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Setagaya Mass Murder of the Miyazawa family: finally an actual update post!

2016.03.25 00:55 surprise_b1tch Setagaya Mass Murder of the Miyazawa family: finally an actual update post!

⇒ This is an update to my original post. If you haven't heard of this case before, please click the link to my first post so you know what's going on. There's additional sources and prior Reddit threads in that post, too. ⇐
My original post
First update post - really just trying to get people to work together, not very updatey
I actually have two seconds of free time right now, so I owe you all a big update on this. I’m sorry it’s been forever!
I’ve had help from various Japanese speakers and people familiar with the case. I’m still having trouble with sourcing this information, since it’s just people’s Japanese translations. So this is going to be a lot of information and not a lot of sources – it’s pretty much people translating the Japanese Wikipedia page.
for their translations and assistance :)
Here are two articles, translated by Delgarus. Thank you! We have sources!
Article 1: Near the scene, a man with bloody hands
Article 2: Did the killer leave at 3am?
In no particular order, corrections to my original post:
1) The killer did not take the nengajo (greeting cards, or New Year’s cards). A policeman took them in order to investigate the Miyazawa’s friends and they were not correctly returned to the department. They have since been located.
2) The killer’s fingerprints were found on the floor, a table, a shelf, a bandage, and the PC. His DNA, from bloodstains, was found on a towel.
3) The ice cream the killer ate were ice cream cups.
4) And the manufacturer of killer's knife is possibly Kaijirushi.
5) Yasuko was 41 when she died.
6) The killer took some money and a sweatshirt from the home. This may be the sweatshirt stolen.
7) Yasuko’s mother does not remember if the door to the house was locked or unlocked. It is not known how the killer exited the home; he may have left through the front door.
8) The mysterious “red fluorescent” is apparently a very commonly used red highlighter marker, and therefore not super relevant to the case.
9) The killer’s father is East Asian. It’s not known whether he was Korean, Chinese, or Japanese.
10) There were 10 cans of soda, not 10 cans of beer. There was beer in the fridge, just not 10 cans of it.
11) It appears that the killer went around the house and collected trash or unnecessary items and tossed them in the bathtub. Items found in the bathtub: an ice cream wrappecup, documents and receipts from Mikio’s work, documents related to Yasuko’s school, feminine sanitary items that were used to stop someone (presumably the killer?) from bleeding, towels, and advertising leaflets that were torn or cut up with scissors. Some of these documents came from the first floor and were carried upstairs.
12) The times the killer used the computer were 1:18am and 10:05am on the 31st. The power cable was found at the scene, it had just been unplugged.
update to the update 13) The stool evidence: the dish the killer had eaten was ingen no gomaae, or green beans with sesame dressing. See a recipe here. I am told this is typical Japanese homemade cuisine.
Items the killer left at the scene
See the Tokyo PD page with pictures and more details about these items
・Airtech jacket (Uniqlo) size L Price: 3900-5900 yen
This is not a down jacket; it has a “thinsulate” interior. It had sweat from someone with blood type A on its sleeve.
・Hat (Crusher) price: 1900 yen
・Gloves (Edwin) size 26cm price: about 1980 yen
・shirt (no brand) price: about 1500 yen
Only 130 of these shirts were sold. This shirt was only sold at a shop called Marufuru, which also sold the same type of hat and gloves that the killer left at the scene.
・2 black handkerchief (Mujirushi Ryouhin)
・Scarf – no tags, 130cmx30cm, acrylic, green background with red, black, orange and dark green plaid pattern, possibly from a 100yen shop
・knife (manufacturer is knife maker in Fukui prefecture, may be Kaijirushi) price: about 3500 yen
・hip bag From a company based in Osaka. price: about 2500 yen
This is sort of a cooler-looking fanny pack. It had sand from California (and Edwards AFB) inside it, as well as grip tape from a skateboard.
・shoes (Slazenger) price: about 5000 yen
Korean size 28, Japanese size 27.5cm
These shoes were not left at the scene, however, their footprints were all over the house. This may be interesting, as Japanese people typically take their shoes off when indoors.
・cologne (Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche)
The cologne was on the killer’s hankerchief. This is apparently not a Japanese-y thing to do.
Further details about the case
1) The killer has blood type A.
2) It doesn’t seem that Japanese police are investigating a link to the US military. This seems to be the favored theory on here, however, if it is being looked into, it hasn’t been reported on.
3) Here are more pictures of the Miyazawa home. Japanese language website.
7) The killer’s handkerchief was ironed. This may mean that the killer lives with a female relative who does his laundry for him – such as his mom.
Again, HUGE thanks to everyone who's helped out. My apologies for any and all mistakes I've made - Japanese is weird. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this new information!
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2014.08.14 00:38 eyewoo AIK-Dif (1-1)

