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[Table] IAmA: Hello! I Am youtuber Boogie2988, Aka Francis. Please ask me stuff about stuff!

2013.05.29 23:55 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Hello! I Am youtuber Boogie2988, Aka Francis. Please ask me stuff about stuff!

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Which of your videos is your all time favorite? - What upcoming game are you most excited about? - What are you into right now? Anything in particular? - What's your favorite movie? - Bees? My favorite video I've made is the Francis Documentary "A day with francis". I hope to make a sequel. The game I'm most excited about right now is Watch Dogs! and... maybe GTA5 if they manage to release a pc version on time. Right now I'm into making youtube videos, spending time with the fiance, playing a nightly game of League of Legends, and fiddling around with 3ds titles :)
I read 3DS titties. Damn I could really do with some 3DS titties. Why are there not 3ds TITTIES??/
Thanks for your response! You have great taste in your videos, because "A Day with Francis" is my favorite one, too. Absolutely hilarious. That is an example of what I would do if I were healthier, had more time, and was more talented :P.
I've been trying to get into LoL, but it's difficult to remember all these terms and tactics ... I've been playing with friends sometimes which makes it more fun and less competitive. We still always lose though :P. Just start off doing some bot games and you'll get it :)
Whats the best and worst thing to happen since gaining fame? Best: I got a free trip to LA to star in a commercial that aired 15 minutes before the super bowl. Crazy super fun.
Worst: I have made some very personal videos, including talking about my struggles with depression. A lot of people reach out to me for help because of this and there just isnt enough time in a day to answer all of the emails, messages, tweets. Sometimes people fall through the cracks and sometime not so long ago I got a suicide letter and I've never heard from that person since. I read that letter 2 months after it was sent due to my backlog. This shit keeps me awake at night. :(
Why do you keep the dew in the microwave? Oh as for the microwave question: That was a throwback to "angry grandpa" a fellow youtuber. that video started out as a parody of an angry grandpa rage about "pecan pinwheels' :)
How were you exactly abused and by who? (don't go for too personal details if you don't feel like it) I was abused for the first 18 years of my life (and my therapist will tell you 35 years) by family members... most notably my mother. It was a mental/physical abuse structure that took a lot of different angles.
The physical abuse was nearly daily. Highlights include trying to claw my eyes out, burning me, whipping me, punching me, hitting me in the head with a hammer, cutting me with glass, etc, etc.
The mental abuse ranges from Munchhausen syndrome to purposely teaching me wrong habits to keep me from being able to excel in life. The most obvious one being feeding me wrong in the hopes I'd be too fat to leave the house... which was nearly successful because I was almost 350 pounds by the time I left high school and had "No clue" why I was so much bigger than everyone else.
I'm still in recovery but thanks to youtube, I've been recovering nicely. :)
That's horrible, thanks for answering though. You certainly made me feel a lot better about my own family, even though it's far from perfect. Pain is relative. Whatever you're going through is just as bad as I went through. I have nothing but sympathy for you dude, no matter what it is, because your worst is your worst. I'm glad I could make you feel better, but just because I've dealt with a lot of shit doesnt invalidate your shit. Feel free to remain pissed off about it. :)
Red ring of death on the one that got destroyed... Nice job, i just threw mine out the window. How many weird looks on the street did you get during that? Fortunately my neighbors know who I am and what I do for a living so they're used to me acting like a fool. My landlord is really happy that he has a 'celebrity' living in his place and my next door neighbor is his soon who watches my stuff. Its really surreal to be allowed to get away with that kind of insanity.
What's it like being the best gamer? What games do you game? I am actually quite terrible at gaming and so is francis. I tried a "lets play" channel and it failed because people thought I wasnt even trying. I was. I just suck.
Recently playing a lot of League of Legends and various 3ds titles. Hard to find time for gaming so my 3ds is nice for picking up and putting back down 5 minutes later. :)
I'm also a HUGE fan of "magic the gathering" and play it in real life. Its one of the few games I'm actually good at.
When you and Dez are married, do you think you'll put out some different kind of colab type content? September 28th, I can't wait :D.
Dez will NEVER be in a video online. we're probably not even going to upload any wedding footage. I simply cannot trust the youtube audience to treat her with the kind of respect she deserves; therefore I'll never risk it. I love her too much.
I am going to honest. I haven't seen anything of you yet. But heck, why not just ask a question about something that peeks my interest. I think that the gaming console companies are heavily dropping the ball here. I think all of these "additional services" should be ADD ONS, not premium features. I think their only approach should have been "here's the games, buy the games." then reveal that "you can also do all of this other neat stuff."
I am a gamer. And because of my study I am following now I am also quite interested in the commercial ways of all the company's. It only makes sense that they try to beat apple to the livingroom and I'm glad they're trying to make my livingroom a cooler, nicer place. It just really sucks the way that they are doing it turns out to be pretty anit-consumer. My job as a youtube comedian has somehow thrust me into 'consumer advocate' style position. So when these companies screw up, I make sure that people know.
What is going to be the greatest surprise this generation? How do you think the game industry is going on right now and if so, what should change to make it better again? I think both Sony and Microsoft are making some major flaws this generation but only time will tell.
(Going to watch the Xbox Rant now) I was alive back when Atari nearly destroyed the console market and we pulled through that so I imagine we'll pull through this one too.
Awesome. Thanks for the answer. Though I do see you didn't put Nintendo with them. Do you regard Nintendo for example not one of the company's who made some flaws? Nintendo has made some very major flaws, but it did what I feel a company should do: make a gaming console with add ons that do other stuff.
in my opinion Oculus and Ouya are also gadget/systems we should keep in mind. They can also shape a new kind of gaming market at some point. Their mistakes are different; mostly in terms of marketing. They tried to get out of their niche and i think that was a huge mistake. It was a wonderful niche to serve and now no one is serving it, leaving a lof gamers unhappy :/
How's the weight loss going at the moment? A year ago I weighed 367. Today I weigh 505ish. That's pretty great, as far as I'm concerned. I havent put up the big numbers a lot of people do on reddit, but for the first time in my life i'm not GAINING... I'm losing. I feel very accomplished.
