikus out of 5.
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2020.09.24 04:12 failed_damsel The next Skam remake

In your opinion what country would you like to have the next Skam remake?
I know Skam is a particularly European show. Cuz it heavily deals with issues western countries are likely to tackle, but what about Asia or Africa? I would really love to see these characters be brought to life in a completely different setting than what the current remakes have (not saying that the remakes aren’t unique, they have they’re charms too).
What do you think?
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2020.09.23 13:33 NSGTAXI Now travel hassle-free from Shimla to Chandigarh

NSG TAXI is repeatedly focusing on existing and remaining as India's finest taxi service provider for One way taxi service, Outstation cab service, Intercity cab service with a driver. NSG TAXI is the best cab service for car hire. NSG TAXI is most reasonable in most cities. Because we believe in keeping the margin low as compare to our competitors and ensure that the quality of service will never be low to always keep our ranking high as well as we ensure that our drivers always reach on time.
At the time of hiring drivers for our taxi, we ensure to look at their license and their qualifications to reach our quality bar. We also support continuous
Coaching to our drivers. But the important point is we try to be the best with our services of customer support. NSG TAXI has remarkable reviews on Google. NSG TAXI was introduced with the motive of serving people at reasonable rates.
The driving gap between Shimla and Chandigarh is around 114 km. It takes around 3 to 3 and half hours to arrive at Chandigarh through a taxi.
The well-constructed highways and peaceful glimpses make this a fascinating and pleasant road trip.
The smooth roads and quiet view make this a mesmerizing and enjoyable journey. The mountainous land and elevated roads become a reason for a little inconvenience, but the beauty of the north will make you forget about the hassle to reach there. One can take NH 5 to reach because it is the fastest route. There are many places to have some food in between the journey such as dhabhas, cafe, hotels as well as many beautiful places to visit and there is no shortage of petrol pump in between the journey there is ample amount of petrol pump in the way so, no need to worry about that and WE PROVIDE ONE WAY AND ROUND TRIP ALSO.
This beautiful place exists in sector 16. Rose Garden is a blooming exhibition that displays around 825 types of beautiful flowers and 32,500 types of trees and pharmaceutics shrubs. Many people know this place by the name Zakir Hussain Rose Garden. Charming variety of flowers making it quite famous among tourists and environment devotees. In Asia, it is the biggest garden with a huge variety of roses.
This beautiful place exists in sector 1. The Rock Garden is grand in the open-air exhibit that demonstrates statues made from city and manufacturing wastes. Many people call this garden as Nek Chand's Rock Garden. Because statues in the rock garden are designed and accomplished by Nek Chand. It has around 5000 statues made from waste. Tourists must visit the rock garden to see how talented Indians are they made the best out of waste.
Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh are wonderful museums in India. Formed in August 1947, the foundation is known for its collection of pictures, artifacts, and sculptures. Furthermore, its exceptional structure which was formed by Le Corbusier.
The objective of this foundation is to inspire gratitude inserted in art and take it close to the activities of people through an understanding of its rich collection and creative programs.
Built in the middle of the town, it provides the scene of the Shivalik ranges in the background. Visiting this place provides you detailed philosophy.
The Terraced Gardens of Chandigarh is a well-known and amazing tourist allure that is situated in Sector 33. The charm and liveliness of which draws the attention of visitors from not only local and neighboring areas but from all over the country. The energy of the flowers is stunning, and people who come to see the Terraced Gardens always leave with a huge smile of satisfaction on their faces.
This garden is the perfect place for environment lovers and travelers, to enjoy an interesting day in Chandigarh in the orbit of mother nature, and to relish the much-required relaxation from the everyday boring routine. This garden is well-known among teenagers and couples, who want to appreciate little time of soothing silence. The Terraced Gardens also organize the Chrysanthemum Flowers Show, which is held every year in form of a carnival of these flowers on a huge ratio. This is reasonably yet one more reason why the attractiveness stays to be so well-known among the people, and why it doubtless shall not be forgotten during the tour of Chandigarh.
The Thunder Zone Amusement and Water Park is an eye-catching place for any tourist, this place is suitable for the people of any age groups and gives them interesting and miraculous rides to enjoy. This place is doubtless one of the most alluring amusement parks. It is established on 15 May in 2002. Situated just 13 kilometers away from the center of the city, it covers over a total land of 11 acres. Thunder Zone provides you many fabulous amusement rides, water waves, and slides for the enjoyment of people, it has four big swimming pools in the water park; and the delightful green lawns provide you the perfect background for clicking some dazzling photographs after an enjoyable day.
This is the reason you must visit the amusement park, and experience a carefree and cheerful day away from the daily routine, problems, and headache of daily life.
The above mentioned are just five places to give you an idea about the beauty of Chandigarh. But there are many more places you can visit with us such as
Sukhna Lake, Pinjore Garden, Shanti Kunj, The Capitol, Fun city, International Dolls Museum, Botanical gardens, Bougainvillea, Nangal wetland, Garden of Fragrance, Leisure valley, Children Traffic Park, Hibiscus Garden, forest reserve, Topiary Park, Punjab Kala Kendra, Museum of the Evolution of Life, Fitness Trails, National Gallery of Portraits and many more. All you need is to hire NSG TAXI and make your travel hassle free.
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2020.09.22 13:44 LittleBlueCubes I'm loving PES 2021!

Just wanted to share how much I enjoy PES 2021. I'm an offline player - by that I don't mean master league or BAL, not even offline competitions. All I play is exhibition matches (with 'random form arrows') - mostly from the upcoming games over the weekend across various leagues. I play on manual passing and basic through pass / shooting.
I was only expecting a transfer update in PES 2021 and I was ready to pay for it. The question of whether to buy PES 2021 just didn't even cross my mind. PES is the most played game in my consoles ever since I owned my first console. Every year, if I were to calculate the value of PES based on number of hours of play per dollar, it beats all the other games put together.
So PES 2021. I went with no expectations. The chatter in the few days leading up to the release said there will be some tweaks. I was expecting those tweaks to be some unnoticeable changes. Turned out that the tweaks they have made have had a significant improvement in the gameplay experience.
I don't do skills moves. The only time I hit the right stick is to turn off live updates (as I have updated the squads with recent transfers). For me, the freedom to dribble and the smoothness of the movement alone is a big win. As I don't do skill moves, I depend on slight change in direction while dribbling and that works like a charm. And now, faster players when the get the ball at the right moment, can absolutely leave their chasers for dead. And I love that. Despite this, the game has not become a speed fest. Good job by Konami in maintaining this balance.
The animations are certainly smoother now. Just play a game of 2020 if you doubt this. Or perhaps it's the changes to the animations that have freed the players in making the dribbling easier.
One of my issues with 2020 was how difficult it becomes to shield and hold the ball. I may not be the best pes gamer but when I play with a capable player, I'd expect them not to lose the ball so easily. Now in 2021, I can properly shield the ball. I'll keep the ball and I won't be hurried. This has made a huge improvement in my gameplay experience (read this in conjunction with the game length I talk about later).
The graphics have certainly improved. Earlier, I had preferences like night games in certain stadiums and day games in certain others (very few actually). Especially the day games, I just couldn't figure out how to get them to look best. Particularly if there are shadows on the pitch, it was torturous on the eyes. In PES 2021, they seem to have done something about the contrast and colour of the pitch, perhaps because they have tweaked the lighting. It's sharper and nicer.
No changes in the sound department, at least nothing to drive home about. The soundtracks of 2020 was way better for sure. I anyway play with Italian or French commentary (as I don't understand either of these languages) so I get the adrenaline of the commentators without having to be annoyed by them repeating the lines.
By the way I paid double the price for PES 2021 and I'm still so pumped about the game. This is what happened. I had pre-ordered and downloaded the game only to find that I had done that on the Asia PSN which meant the commentary languages are the Asian languages apart from English. But I wanted Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese commentary. So I went to the UK PSN and bought the game again and deleted the Asian edition from my library.
The menu design of 2021 are an abomination for a game of this day and age. But it's okay. It's a minor annoyance. Honestly I thought the only difference between PES 2020 and PES 2021 will only be the menu. True to Konami, they've left the menu untouched and changed the game play. At least the loading times seem to be shorter than before. While they were doing these small tweaks, they could have also touched on some of the camera angles. But they haven't. Oh wait, they have changed the vertical camera angle a little bit. Perhaps it seems the camera is slightly drawn further behind so you can see more of the pitch and action.
I'm still not winning a lot of games or scoring a lot of goals. Hence I'm on professional difficulty on manual passing and it's a good enough challenge for me. I'm playing longer games such as 20 min-games to give myself enough time to soak into the manual passing gameplay and play at my pace. The games are extremely enjoyable no matter the result.
For any offline gamers that are unable to make the breakthrough with manual passing, my advice would be to play really long games - 15/20 min games. Then you will see the manual passing becoming part of your muscle memory. Even otherwise, you'd at least a very enjoyable gaming experience.
PES 2021 is more than what I want for my football gaming fix. And this can easily go the distance unless Konami ends up disrupting the current balance through the numerous data packs that will follow. As much as I'm looking forward to the PES 2022 on PS5, I'm thoroughly enjoying PES 2021.
Yes, there are a million threads on the shortcomings of this game, fortunately, those threads or those issues don't deter me from enjoying this game. Joys of being an offline gamer that loves PES unconditionally :)
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2020.09.22 10:52 kaylinpham Why We Fall In Love With Hoi An

