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2020.10.01 03:06 bighiggie15 Imploding The Mirage ☁️ Battle Royale Day 9 (Final Round!)

Final Round!
With 45.9% (and 34 responses) 'Caution' is the next song to be eliminated from the ITM Battle Royale.
The first single to release and yet it still holds up as one of my favourites all this time later....such a catchy and fun song.... the Lindsey Buckingham guitar solo is worth the listen to the song even if i've listened to caution 50+ times. Well deserved 3rd Place. Onto the Final Round!
Here we are onto the Final Album! Obviously this one is quite fresh so make sure you give every song a listen before voting. Without further a do here is the Imploding The Mirage Battle Royale! (This should be a fun one!)
Songs In:
My Own Souls Warning
Dying Breed
Songs Out:
3rd Place: Caution
4th Place: My God
5th Place: Blowback
Imploding The Mirage
When The Dreams Run Dry
Running Towards A Place
Lightning Fields
Fire In Bone
Link To Poll:
What do you think about Caution Being Eliminated?
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2020.10.01 02:40 AngelicGuidance An Analysis of Numbers used in the Bible and How they relate to Pi


We are currently in an important transition period of human history as we finish out the old ways of doing, and being, and usher in a new Era of peace, love, and enlightenment. The Bible contains messages/warnings of these times, in both The Book of Daniel and Revelation. In this article, we will discuss how we have entered a final set of allotted days, the synchronistic and Divine creation of the Bible, and how it is all based upon Pi.
Daniel and Revelation both discuss certain periods of time which are supposed to take place at the end of the world's age. Daniel mentions periods such as:
The 7 + 62 week segment of the 70 weeks is 483 days, the 3 digit number which takes the longest to have its first occurrence in Pi.
Revelation reiterates the relevance of the 1260 days, and refers to it in multiple ways such as by saying "a time, and times, and half a time" (1 + 2 + 0.5). A "time" is a set of 360 days, and so 360 * 3.5 = 1260. This period is also called the "42 months" because a prophetic month is 30 days, and 42 * 30 = 1260.
Continuing forward, the timeline is confirmed and expanded by the Mayan King K’inich Janaab’ Pakal, ruler of the Maya city-state of Palenque. This king dubbed himself the messenger of the time cycles and left us an important prophecy. The prophecy simply tells us that there will first be a period of 1144 years. Those 1144 years are made up of 22 cycles of 52 years. The first 13 cycles are called Heavens, and the last 9 cycles are called Hells. Then there are another 13 Heavens and 9 Hells, 22 cycles of 360 days totaling 7920 days. Then there are 40 days, then 1260 days, and finally 60 days.
Brazilian medium Chico Xavier spoke of the date 7/20/2019, which coincides with the completion of the 7920 days for our timeline.
The numbers of the prophecies work together in such astounding ways, that it seems the true intent of these messages were to give humanity insight into a timeline structure correlated with numbers based off Pi, rather than to express that an event must happen on any day.
The chosen numbers for the timeline are synchronistic. 360 is 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 and 7920 is 8 * 9 * 10 * 11.
360 is one of the "self locating" numbers of Pi, occurring at the end of 360 digits. Another example of the timeline's relation to Pi is that if you sum every decimal digit of Pi before the first occurrence of "7920", you get 14159, the first five digits of Pi! It's also interesting to note that 5280, the number of feet in a mile, multiplied by 1.5, is 7920. There are 7920 inches in a furlong, and the diameter of the Earth is approximately 7920 miles.
14159 could be seen as the first prime number of Pi. Multiplying 14159 by 2 equals 28318, a number which has its first appearance in Pi at the end of 12600 digits. The 1260 days of the Bible * 10 equals this number. Then, summing those 12600 digits of Pi equals 56636 which is 14159 * 4.
When searching for a doubled prime number in Pi, 28318 (1667th prime * 2) is the first doubled prime to satisfy the fact that the digits leading up to and including its first occurrence in Pi, sum to a multiple of the prime. This is shown here.


To study some of the subjects later in this article, we will have to know the basics about some things:
The Bible is made up of 66 books. The Old Testament contains 39 books/929 chapters written in Hebrew. The New Testament contains 27 books/260 chapters written in Greek. There are 31102 verses and 1189 chapters in total.
To investigate certain subjects, we will be using the lexicon in Strong's Bible Concordance. This lexicon takes all of the original Hebrew/Greek root words of the Bible and puts them in alphabetical order. This list was originally published in 1890 by James Strong.
If you take all of the Greek root words of the New Testament and put them in alphabetical order, "Jesus" becomes word #2424. The order was designed in this way because 2424 first appears in Pi at the end of 1111 digits, a very spiritually significant number.


Gematria is an alphanumeric code which assigns a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters. Gematria is technically a Hebrew practice, and Isopsephy is its Greek counterpart. We can use the word "gematria" interchangeably to describe the assignment of numbers to letters, whether they be Hebrew, Greek, or English. The method for calculating the gematria, however, will change between languages.
Let's examine the Greek word for Jesus:
Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous) Ι Iota 10 η Eta 8 σ Sigma 200 ο Omicron 70 υ Upsilon 400 σ Sigma 200 The values of each Greek letter sum to a total of 888 
Jesus was the focus of the New Testament while Israel was the focus of the Old Testament. The Hebrew word for Israel has a gematria value of 541 which is noteworthy, as it is the 100th prime numbe10th star number, and occurs in Pi directly next to 2424, the number of Jesus: 2424 541
Gematria Ciphers
Research tools available at: https://theprophetictimeline.com/

262 and the Bible

The Bible was masterfully crafted to contain numbers relevant to Pi.
262 is a fundamental number of reality as the first 262 decimal digits of Pi, Phi, and e all sum to the same number, 1192.
The 262nd prime number is 1667 and the 1667th prime number is 14159, the first 5 decimal digits of Pi. It goes on that the number "1667" first occurs in Pi with a 3 immediately following it as 16673. 262 + 1667 = 1929, and the 1929th prime number is 16673.
262 + 667 = 929, the number of chapters in the Old Testament. The New Testament contains 260 chapters, the number of days in the Mayan Tzolkʼin cycle.
Adding 929 to 260 gives you 1189, a very important number of the timeline. This will be explained further.