Most people are disapointed because they want me to be doing so much better, but its still a struggle. However I feel like every day I learn a little more about my eating disorder and come out a little further ahead. :)
I am getting married on september 28th 2013 and hope to be around 450 by then. In the event that I am, or close to it, I am heavily considering weight loss surgery as a wedding present to my fiance.
367. Keep up the weight loss, man. You've got almost half a million people behind you! Haha yes, 567. I wish I was 367 :(
My hubby got the gastric sleeve a couple years ago. He started out 565 and is down to about 360 or so. I totally recommend that surgery : ) Congratulate him for me and give him a big hug!
Which is the best and the worst games that you have ever played? I hate to sound cliche but the worst RECENT game was simcity. Just embarassingly bad. Worst game overall must have been ET for Atari 2600. I remember getting that game for a dollar and feeling ripped off.
Best recent game was Borderlands 2. still one of my favorites and probably always will be. Best game of a lifetime? The original zelda for the NES. Turned my world upside down.
How does it feel to be YouTube famous and have fans all over the world? It feels VERY weird having fans all over the world and even weirder since I started getting letters from all kinds of different countries.
What does it feel like when people online make reference to you, or draw you fan art/etc? (Yeah I recently posted a picture on your subreddit of a picture I drew of Francis raging... I have also drew one in Flash which I'll show you soon enough!) Its bizzare when people want to draw me or create art of me. One person even made a 1/6th scale bust of me.. THEN SENT IT TO ME. If you could tell 14 year old me that one day people would make statues of me, I'd have laughed hysterically at you for being crazy. Then I would have probably masturbated because I did that a lot back then. and also now.
Hey Boogie! How's your channel strike drama going? I saw you tweeting about it but haven't heard anything since. It has been fully resolved. Youtube rocks!
Hey boogie! My name is Kenny an I just wanted to thank you. I am a bigger guy and have looked down on myself for a while. It is people like you that give me the confidence to act like myself and not be afraid how I look. Your videos always put me in a good mood and I have and always will be a subscriber! EDIT: I might as well ask a question since it is an AMA. Since game season is coming up with the new consoles and everything, what are you most looking forward to? Thank you kenny. I'm glad I'm able to help you find confidence in yourself.
What am i looking forward to mostly in this years game releases? a wii U zelda title... and/or the new smashbrothers. what can I say, I do love me some nintendo.
I'm also looking forward to the potential news that we've been HAD when it comes to this xbox/ps4 release and they werent really serious.
Boogie, The people I watch most regularly HowToBasic, Ashens, EpicRapBattles, Dan Bull (douglby), College Humor, The Onion, Rhett and Link, Froggy Fresh (formerly Krispy Kreme)
Who are your favorite youtubers other than yourself? Favorite youtubers I don't watch a lot of NerdCubed, Jayztwocents, Wowhobbs, 2daywithpatrickJ, Tradechat, Angry Grandpa, KidbehindtheCamera. Though you could really call this the 'friends' category because they are people I have an emotional relationship with rather than a entertainment relationship with :D.
I don't catch all of your videos, but when I do they're a welcome break in my day. I was just listening to music, but put it on pause to watch your 'draw my life' video... and woah was it deep, but I'm happy for you on how you've turned your life around. But keep going on your quest to happiness! How about giving up mountain dew? or swapping to just water for 30 days and see what a different it makes? Most people don't really follow you on youtube but I'm so glad that I get viral breakouts that people DO see. that makes me very happy :D I have all but given up mountain dew and 'regular sodas' but still allow myself 2 cans of diet a day. My nutritionist seems to think that's ok and I tend to agree, because, yum.
Since you're aiming to lose weight for your wedding, what does your diet usually consist of? Have you thought of trying keto/paleo? Will you be sharing some of your wedding photos? :) My diet right now is a mix between /keto and /Paleo. I'll bounce back and forth between them. My doctor just calls it 'eating right'. wedding photos? YOU BET!
Do you plan on creating any other characters in the future? I will always love Francis, but you are too funny not to try more. I have several other characters rattling around in my head, some of which have made live streams and their own videos. None have 'crossed over' like francis has. I hope one day to meet up with a local animator who can help give these characters the range and depth that they need to succeed. Being the way I am and looking the way I am, once I became 'typecast' with francis its hard for people to see past it.
But the videos I upload with my other characters: Jessy, the Russian, pastor Jacob, etc... they do well, just in the limited ecosphere of 'my followers' :)
What do you think is your worst video, maybe in terms of controversy or just outright not funny? I was having a 'moment' in which i thought that it would be funny to eat a 'jar of mayo' shirtless on camera. I did this for noble reasons, I was trying to help a fellow youtuber win a contest so that he could donate 7500 dollars to water.org. Long story short, it wasnt that funny, kind of demeaning, and pretty sad to go back and watch: Link to www.youtube.com
SECRET HINT: we replaced the mayo with pudding.
Thanks for the reply, also, have you tried picking up donkey kong country returns 3d? Its a good game, definitely worth playing. I have and I'm so bad at platforming I've almost broken my 3ds. :/
Hello Boogie! This is a question I've wanted to ask you for a while but you're quite a busy guy, hopefully signing up to Reddit and asking will be fruitful. But I love doing them. I Love connecting with people who need that connection. I love giving them a chance to reach out and I love returning that love. I am so very glad we started this and I'm so very glad that I've been given this opportunity to help people.
Do you play a lot of retro games?? No, unfortunately... I played MOST of those games when they were new. I'm actually turning 39 in july... so a lot of these games I played when they were 'current'. I never go back to play them because I want the new stuff!
I'm an indie game developer, and I'd like to ask you a quick question if I may. As a gamer yourself, what do look for most in a game and what do you find sets a game above it's competitors in the same genre? As for what makes a game great? Emotion. People don't realize that, for some reason, but emotion is what makes you connect with a game, remember it, and celebrate its existance. If you don't have an emotional hook you have a flat one dimensional product no one can love.