Why We Fall In Love With Hoi An
Hoi An has been always a famous destination for everyone who visits Vietnam. Its narrow streets, wooden antique houses and shops, tiled roof covered with moss are not the only glamour. This is one of the first city in Vietnam restricts motorbike and other vehicles from going into the town, and the only place that takes care of its image by forcing every shop owners to dangle lanterns from their facades. While making a Hoi An hotel booking, make sure you chose a hotel in the city central, then you are just one step to heaven!
We don’t need 13 seasons why we love the charming Hoi An. Only the following 5 things are enough to make us fall for this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Hoi An Ancient Town and its glory history
Hoi An was a harbor city, known as FaiFo by Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian traders during the 16th – 17th Centuries. If we go back a little more, to the 2nd – 15th Centuries, Hoi An was also the homeland of Sa Huynh culture.
Back then, Hoi An was a prosperous city, a trading center of Southeast Asia. Cargo ships from Japan, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and even European countries like Spain, Portugal, Holland, UK and France came here and traders stayed from 4 to 6 months in a row. A lot of Chinese and Japanese people, under the permission of Nguyen Emperor, were allowed to stay and build their own town, their own shops and live with their own traditions.
Hoi An was a forgotten city during the Vietnam war, which helps preserving this town from bombing and tanks. Now this ancient trading city still remains its harbor, old streets, antique houses, Assembly Halls, Temples and Pagodas, Japanese Covered Bridge etc., which reflect the cross-cultural communication between Vietnamese and foreigners.

The charming Ancient Town of Hoi An and its glory history (Source: Khanh Hmoong)
Stepping into the Ancient Town is just like stepping back in time. Only in Hoi An, visitors can admire the Vietnamese style, Northern and Southern Chinese style, mixing with Japanese style. However, instead of mixing these styles together in one building, each house here was built with only one style, which shows our “integration without assimilation” spirit. If you made a Hoi An hotel booking, take a close look at the hotel’s architecture, as most of hotels in the Ancient Town is built with boutique-style.

Chinese Style Tiled Roof
Food and Drinks
“You have to taste a culture to understand it”, said Deborah Cater. Indeed, the festival of flavors in every dish of Hoi An reflects this city’s diverse culture and tradition. During its long history with Chinese, Hoi An cuisine now is a combination of Chinese spirit and Vietnamese style. Walking into the Old Town of Hoi An, tourists can try this city’s traditional food everywhere, from street kitchens to luxury restaurants.

Cao Lau Mi – One of the most famous dishes of Hoi An
Hoi An is also famous with its charming beaches. In fact, An Bang Beach is in top 25 most beautiful beaches in the world selected by CNNGo, and now is in top 25 beaches in Asia. Best time for beaches here is from May to September. On a quiet day, visitors can lie on the golden sandy beach, listen to the sound of ocean and the breeze whispering in the trees. Then, all the sadness and tiredness will be gone with the wind.

Spend at least one afternoon on the golden sunny beaches of Hoi An
Finding peace in Hoi An is so simple. After washing your hair, don’t use hair drier, cycle around and let the wind blow away. Hoi An has been always this beautiful in a romantic way. If you have been to Hoi An before, you must be planning for a next trip back here, to explore its mysterious charm.
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Hindi commentary hai ya antrvasna ki story
Gend ke kareeb aae, badi nazakat se halke haatho se khela or fir utha diya boundry line ki taraf.
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Ra's al ghul is watching you.
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First dhoni wasting time on the 19.6th delivery and then coming in to ground. Rajasthan should be awarded extra 5 runs.
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Rajasthan shpuld be awarded extra 5 penalty runs.
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Just tell me the names of all the players considered for number 4 i will collect the data and get back to you with results.
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From what I have seen he is passionate about everything he does.
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Why will the remove our good luck charm Lord Binny. SMH
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Doesn't mattwr CM is still shite.
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DISCUSSION: A weird thing I noticed on Rotten Tomatoes
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I like most of Stephen King's books but...
9o59xd in DC_Cinematic on 14 Oct 18 (1pts):
Anybody want a Batman movie like this? (hint: owls)
8dpswr in Jokes on 20 Apr 18 (3pts):
"How high are you?"
81q7zf in LifeProTips on 03 Mar 18 (1pts):
LPT: 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do. is not always applicable, use your own brain too
81ecxy in Showerthoughts on 02 Mar 18 (1pts):
Pornhub is less racist than YouTube.
7rhhhy in Showerthoughts on 19 Jan 18 (1pts):
Is the Shower Thoughts Red Theme for periods?
7lgpk5 in LifeProTips on 22 Dec 17 (1pts):
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2020.09.20 20:38 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: September 14th - September 20th

Weekly Round-Up: September 14th - September 20th
/bangtan Weekly Round-Up
Previous thread: September 7th - September 13th
This round-up is for everything that happened in the /bangtan realm within the past week, compiled for your convenience! If you have feedback, please leave a comment or send me a PM.
The latest weekly round-up is linked on the sidebar of the subreddit. The link to the archive of past round-up posts can always be found in the wiki index.

New Releases

Date Link Thread
200915 [MV] Max - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) Thread
200915 [Audio] MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) Thread
200918 [Audio] Dynamite (NightTime Version) Thread
200920 [MV] BTS "Dynamite" - 70's Remix Thread


Date Thread
200916 BTS @ NBC America's Got Talent
200918 BTS @ Mnet I-LAND
200918 BTS @ 2020 iHeart Radio Music Festival

News & Information

Date Thread
200914 In light of his birthday, RM donated 100M won to the MMCA foundation to foster a culture of reading art books and increasing artistic sensibility in youth
200914 Billboard Launches New Global Charts
200914 'Dynamite' is #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 for its 3rd week
200915 [Notice] BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E Online Live Streaming & BTS EXHIBITION “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E (오,늘)” Online Exhibition Information
200915 Asia Society: BTS is one of the Asia Game ChangerAward recipients for 2020
200916 MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E concert tickets on sale
200916 Introducing BTS new live streaming ‘MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E’, ticket sale is now open on Weverse Shop!
200916 BTS Music Pack Coming to Beat Saber
200917 BTS "MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E" Online Live Streaming & Online Exhibition Ticketing Guide
200917 "Dynamite" has been changed to "Dynamite (Daytime Version)" on streaming platforms
200917 ARMY Bomb Ver.3 and 'Map of the Soul Special Edition' can now connect to "Dynamite" (B-side) music video on Weverse
200918 BTS to be Honored at the 2020 Asia Game Changers Awards
200919 BTS' Grammys For You Consideration: Dynamite has been submitted for ROTY & Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
200920 BTS to appear on NPR Music on September 21, 9AM ET / 10PM KST

Music show wins

Date Thread
200916 BTS have taken their 11th win for "Dynamite" on today's Show Champion
200918 BTS have taken their 12th win for "Dynamite" on today's KBS Music Bank
200919 BTS have taken their 13th win for "Dynamite" on today's Music Core

Merchandise news

Date Thread
200914 Skool Luv Affair (Special Addition) merchandise will be available on Weverse Shop from September 15, 11AM KST
200914 [NOTICE] Regarding the Emblem for 'In the SOOP BTS ver. VOD Purchases
200915 Skool Luv Affair (Special Addition) merchandise is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop
200917 Wings, Love Yourself and Speak Yourself Jigsaw Puzzles on Weverse Shop

Expired news

Date Thread
200914 MBC Radio: BTS will be on radio show at 6PM(KST)!
200918 [Notice] BTS Digital Single “Dynamite” NightTime Version Additional Release Information
200918 BTS will perform on Night 1 of the iHeart Radio Music Festival on Friday, 9/18 at 10:43 PM EST
200919 BTS are attending the Youth Day celebrations at the Blue House to give a speech today at 10am KST and will be meeting the President and First Lady

Official Media

Type Date Link Thread
Bomb 200916 [BANGTAN BOMB] V-ianist's Recital Thread
Bomb 200919 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' Stage CAM (BTS focus) @ 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival Thread
In the SOOP 200915 [Behind] In the SOOP BTS ver. EP.4 Farewell For Now: Behind-the-scenes Thread
In the SOOP 200917 In the SOOP BTS ver. EP.5 Back to the Forest Thread
In the SOOP 200917 [In the SOOP BTS ver.] Official Clip - Ep.6 Thread
Live 200919 2008** Jungkook Thread
Live 200920 2008** Jungkook Thread
Photos 200917 BTS, TXT, Lee Hyun Photos Thread
Photos 200917 New photos of BTS on their Billboard Hot 100 #1 Thread
Teaser 200917 BTS (방탄소년단) 'BREAK THE SILENCE: THE MOVIE' Concept Teaser - Persona Thread
Other 200914 Learn! KOREAN with BTS [EP.28] Please Look Forward to It Thread