The 232nd prime number is 1459, and 232 + 459 = 691. The 1459th prime number is 12203.


The number 17 seems to somehow represent God, or the Divine. The first Grand Lodge in Freemasonry was founded in 1717 for this reason. Francis Bacon had a serious impact/involvement in both Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, and the number values for his name using Pythagorean Cipher (Full Reduction Gematria) are "Francis" (34) "Bacon" (17) for a total of 51. His wife's name, Alice Barnham, also sums to 51, and she was even born on 5/14/1592 (Pi = 3.141592). The base named "Area 51" uses this number (17 * 3) to represent the advanced capabilities of highly intelligent lifeforms, like extraterrestrials.
The 17th letter of the alphabet is "Q", the name of the godlike and mischievous being in Star Trek. It's also the name of the supposed military intelligence operation which has gained much notoriety, which started on 10/28/2017.
As the Bible contains 1189 chapters, it is important to note that 189 first appears in Pi at the end of 1717 digits. We also see a synchronicity take place as we raise our awareness to the fact that 189 Jesuit institutions of higher learning exist throughout the world.
From this we see the emergence of a "Pi Code". A hidden way to express a concept based on a number's association with Pi. As for the year of Alice Barnham's birth, 1592 is considered a special number because 7777 first appears in Pi at the end of 1592 digits. Alice Barnham's birthday month (5) multiplied by the year 1592 = 7960, or 7920 + 40 like from Pakal's timeline.
It is known well that 3.14 is equal to Pi, and such a confounding relationship presents when one observes that if you take the first 314 digits of Pi, they sum to 1392, then 1392 digits of Pi sum to 6251, a number which intersects the numbers appearing at the end of 1717 digits of Pi like so 625189. On top of that, 6251 digits of Pi sum to 28318, a number which is well known to be the first five digits of 2Pi.
The whole of the timeline seems to boil down to a 17 in one way or another. The year the 1260 days ends is 2023, which is 7 * 17 * 17.

Divine Construction of the Bible

We have discussed 929, 260, and 1189, as well as 17, 51, and 189, so we will now introduce 294 and 895:
294 occurs directly next to the number 895 in Pi, and these are the first two numbers to occur directly next to each other while summing to 1189. This is why the most often occurring gematria total for verses in the Bible is 895.
Another important Pi code is 691, which first appears in Pi at the end of 895 digits. The 691st prime is 5189, and 5189 first appears in Pi at the end of 1717 digits. 51 is 17 * 3 and 8 + 9 = 17. We also see that 17 * 17 is 289, which occurs at the end of 1586 digits (691 + 895 = 1586). Those 1586 digits of Pi sum to 7200, the number of days in the Mayan calendar unit called the "kʼatun".
249 first appears in Pi at the end of 294 digits, and 249 represented in duodecimal is 189. We also see that 51 digits of Pi sum to 249 and 249 digits of Pi sum to 1129, the 189th prime number.
The verse with the largest gematria total in the Bible is Luke 6:42, which is the 25189th total verse of the Bible. It was designed in this way because 25189 first appears in Pi at the end of 1717 digits.
According to Biblewheel's database of the original Hebrew and Greek text, there are 445797 words in the Bible. If you divide this by the 31102 verses of the Bible, you get 14.333 which is profound because 14333 first appears in Pi at the end of 1700 digits. 333 / 1700 are very important Timeline codes.
The Bible is made up of sections of 297 or 3 * 3 * 33 chapters. Therefore 1189 is also represented as 297 + 297 + 1 + 297 + 297. The middle chapter of the Bible is Psalm 117, which is also the shortest chapter of the Bible, containing 33 English words.
Chapter #297 is 1 Kings 6:1, which discusses the building of Solomon's Temple. Interestingly, this is even the 8898th verse in the Bible, as 1931 (294th prime) + 6967 (895th prime) = 8898.

Alignments of the Timeline

Now that we have learned some fundamental numbers, we can appreciate how they create alignments in our timeline. We'll first look at three essential dates:
Adding 1592 days to 12/21/2012 creates an incredible alignment:
And here's a timeline date which shows a connection between 1667 and 929:

261 - 262 - 263

By observing the way that primes sequence next to each other, we see three numbers stand out distinctly in decimal:
Using this formula, a special balancing point takes place in the decimal numbering system in which the numbers 261, 262, and 263 seem to "self-resolve" or revolve back on themselves. The middle number, 262, of these perfect three numbers, is extraordinarily special because its 1667th prime number is 14159! Another interesting fact to point out is that 260 multiplied by 1.5 is 390, a number which occurs at the end of 1189 digits of Pi.
This fact may clue us in as to why the New Testament has 260 chapters. There are 260 numbers before this anomaly occurs. The numbers then run out of range, and this balancing point does not take place again in the sequence of infinite primes.
What's most interesting is the fact that the number 262 as well as 263 both hone in on the number 7920 in Pi, the number used for Pakal's timeline. Prime #262 is 1667, and prime #1667 is 14159. When you sum every digit of Pi before the number 7920, you arrive at 14159. Including the number 7920 in your digit sum test gives you 14177. We see that 14159 is prime #1667 and 14177 is prime #1669, just as these numbers fall right next to each other in the sequence of primes.