I'm currently planning a small RPG which will hopefully be released for the iPad and Android tablets, as it seems to be a market not touched upon too greatly so far. Let me answer like this: What would I want in an ipad/phone tablet market?
Me and my friend are planning on sending you a package from Scotland, and we were just wondering if there is anything specific you would like from Scotland? P.S We both think you are a fantastic guy thanks for the videos. I'd love a post card, and a personal letter and that would be awesome enough! anything else you put in there would be fine but please dont spend a lot of money! I know how hard we all have to work to get paid and I dont' like it when people squander their money on me!
I was watching your videos while I was in Germany and thinking, MAN, Boogie should totally go to Germany. Germany is great, and currently one of the most popular places to visit. Next year, Germany is going to be my new home! You should totally come to Germany one day. It is great! As far as my question. If Youtube ever shuts down, what will you do? Will you go on a similar website and continue from there? Will you continue with education, etc? I have a lot of fans in germany and hope to visit there one day. if youtube stopped their partner program tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'd do. I'd probably try to find another way to stay in the public eye. If that failed, I'd love to do motivational speaking. Beyond that I'd also like to open my own gaming store one day. :)
What video of yours was the most fun to make? "wheres my mountain dew". I like breaking stuff ;)
Say you do lose a lot of weight, how do you feel it will impact your youtube career? I would hope that I can still be funny and skinny. I'd like to see if I can rise to that challenge.
Your weight is a huge part of your characters. Please don't take that the wrong way. If I were able to lose the weight but have to sacrifice my youtube channel, I'd be more than glad to do it. I need to be healthier if I want to live longer :/
Also, just want to let you know I have been watching you since 6k subs! Keep it up, makes me happy to see you live your dream. And thanks for being such a long time fan!
Boogie, I'm off to Holland and Poland this summer, would you like any postcards for your 'Monday Mailbag' series? If so, what kind of postcards do you like? Animals? -Scenery? Can't wait to send them to you! ~Callum I would LOVE post cards from either or both countries. Your pick, but I'd love to see local landmarks on them!
I always seem to miss these, but if you're still answering questions, what advice would you give to another big guy like me who has aspirations of starting a YouTube channel? Keep trying, don't give up.
The way I see it either youtube is going to be fun for you, or it wont. Being succesful is beside the point. It took me 2 years to get my first paycheck of 100 dollars. But I had a lot of fun making videos in those 2 years.
You just keep up the hard work and if its fun for you, the viewers will come. :)
What is your LoL IGN? Do you play on NA? I play NA, but i keep my summoner name a secret cause I really dont have time to converse with folks in the game. here's a hint: its not boogie2988.
What are some of the ways that you dealt with your depression? The events in your life seem to be much worse than what happen in mine, but it was very difficult to deal with depression as a young'n. 1) The biggest key in dealing with depression was this phrase; fake it until you make it. When I learned that faking the feelings and emotions that I wanted to have would sometimes trigger those feelings and emotions I became a changed man. Now even when my depression is at its worst, its hard to tell that day from any other day. After a few days of faking it sometimes I get right back into a more solid groove.
EDIT: Also do you watch Game of Thrones and if you do what do you think about it? I'm unhealthily obsessed with it... I never got into game of thrones... yet ;)
I've heard you say that many times, but I have a few things about that which I don't like. I went to therapy and have studied psychology and faking/hiding your emotions is just about the worst thing you can do..I think. Could you explain how faking it is different from just hiding your emotions? I don't quite understand.. Depression is for all intents and purposes a "lack of emotion". its not an emotion you can hide. If anything you're hiding the fact that you are just fucking dead inside.
I'd never hide that I was angry with someone. If I was, I would never hide it I would talk to them about it.
I also would never FAKE that I cared about someone. I still don't do that to this day. Everyone knows how i actually feel about them.
But faking enthusiam, faking the ability to feel, faking the ability to comprehend human emotion... that's what that's all about. No one wants to be around a person who just sits there and waits to die without feeling anything.
But when you can force yourself to say, "i'm going to watch this show and try really really hard to like it" sometimes you'll find in the end you really did like it. That's what fake it til you make it is all about.
In the end its a motivational tool to get someone with depression to TRY something. Its worked wonders for me.
What the best/most expensive thing you've ever won? Thanks to a fellow youtuber, "Totalbiscuit", his fans, and my fans I won a contest called "King of the web" and I earned 7500 bucks! 2000 went to charity and the rest to getting some new equipment and including a new pc. It was awesome :D.
You mentioned that you were a shut-in for I think you said 7 years. Can you tell me what it was like? Was it enjoyable? I am intrigued and wish to know more about this kind of lifestyle. I would leave the house about twice a week. I'd goto lunch 1 day a week with some of my friends. I'd go grocery shopping with my roomate at around 2:00am once a week as well.
Other than that, I sat in front of my computer, afraid to deal with other people, and waited to die. Death never came and eventually I decided I needed more in my life.
It was exactly as you'd imagine; predictable, boring, awful. I'd want more and I'd never get it. I'd play everquest (or world of warcraft) all day and try to stave off the boredom and loneliness. It worked most days. some days it failed. Some days I would have internal struggles that demanded I get off my ass and do something, but I'd have no idea where to start.
Eventually I decided to put myself back out there. I got on OkCupid and myspace and started talking to people. I lept on the first opportunities I got and though most of those attempts failed miserably I kept at it. Eventually I got to where I am now, which is pretty great :)
Did you ever find your sister who ran away? Well, that storyline for the character i've not fully developed yet. We've written a "francis vlog" where the sister comes over to visit to find the place in shambles (and on fire) and decides to move back in. We hope to film it in the next couple weeks :)
I think he was referring to your sister Carla who you mention in your 'Draw My Life' video. Oh. In that case.
We're facebook friends. It kind of stinks that her life has turned out so rough. she ended up in foster care, and has had a pretty rough struggle since then. But then again she has raised a wonderful family that she is very proud of.
She's pretty awesome even though we rarely see eye to eye. We both survived, but it turned us both in WIDELY different directions.