Official SNS

Date SNS Link Thread
200914 Weverse Compilation
200914 Twitter Bangtan Thread
200914 Twitter Namjoon Thread
200914 TikTok SUGA & Jin Thread
200914 Twitter Today's Bangtan @ 'Bae Chul-soo's Music Camp' Thread
200914 Twitter j-hope with Jungkook Thread
200914 Twitter SUGA Thread
200916 TikTok V & j-hope Thread
200918 Weverse Taehyung Thread
200918 Weverse Compilation
200918 Twitter Today's BTS @ I-Land Thread
200918 Weverse Seokjin Thread
200919 Twitter j-hope Thread
200919 Twitter [#TodaysBangtan] Youth Day with #BTS ! BTS is supporting all the young people, who are the protagonists of the future! Thread
200919 Instagram BTS Instagram Story
200919 Twitter Today's Bangtan: [#오늘의방탄] #BTS in 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival!✨ Thread

BTS Interviews

  • Comprehensive list of English language Dynamite interviews HERE
Date Link Thread
200913 BTS On Success Of ‘Dynamite’ on ET Canada Thread
200915 Vogue: 24 Hours of VMA Prep With BTS Thread
200915 Vogue: BTS Have A Message For Their Fans: “Hope Is Everywhere — Keep Going” Thread
200917 [FULL/Eng Sub] (B-side) BTS Visual Radio in MBC Thread
200918 iHeartRadio: BTS Admit Their New Album Is 'A Little Different' Than 'Dynamite' Thread
200919 Radio Disney: Can BTS members raise one eyebrow? Thread

CF & Partnerships

Date Thread
200915 [FILA] BTS ‘Go Beyond’ - Behind The Scene Compilation
200915 Samsung Mobile: We asked. You answered. It’s about to light up, Sept 23rd. #GalaxyxBTS
200916 [FILA] PROJECT 7 Teaser
200916 BTS FILA PROJECT 7 (September 18th - 20th)
200916 Samsung Mobile: Yes, we’re good listeners. Your dream colors, now on your all-new Galaxy. See it all on September 23, 2020.
200917 FILA PROJECT 7 Pre-launching at Shinsegae Department Store Times Square Seoul
200918 BTS FILA PROJECT 7 on Instagram Stories


Date Publisher Article Thread
200914 The Korea Herald Public Consensus Needed Before Exempting BTS From Draft: Defense Minister Nominee Thread
200909 The Conversation What BTS breaking Billboard 100 means for pop as the industry knows it Thread
200915 Variety BTS Is Twitter’s Top Music Act During Quarantine Thread
200915 Elite Daily MAX & BTS' Suga's "Blueberry Eyes" Collaboration Almost Didn't Happen — EXCLUSIVE Thread
200915 Teen Vogue MAX Unpacks "Blueberry Eyes" Collaboration With BTS Member Suga Thread
200917 Teen Vogue J-Hope Gave V Some Sage Advice About His Solo Mixtape Thread
200918 Billboard Jessica Agombar, Co-Writer of BTS' 'Dynamite,' Says Goal for the Song Was 'A Positive, Huge Ball of Energy' Thread
200919 Headline Planet BTS Episode Sets New Social Media Record For 'America's Got Talent,' Delivers New 2020 High Mark For NBC Thread

SNS Mentions

NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Link Thread
200914 💜 Radio MBC Thread
200914 MAX posts teaser photo Blueberry Eyes MV; with word 'tomorrow' Thread
200915 haetaelee instagram (choreographer and director of the Jin and JK Samsung galaxy note 20 ad) Thread
200915 MAX Thread
200915 America’s Got Talent Thread
200915 Howie Mandel: Patiently waiting for @BTS_twt on #AGT tomorrow night Thread
200916 Dynamite included in Little Mix's Summer Vibe's Playlist Thread
200916 Lea Salonga Tweets About BTS' Professionalism Thread
200916 MAX Thread
200916 BTS "Dynamite" 7'' single, pressed in Detroit at @thirdmanpress. Thread
200917 The Twilight Saga Has Found Their BTS Bias Thread
200919 💜 The Blue House Korea (BTS with President Moon) Thread
200919 Rivers Cuomo Thread

Other media

Type Date Link Thread
Cover 200917 Dynamite Rock Version (BTS) by Rolling Quartz Thread
Cover 200920 BTS (방탄소년단) 'Dynamite' JUN Violin Cover Thread
Podcast 200917 (Spotify: For the Record) BTS: The Band, The Brand & The ARMY Thread
Video 200916 Critical Role: Sam: "What's up, BTS fans?" [Critical Role 2x109] Thread
Video 200918 Zach Sang Show: MAX talks new album Colour Vision, working w/ Suga AKA Agust D, and being a Dad... Thread
Video 200919 BTS’ Most Memorable MTV Moments Thread
Other 200918 Spotify has created a new playlist for Taehyung, called 'V' Thread
Other 200918 Spotify KPop: Psst.. BTS' got a surprise for us! Check out all of Dynamite's remixes to see who's dancing in them today! Thread


Type Date Thread
Charts/Sales 200914 "Hope World" has now reached 100 #1's on iTunes Worldwide, making j-hope the 3rd Korean soloist to achieve 100 #1's with an album after RM and Agust D
Charts/Sales 200914 Dynamite has surpassed Any Song as the song with most hours of PAKS in history
Charts/Sales 200914 BTS' "Dynamite" is now the #1 best selling download among all songs this year in the US
Charts/Sales 200914 BTS' Dynamite is #2 on the first ever Billboard Global 200 singles chart
Charts/Sales 200915 BTS Is #1 For Billboard Artist 100 With 9 Weeks For Being The #1, The Most For Group Overall
Charts/Sales 200916 "Dynamite" reaches new peak of #2 (+2) on Billboard Japan Hot 100
Charts/Sales 200916 MOTS7 is #18 in SNEP (France) Top 20 list of 1H 2020. BTS is the only international artist, besides The Weeknd, in this list.
Charts/Sales 200916 BTS' "Dynamite" has now sold over 1 million units in the US. The group’s fastest song to hit this mark.
Charts/Sales 200916 "Blueberry Eyes" by MAX feat. BTS 's SUGA debuts at #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart
Charts/Sales 200918 "Dynamite" by BTS is now the first and only song in Korean chart history to achieve 400 Perfect All-Kills
Charts/Sales 200919 BTS joins IU as the only acts to reach 500 Perfect All-Kill(PAK) in Korean Charts history
Charts/Sales 200919 J-Hope and Becky G's "Chicken Noodle Soup" becomes the first collaboration in history to reach #1 on iTunes in at least 100 countries
Charts/Sales 200919 BTS 'Dynamite' Has Reached New Peak Unique Listeners On Melon Since Its Release, With 708,691
Followers 200916 BTS_twt has surpassed 29 millions followers on twitter!
Followers 200919 BTS is now the first Korean act to surpass 20 million followers on TikTok!
Streams 200914 BTS's 'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7' Has Now Earned Over 500 MILLION On-Demand Streams in the US this year
Streams 200918 'Spring Day' has surpassed 200 million streams on Spotify, their 5th song to achieve this!
Streams 200918 BTS has surpassed 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify!
Streams 200920 BTS's "Serendipity" Has Now Surpassed 100 MILLION Streams on Spotify (40th song to do so)

BTS Universe Story

Date Link Thread
200914 BTS Universe Story: The peaceful landscape has a different charm when seen through the viewfinder. He focuses on it, pressing the shutter... Thread
200915 [With BTS] BTS Universe Story Official Trailer Thread
200915 BTS Universe Story: The pianist concludes his solo recital and the crowd cheers. He takes his final bow to enthusiastic applause... Thread
200916 BTS Universe Story: YoonGi and NamJoon visit their hideout for the last time before they leave school, but what they find surprises them... Thread
200916 BTS Universe Story: Inside the fragrant café, SeokJin tastes the just-brewed coffee with a smile- then rushes out when he notices the time. Thread
200917 BTS Universe Story: JiMin introduces himself enthusiastically to the broadcasting program members he's just met. Everyone's surprised at what he says... Thread
200918 [With BTS] [BTS Universe Story] Special Message For You💌 Thread
200918 BTS Universe Story: Loud music fills the air as HoSeok dances along passionately. Thread
200919 [With BTS] BTS Universe Story - BTS message Thread
200920 BTS Universe Story: TaeHyung, YoonGi, and HoSeok follow the hints to arrive somewhere where they meet a mysterious man. Thread


Date Link Thread
200914 TinyTAN merchandise for the month of September is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop Thread
200915 Baskin Robbins Korea Instagram Update - TinyTan Thread
200918 TinyTAN: Everyone has their own role! Which role would you like to take? Thread


Date Link Thread
200917 BT21 PLAYLIST - Rainy Garden ASMR Thread

BT21 merchandise news

Date Thread
200916 BT21 KOLON Fleece Jumper
200918 BT21 "Green Toy" kit coming soon!