Timeline Fundamentals

Here is the base timeline which the Bible references with encoded numbers:
In addition to this base timeline, there are some supplementary dates:
222 is an extremely relevant number of the timeline, which can be seen by the fact that 5/31/2017, 7/20/2019, and 2/9/2023, are all day 222 of the Tzolkʼin cycle (meaning these dates are all a multiple of 260 days apart). It's also interesting to point out that the 222nd prime number is 1399, and 1399 days after 11/12/1997 is 9/11/2001. 9/10/2001 was actually the last day of Coptic year 1717. We spoke of 294 above, which first occurs in Pi like this: 2294 895. 2294 - 895 = 1399.
From 12/21/2012 to 4/25/2023 is 3777 days, which can also be represented as 1399 + 1189 + 1189.
As 4/25/2023 is also considered to be the completion of a final 1189 day period, the middle day (595th day) of that final 1189 day period is 9/7/2021, day 222 of the Tzolkʼin, and also the first day of Hebrew Civil Year 5782. (represented as 7/1/5782)
5189 - 895 = 4294, and we see that the number 294 has been revealed from this simple calculation, but there is two ways in which 4294 relates to the timeline:
Back to the number 1399: We also see that 1399 backwards is 9931, and 9931 first appears in Pi at the end of 22222 digits. 9931 is the 1225th prime like 12/25 for Christmas. The importance of the number 222 is seen in pop culture, such as in 222 Records by Adam Levine, who founded his company on 2/9/2012, a date which seems to closely resemble 2/9/2023.
9/11/2001 is an example of a date which is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, or by King Pakal, but is a date which is closely aligned with other timeline dates nonetheless. For example, 9 * 9 * 9 * 9 or 6561 days after 9/11/2001 is 8/29/2019, the start of the 1260 days. Terminator 2: Judgment Day, names the date 8/29/1997 as “Judgment Day”, a day in which nuclear destruction occurs in the movie. This date is 22 years before the actual 1260 day period.
22 is the number of chapters in Revelation, and the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet.
It is common Jewish belief that both the first/second temples were destroyed on the same day. Josephus war Chronology states the following in the entry for August 29th:
the stream of blood was more copious than the flames." He observes that this was on the very day and month that the First Temple had been burnt by the Babylonians.
In Daniel's 7 + 62 + 1 weeks, he mentions a significance to the middle day (4th day) of the final week of the 70 weeks, and says that a sacrifice ceases on this day. That day which is singled out is 8/28/2019, the first day of the Tzolkʼin cycle.
Let's now review the date 7/17/2019. This date is used as symbolism for Jesus' crucifixion in the Bible because it is said that he arose in 3 days, just as 7917 is 3 less than 7920. The number 189 appears in Pi at the end of 1717 digits, and 189 days after 7/17/2019 is the start of a final 1189 day period.
We have noted 232's connection to 691. 232 first appears in Pi like so 627 232 7917 8608. This is significant as:
We have mentioned that the founding of Israel is core to the timeline:
25999 is a very powerful prime number, and is the 2860th prime. We see an odd "synchronicity" here as:

Pi / Timeline Codes

666 is the "number of the beast", of Revelation 13:18. This is a number which points us to multiple timeline dates. 666 first appears in Pi at the end of 2442 digits. 2442 is 1221 * 2:
12/21/2012 + 2442 days = 8/29/2019, the start of 1260 days
We also see that 666 digits of Pi sum to 2961:
12/21/2012 + 2961 days = 1/29/2021, the completion of a 1189 day period which started on 10/28/2017.

Biblical Code Confirmation

One way we can verify the timeline is by looking deeper into the Bible verses themselves. For example:
Daniel 12:12 (KJV) Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.
In this verse, the word for "waiteth" is Hebrew word #2442. As a reminder, 12/21/2012 + 2442 days = 8/29/2019, the start of the 1260 / 1290 / 1335 days. We now see that 2442 and 1335 are complimentary numbers, and that 2442 + 1335 = 3777.
Daniel 12:12 also uses word #5060 which is a companion number to 4009, as they appear directly next to each other in Pi (5060 4009):
The relationship between 2442 and 1335 is seen in other sections of the Bible as well. See these two verses:
Matthew 24:42 (KJV) Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.
Mark 13:35 (KJV) Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning:
The verses mirror each other almost exactly and reiterate to us the fact that 2442 and 1335 are complimentary numbers of the timeline. We also see that Matthew 24:42 is the 24000th total verse of the Bible. With this verse placed at an even 1000 verses, it lends credibility to the idea that the Bible has a planned structure to show the importance of this verse. Daniel's verse was the 22094th total verse, showing the number 2294.
The Bible is strongly based off of Pi, with many of the names being derived from its numbers. The word "Moses" is H4872 because the number "487" first appears in Pi with a 2 after it like so: 4872. From the start of Daniel's 70 weeks to the 1260 days is 487 days:
This area of Pi containing 487 has many different important codes: 7848 216 829 989 4872 2658
There are multiple interpretations for this:
There's also:
To continue our confirmation of the 1260 days in the Bible, we see that 829 (representative of 8/29/2019) first appears in Pi like so 829 2540. Greek word #2540 means "time", and is first used in this verse:
Matthew 8:29 (1611 Authorized Version) — And behold, they cryed out, ſaying, What haue we to doe with thee, Ieſus thou ſonne of God? Art thou come hither to torment vs befor yͤ time? Verse #23375
The importance of this verse is confirmed by the fact that it is the first verse in the New Testament of the 1611 KJV to use the special word abbreviation "yͤ" which stands for "the". We also see the number 3375 in the total verse number, which is 15 cubed, and the sum of 761 digits of Pi - every digit of Pi before a point which contains six 9's. This area also holds 13499, the 1600th prime: 134999999. (Side note: 40*40 or 1600 is the address of both the White House and Google. 1599 and 1601 are related numbers in Pi)
We then see that Greek word #2540 is the same word used for "time" in this verse of Revelation which mentions the 1260 days:
Revelation 12:14 (KJV) — And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. Verse #30906
A coded tweet referring to this verse was made by Trump's team, containing an RFR gematria value of 666:
Donald J. Trump - June 13, 2019 After 3 1/2 years, our wonderful Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving the White House at the end of the month and going home to the Great State of Arkansas....
The verse mentioned above contains a very major code which pertains to the 1260 days. The 1260 days are mentioned 7 times in the Bible, twice in Daniel, and five times in Revelation. The term "great eagle" is used only three times in the Bible, with this verse being the last occurrence, and Ezekiel 17:3 being the first occurrence. Ezekiel 17:3 links to Revelation 12:14. Ezekiel 17:3 is marked as extremely important because it is the only verse in the original 1611 King James Bible to use the apostrophe (') punctuation character.
Note: The 1611 KJV is highly coded, and contains 2860 question marks "?" throughout the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament.
Ezekiel 17:3 is verse #20829, another code for 8/29/2019. If you move up 1000 verses, you arrive at verse #21829, which is Daniel 3:21, the only verse in the Bible to use Hebrew word #6361, as 6361 is the 829th prime number. If you then move up another 130 verses, you arrive at verse #21959 which is the first of two verses in Daniel which mentions the 1260 days. Another 130 verses up and you arrive at verse #22089, the second of two verses in Daniel mentioning the 1260 days.
In total you have moved up 1260 verses from Ezekiel 17:3 to arrive at the last mention of the 1260 days in Daniel. 173 is also the 40th prime, and the 40 day period ends on 8/29/2019.