Dammit, I'm always late to these things. You sonsabitches. Anyway, if you do read this, boogie, I really enjoy your videos. I haven't had the time to watch as much youtube lately, so I might be off on this, but is your boogiedown550 channel still on hiatus/terminated? I havent posted to the weight loss channel because most of the feedback I got was not constructive. People were expecting me to put up 'shay carl' or 'biggest loser' style numbers and content. I just can't really do that.
As a fellow big dude trying to shed the weight, I really enjoyed the videos on that channel. I once even tweeted you about how I liked the feeling of not being alone in this and you favorited my tweet! I feel like I know a celebrity! I'm trying to overcome a lifelong eating disorder and tis a slow long process, but its one that I'm getting through slowly. While I feel like that would make good tv, the negative responses to it simply made the struggle even harder.
Anyway, good luck on life and I look forward to more great content from you, both the funny stuff and the more serious stuff. You rock! But I love you for your support and thanks so much for watching! <3.
BOOGIE!!! I fucking love your videos. I have been a fan for years. My question is what do you think of the Mass Effect series? I havnt heard you mention it before? I did a video about the ending of ME3 though I didnt really know why I was so upset. People still liked it :)
Its a series that I missed somehow and want to go back to play, but lack the time to do so :(
Boogie! what is your "least favorite" game you have ever had the displeasure of playing? Sim City 5. Good lord. broke my heart that it was that awful.
Who was you're biggest influence when you first started making videos? You'd never believe it, but the other youtubers that inspired me "Fatman" aka christopher whitney "Christian W Chandler" "Supered86" "Makemebad"
I wanted to blend that kind of awkwardness, pitiful, weirdness, and hilarity. I think I managed to come close.
Hey boogie did u see ur video made the smosh web page? Link to www.smosh.com. Whoa. WHOA. NO i did not see this. THIS IS AWESOME.
If you could go back 5 years and change anything about yourself (knowing what would be to come), what would it be? I would love to have known about /keto and known that it was possible to gain control of my eating and to have started 5 years ago rather than 1 year ago :)
Basically, I'd like to be healthier. :)
Have you ever been to PAX Prime or similar conventions? You should go this year! I have not, and I desperately want to!
You would be a hit at PAX. We need to get you in as a media guest. :D. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a media guest at pax. you got no idea.
Also, thanks for the videos and all the inspiration. If I ever saw you somewhere in public be warned as I may give you a manly hug. Also i'm all for hugs!
question, I really enjoyed seeing you destroy that console with a bat. Will you please destroy something again? Please :) I did a colaberation with "zombiegoboomtv" on youtube that goes live on sunday. you're going to get to see plenty of destruction, I promise.
Boogie, what have been your top 5 favourite games of the past year? Past 365 days? league of legends Bioshock Infinite Far Cry 3 Borderlands 2 Skyrim (was that too long ago?) Tomb Raider
Can you tell us anything about your Fiance or roommate? You've mentioned him in a few of your videos. Lets see;
My fiance; 27 years old. Redheaded. Very cute. She's got a writing degree, is an office professional, loves music, loves her family, loves me. She grew up in a small town, has a wonderful family who I love, and has an affinity for broken people like me. I am also head over heels in love with her, which is strange, because I dont think I'd ever loved anything before I met her.
My roomate: 38, best friend of 18 years, saved my life. He's an introvert, fun to talk to if you can get him to talk, works at the local university and loves anime, video games, and hanging out w/me :)
However, as you probably may have heard, Project Titan has been re-started and the majority of the developers have been shifted to WoW/D3... (I still rage a little inside when I hear the name D3) and the likes. I would really like to see world of warcraft go back to its original fame, but I feel that people have moved on. Titan was a big hope of mine and to hear it delayed at least 2 more years breaks my heart :(
Boogie, if you had to pick a single MTG card as your all-time favourite, what would it be? Hymn to Tourach.
Hey Boogie! Do you know where your internet fame came from? When did the view start to pour in? I remember years ago RayWJ had your video and I found you. Your WOW account was hacked and francis was angry :). I saw your other videos and I have never stopped watching them since. RayWJ pushed me in the right direction and got it started. I managed to have a few more viral breakouts and they pushed it. Wow account hack, the 'early christmas presents', the xbox smash, etc. each one is a stepping stone to where I am now.
Hey boogie! If you put out some gaming content from maybe League of Legends or something, that would be awesome! You could just ask your twitter followers for feedback before you release it too. What do you think? (Ps: I have seen almost all of your videos) There are some lol games on my boogieplays channel!
Hey, Boogie! Who are your favorite YouTubers? I answered this question elsewhere but will cut and paste it! The people I watch most regularly HowToBasic, Ashens, EpicRapBattles, Dan Bull (douglby), College Humor, The Onion, Rhett and Link, Froggy Fresh (formerly Krispy Kreme) Favorite youtubers I don't watch a lot of NerdCubed, Jayztwocents, Wowhobbs, 2daywithpatrickJ, Tradechat, Angry Grandpa, KidbehindtheCamera. Though you could really call this the 'friends' category because they are people I have an emotional relationship with rather than a entertainment relationship with :D.
Another question. I'm really interested in magic the gathering. How do I get started playing and finding people to play with? Get started with the app "Duels of the planeswalker" on XBLA, ps3, steam, ipad. It'll teach you everything you know. Beyond that find your local gaming store and they'll take care of you, I promise!
Hey Boogie i love your videos and i have one question, will you have children after you get married? We have talked about this and I think the answer is: I think we'd like to have 1, if we're able to save up enough money to where whether or not something bad happens to me he/she will be taken care of.
So I'm working very, very hard every day to save up as much money as I can so that I can provide for a child a life that I could have only ever dreamed about.
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2012.08.01 14:05 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Leo Laporte, Chief TWiT. AMA!

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Date: 2012-08-01
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Questions Answers
Leo Laporte, I have been waiting for this day for a while. Questions first; praise later. TWiT has been profitable since day one. First with donations from listeners, more recently with advertising. We grossed $3.75 million last year, should break $4 million this year. Currently I'm putting most of that back into the network. (EDIT: I checked with Lisa today and it's more like $4.25 million last year. She's aiming at $6 mill this year. We grossed $447K this month, up 47% over last July, so maybe she'll do it!)