Date Thread
200915 [YT Premiere] MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) [Official Music Video]
200915 Translation and mini Korean lesson with Blueberry Eyes
200918 [Throwback] Three years ago today, BTS released "Love Yourself 承 'Her'" and music video for title track "DNA"


Rolling /bangtan Awards 2020 nomination form

Community posts

Top Discussion Posts

  1. [+131] Help a new army out please
  2. [+118] Has anyone else been inspired by In the Soop?
  3. [+104] What are you most looking forward to seeing at MOTS ON:E?
  4. [+64] Besides winning a Grammy/getting nominated, what other achievements you think BTS could get that they haven't already?
  5. [+49] How did you come across BTS and what made you stay?

Weekly threads


Here are past week's top 5 fanart posts from our sister subreddit, /heungtan!
Submitter Thread
piglet_713 I know I'm a little bit late but I still did it <3 :)
Dizzyxxoo Namjoon Fanart (birthday gift for my friend 🌸) [OC]
ilumoone RM drawing
savkat17 hobi hobi hobi!! artwork by me :)
looventeen Dynamite Graphic Art (hand drawn on Procreate)
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2020.09.18 18:47 ForThrows 35 [F4R] Anywhere - Looking for someone to help me feel better about myself

I'm a single millennial cat lady from (and in) South Asia who has been struggling to feel meaningful thanks to covid and all her online communication being with 20-somethings or married people with children.
Things I am passionate about:
Things I am:
I would love to find someone close to my age with some claims to wittiness who will flirt with me intellectually and make me feel like I'm amazing and wonderful and can still change the world even though in my country I'm basically an old maid with no prospects. (And won't die alone eaten by my pets.)
In return I offer total reciprocity with excellent selections in compliments and repartee. My demands are matched only by my abilities.
Is my bravado all a sham? Who can say? Only you can save mankind solve the puzzle!
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2020.09.18 15:16 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Barr-barrian At The Gate by Sarah Lazarus & Crooked Media (09/17/20)

"That 100 million doses [by October] is the benchmark that we've set." - Mark Meadows, concert pianist (as long as we're all just making shit up)

Tellin' Of Troye

Attorney General Bill Barr may seem like an aspiring fascist who’s turning the Justice Department into an arm of the Trump campaign, but when you scratch beneath the surface, he’s actually much worse somehow!
Barr’s increasingly aggressive defense of divisive Trump administration policies comes as Trump finds ever-grosser ways to politicize the pandemic itself.
Bill Barr’s Summer of Fascism and Donald Trump’s open disregard for American lives are two sides of the same coin: Trump and his allies have no concern greater than maintaining power, and no legal or moral boundary they won’t cross to make that happen. How nice would it feel to stymie them by making a few phone calls?

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

On this week's Campaign Experts React, Dan Pfeiffer is joined by Alex Wagner, host of Showtime's The Circus. Dan and Alex react to The Lincoln Project's Susan Collins attack ad, Biden's digital ad on Trump's soldier remarks and a Trump ad that is VERY reminiscent of The Purge. Come for the analysis, stay for the video team's impressive color correction of Dan's wildfire lighting →

Under The Radar

Facebook appears to have no problem with content urging violence against American political movements, nevermind that similar content on the platform has already fueled real-world violence around the globe. As of Wednesday, a post calling for the government to “engage BLM & Antifa and wipe them out” had been shared 72,000 times. In 2018, Facebook’s failure to remove disinformation and hate speech led to horrific spates of violence in Sri Lanka and Myanmar—after human rights advocates had urgently warned Facebook officials about the danger. Facebook rumors have also led to offline attacks in Indonesia, India, and Mexico. There’s no reason to panic that the same outcome is inevitable here, but given what Facebook has already had to apologize for, it’s a shocking abdication of responsibility.

What Else?

Former model Amy Dorris has accused President Trump of sexually assaulting her at the 1997 U.S. Open, alleging that he forced his tongue down her throat and groped her. That makes at least 26 women who have accused Trump of sexual abuse, for those nauseously keeping score at home.
Trump’s businesses have charged the government more than $1.1 million since Trump took office, including room rentals for the Secret Service at his Bedminster, NJ, club while it was closed for the pandemic. (Monocle emoji)
FBI Director Christopher Wray affirmed that Russia is involved in “very active efforts” to influence the election and denigrate Joe Biden. Wray also slapped down both Bill Barr’s claim that FBI agents work for him, and Trump’s claim that Antifa is a terrorist organization.
Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe reversed course and agreed to provide in-person election security briefings to the Senate and House intelligence committees, after getting thoroughly yelled at.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will give a speech at the Wisconsin State Capitol next week, in a Trump administration x GOP state legislature collab to turn the State Department into a campaign field office.
OANN’s efforts to cover up its history of peddling Russian agent Andrii Derkach’s disinformation were relatably brought down by a typo.
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s USPS policies delayed nearly 350 million pieces of first-class mail in the five weeks they were in effect, according to a Senate report.
Hey remember Netflix? Your last remaining joy? Jerry Harris from Cheer has been arrested on child pornography charges. Ok have a good one!
New York City has delayed the start of in-person classes for a second time.
In another testament to the virtues of yelling at people, the University of Georgia announced it will allow in-person early voting on campus, a day after saying it wouldn’t.
An American woman on a bar crawl spread coronavirus through southern Germany and yes of course she is from Florida. We look forward to her primetime RNC convention speech in 2024.

Be Smarter

Today in Lives the Trump Administration Could’ve Saved But Chose Not To, the USPS had a plan to send face masks to every American, and the White House scrapped it. Newly released documents show that in April, Postal Service leaders were set to announce a plan to distribute 650 million reusable masks nationwide—enough to send five to every household. The Trump administration shut it down because, according to one official, “There was concern from some in the White House Domestic Policy Council and the office of the vice president that households receiving masks might create concern or panic.” A charming echo of the nonsensical excuse Trump gave Bob Woodward for not giving Americans the information they needed to protect themselves, and one that similarly leaves off the “[in the stock market]” clause that would make it true.

What A Sponsor

Four Sigmatic is a wellness company that's well known for its delicious mushroom coffee. Try starting your days off with their Ground Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane instead of regular coffee, and you'll love how it helps you focus so you can get shit done.
Mushroom Coffee is more than just coffee: It contains Lion’s Mane and supports productivity and creativity during your busy days, plus it's got Chaga, “the King of Mushrooms,” for immune support.
You're probably wondering—does this coffee taste like mushrooms? Not at all! It tastes just like regular coffee. It's also easy on the gut, and doesn’t leave you with that awful jittery feeling or crash.
All Four Sigmatic products are organic, vegan and gluten-free. Every single batch is tested in a third-party lab to ensure their purity and safety. So you know you are getting the highest quality coffee & ‘shrooms possible.
Best of all, Four Sigmatic stands behind their products unconditionally with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee - LOVE EVERY SIP OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK.
We've worked out an EXCLUSIVE offer with Four Sigmatic on their best selling Mushroom Coffee - this is JUST for CROOKED MEDIA subscribers. Get up to 39% off + Free Shipping on the Mushroom Coffee bundle. To claim this deal you MUST go to This offer is ONLY for Crooked Media subscribers and is not available on their regular website. Go to and fuel your productivity and creativity with some delicious Mushroom Coffee.

Is That Hope I Feel?

A federal judge has temporarily blocked Louis DeJoy's delay-causing changes at the Postal Service, finding them to be “a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service."
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has decided allow the expanded use of ballot drop boxes and extend the absentee ballot deadline. In a separate ruling, the court kicked the Green Party candidate off of Pennsylvania’s ballot.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have introduced a plan to cancel up to $50,000 in student loan debt for borrowers in 2021.
Charitable institutions have doled out hundreds of millions of dollars to help elections run smoothly (filling a void of governmental failure which should never have happened in the first place, but here we are).