1260 Days and 14159

The number 262 is the foundation for some of the most interesting aspects of the Pi code.
Here are the attributes of 262:
These numbers relate to the date 12/26/2014:
And now to include some additional understanding about the number 1667:
10499 relates to other numbers through the way digits sum in Pi. These two numbers are its relators:
Now for an interesting correlation:
From the completion of the 1260 days on 2/9/2023 to 2/28/2042 is 6959 days. This is interesting as 14159 occurs for the second time in Pi at the end of 6959 digits.
Here is some connecting information about 7/26/2020 to tie this together:
We have come upon an interesting date here because of the fact that:
1541 is a great number of the timeline for multiple reasons:
On top of this, prime #12941 is 139241. Both 294 and 3924 inside these numbers are relevant as to the timeline. 12/21/2012 -> 5/27/2048 = 12941 days
To restate the importance of "relator" numbers in Pi:

The Harvest and 17

17 * 17 is 289, and the 289th prime is 1879. It first appears in Pi with a 6 in front like this 6 1879
This is interesting as 61879 is the 6222nd prime!
One of the important dates which relate to Harvest is this:
Note that this number could even represent 5/31/2017 (start of the "2300 sacrifices").
The date 4/10/2020 has an excellent connection to this date:
Notice that 3555 * 2 = 7110, a number we mentioned earlier in this article.
The reason these numbers have importance is because they are directly connected to 14159, or Pi.
The days leading up to 7/26/2020 can be split up in many ways:

Ordered Primes

If you order primes based on their percentage increase from their most previous prime number, you can learn interesting things (list here).
Here is an example:
2 is the first prime on this list because nothing comes before it. 3 is the fourth item on the list because it increases 50% from 2, its most previous prime number.
When you compare this list side-by-side with the usual order of primes, you will see that summing these two numbers and searching for the first 4-digit palindromes reveals 2442 and 2772.
Genesis 1:1 totals 2701 as we have said, which is 37 * 73. Israel is also word #3478, which is 47 * 74. Then, 3478 - 2701 = 777. The 777th number on the list is 24317, which is the 2701st prime number.
777 is a relevant number of Pi for many reasons, like how:
Doing research into the first / last n-digit number to appear in our ordered prime list reveals:
First n-digit nums: 2, 11, 127, 1361, 10007, 107441 Last n-digit nums: 7, 73, 883, 9931, 99991, 999961 
It's interesting to see 9931 on this list because it intersects 1600: 9931600.
It is also interesting to note that 9931 is #5630 on this list, as it reminds me of an interesting correlation:
The list we have created of ordered primes seems to have an immediate connection to Pi. When the primes are concatenated with the order number of the list, we see certain numbers become visible.
1319, 1459, 1541, and 1667 stand out to me.
Some of these numbers sum to numbers which have significant connections to Pi:
Moving down, 1459 and 1541 read diagonally show us 1441 and 1559 which is an alarming synchronicity as both of these numbers have a relation to the date 7/26/2020.
The verse Matthew 11:12 seems to confirm both the 7920 days and the date 7/26/2020.
25189 - 1717 = 23472, and Matthew 11:12 is the 23472nd total verse of the Bible. It has a gematria total of 12700 because 12700 digits of Pi precede 1112 (as in 11/12/1997). It is as so: 1441 1112
The number 989 represents the end of an age because this number appears at the end of 1000 digits of Pi. 1000 represents completion in this sense. There are five Greek words which have a value of 989. Included are my picks for what the numbers represent:
415 989 (4/15/2014) 726 989 (7/26/2020) 1112 989 (11/12/1997) 2111 989 3449 989 
This is the first verse to use word G726. 726 + 2020 = 2746 and 2746 digits of Pi sum to 12700.

Pi / Timeline Codes (continued)

Many numbers have dual/multiple meanings. For example, the Bible mentions the number 12000 numerous times (Revelation says that 12000 are sealed from each tribe) because 7140 first appears in Pi at the end of 12000 digits. This relates to the timeline as:
As 5/31/2017 is known for being the start of 2300 sacrifices, another relevant Pi Code is seen by the fact that Hebrew word #1818 means "blood". 1818 first appears in Pi at the end of 1575 digits, and those 1575 digits of Pi sum to 7140. Blood is shed when a sacrifice occurs.
It's interesting that 5/31/2017 is 780 or 260 * 3 days from 7/20/2019. Adding 780 days to 11/12/1997 brings you to 1/1/2000, the start of the new millennium. Other interesting alignments exist in the timeline as how 9/30/2019 (7/1/5780) + 1189 days = 1/1/2023.
7/26/2020 is seen as the start of the age of Aquarius. The units for these cycles are:
2184 is an interesting number which can be seen in this sequence:
104 digits of Pi sum to 492 ... 492 digits of Pi sum to 2184 ... 2184 digits of Pi sum to 10000
11/12/1997 + 1740 + 2184 + 2184 + 2184 days = 7/26/2020
Highly Important Aspect of the Pi Code:
We then see that 3924 first appears in Pi at the end of 7473 digits, and adding 7473 days to the start of the 7920 days gives you the date 4/29/2018, which is the start of the 70 weeks of Daniel.
3911 and 3924
Note that the positions of these numbers are correlated and coordinated. The Bible confirms this concept in the 7474th verse, which contains the first 3911 gematria total.