If you could promote one thing that you are doing right now what would it be? If you could promote one thing that someone else completely unaffiliated with you is doing right now what would it be? I am blown away by Waze - this is what crowd sourcing could be. iOS and Android. I am using a Macbook Retina right now. Love the Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy SIII. That's not my Swedish penis pump.
Hey, Leo! What are your thoughts on Google Fiber? Just in general, but what do you think about their Free Internet option? Crazy? Want!
Seriously Google is changing the game. Just as they should.
When did you know that TechTV wasn't going to survive? About a year before it folded.
I remember trying to tell the TechTV executives that we should target the 14 million computer programmers in the US with really smart programming. They told me that sponsors hate a smart audience and there was no future in smart programming. That's when I started polishing up my resume.
They told me that sponsors hate a smart audience and there was no future in smart programming. I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Oh, by the way, they were wrong. TWiT is smart, and more successful than TechTV ever was.
It was a sad day to see techTV go under. I slowly watched TSS die. I haven't watched AoTS sense Kevin rose left. Also, just here to say I'm a huge fan. Kevin is going to be on TWiT a week from Sunday. Sarah works for me and hosts Tech News Today every day on TWiT, iPad Today on Thursdays, and The Social Hour and iFive for the iPhone on Mondays. Who is Dan Huard?
Do you still have contact with Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane, Dan Huard, or the rest of the old TSS crew?
A while back, there was news stories about your relationship with Lisa, your office manager. But recently on a TWIT podcast, I've heard you recount a story about your wife, Jennifer. What is the current relationship status between you and your wife, and you and Lisa? Jennifer and I are amicably divorced. We separated over a year ago. She is my ex-wife - but I still have a lot of stories about her. We have dinner at least weekly and talk more often than that.
Lisa and I have been in a relationship for almost that long. We fell in love while building TWiT and even though we fight like cats and dogs about business we purr like kittens when we're off duty.
Wow, I watch tons of TWIT shows and a lot of behind the scenes stuff on the live stream and had no idea any of this had happened. As much of a blabbermouth as I am I try to limit myself to talking about my life, not others'. It's not easy.
By the way, Ryan Tate at Gawker was just as surprised when it turned out his big "scoop" was old news. I hope I never meet that guy in person. (I think he works at Wired now, actually.)
Leo, I crack up whenever you bust out one of your great foreign accents on your shows. How/when did you discover this uncanny gift of yours? Do you work on your accents or is it something that just comes naturally? The accents came first. Before radio, before TV, before puberty, even. In fact, I got into radio because I used to do the voices while serving dinner at the college dining hall (my job as a student). One annoyed student, clearly hoping to get a serving of mashed potatoes not overdone ham, suggested I "save it for the radio." A light bulb went on and I went to the campus radio station and auditioned. The rest is history.
Can you put up a poll in which us listeners can vote which voice you must use during an entire podcast episode? Sure. But I bet the Boris Badenov voice will win.
Hey Leo! I'm a huge fan of TWiT and even watched a bit of TechTV when I was younger! And, yes, I am consciously trying to recreate the best parts of TechTV (sorry no Thunderbirds). Having the new studio means we can do more help and how-to instead of more talking heads. I'm thrilled at the response to Know How... it means we're on the right track.
Do you think you've created some thing with the TWiT Network that recreates the atmosphere of TechTV? Is there anything that hasn't carried over to TWiT? You're very open about the interworkings of TWiT and your personal life. Does that ever come back to bite you? Yeah we're working on subreddits for all our shows. I think there's a natural synergy between this site and TWiT. The things I say don't come back to bite me, but the people I say them about often do. I have to learn to shut up about other people. I don't mind talking about myself. I think being open is very rewarding.
As a younger viewer I sometimes feel like I'm not in your target demographic. What is TWiT doing to draw in or cater to a younger audience? We don't aim TWiT at any demographic - just tech enthusiasts. I hope what we do is identifiable to people of all ages, races, and nationalities.
Also I gotta say, I love watching live. You guys look like you have so much fun in the brickhouse. Where else can I see anything like this?!: **Link to www.youtube.com. I agree. Live doesn't make us any money - but it's so much more fun to do it live.
How much is your Premiere Radio Networks salary? And do you ever see a point of not doing "The Tech Guy" show? I make around $350k on The Tech Guy. In the last contract negotiations we worked out a deal that allows us to sell adverts on the Tech Guy Podcast. That will at least double, if not triple that number. So I guess I'll keep doing the show!
That's awesome Leo - I had no idea you made so much from that. That's a lot of work though (what, 2-3 hours every weekend?). And even though they are just "everyday people" you help on the show, it's actually one of the most enjoyable shows you're involved with. I was ready to quit at the last contract re-up. I miss having my weekends. A lot. But I'm glad Lisa talked me into sticking with it. It's really a fun show to do and I believe it helps TWiT by bringing in new audiences.
Leo, first off thanks for doing this. Do you feel that with Lisa running the "business" part of TWIT, that what you may or may not have envisioned for TWIT may be different than her goals? Lisa and I are excellent business partners. There's no way I could do the shows I do and run the business. She understands and fully supports what we're trying to do with TWiT. I think TWiT is much better for our partnership. Very few startups can work with a single founder. There's almost always a vision/product person and a business person. I tried to do TWiT without Lisa but it really didn't take off until she arrived about four years ago.
Can you offer more insight on the departure of Erik Lanigan?. If I was to take this at face value, it seems pretty unjust to remove him if it really was as a result of him being ignored by you, despite you claiming to have groomed him. Perhaps there is a side to the story you would like to share in response to this? Erik Lanigan no longer works at TWiT.
Sorry for the lack of candor. It's a legal thang.
Who is your fav guest of all time? Walter Cronkite. My last radio interview.
Is this available anywhere? I'd love to hear it. Alas no. It was in 1987 and we didn't have compact flash back then.