Ian Madrigal - The Monopoly Man on Twitter: "[Me trying to make the most of 2020]()"
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2020.09.12 23:06 samarkandtours Khujand City Tour - Samarkand Tours Operator – 998998520077

Khujand City Tour
Take a trip to Khujand - one of the oldest towns not only of Tajikistan but also the entire Central Asia. Khujand city tour will consist of visiting bright and colorful oriental bazaar "Payshanba", the biggest one in Tajikistan, musuems, mosques, Hydro Power Station, etc. You will be charmed by their quiet streets, variety of delicious fuits and hospitality of local people.
Khujand, also transliterated as Khudzhand, Khujand or Khojand, was known until 1939 as Khujend; until 1992 as Leninabad (Leninobod), is the second largest city of Tajikistan. It is situated on both sides of the Syr Darya River at the mouth of the Fergana Valley.
The population of the city is about 150,000, down from 160,000 in 1989. It is also the capital of the northernmost province of Tajikistan, now called Sughd. It sits at a strategic location at the narrow western end of the Fergana Valley, almost totally surrounded by Uzbekistan. It is connected to Tajikistan proper via the Khudzhand-Dushanbe highway, currently a precarious, high altitude mountain route which is closed in winter; a complete reconstruction of the route, as well as several new tunnels (by Chinese companies) is nearing completion as of 2009.
Despite its transportation difficulties, it represents one of the most important areas of Tajikistan, with its rare fertile agricultural lands, irrigated by the Syr-Darya River, and location near the industrial centers of Uzbekistan. Major industries include Silk production, clothing and footwear manufacturing, and food processing.
Unfortunately, most of these successive invaders demolished the city, and as a result few ancient treasures remain. After the Bolshevik revolution, the city was given to Uzbekistan for a time, and in 1929 it was made part of the new Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic. Tajikistan was traditionally very clan-based, and during Soviet times, most of the influence and power in the country was held by members of the Sughd clan from Khudjand (though the capital was Dushanbe).
Khujand has a very unique culture, especially within Tajikistan. The visitor will notice upon arrival not only the high level of development of the city, but the relatively large Russian and Uzbek population, far exceeding that of Dushanbe.
Rarely here will you see women in traditional dress or men with long beards, and having a drink in the park is not frowned upon. The city's architecture and look has virtually not changed since Soviet days, making a trip to Khujand something of a trip back in time. Most of the Soviet-era buildings have, however, been renovated, and the city's parks and roads are also very well maintained. Despite being the second-largest city, it has a surprisingly relaxing, small-town feel, and its many lush parks and tree-lined boulevards make for a pleasant stay in the center.
The real life of the city is the wide Syr-Darya River. Along the riverbanks and from bridges teenagers and children can be seen cooling off in the slow-moving water. A fast ride on one of the boats which provide transportation along the river is a great, refreshing way to see the city; high quality restaurants and cafes line the riverbanks in the center. In addition, most of the finest hotels overlook the river and mountains.
Plus code:
86CX+GP Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Samarkand Tours Operator
Yunusabad 19-35-87
Tashkent ,100114,
Video on youtube:\_VSXmM
Searching keyword:
Khujand City Tour
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2020.09.12 16:11 Hitch42 links from September 6 to September 12, 2020 is an online directory of audio drama and spoken word websites, with at least one new link added to it each day. As of this post, there are 5,000 published articles. Here are the newest articles from the previous week:
  1. Wire Canaries (Full Cast Science Fiction Series) Wire Canaries are live, it's 11am on the 8th September 2070... A monthly amateur podcast in which two underground radio presenters, one frantic researcher, and one ex-cop struggle to uncover what's been hidden behind the dead-end investigations of eight missing people in the isolated city of Malingate.
  2. Para.docx (Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series) Para.docx is a supernatural podcast following the work of the NCRD's filing staff as they handle reports from all across America — assuming the reports themselves behave.
  3. Lost Terminal (Narrated Science Fiction Series) How do you learn to be human if there's no-one around to teach you? A sci-fi podcast following the journey of a little satellite trying to understand what has happened after earth stops returning his calls.
  4. The Dragoning (Narrated Urban Fantasy Series) A podcast about a dragon epidemic recorded in the middle of a pandemic. The story takes place in the not so distant future, wherein there is an epidemic of women turning into dragons. It's fictional, don't worry, even if right at this moment a strange epidemic feels a little weirdly possible.
  5. Rise of the Shattered Sun (Full Cast Science Fiction Series) Rise of the Shattered Sun is an Audio Drama set 800 years in the future. After a global conflict, an unlikely source wrested peace from the jaws of chaos. The Sol system has changed, and humanity is not just for humans.
  6. ConSensual (Narrated Drama Series) Romance for riot grrrls. Join us for season one, Ten Week Turnabout, a contemporary romance story featuring a strong heroine in New York City and her small town turnabout date from the life she thought she left behind.
  7. WG3 - Wrestling: Grit, Guts, & Glory (Narrated Comedy Series) The official podcast for WG3 - Wrestling: Grit, Guts, and Glory! Every week we will break down all the action on Monday Night Substance, livestream Pay-per-views, conduct interviews with your favorite wrestlers, and dish out all the 100% unfiltered and uncensored dirt in the world of your favorite fictional wrestling world. Hardcore wrestling fiction for hardcore wrestling fans!
  8. Dying Breeds (Full Cast Comedy Series) Dying Breeds is a mockumentary series about clinging onto the old ways. Your host and roving reporter, Gervaise Sareen, searches out the people and professions of yesteryear to see if their days are numbered, or whether there's life in the old dogs yet.
  9. This Mortal Coil (Full Cast Comedy Mystery Series) When a Hamlet-inspired murder ruins her dress rehearsal, Elissa's delighted. The detective's an old actor pal and she'd forgotten her lines anyway. Lured in by the promise of Jammie Dodgers, Elissa pursues a dastardly killer with a penchant for Shakespeare. A comedy audio murder mystery by award-winning writer James Beagon.
  10. To Sleep Perchance to Dream (Full Cast Science Fiction Series) An original sci-fi audio drama. It was supposed to be a way to get away from problems on earth and earn some real cash, but on their return from a distant asteroid, the mining crew awakes to alarms and difficult decisions.
  11. Parallel Lies (Narrated Science Fiction Series) In which a space pirate and an AI have a really long conversation... In the distant future (and in space), Deryn wakes up in a doorless room, with only a disembodied AI voice to keep her company. Bored (and slowly losing her mind), Deryn tells Tobias her story. But not everything is as it seems.
  12. Echo Chamber (Full Cast Multigenre Anthology) Passionate about new-writing, we develop scripts through virtual table reads, and we make audio plays. We are interested in telling stories we don't often hear, by people we want to hear more from. All are welcome here. We want to evolve into a community of people that make and take the form forward - a true audio collective.
  13. Fireside Folktales (Full Cast Folklore Anthology) Fireside Folktales is a collaborative show that takes myths and legends from around the world and breathes life back into them, transforming them into single-season audio fiction performances. Each story is created by a different writer. Do you have a story that you want to tell? Get in touch with us! We're looking for stories from all over the world, especially myths from regions such as Africa, South Asia, Scandinavia, Russia, South America, and more! Fireside Folktales is here to help you tell your story, and to make mythology queer again.
  14. The Landscape of a Heart (Narrated Science Fiction Series) Returning home from war, recovering from what should have been fatal injuries, Matt Blair has spent months in isolation in his childhood bedroom. He has been welcomed and celebrated as a war hero by his family. As summer wanes, Matt decides it's time for him to put it all behind him and move on. In a seemingly manic episode and to his family's surprise, he embarks on a vacation alone. But the world would soon crumble around him making the tragedy he was trying to move on from, just the beginning.
  15. The Night Bulletin (Narrated Multigenre Anthology) The Night Bulletin is a monthly podcast featuring original short stories written and narrated by author TF Ahmad.
  16. Right Ho, Jeeves! (Full Cast Comedy Series) Meet Bertie Wooster. He's rich, he's idle, he's hip to all the comforts of 1920s living, and quite happy to keep it that way. His valet, Jeeves, is a genius, dedicated to his master's happiness and self-improvement. The pair of them are enjoying a comfortable weekend at Bertie's aunt's house, looking forward to nothing but joy and good living. And a broken engagement. And an accidental engagement. And a drunken newt-breeder. And an enraged virtuoso chef. And a pathologically furious schoolmate. And the potential collapse of every happy part of Bertie's London life. But, apart from that, nothing can go wrong.
  17. Willy Beau Dilly (Full Cast Drama Series) Released in four parts, like a podcast serial, McGhan's charming characters and intricately woven plot address class, culture, and love with a humorous touch. You won't regret journeying with the play's unlikely hero as he simply tries to do the right thing in the disparate economic climate of the 1890's ​Midwest.
  18. Tony Ho (Full Cast Comedy Anthology) Award-winning sketch troupe Tony Ho takes listeners on a journey of dark comedy. Bite-sized narrative sketches explore the nature of human relationships and how careless we can be with each other. Featuring Miguel Rivas, Roger Bainbridge and Adam Niebergall.
  19. This Weird Normal (Full Cast Drama Series) A five-part audio fiction podcast about seven young actors who had planned to take a theatre show to the Edinburgh Festival. Then the pandemic struck. Now it is June, and for some of the group it feels as if they are faced with a choice. Do they just sit about waiting for something – anything – to happen. Or do they start making plans?
  20. Murder In Your Ear (Full Cast Mystery Anthology) Original murder mysteries told in a radio play style.
Feel free to discuss any of these shows or comment about Note that the website is currently in the process of being redesigned, so some functionality is limited and pages may look different from one another. I always welcome any questions or feedback.
Previous weekly links
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2020.09.12 07:52 CrystalPlayStation TTYD in Spanish

Since I recently played through the game in Spanish, I thought I'd record some of the differences/similarities between the Spanish and English translations. I'm pretty certain that both versions were translated from the original Japanese, so the Spanish isn't just a later copy of the English version; they're just adapted differently from the source. No matter how I played it, I enjoyed going through this game twice. If I missed something you want to know, specific or otherwise, I can answer it.