More Pi Codes

The 286th prime is 1871, and both 7/17/2019 and 7/26/2020 are the 1871st days of these respective dates:
2775 digits of Pi precede 1871 and 7/26/2020 is the 2775th day of the 14th baktun.
189 + 294 = 483 (the last 3 digit number to occur in Pi, appearing at the end of 8555 digits)
7/17/2019 + 483 days = 11/11/2020, a day which is 294 days from the start and 895 days from the end of a final 1189 day period.
10/28/2017 is the start of a 1189 day period, and this particular period can be broken up into 895 + 294 days:
1000 days after 10/28/2017 is 7/24/2020. We have already noted that 189 days + 7/24/2020 = 1/29/2021. 189 digits of Pi sum to 843.
The total length of time from 11/12/1997 to 4/25/2023 is 9295 days. This number first appears in Pi at the end of 7715 digits like so: 2402 9295. This is relevant because 2402 days after 12/21/2012 is 7/20/2019, completion of the 7920 days.
691 shows us two important places. 691 first appears in Pi at the end of 895 digits like 1776 691. Its second occurrence is like this 7715 691
7/26/2020 could also represent the middle day of a 1189 day period, which would make the completion of this period 3/13/2022, 8887 days after 11/12/1997. 3/13/2022 - 895 days = 9/30/2019. 7/26/2020 is also the 117th day of a period which begins on 4/1/2020, just as Psalm 117 is the middle / 595th chapter of the Bible.
The 1000th prime number is 7919, one less than 7920, the number we studied above. 7919 * 2 = 15838, and 15838 digits of Pi sum to 71214.
7/26/2020 has the long count
As 4/25/2023 is the completion of the 1335 days, we see that 1003 first appears in Pi at the end of 12294 digits, like so: 1003 1541
Remember that 4/15/2014 is the first blood moon of a tetrad, and is also the middle day or 595th day of a 1189 day period. We see that 595 first appears in Pi at the end of 415 digits.
771 digits of Pi sum to 3449. 7/26/2020 is the 771st day of 6/17/2018 (the 62 week segment), and the 3449th day of 7/26/2020 is 1/3/2030.
To relate 6/29/2016 to Pi again, we see that 552 first appears in Pi at the end of 1665 digits:

Fun Facts

The word "giraffe" is loved by occultists, as the numbers of it show:
g i r a f f e 7 9 18 1 6 6 5 
7/17/2019 is both the 7918th day of one period of time and the 1665th day of another.

1189 Day Periods

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2020.10.01 02:18 scorpiohkg [SELL][US] MOVING SALE: Glossier, Hourglass, Westman Atelier, Krave, EM Cosmetics, Dear Dahlia, CoverFX, Marc Jacobs, FENTY, REPHR, Nars, Too Faced, Tom Ford, RMS, Farmacy, Sunday RIley and more


submitted by scorpiohkg to BeautySwap [link] [comments]

2020.10.01 01:50 Stone_Conqueror [SELL][US/INT'L] New items added! Tom Ford natural hair brush & lipstick, Colourpop SSS, MAC, Burberry, MUFE, DHC Disney, Fenty Baby Brut, Patrick Ta, Givenchy, Paul & Joe cats, Chanel Camelia, Kate Somerville, indie duochromes, vintage compacts, freebies!