54' Nabil Bahoui 1-0
60' självmål 1-1
Jaha. Derby var det ja. Eller var det en repris på Geflematchen? Ett stabilt och överlägset AIK kontrollerade första halvleken utan att åstadkomma ett skit på Nationalarenans grönmålade matta. Pelles Djurgårn ställde fram en skolbuss och hoppades kunna kontra men i vägen stod Ibrahim Moro gång på gång. Samtidigt blev det direkt uppenbart att AIK är inkapabla till enkelt och effektivt spel, eller stt göra enkla mål och på så vis var den första halvleken en uppvisning av hur ett lag lyckas utklassa både motståndarna och sig själva.
Andra halvlek ser snabbt ut som en helt annan fotbollsmatch. AIK kommer till rejäla avslut och Höie tvingas till halvsvettiga räddningar. Segern som alla räknat med ser ut att vara inom räckhåll efter ett (vad annars?) mönsteranfall där Bahoui skjuter in ledningsmålet och läktarna exploderar i förnöjt extas. Men ett fåtal minuter senare byts extasen ut mot det nu rätt normala publiktillståndet som man kan likna vid en bitternöjd förälders ansiktsuttryck som visar "jag sa ju det" som reaktion till när deras barn faller huvudstupa från stolen de balanserade på.
Nu kommer AIK-paniken och självförtroendesänkningen som ett rött kuvert i Reddits övre högra hörn och Djurgårdens kvalitetsbefriade spelare bjuds in i matchen. Sista 30 minuterna är en transportsträcka till ett slutmål alla redan besökt tillräckligt så ingen känner sig manad att försöka ändra på förutsättningarna.
Ramsorna var ordentligt feltajmade, passningarna panikartade, löpningarna obefintliga, precision och bedömningsförmåga hos spelarna likaså. Talande för matchen var när Pavey kom in och försökte sig på det mest spektakulära volleyskottet i världshistorien när han hade både tid och fri yta vid målet för att i nästa situation försöka sig på en bicycleta. Pavey alltså.
Samtidigt som derbyt pågick gjorde AIK-Crespo 1-0 med extremt god hjälp från MFF, och ökade även på till 2-0 innan halvtid varpå Rosenberg vände matchen som innebar att Malmö drog ifrån i tabellen när vi summerade kvällens resultat.
På fullständigt funktionslösa GF diskuteras bengaler och det kan man givetvis göra här också, men mitt fokus är AIK så:
1: Ineffektiviteten sista tredjedelen.
2: Kantspelet.
3: Matchens gigant - Ibrahim Moro, helt jävla lysande.
4: Ännu ett självmål från en frisparksmur.
5: Borges sista derby?
6: Snyggt mål!
Icke fotbollsrelaterat:
7: De sorgligaste derbyTifona i världshistorien.
8: Polisinsatsen, eller bristen på. Ordningsmakten får inte längre fakturera AB-klubbar vilket uppenbarligen betydde Battle Royal på Solnas gator. Jag avstyrde själv en brutal misshandel av en full-och-dum djurgårdare på Dalvägen men kan bara gissa (av antalet bråksugna att döma) att det knappast gjorde nån inverkan på kvällens personskador och minskat hopp om och tro på svensk storstadsfotboll.
9: Bengalerna.
10: Domarna, gräset, klacken, mediakuben, wrapsen, tuben, taket och allt det vanligt återkommande negativistiska som gnagare gjort som signum.
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2013.09.21 22:50 arzcy A Scammer Getting His Punishment.

I wanted to make this post as a warning for people even if there's been many about the scammer recently. I've been in the tradeing for along time, and i've done my bad parts and i've done by good parts, the point is i know every card there's out there considering i used to make tons of profits as a trader(became addicted and had to stop lol). Either way, I'm about to show you how a scammer who i thought was a "friend" i were able to play competetive with tried to scam me and i counter-scammed him, i'll bring proof so you guys don't think i just decided to go as low as him. I'll contain the whole chat here and translate some of it.
Begining : I see i got a pending trade offer and see this :
I get disapointed as i've seen multiple warnings and i decide to confront him with it on steam, and this is where the chat begins.
So, discuss, do you guys think he got what he deserved or was i too harsh? Can you understand why scammers even try to scam people they sometimes play with?
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