EDIT: Added things/fixed a few typos.
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2020.09.12 05:59 _dustykeyboard Beginner's Guide to Champion Carnival Participants, Expectations.

Champion Carnival 2020 Primer

Background info

Started in 1973, AJPW’s yearly round-robin Champion Carnival tournament is the highlight of the year. The Carnival has made stars, re-affirmed the status of the top wrestlers in Japan, or been a high-point in some of the most varied resumes in wrestling.
The tournament is AJPW’s equivalent to the G1 Climax, N1 Victory, Fire Festival, and the other promotions’ yearly tournaments, but predates them all. Normally takes place in early Spring.
Over the last two decades the tournament has opened up widely to outsider talent. This year’s tournament was supposed to have a large amount of foreigners and guests from outside promotions until COVID-19 shut-down every promotion’s ability to tour. Rather than the original 20-man field across 18 shows, the Champion Carnival is a much more modest 10 participants across six shows, sticking only with AJPW’s top talent and select top outsiders since the pandemic started.
Every show is planned to be LIVE on AJPW.TV for 900 yen per month (~$9-10). Billing is immediate, then on the first of the month. Every VoD is usually put-up by the next day. Issues after subscribing can be inquired about Here (machine translating your issue and the page is recommended; phone number is not required).



A Block

Suwama [Triple Crown Champion/World Tag-Team Champion; “Five Crown” Champion]

Chances in the Carnival: Ranking high in his block, perhaps even finalist.

Jake Lee

Chances in the Carnival: High favorite to win; could potentially be delayed to early 2021 if the Carnival gets put back on track for April.

Zeus [All-Asia Tag-Team Champion]

Chances in the Carnival: Darkhorse finalist

Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio

Chances in the Carnival: Low-Mid? Jiro has name value – frequently top-10 in puro popularity polls – so his potential is hard to pin-down. Likely spoiler for somebody in the block.

Kuma Arashi

Chances in the Carnival: Low. Perhaps spoiler for a bigger name.

B Block

Kento Miyahara

Chances in the Carnival: Mid-High? Finalist?

Shotaro Ashino

Chances in the Carnival: Will place high in his block. Probable finalist.

Shuji Ishikawa [World Tag-Team Champion]

Chances in the Carnival: Perhaps Mid-High.

Yoshitatsu [GAORA TV Champion]

Chances in the Carnival: Mid? Bottom??

Yuma Aoyagi

Chances in the Carnival: Low in the block but strong potential for an upset somewhere.


There will be a live discussion thread for each show. The normal discussion post format will be changed for the Carnival to give basic information - head-to-head records, relevant stories - of each Carnival match.

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2020.09.11 23:52 HaLoGuY007 From Asia to Africa, China Promotes Its Vaccines to Win Friends: With pledges of a coronavirus vaccine, China is on a charm offensive to repair strained diplomatic ties and bolster engagement with other countries.

From Asia to Africa, China Promotes Its Vaccines to Win Friends: With pledges of a coronavirus vaccine, China is on a charm offensive to repair strained diplomatic ties and bolster engagement with other countries. submitted by HaLoGuY007 to foreignpolicy [link] [comments]

2020.09.11 20:29 SE_to_NW From Asia to Africa, China Promotes Its Vaccines to Win Friends: With pledges of a coronavirus vaccine, China is on a charm offensive to repair strained diplomatic ties and bolster engagement with other countries.

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2020.09.11 20:29 SE_to_NW From Asia to Africa, China Promotes Its Vaccines to Win Friends: With pledges of a coronavirus vaccine, China is on a charm offensive to repair strained diplomatic ties and bolster engagement with other countries.

From Asia to Africa, China Promotes Its Vaccines to Win Friends: With pledges of a coronavirus vaccine, China is on a charm offensive to repair strained diplomatic ties and bolster engagement with other countries. submitted by SE_to_NW to China_Debate [link] [comments]

2020.09.10 06:16 -en- @TheEconomist: Recep Tayyip Erdogan's charm offensive has had some success. He is popular in some corners of Africa and Asia, particularly in Pakistan

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2020.09.09 14:57 typical-contents The best socks for summer — Typical Contents guide

This is the latest guide from Typical Contents, the “wirecutter for clothes”. We review categories of clothing to find the best item(s) in that category.
This guide focuses on finding the best socks for summer. We tested 20 pairs of socks, all of which were purchased with our own money.
Check out our previous guides on boxer briefs, plain t-shirts, low top canvas trainers, and rain jackets.
After researching dozens and testing 20 pairs of socks in a locked-down London heatwave, we found the Defeet Aireator 5″ D‑Logo (Double Cuff) to be the best socks for casual use in the summer heat. We also found the Balega Hidden Comfort to be the best running socks — regardless of temperature.

Best for casual summer use

DeFeet Aireator 5” D-Logo Double Cuff
Thin and airy yet substantial and hard wearing. A distinctive texture adds to their technical charm. Made ethically in the USA.
$14.99 from Amazon (US)
£13.99 from Wiggle (UK)
The DeFeet Aireator 5″ D‑Logo (Double Cuff) were thin and airy, yet reassuringly substantial-feeling socks. Their compressive fit and light material kept our feet cool in 30°C+ (86°F+), humid weather. They strike a balance between lightness of material and cushioning, with a more dense material on the underside of the foot. The DeFeet socks were the only light feeling pair of socks that didn’t become sheer when stretched over foot. The texture on the Aireator is peculiar, varying by panel, and has a coarseness and density not seen in other socks we tested. The texture does give them a technical edge that other socks didn’t have, and that may turn off some.
DeFeet are well known in the cycling community, and with those credentials comes a couple of features. They never fall down and are designed for a compressive fit to squeeze inside road cycling shoes. They are also hard wearing. I’ve seen pairs last more than a year with no significant signs of wear and tear, although the black band on our 1 inch model did fade somewhat after a few washes and wears.
The Aireator is available in a wide range of lengths, from 1 to 6 inches, in 1 inch increments. They are available in a dizzying variety of colourways and patterns. Many of these colourways are terrible and kitschy. Highlights include sushi, doughnuts, and a unicorn on a bike in space, lowlights include ​“do epic shit”, and ​“big balls.” However we strongly advise sticking with the solid options.
It’s hard not to like DeFeet as a company. They were founded in North Carolina in 1992 by Shane Cooper, who remains CEO today. The company is still independent today too. Defeet’s socks are manufactured in their own factory in Hildebran, North Carolina in the US. Their polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles, and they have made efforts to reduce the amount of water their polyester yarn dying process consumes (more information on their manufacturing and sustainability here). Their wool is local to the USA and fully traceable. More recently Defeet published an equality statement which, to me, didn’t smack of the corporate non-speak that we’ve come to expect from brands today.


The Aireators aren’t perfect. Their thinness combined with their somewhat course texture means they don’t cope well on runs. 5 kilometre runs or shorter were passable, but longer than that resulted in some blistering — in my case on the inside of my foot. Don’t go running marathons in these.

Best for running

Balega Hidden Comfort
No matter how far we ran, and no matter the temperature, the Balega Hidden Comfort excelled. Amazing blister resistance and great cushioning, although a little on the thick side. Made in South Africa.
$14 at Amazon (US)
£13 at Wiggle (UK)
The Balega Hidden Comfort socks are an internet darling for good reason: They stood above all others as running socks in our testing. No matter how far we ran in them, they exhibited stellar blister resistance and comfort. They were reliable, and durable. I’ve had pairs for upwards of two years — two years of multiple runs and washes per week — and they’re still holding up well, except for some light pilling. If I am getting ready for a run I instinctively reach for the Balegas.
The Balegas are on the thicker side compared to many other socks we tested. So much so that we were initially a little put off. However, anything thinner we tested ended up giving blisters in longer or hotter runs. Although they are thicker, the compromise in thickness is ultimately worth the gain in cushioning and long-term comfort. The material wicked sweat well and dried out quickly after removing your shoes post run.
Balega manufactures their socks in Cape Town, South Africa. Beyond reducing water consumption by ​“up to 50%”, Balega does not appear to have made huge efforts in improving its sustainability. It’s also disheartening to see Balega is owned by a big company that is in turn owned by a private equity firm, but it’s hard to argue with a product this good.