US/domestic shipping starts at $4, and goes up by weight. International shipping costs vary by location, but will be package-rate. Packages ship within 3-4 business days in a bubble mailer with extra bubble wrap/padding (includes USPS tracking).
Thanks for looking!
WISHLIST: (open to purchasing)
Bourjois Smoky Stories 07 In Mauve Again purple eyeshadow quint (swatched) $3
Burberry Pale Barley Wet & Dry taupe eyeshadow (light usage) $10
Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in 030 We Are the Champagnes (light-medium usage) $1
Colourpop SSS in Liberty (light usage along one side) $3
Colourpop Going Steady eyeshadow single (swatched) $3 https://imgur.com/qOBh2Ya
Lancôme Le Crayon Kohl Black DS eyeliner (BN) $1
MAC Disney Villains Vile Violet eyeshadow (swatched) $8 https://imgur.com/s1cqMBK https://imgur.com/5JetiIw
MUFE round-pan warm/purple/red eyeshadows in magnetic palette: M600, ME840, M844 (matte shades swatched, metallic shade has a very slight dip) $10
NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in Glénan (navy blue shade, light usage) $5 https://imgur.com/GPoZQ9L
NARS Lunar Hardwired eyeshadow (light usage, small dip) $4
Bourjois Soufflé de Velvet lipstick in Plum Plum Pidou (light usage) $3
DHC Disney Marie Aristocats lip balm (BNIB) $6 https://imgur.com/fagm3dO
Fenty Beauty holiday Gloss Bomb in Baby Brut (BN) $5 https://imgur.com/lHVJnnC https://imgur.com/34fHXsX
Illamasqua Lava Lips lipstick in Activist (light usage, includes box) $4 https://imgur.com/rVUuJvZ
MAC Liptensity lipstick in Claretcast (used 1-2x) $6 https://imgur.com/iZoxmZm
Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon DS in Plum n Get It (used 2x, includes box) $2
Patrick Ta DS lip gloss in She's Expensive (BN) $6
Tom Ford DS lipstick in Le Mépris (BNIB) $12 https://imgur.com/WyQjeHp https://imgur.com/NQdUUe9 https://imgur.com/4cA5HzC https://imgur.com/ipKM7WP
Benefit Pore-fessional Primer DS (BNIB) $2
Bourjois blush in 34 Rose D'Or (swatched) $4 https://imgur.com/EORLMz0 https://imgur.com/oS7v31D
Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks in 02 (very light usage) $3
Clinique Chubby Stick in 01 Hefty Highlight (1/4 used) $5
ELF High Definition Undereye Setting Powder (BN) $1
Essence Blush Up! in 10 Heat Wave (very light usage) $1
Givenchy Poudre Lumiere Originelle glowy face powder (swatched, includes box) $35 https://imgur.com/TxKKkAp
Givenchy Le Prisme blush in 24 It-Girl Purple (swatched) $28 https://imgur.com/hmlHyyu https://imgur.com/dWTL3mk
Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation in 500 Suede DS (BNIB, small dent in box) $2
Paul & Joe LE foxes magnetic compact (BNIB) $4
Paul & Joe LE birds magnetic compact (BNIB) $4 (see previous photo for verification)
NARS glowy pink blush in Free Soul (light usage) $10
Paul & Joe Face Powder in 01, LE packaging (BN) $18 https://imgur.com/AiVfVEy
Chanel Camelia de Chanel LE highlighter (BNIB, box slightly dented) $85 https://imgur.com/QAgHWaD https://imgur.com/0GcK5o9
Sephora holiday tote bag (BN) $3
Paul & Joe LE cat makeup bag (BNIB) $21 https://imgur.com/CqQ8CNT
Sephora bright pink travel mirror (BNIB, still has plastic film on mirror) $3
Sephora bright pink The Archer travel tweezer set (BNIB) $4 https://imgur.com/asW752n
Dior travel-size kabuki brush (new, still in plastic wrapper) $5
Tom Ford 02 Cream Foundation brush, discontinued goat hair version (BNIB) $55 https://imgur.com/eySAOb7
Belif Moisturizing Bomb DS x2 (BN) $3 each
Erno Laszlo Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask (BN) $3
Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner DS (BN) $3
Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion DS (BNIB) $4
Sulwhasoo Bloomstay Vitalizing Water DS (BNIB) $5
Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift serum FS (about 1/4 used, includes box) $40
Furturer Karité Nutri Overnight Hair Mask DS (BN) $4
Verb Sea Spray DS (BN) $4 (see previous photo for verification)
Bumble & bumble Bb Glow Bond-Building Styler $4
Emporio Armani She by Armani FS fragrance (sprayed 1x, bottom edge slightly dented) $25
Histoire de Parfums 2 ml sample lot $10 shipped: 1740, 1826, 1828, 1804, Noir Patchouli
(Face products $4 each or take all for $17 shipped; FS eyeshadows $4 each or take all for $53 shipped; Mini eyeshadows $3 each or take all for $35 shipped; Can do smaller bundles of 10 items or more; All items have light-medium usage unless otherwise noted.)
Verification for below items:
My Pretty Zombie LSD blush (FS, full, sealed, some water damage to bottom label)
My Pretty Zombie THC blush (FS, 1/4 tsp removed, slightly worn bottom label)
Hello Waffle Mortar & Pestle contour powder (Baba Yaga Visage) (mini, sealed)
Hello Waffle Nothing But A Paper Bag bronzer (Paperbag Princess Visage) FS
Verification for below items:
Hello Waffle Pride FS
Hello Waffle Fauxlivia FS
Hello Waffle Walternate 2.0 FS
Hello Waffle Amber FS
Hello Waffle Ocelot (FS, sealed)
Hello Waffle Oh Krieger-San (FS, sealed)
Hello Waffle Gene FS
Verification for below items:
Notoriously Morbid Lizard on a Windowpane FS
Femme Fatale Witchwood mini
Femme Fatale Jinx FS
Femme Fatale Wildvine (label missing) mini
Femme Fatale Illusions FS
Femme Fatale The Ghost Next Door mini
Femme Fatale Mood Ring mini
Femme Fatale The Masquerade FS
Femme Fatale Crystalline Scale FS
Verification for below items:
Femme Fatale Polymorph mini
Femme Fatale The Wayward Prince FS
Femme Fatale Velvet Fog mini
Femme Fatale Perspecto Illusion FS
Femme Fatale Arcanomicon FS
Femme Fatale Echo of the Archmage FS
Femme Fatale Hardly Human mini
Femme Fatale Royal Tarts mini
Femme Fatale Fever Swamp (mini, BN, sealed)
Verification for below items:
Femme Fatale Star's Sorrow mini
Femme Fatale Planeshift mini
My Pretty Zombie Unicorn Pee sample
Hello Waffle Hot Cross Bunnies mini
Continuing a clear-out of my collection! Please let me know if you would like additional photos of interiors/backs :)
Verification 1
White/gold Chinese-vase-inspired bird compact $20
Gold graphic compact $15
Black gold spiral compact $35
Lovers compact $15
Verification 2:
White/blue/gold floral compact $15
Blue floral compact $15
Red/white bird compact $20
Blue/green lovebirds compact $40
Verification 3:
Pink flower blue compact $16
White colorful graphic mid-century gold compact $25
Kigu red flower square compact $15
Cult Nails Alter Ego $3
Dance Legend 390 (polish is more coral in real life) $3
Lucky 13 Lacquer Neutron Star $2
G Gal Australia Red Night Sky $2
(Choose 1 for every $5 spent before shipping costs; max 2 perfume vials per purchase; Happy to sell sample bundles!)
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer (x2)
Clinique Even Better foundation SPF 15
Tonymoly BCDation foundation (see previous photo for verification)
Three Balancing Lotion (see previous photo for verification)
Good Molecules Silicone-Free Priming Moisturizer
Verification for below items:
Replica Sailing Day fragrance sample
Viktor & Rolf Sage Spell fragrance sample
Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana fragrance sample
Verification for below items:
Prada Candy Kiss fragrance sample
Paco Rabanne Olympea fragrance sample
Verification for below items:
Nest Black Tulip fragrance sample
Lancôme La Vie Est Belle fragrance sample
Skylar Capri fragrance sample
Verification for below items:
CNP Laboratory Vita-9 Energy Ampoule
Tirtir Rosemary One Essence
Blithe Vital Treatment 9 Essential Seeds
Blithe Vital Treatment 8 Nourishing Beans
Verification for below items:
CNP Laboratory CNP Invisible Peeling Booster
Troiareuke Acsen Toc Toner
Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick in Rose Dressing
Verification for below items:
Huda Beauty Demi Matte Cream Lipstick
Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment
Kilian I Don't Need A Princess fragrance sample
Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia fragrance sample
The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser x2
Lancome Dual-Finish Powder Foundation in 205 Neutrale II W https://imgur.com/GMQjVZP
Prada Candy Night fragrance sample
Pinrose Secret Genius fragrance sample
Celimax Noni Ampoule
Guerlain L'Essentiel foundation in 04N, 05N, Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil
Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Concealer in 8, 13
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2020.10.01 00:10 CLEBot [Game Thread] ALWC Game 2 - Yankees (1) @ Indians (0) - September 30, 2020