Did he say it? Did he say the line??? He did!!!!
Edit: lol at downvotes. Remember what "AMA" stands for, people. I'm being serious with this question. Having said that it's really stupid to throw people in prison for marijuana use. Pot is a dangerous drug - really it is, I have stories - but so is booze. Blue laws don't work.
I miss TWiF. Do you think you can ever get Martin Sargent back in? Martin is pretty busy - but I've told him that I want him to do a game show for us. Waiting for his treatment.
Leo, Is there some background on why Triangulation has become a solo host show? What is happening with Tom? Tom wanted more time to devote to other projects. So we said ok. He won't be filling in for me as much, either.
Hey Leo, I enjoyed watching you on ZDTV, TechTV, and now on your various shows on TWIT--so thank you for all you've done. I call the kind of shows I do, hand-made media, or artesianal broadcasting. We create specialized products for a niche audience. Thanks to the Internet and inexpensive digital technologies, this kind of niche broadcasting is viable and I do believe it's going to transform media. It already has - more people watch YouTube than NBC.
Do you see what you're doing with the TWiT network becoming the norm for media consumption in the coming years and pushing aside cable companies and broadcasters? Is Roku the first step to the TWiT living room invasion? Key to this is ease of access, so Roku is huge for us. As are SmartTVs, AppleTV, GoogleTV, BoxeeBox, etc.
Leo, I remember when Digg 4.0 launched you were a huge fan ("Digg 4.0 was my idea"). Any second thoughts? No. I'm proud of the way I tanked Digg. That Rose kid had it coming!
Hey Leo! I love TWiT, great job! What was one of your favorite moments that happened back in the old TechTV days? Either on air or off... There were literally hundreds of unforgettable moments on TechTV but one of my favorites wasn't on air. It was before the channel launched when Kate Botello and I roamed around the streets of SF with a camera crew recording bits for the opening sequence of the original Screen Savers. As you might remember it was a parody of a 70s cop show.
It was special because it was before we launched and we had no idea how it would be taken. We were naifs walking innocently into the future and it will never be the same. So much fun!
A similar moment was when we did our first personal appearance in Las Vegas. The Screen Savers was only a few months old and we didn't expect much. In fact, we had to beg TechTV to send us. Kate and I pulled up in our rental car and I remember her nails digging into my hand as she said, "there are people here!" We were so surprised. We signed autographs for a couple of hours and that was the beginning of an amazing run of personal appearances all over the country, each bigger than the last.
On one, Patrick and I stayed so long that the rental company came and took down the tent and platform, but we kept on signing!
Leo, what is the one show from TWiT which you wish had been able to continue which is now canceled? All of them. I hate canceling shows. But I've learned it's better to be lean than fat. I do miss TWiT Photo a lot. But I also miss This Week In Fun. And Maxwell's House. Damn. You've made me cry.
Game On! :'( Oh yeah. That's a special case. If I could have afforded that I would have kept it going because I do believe it would have been successful eventually. Unfortunately we just didn't have the runway to keep it alive. Lost $100K in just three months.
Could you talk a little bit about your relationship with Michael Arrington both before and after the Palm Pre incident? Have you spoken much after that? The second time, at Le Web, he was holding court reclining on top of a pile of mattresses. He beckoned me forward and said, "Make up your mind, do you love me or do you hate me?" I told him I liked him well enough but that I really didn't like what he was doing with Techcrunch (linkbaiting, investing in companies he covers, etc.). Then I passive-aggressively shook hands with him.
Loved watching you since the ZDTV days, keep up the great work creating great tech media. Mike and I made up the same day. I apologized and explained my prickliness. Every time I see Mike (twice since then) he approaches me nervously, as if I'm going to bite him.
What does Dvorak smell like? Pert shampoo and disappointment.
Hey Leo! Thank you for doing an Ama. I have 2 questions. What do you do in your free time? Do you think Google Fiber will be a big game changer? In my free time I watch TV, play chess, listen to audio books, cook, and clean my gun collection.
What kind of guns do you have? Mostly Nerf.
How worried are you about 5by5? They are hosting some really good shows from people in your network and others. Are your hosts offering the shows to TWiT first and if they are why are you turning them down? Not worried at all, else you would never hear me mention them.
We need more networks not fewer. It's not good for TWiT to be the only one in the space.
Andy asked me if I wanted Ihnatko's Almanac first, I told him we didn't and he should absolutely do it for Dan. Gina didn't ask, but she can do anything she damn well pleases as long as she never leaves TWiG.
What about Merlin Mann? Miss him on the network, esp. on Macbreak, although I'm not he's on the pulse of Apple stuff anymore. Added some funny banter. Merlin really burned out on Macbreak Weekly. We ask him to be on all the time, but I think he's much happier doing what he's doing.
When is the next time that you will be a guest on NSFW show? Never again. Those guys are crazy.
What do you think of their social experiment with the Diamond Club Book? I love it - that's why I plugged it on Macbreak Weekly and The Giz Wiz today. What an amazing story! (Mighty good readin' too!)
Hey Leo, The Brick House is the best clubhouse a kid could wish for. It's really fun and flexible. More importantly, it makes it possible to do the kind of shows we could only dream about in the cottage.
Huge fan of TWIT! Has the move to the new TWIT Brick house been everything you hoped it would be? Hoping to drag the girlfriend along and be a live audience member one of these days. When you visit you will see. It's even better in person!!
I would like to start of with I am a huge fan! I've been watching/listening to you since you were on TechTV. You were one of the reasons I had joined my college radio station to do a tech news show (didn't work out so well.) You know sometimes I get pretty swelled up and think things like that. Then Lisa, or my kids, or the kid behind the counter at McDonald's, reminds me that I'm not that special and I calm down.
How does it feel to be considered pretty much one of the most recognized names in tech news? The view from here is not that different. Mostly it's nice that I don't have to worry about where my next job, or meal, is coming from.
My introduction to you was a video clip where you deal with a woman who was stealing wifi from her neighbor, and wanted to know how to get it back. My question is: What did you really want to say to her? It was hard not to laugh during that call. I think she was sincere. All I could do it try to explain what was going on. Believe it or not those calls are what makes the radio show so very fun!!