What to look for

Material: The most important aspect and a defining factor of a sock. For socks worn in the heat, lightness and airiness are desirable. There are a large variety of materials used in socks such as cotton, wool, nylon, polyamide, and elastane among others. Cotten and linen do not perform well in hot, sweaty conditions, get wet easily and take a long time to dry. Given the more technical nature of many of these socks they tend to use synthetic fibres.
Cushioning: How much padding separates your foot from the (insole of the) shoe. The level of cushioning is inversely proportional to the thickness of the sock — the lighter the sock material, the less cushioning there is.
Blister resistance: A combination of cushioning, texture and density of weave/​material and placement of panels on the sock (if any). This mostly came into play when it came to running, particularly in distances longer than 5 kilometres.
Sweat wicking: How well the sock removed perspiration from your foot. A key point of consideration for a pair of summer socks and a couple of other use cases such as wearing boots.
Time to dry: How fast the socks will dry if they get wet — mainly with sweat but also when they get washed. Especially relevant in summer.
Compression: How compressive or tight fitting the socks are. Striking a balance is hard — too loose and the sock falls down, too tight and it becomes uncomfortable.
Seams: Where different panels of the sock attach to one another. These seams can sometimes cause irritation if they are not high quality or are in awkward places where they will be felt on your foot. Particular attention should be paid to the toe box. This wasn’t an issue in most of the socks we tested.
Origin: Where the socks are made. Many premium socks are made in developed countries. Cheaper socks tended to be made in Asia. Socks’ origins were more diverse than our other guides.
Transparency: How forthcoming the company that makes the socks is about their factory conditions. Being made in a developed country doesn’t automatically mean a factory’s conditions are good, and being made in a developing country doesn’t necessarily mean their conditions are poor. We used Good On You, a fashion brand transparency directory, to augment our research.
Company history: Has the brand been bought and sold, or is it independent? If a company has been acquired, who acquired it, and what other companies are in the acquirer’s portfolio? All things equal, preference is given to independent brands.
Cut/​length: How high the sock comes up on the leg. We looked at two main cuts: ankle and calf (or ​“crew”) cuts.
Aesthetics: Designs, graphics, logos, colours — we hate them all. Strong preference was given to socks with minimal details and available in plain colours.
Durability: Socks were worn on many walks of varying length, and on multiple 5 and 10 kilometre runs. They were washed on hot and air dried multiple times.
Price: Other than at the very cheap end, there was surprisingly little variation in pricing for mid to high-end socks. Most pairs tested fell between $12 and $20.
Purpose: Many socks are created with specific purposes in mind, such as running, cycling, hiking, and so on. We didn’t have preconceived notions about what purpose would work best for summer (casual use or sports use), so we tested a range.
Availability: We favoured socks in stock year round, that were part of a permanent collection, and available internationally. Notably a few brands were USA specific and were difficult to acquire outside the States.

How we tested

A lot has been written online about socks, so we started there. 6 subreddits provided most of the recommendations: ​malefashionadvice (post 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), ​running (post), ​advancedrunning (post), ​youshouldknow (post), ​cycling (post), and ​bicycling (post 1, post 2). We also researched what people were searching for on Google (mostly Nike). From these we compiled a short list of socks we wanted to buy and test. We bought every pair with our own money.
We weren’t sure what type of sock would work well in summer conditions, so we tried a range of different types of socks. That meant trying socks made for a range of different sports and purposes: running, cycling, hiking, etc.
We concentrated on two main cuts of sock, a mid calf (~5 inch) and an ankle cut. We tried to test at least these two from each brand, but that wasn’t always possible.
The socks we tested were worn on long and short walks in the London summer. Temperature varied wildly, but it did include a 35°C (95°F) heat wave! On these long walks, we judged how cool or hot feet felt, how comfortable feet remained over the course of the walk, and if there was any rubbing against the inside of the shoes worn. It should be noted that for the walking tests, socks were mostly worn with sneakers (specifically the Novesta Star Master — runner up in our best low-top canvas sneakers guide).
Socks were also tested for running on short to medium distances of 5 – 15 kilometres. If socks tested well at those distances, they were tested on longer runs of around 20 kilometres. For running, socks were primarily judged first for their blister resistance, secondly for their ability to keep feet feeling cool and thirdly for their ability to dry quickly after becoming wet.
Socks were washed multiple times in hot washes with detergent and fabric softener (probably against manufacturer guidelines, but who has time for that) and air dried.
All socks that were tested were rotated through over the course of two to three months, and continue to be tested today. We will update this guide if anything noteworthy comes up in the future.

The competition

The Balega Ultralight Crew socks are part of Balega’s lightest range, and they certainly were light and airy feeling on foot. They were comfortable on the foot, and had decent blister resistance (I actually ran a 5 kilometer personal best in them). Their lightness did make them feel less supportive than other socks, and they exhibited a strange, chemical smell out of the box but that faded after the first wash. Unfortunately, the Balega Ultralight Crew get a failing grade on aesthetics. They are horrendously ugly, with bizarre, pseudo-technical patterns on the foot area. At least these designs are relegated to the foot and remain mostly unseen with sneakers on. Make no mistake, this is a good, lightweight sock. But the sub par looks took them out of the running for us.
The CDLP Bamboo Socks came in a beautiful off-white colour and with minimal styling that really appealed to us. The bamboo material maintained a dry feeling even after long walks. Unfortunately however, the socks had an annoying tendency to fall down over time, giving them an untidy look, which was a deal breaker for us.
The CEP Compression Low Cut Socks 3.0 were unsurprisingly very compressive. They were on the lighter side of socks we tested. They didn’t have enough cushioning for decent length runs, and their blister resistance wasn’t great. They have their logo placed obnoxiously on the top of the (ankle length) sock, meaning half of the logo will peak over your shoe. Interestingly, the socks are manufactured in Germany, the only pair in our testing to originate from there. CEP is a subsidiary of a medical company called Medi, who specialise in compression wear for medical situations.
The Darn Tough Coolmax Vertex No Show Tab Ultra-Light Cushion is comparable in many ways to our top pick for best running socks, the Balega Hidden Comfort. They tested nearly as well as our top pick, and cost $1 more. They are thicker than we would have preferred in a sock for use in the heat, especially considering they are marketed as ​“ultra-light”. All that aside, they were very comfortable, quite compressive (in a reassuring way), well made, and dried quickly. If the Balega Hidden Comfort socks are out of stock, consider these instead.
Darn Tough’s Element Crew Light Cushion were some of the hardest socks in our shortlist to track down in Europe, being sold out almost everywhere. We found them thick for ​“light” socks, overly so for summer wear. They were thick enough that they could cause issue in some shoes, particularly tighter fitting sneakers. We liked their retro tennis sock styling though
The DeFeet Aireater 1″ Speede Sock was originally one of our top picks, being the lower cut cousin of our top pick. We later discovered that the availability of this model was poor in some areas. Additionally DeFeet do not appear to be offering this model in solid colourways anymore. For these reasons we removed it as a pick.
The Feetures Elite Ultra Light Running Sock – No Show Tab were incredibly tight fitting, especially considering we bought the large size, and when they come out of a wash you may think they will never fit on your feet again. But when you do squeeze your pins into these socks you’ll be greeted by one of the lightest socks in our testing. They are so light that every crevice and seam in your shoe will be felt. This means they offer essentially zero cushioning and blister resistance. They also had a frilly tab around the ankle opening which is meant to be used as a tab to pull on and off the socks but ends up making them feel akin to a little girl’s socks.
The Icebreaker Multisport Ultra Light Micro Socks were not available in white, which was a bit of a downer to start on. They are an extremely light and airy feeling sock that wicks sweat and dries very quickly. They did fit large, and we would advise sizing down (I am a UK10 and bought a large, but would advise a medium). In fact they are so light that I could plainly see my toes through the material when I wore the socks! This lack of material meant the cushioning left a lot to be desired, and worried us in regards to durability (although they have had no issues in our testing to date).
Alongside our running pick, the Inijiji Ultra Run No-Show are another darling of internet fitness communities. For those not in the know, they are toe socks, meaning each of your individual toes are wrapped in material, like a glove for your feet. This is said to prevent you from getting blisters. Personally I found the sensation of toe socks off-putting and strange. The sock material was high quality, with good blister resistance on par with our top running pick. The padding was good and the sock has a somewhat compressive feeling that was reassuring and supportive. Putting on the Inijijis was fiddly, and when taking them off I thought I was going to rip my toes off as they gripped my toes tightly. Additionally the toe sizing didn’t line up well with the length of my toes, some being too short and others too long (maybe I have weird toes though). Finally, and I would argue more importantly, they look terrible both because of the toe sock design but also because of the tacky graphics plastered on the sock. You will be judged for wearing these. Having said that, if you want to channel your big dad energy on a run, these are the socks for you.
The Muji Right Angle Rib Stitch Short Socks were a beacon of minimal design in a sea of overlogo-ed, over branded, garish socks. They have a beautiful, understated style. They look great. However we didn’t find them well suited to warmer weather, and they didn’t stand out in terms of quality or performance. Muji talk about how their socks have a ​“right-angled” design, but in practice the benefit was subtle at best. These socks are rock bottom in terms of pricing. But with this comes some questionable (or at least opaque) manufacturing practices. For reference, Good On You rates Muji as ​“not good enough” in its company directory.
The Nike Sportswear Essential socks were much too thick and warm for summer. Our feet remained hot from the moment they were put on and it was a relief to take them off. They also felt wet when feet were particularly sweaty. We did appreciate their retro and relatively minimal styling however. Due to misplacing the label the socks came with, we have been unable to determine the country of origin. Fashion transparency database Good On You rate Nike as ​“it’s a start”.
The Organic Basics SilverTech Active Ankle Socks were scratchy feeling and were sheer when worn (I could see my toes through the material), which quickly discounted them. However the branding, design, packaging and presentation were brilliant, and we loved the mission, sustainability and transparency that Organic Basics showed.
The best pair of tennis style socks we tested were the Organic Basics SilverTech Active Tennis Socks. They were much more comfortable and soft feeling than the other pairs of tennis style socks we tried. However they were too thick to recommend as a summer sock, and we feel cotton is a poor choice of material for this too. Organic Basics did an amazing job in presenting their brand and mission, which we are big fans of.
The Smartwool Phd Run socks are a medium weight sock we tested. They were too warm feeling for hot weather, although they were also very soft and dried quickly when wet. We really didn’t like the design on our pair: a red smartwool logo on the back at the top of the sock, and grey panels on the ankle and toe area really disrupted the otherwise white sock.
The Swiftwick Aspire One socks were a good all round pair of socks available in a huge range of cuff lengths. They were fairly light feeling, reassuringly compressive and comfortable, and had relatively restrained styling. The cuff is well designed with not excess material, and kept the sock up. The red ​“L” and ​“R” lettering on each sock is a nice detail. However the Switwick just doesn’t compare in terms of comfort or performance to our running pick, and wasn’t as comfortable as our casual pick.
The Uniqlo Pile Socks were some of the thickest in our testing. This gave them very high amounts of cushioning which was pleasant. However their material caused feet to sweat profusely and didn’t let out any of the moisture generated.
Uniqlo’s Pile Mesh Short Socks were thick and large fitting. The large fit meant they weren’t particularly comfortable when worn in tighter fitting sneakers. We found them to be quite hot feeling, causing feet to sweat more than usual and making the socks uncomfortable. As with Uniqlo’s other socks, we did like their minimal detailing and their affordable pricing.
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2020.09.07 02:13 apinchofpinches A seemlingly simple and innocent game about a kid delivering pizza that turns into full scale anarchy as you're still trying to get that pizza to someone's doorstep.