First Pitch: 7:08 PM at Progressive Field
Pitcher TV Radio
Yankees Masahiro Tanaka (0-0, -.-- ERA) ESPN WFAN, WADO (ES)
Indians Carlos Carrasco (0-0, -.-- ERA) ESPN WTAM
Game Preview
Reddit Stream for this post
Reddit Stream for this post

Line Score - Runner on first, 2 Outs, Bottom of the 3rd

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
NYY 0 1 0 1 1 0
CLE 4 0 4 4 0

Box Score

SS Lindor 2 0 0 0 0 1 .000
2B Hernandez 2 1 1 0 0 0 .333
3B Ramírez, Jo 1 1 1 1 1 0 .500
1B Santana, C 2 0 0 0 0 0 .000
DH Reyes, F 1 1 0 0 1 1 .000
LF Naylor, J 1 1 1 2 0 0 1.000
C Pérez, R 1 0 1 1 0 0 .250
RF Naquin 1 0 0 0 0 0 .200
CF DeShields 1 0 0 0 0 1 .200
2B LeMahieu 2 0 0 0 0 0 .286
RF Judge 2 0 0 0 0 2 .143
CF Hicks, A 1 0 0 0 0 1 .000
1B Voit 1 0 0 0 0 1 .333
DH Stanton 1 1 1 1 0 0 .333
3B Urshela 1 0 0 0 0 1 .200
SS Torres, G 0 0 0 0 1 0 1.000
LF Gardner 1 0 0 0 0 1 .500
C Sánchez, G 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Carrasco 3.0 1 1 1 1 6 55-34 3.00
Tanaka 2.2 4 4 4 2 3 56-35 13.50

Scoring Plays

Inning Event Score
B1 Jose Ramirez doubles (2) on a sharp line drive to right fielder Aaron Judge. Cesar Hernandez scores. 1-0
B1 Josh Naylor doubles (3) on a sharp line drive to center fielder Aaron Hicks. Jose Ramirez scores. Franmil Reyes scores. 3-0
B1 Roberto Perez singles on a sharp ground ball to left fielder Brett Gardner. Josh Naylor scores. Roberto Perez to 2nd. 4-0
T2 Giancarlo Stanton homers (2) on a fly ball to right center field. 4-1


Description Length HD
José Ramírez opens the scoring with an RBI double 0:14 HD
Josh Naylor drives in 2 runs with a double 0:15 HD
Giancarlo Stanton homers in his second-straight game 0:14 HD
Roberto Pérez scores Josh Naylor with an RBI single 0:15 HD
Updated at 9:32 PM.

Tracker MLB.com Game Graph
Game Notes Indians Yankees
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2020.10.01 00:10 BaseballBot Game Thread: ALWC Game 2 ⚾ Yankees @ Indians - 7:08 PM ET

Join us on Discord!

Yankees (33-27) @ Indians (35-25)

First Pitch: 7:08 PM at Progressive Field
Pitcher TV Radio
Yankees Masahiro Tanaka (0-0, -.-- ERA) ESPN WFAN, WADO (ES)
Indians Carlos Carrasco (0-0, -.-- ERA) ESPN WTAM
MLB Fangraphs Brooks Baseball Reddit Stream IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments Freenode: #reddit-baseball

Line Score - Runner on first, 2 Outs, Bottom of the 3rd

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
NYY 0 1 0 1 1 0
CLE 4 0 4 4 0

Box Score

SS Lindor 2 0 0 0 0 1 .000 2B LeMahieu 2 0 0 0 0 0 .286
2B Hernandez 2 1 1 0 0 0 .333 RF Judge 2 0 0 0 0 2 .143
3B Ramírez, Jo 1 1 1 1 1 0 .500 CF Hicks, A 1 0 0 0 0 1 .000
1B Santana, C 2 0 0 0 0 0 .000 1B Voit 1 0 0 0 0 1 .333
DH Reyes, F 1 1 0 0 1 1 .000 DH Stanton 1 1 1 1 0 0 .333
LF Naylor, J 1 1 1 2 0 0 1.000 3B Urshela 1 0 0 0 0 1 .200
C Pérez, R 1 0 1 1 0 0 .250 SS Torres, G 0 0 0 0 1 0 1.000
RF Naquin 1 0 0 0 0 0 .200 LF Gardner 1 0 0 0 0 1 .500
CF DeShields 1 0 0 0 0 1 .200 C Sánchez, G 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Carrasco 3.0 1 1 1 1 6 55-34 3.00 Tanaka 2.2 4 4 4 2 3 56-35 13.50

Scoring Plays

Inning Event Score
B1 Jose Ramirez doubles (2) on a sharp line drive to right fielder Aaron Judge. Cesar Hernandez scores. 1-0
B1 Josh Naylor doubles (3) on a sharp line drive to center fielder Aaron Hicks. Jose Ramirez scores. Franmil Reyes scores. 3-0
B1 Roberto Perez singles on a sharp ground ball to left fielder Brett Gardner. Josh Naylor scores. Roberto Perez to 2nd. 4-0
T2 Giancarlo Stanton homers (2) on a fly ball to right center field. 4-1


Description Length HD
José Ramírez opens the scoring with an RBI double 0:14 HD
Josh Naylor drives in 2 runs with a double 0:15 HD
Giancarlo Stanton homers in his second-straight game 0:14 HD
Roberto Pérez scores Josh Naylor with an RBI single 0:15 HD
Updated at 9:32 PM.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2020.09.30 23:40 phillygoat [NM] Wolf Viceroy 2.7 Single Watch Winder with Storage - 200 spots at $1/ea with no spot limit.