Why did Kate leave the show and go to Sessler's show? I've always wanted to know the story behind it! You two were so great together. I think Kate was tired of me and probably thought it would be more fun to talk about gaming than answer tech questions and have me correct her. I'm pretty hard to work with. Seriously. Just ask Chad.
First off love the TWIT Network! 1) If you could start a new show with any technology person that you currently do not have on the TWIT network who would it be and what would the show be about? 2) Have you thought about doing a review show for geek culture? Movies/Games/Products/Etc? 3) Who from the old TechTV would you most like to work with again on a show? I've had the good luck to work with almost everyone in the tech industry. I think our best new shows will be hosted by unknowns. Although if I could convince Jeri Ellsworth or Vi Hart to do a show for us I'd be doing the happy dance.
We have done several geek culture shows - none of which have worked for us. I think TWiT needs to be about hard core tech news and how-to.
I wish I could get Jessica Corbin to do a show with us.
Hi Leo, fan since the Screen Savers days. Where do you see things being for TWiT in another five years? Also where can I get some TWiT stickers? I think we're going to be the CNN of Tech. On the Internet!
For stickers send a SASE to.
Stickers TWiT 140 Keller St Petaluma, CA 94952
How often do you watch the video of you saying screw you to Mike Arrington? It makes me feel good every time I see it. Haven't watched it in some time - it's quite embarrassing. I don't lose it like that very often.
Leo! You've been a huge inspiration for me professionally. I've met you a few times in person, but I'd love the chance to ask you a few more things. I asked you this on a This Week in TWiT about a week ago, and you responded, but I'd love for you to elaborate. Right now TWiT has a "we speak, you listen" format. What are your goals to make all of your shows more inclusive and interactive? Can I come live in Petaluma and work for you? Like, seriously? The real challenge, as you point out, is to make this truly interactive. That's one reason all our shows are live, but the technology for real two-way interaction isn't there yet. I'm looking for it all the time.
I love John C. Dvorak and Jolie O'Dell and really enjoy TWIT when they are on. Any chance you could get them to do a show together to discuss the week's news? Also I loved Windows Weekly before Mary Jo joined but she really makes the show better. Thanks, your doing a great service. I think we get quite enough of those two. ;-) Seriously, I love them together, too, but they both have "real" jobs, alas.
Do you think 3D printing will take off? Everything about 3D printing blows my mind. Yes, Makerbot and its ilk are really exciting. How about printing genomes? That's next and it's even more mind-boggingly world changing.
What tech [That we currently have] is the most amazing for you? I think if people realized the changes coming in genetics and biology they'd be very excited, and a little scared. It will make the information revolution pale in comparison.
What technology device purchase has been your biggest regret? I am really sorry I bought the last three Nokia phones.
Back when you started This Week in Tech in 2005, did you ever think that it would evolve to a podcast network as it is today? No way! I remember saying then that there was no way I was planning to recreate TechTV. Boy was I wrong.
Hi Leo! I have been watching and listening to you since the Screen Savers days and I was only 10 or 11 years old. I loved your shows and watched the premiere of The Lab on G4TTV and every episode since. After you left Call for Help, I discovered TWiT. I was about to go on a trip with family and burned all of the available (25 I think) episodes onto an MP3 CD and listened to them all! After getting back I began working a paper route (still only about 12-13 at the time) and listened to a podcast or two every day, my personal favorites being TWiT and The Daily Giz Wiz. I am 18 now and you and your associates have shaped who I am today, my family's tech support and hopefully soon a programmer by trade. How do you maintain patience with the technology-disabled on your The Tech Guy show and what would you recommend for someone going into the field? You're speaking of the Canadian shows, right. I knew it was coming and, in fact, I was praying it would. I wanted to do TWiT and couldn't while I was spending a week a month in Canada. I loved my time there but it was time to move on. My fave all time was The Screen Savers, of course.
Do you still keep in touch with Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb? Have you lost contact with any former TechTV personalities? We all stay in touch to one degree or another. I convinced Morgan to vlog some time ago - remember WebbAlert? Haven't talked to Adam since the old days. He's probably lucky.
Also, if TechTV hadn't been bought by a network, where do you think it would be now? I've read a couple of articles saying that TechTV was starting to become profitable at the time of its buyout. I think what happened to TechTV was inevitable. It was never going to be profitable. There's no way the economics of cable television could support something as niche as TechTV. On the other hand, Internet TV is much more forgiving.
One more question, what has been the situation with Abby? I heard that you talked about it live on the network one time. This may be a sensitive question so I understand if you do not want to answer it. As many students do, Abby struggled a little in her first year in college. She's been taking time off and working hard and is doing great. I think she'll probably go back to college in January. She's very motivated to change the world. I'm so proud of her.
Leo, are you still considering a morning show? I think you've replaced all aspects of my radio life with the exception of morning radio. Yeah that's one of the things we really want to do, but we have to get the machine running smoothly before we do. It's a pretty gargantuan task.
Will their be a chance at having a modding/building show. Like what we see on Rev3 with Ben Heck? I really enjoy the show but it doesn't hit it up with enough things that I feel like I could do without owning 10k in tools. Yes yes yes!!! That's the very next thing I want to do. We're planning on building a workshop/makerspace in the back of the building (next to the rollup door and alley). I hope we'll launch shows this fall.
And, yes, we'll do simple, inexpensive projects you (and your kids) can do.
When the Screen Savers ended, was there a non-compete clause that led you to exploring options like creating the TWIT network or did you have the choice of returning to television if something new arose? Non-competes are illegal in the state of California and I made sure my contracts never had them.
In fact, after they fired me, G4 told me that TechTV in Canada wanted to hire me, so they even helped me with job placement, in a way. I did Call for Help (and later The Lab) on TV in Canada for four more years.
Ultimately though, I far prefer what we're doing to broadcast television. I make more and it's much much more fun.