Edit: Bulletproof vests were invented by a pizza delivery boy who lived in Detriot, who get fed up from getting shot at.
The player chooses if his charater is a boy or a girl, let's just say his/her name is Riely. A 13 year old kid with a minimum wage job to help support the family, which is composed of a long deceased mom and a crippled war veteran dad who suffers from ptsd. You go to select houses to deliver boxes of pizza, almost at times the boxes pile up too high for you to carry them, and avoid going through some neighborhoods. You can travel on foot, use a bike, or a skateboard or a scooter idk.
Everyone is happy, nothing bad is happening... then you meet this one awful person; he's drunk, he's fat, he's mad and rips the pizza out of your hand and complains about it being cold before hitting you. And his wife and kids seem to not like him either. So your curious little ass investigates the house. The kids are chained up (So you try freeing them), there's a rotting fetus in a closet, and his is wife is actually his daughter, and she gets her mouth taped & raped off-screen in a bedroom, then a loud bang comes from there. He comes out bloodied and notices you, immediately holding you at gunpoint and taking you outside. Police scurry, folks crowd in terror, and his brians splatter over your head as he's put down by a newbie marksman.
That's where everything goes downhill.
Riely still delivers pizza, still recovering from that event, then paramedic vans start popping up everywhere, people throw up pepperoni and lungs. Turns out the last few pizzas you delivered were poisoned by a worker at the so called pizza delivery servce you work for, who seemed nice.
As it turns out, the pizza is government owned, as well as a ton of other things. And rumors start spreading out how the men heigher up are using chemical weapons in preparation for a possible upcoming conflict on their own people in a concentrated area, that is, your town.
Riely still carries those boxes, but the townspeople harrass and threaten you. At one point a group of people with guns open fire at you before the police come, and instead of stopping, they just keep killing the police until every one of them are wounded beyond being able to stand. This only increases the hostility.
"What type is that? Extra purge with a side of mustard gas? Suprised you're not eating it yourself, you little s-"
"Frank, he's just a kid!"
"Who cares- ah, he's gone."
Streets begin to be too crowded from protestors to take them, you use alleyways, are more quick on your feet, Riely's charming smile is now a worried frown. And you get a gun for self-defence too. One day nobody even wants your pizza, then your boss says:
"I don't give three shits about them not wanting it, make sure every house has a fucking pizza in 'em!"
Some of the townspeople looks malnourished and immediately begin eating the pizza, some slam the door on your foot, some point a glock at you and kick you off the porch, some signal to go around back to deliver it. It seems like they're just as frightened as you.
Protests turn into deadass riots, tanks patroll the streets, policemen encourage you while they beat people with batons, you wear a bulletproof vest and a helmet, the pizzas look more hurriedly made, and the toppings sometimes look like they form crys of help from the people making them.
Riely's dad has a full blown stroke by this time. And the town turns into a warzone, by now you're STILL GIVING PEOPLE PIZZAS.
-Make everyone a cute anthromorphic animal (Aggretsuko, Happy Tree Friends) you know, to make it seem innocent. But dark parts of the setting like blood and weapons are less cartoony and appear more realistic, to emphasise on how out of place it is.
-Metahorror, the protag becomes self aware that he/she can't die, and that the player has full control over him/her. Okay, I know you're here. I don't know your intentions, but just don't let me die again. It's painful.
-Using a gun is an option, you can take a pacifist route too.
-Some people are asking if I'm ok, and this idea is somewhat more tame than another one I had that can connect to this one's universe; A bullet hell game about a dude with no life joins the army after being promised a bunch of money and big tittied girls, but finds war very violent and unfavorable. But he's stuck because the player has control over all his actions. He ends up finding himself causing a bombing of an enemy military base, which was used to house refugees. (Hundreds dead.) He is still encouraged and told that it was the right thing to do, and keeps pressing on to the enemy nation's capital. Food supply runs low, he and his team ends up struggling to get out of a grimy desert. In the beginning the game doesnt take itself seriously, with a few jokes and gags being played around, but by now the only jokes are morbid and pyschopathic. It ends up getting to the point where they have to cannibalize, and to some's dismay, they were already eating their own flesh since they were born; after genociding every other race that walks on land and flies in the air, (At least in Europe, Africa, and Asia) dragons only had a couple of meat options, fish, or themselves. Their home country took the savage route. The company's numbers dwindle, same as their sanity. They resort to hand to hand combat, they used to fight in a warzone, now they've become primal huns that leave a trial of death and destruction behind them, and all for their own country? During the fighting their clay ends up collapsing and becomes assimilated into their enemy's... and its for the better. The protag finds himself in the same room as the "enemy" nation's leader, who has been dead for a while. He's broken, he's a savage, he forgot all about his past life, all he wants is to pin the blame on someone else than himself. Then he gets confronted and is ordered to surrender, that any promises will be granted, as long as he sets down his shotgun. But they're not speaking English, they're tricking me. So basically a war that has been dragging on for 190 years comes to a halt, thanks to a misunderstood soldier trying to make a name of himself. At the cost of thousands, at least. (Also another catch for a "boots on the ground" shooter involving winged mythical creatures, is that there's a industrially and governmentally enforced practice where the wings of one are crippled, so "it wont hurt itself trying to fly", but really its so more trucks and planes can be made. And the whole part about them being dragons can relate to a middle ages type setting, since it takes place in a stalemate of a long lasting era of not progressing and conflict.)
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2020.09.06 20:09 rightwingnews /u/mwatwe01 on Do you consider America to be the best/one of the best countries?

Without question.
I am fortunate enough traveled the world, across North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Around 15 different countries. Every place had its charm, but nowhere held a candle to the U.S. in terms of grandeur, freedom, opportunity, geography, and diversity.
There is a reason so many people want to come here to live. Everyone I've ever seen complain about the U.S. general falls into one of two categories:
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2020.09.06 18:49 Sealkitten [FS][UK/EU] Loewe, Dior and Longchamp

[FS][UK/EU]Loewe, Dior and Longchamp

I've finally moved, and don't have enough space, so I'm letting some of my less-used but still loved bags go 😢 Pet and smoking free household., all payments via PalPay G&S
Longchamp Neo, medium size, bottle green (Asia exclusive)

My Lady Dior, burgundy, with charms

Loewe Small Puzzle, stone blue

Loewe Hammock (drawstring), medium, light oat
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2020.09.03 15:09 SonyXboxNintendo13 Anime has nothing to do with cartoons and it has always been this way

Anime has always been called anime and manga has always been called manga throughout the entire history, anime has nothing to do with cartoons and manga has nothing to do with comics regardless of the location of origin, the latter ones are dying concepts that do not belong in the world anymore. Anime and Manga have become something so beautiful, powerful, widespread that now have roots everywhere and can make everything in its perfection that it is almost as if anime and manga is essentialy an aspect of the Image of God. There are so many reasons that completely demolish any accusations that desperately try to go against the truth which have been said many times but here are some of them.
So in the end, it has always been clear that anime has always been anime and manga has always been manga, nothing can ever change that and as anime and manga have become a personal aspect of so many individuals and are also alluring for everyone else it has become crystalline that anime is both aesthetically and spiritually the ultimate reality for how mankind should have been in this world as well as the afterlife.
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