Hey Leo long time fan!! I have heard you talk that you have a monthly budget to spend on tech item for yourself. What is that budget? It's not a fixed budget but I expect to spend $2-3K a month on products for use or review (that's for myself personally - TWiT spends a lot more for gear).
Hi Leo, just wanted to thank you for all the years of great tech news and content. Been watching since tech tv and I can honestly say you have assisted my career in ways you can't imagine. Through your shows and radio I've stayed on top of the tech curve and it's been so beneficial to my life in general, so thanks! If I had a question it would be, would you ever consider returning to broadcast TV if offered or is that medium dead? I can't imagine ever returning to broadcast TV. I've had too much freedom doing what I want for too long.
Any chance of getting Kevin Rose as a guest on a future show? I would love to hear about the things that have happened to him recently. Kevin is on TWiT August 12!
What do you think is the worst piece of technology/gadget to be released in the last 10 years? It can be either consumer or enterprise. The Google Q.
Do you think you can scale the business further? I remember your original plans included a New York studio and moving the west coast studio to San Francisco. Lisa says she plans to increase revenue 50% next year. I think she can do it. We are all working very hard to build something permanent (and much bigger than LeoTV).
Great to see a fellow "old guy" do well! As the rodeo clown said to the cannonball salesman, I am not sure where it will go, but it's going to be one hell of a fun ride.
Thanks for the inspiration for me to get into my career in technology - What is a great way to inspire youth to get choose a similar path? Link to adafruit.com
What is the one show you want to do but know it would just never work? There's a ton of them. I want to do a computer programming show, and I probably will, but there's zero chance of success.
I'd also like to do live radio drama. No money in that either, but damn that would be fun.
Leo - do you think that your Twit Empire business plan would work for other such aspiring empires in other subjects like Sports, Entertainment or Politics? Does the tech audience make this easier to pull off? I think covering tech was picking the low hanging fruit, but I dream of a day when artisanal media of all kinds is everywhere. US$60 billion is wasted on TV advertising every year - if 10% of that were aimed at engaged audiences watching niche programming imagine the kinds of media we could see. I believe it will happen, but slowly.
Leo When can we expect to see Jerry Pournelle back on TWiT? Soon. I have him on my list to invite. Knowing Jerry is such a thrill.
An Easy one...Have you ever visited Ireland our N.Ireland? Not since 1967. I kissed the Blarney stone back then, and that's when my troubles began.
I am hoping to do a UK trip next year, actually!
How many balls have you popped in your life? Also: Thanks for all that you do. I'm a dedicated listener and viewer from long ago! Two. One on audio, one on video. Never again! I use anti-burst balls now.
Not to be macabre, but what will happen to the TWiT network when you pass? Believe it or not we have a fairly elaborate succession plan designed to keep the company going should I die. There's a management committee, a $2 million keyman life insurance policy to cover the transition, etc. It's something most businesses do, I've learned, and we implemented it early on. I want TWiT to outlive me.
Leo - we've rarely seen you before your ZDTV days. What did the young Leo Laporte look like? Do you ever envision Tom as a top leader in Twit in the far future? Or Successor? How is OMGchad doing being fairly new? Thanks for the brilliant programming!! Love it! Check my Facebook timeline for some old stuff - more to come. My kids say I looked like a nerd, and I guess that's true.
Tom is so talented and a good friend, but he has projects of his own and, although we have asked him, he has declined to succeed me at TWiT. So maybe I'll have to groom my son!
Chad is the most amazing hire - he's super talented, positive, and hardworking. He jumped into the producer role with both feet and mastered it instantly. I'm really looking for a way to make him a star - he's got the talent, looks, and charisma to be huge.
What does twit use to send updates to Facebook, g+ and twitter???? We create all our updates lovingly by hand. I post all my personal updates. Glenn Rubenstein runs our house accounts.
I understand twit's use of Skype over internet, TriCaster. How does cnbc, pbs newshour's multiple head and shoulder's windows differ? Do they typically send analog or streaming over the internet, private fiber, satellite? I assume they mostly don't use Skype for reliability reasons? What are some brand names of their equipment? Skype is a pretty low-rent solution, but I do notice CNN and others turning to it more and more.
Normally a network will use a much more expensive fiber or satellite link. They're typically thousands of dollars an hour, so we can't afford it. But I think Skype works pretty well for us.
Hi Leo, thanks for continuing to answer questions. I've been a huge fan of yours, since I first saw you on ZDTV in 1999 when I was in the fifth grade. I became a huge fan of The Screen Savers especially due to all of the light-hearted moments on the show. What's your favorite example of something that went horribly, yet hilariously wrong on TSS or Call for Help? Do you remember the segment Patrick was doing on The Screen Savers about permanently deleting your data? He was planning on using a hammer to batter a disk drive platter, but unknown to him, it was a glass platter and it shattered into a million pieces nearly blinding us both. Ah live tv. We survived.
It was during the same series that Kevin Rose and Dan Huard nearly burned down Kevin's house by using too much thermite in an old PC case.
Oh yeah and there's the clip of Patrick blacking out during a Blue Angels flight. Loads of fun!!!
What brought you to Stickam for the year that you were broadcasting from it? Were you compensated for streaming on Stickam? Why did you leave Stickam and what were your thoughts on the website after using it for a year? Stickam paid us a small amount every month for an exclusive - it wasn't enough to make a difference, and I decided it would be better to be non-exclusive so we didn't have a single point of failure. I don't really remember why we left Stickam - I think there was a technical issue - but I enjoyed working with them.
We've been fairly happy with the reliability of our current partners: Ustream, Justin.tv, BitGravity, and Flosoft (for the HLS stream).
My dad and I listen to your podcasts all the time, and I love them, but I love the video casts even more because of your hats. Where do you find all of your fantastic cranial adornments? Why did you decide to wear them? Do they supply you with your magical aura of knowledgable awesomeness on a regular basis? I started collecting hats when I was very little (my first was a Mountie hat at the age of three or four). Most of my hats are newer - my old collection is long lost.
I don't know what the fascination is with hats, but I guess they're like masks: a mystical path to an alternate persona. My first love was acting, and I never gave up being a ham.
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