Item Name: Wolf Viceroy 2.7 Single Watch Winder with Storage
Price: 200
# of Spots: 200
Price Justification: $194 8/6
Price Justification: $200 and missing a cushion and the AC adapter 9/2
Price Justification: $223 7/25
Price Justification: 249 everything and original box 8/8
Call spots? Yessir
Spot limit per person? nope
Location/Country: USA
Will ship international? USA
Timestamp/pics: FULL ALBUM HERE
Escrow: Yessir, u/phillygoat for u/calmbomb
Description: Great shape watch winder from Wolf. Comes with winder and US power cord. Has all the storage cushions and is working perfectly and quietly. I tried to capture it in one of the photos but theres a slight bit of spotting on the leatherish surface, I think its from a cleaning supply. It only pops up in certain light on the right front side. Shipping only covered for CONUS

PayPal Info: https://paypal.me/phillygoat

Tip BoyAndHisBlob
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BoyAndHisBlob.
1 theturtlegame PAID
2 Muffydz PAID
3 Storage_Ottoman PAID
4 Player1Dad PAID
5 Player1Dad PAID
6 letterandnumber11 PAID
7 Adg6789 PAID
8 thatsharebearkid PAID
9 wraith825 PAID
10 terp2010 PAID
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195 Storage_Ottoman PAID
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197 Player1Dad PAID
198 terp2010 PAID
199 thatsharebearkid PAID
200 letterandnumber11 PAID

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2020.09.30 22:58 CozyPastel [SELL][US to Anywhere] BNIB Sailor Moon x Colourpop, Urban Decay, Fenty, Lancome, Angel, Space Case & more! Prices lowered

Shipping to US starts at $4 and goes up by weight, I will ship internationally if you cover the extra charges. Shipping on orders containing perfume must be shipped by ground by law and may be slightly more expensive than air delivery. Payment by Paypal G&S, I pay fees. One Free Gift with any Purchase, listed at the bottom! All items are BNIB, except the freebies, unless otherwise noted ♡ Mostly accepting offers although some specific items are priced firmly.
Looking to sell mostly, but may consider trading for items on my list here!: https://old.reddit.com/useCozyPastel/comments/id30rl/iso_list/
Items arranged by product type:
Lancome bundle, get all 3 above items for $100 ($141 value)
Free with Purchase
All items below this point are all opened and over 1 year old, and may be expired. Items below this point are free- with or without purchase- to anyone who wants them, just pay shipping. All have light to medium usage.
Free 2
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2020.09.30 22:48 Blooper_Bot Wild Card Game Game 1 - The Braves defeated the Reds by a score of 1-0 - Wed, Sep 30 @ 12:08 PM EDT

Reds @ Braves - Wed, Sep 30

Game Status: Final - Score: 1-0 Braves

Links & Info

1 Senzel - CF 4 0 2 0 0 1 0 .500 .500 .500
b-Akiyama - CF 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 .000 .000 .000
c-Galvis - PH 1 0 0 0 0 1 2 .000 .000 .000
Goodwin - CF 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000
2 Castellanos - RF 6 0 3 0 0 1 1 .500 .500 .667
3 Votto - 1B 5 0 2 0 1 1 3 .400 .500 .400
4 Suárez, E - 3B 5 0 1 0 1 2 3 .200 .333 .200
5 Moustakas - 2B 5 0 0 0 1 1 5 .000 .167 .000
6 Aquino, A - LF 6 0 2 0 0 2 3 .333 .333 .333
7 Winker - DH 4 0 1 0 0 1 0 .250 .400 .250
1-Jankowski - DH 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000
d-Garcia, J - DH 1 0 0 0 0 0 3 .000 .000 .000
8 Farmer - SS 5 0 0 0 0 2 4 .000 .000 .000
9 Casali - C 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 .000 .000 .000
a-Davidson - PH 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000
Barnhart - C 3 0 0 0 0 2 2 .000 .000 .000
Totals 48 0 11 0 3 16 26
a-Batted for Casali in the 7th. b-Struck out for Senzel in the 11th. c-Struck out for Akiyama in the 12th. d-Grounded into a forceout for Jankowski in the 13th. 1-Ran for Winker in the 12th.
BATTING: 2B: Castellanos (1, O'Day). TB: Aquino, A 2; Castellanos 4; Senzel 2; Suárez, E; Votto 2; Winker. Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Galvis 2; Moustakas 4; Votto; Garcia, J 2. Team RISP: 1-for-12. Team LOB: 13.
FIELDING: E: Votto (1, fielding).
1 Acuña Jr. - CF 6 0 1 0 0 2 2 .167 .167 .333
2 Freeman - 1B 4 0 1 1 1 1 1 .250 .500 .250
3 Ozuna - DH 5 0 0 0 0 3 3 .000 .000 .000
4 d'Arnaud - C 5 0 1 0 0 2 3 .200 .200 .200
1-Culberson - PR 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000
Flowers - C 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000
5 Albies - 2B 5 0 1 0 0 1 2 .200 .200 .200
6 Duvall - LF 4 0 0 0 1 4 4 .000 .200 .000
7 Swanson - SS 5 0 0 0 0 3 3 .000 .000 .000
8 Markakis - RF 5 0 1 0 0 2 1 .200 .200 .200
2-Pache - PR 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000
9 Riley, A - 3B 5 0 1 0 0 3 1 .200 .200 .200
Totals 44 1 6 1 2 21 20
1-Ran for d'Arnaud in the 12th. 2-Ran for Markakis in the 13th.
BATTING: 2B: Acuña Jr. (1, Bauer). TB: Acuña Jr. 2; Albies; d'Arnaud; Freeman; Markakis; Riley, A. RBI: Freeman (1). Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: d'Arnaud; Swanson 2; Riley, A; Duvall. Team RISP: 1-for-10. Team LOB: 9.
FIELDING: Outfield assists: Duvall (Castellanos at 3rd base). PB: d'Arnaud (1).
Reds Pitchers IP H R ER BB K HR P-S ERA
Bauer 7.2 2 0 0 0 12 0 103-73 0.00
Iglesias, R 1.1 0 0 0 1 4 0 26-17 0.00
Sims 1.0 0 0 0 1 1 0 20-12 0.00
Lorenzen 2.0 1 0 0 0 4 0 27-16 0.00
Bradley, A (L, 0-1) 0.1 2 1 1 0 0 0 12-4 27.00
Garrett 0.0 1 0 0 0 0 0 4-3 -.--
Totals 12.1 6 1 1 2 21 0
Braves Pitchers IP H R ER BB K HR P-S ERA
Fried 7.0 6 0 0 0 5 0 78-53 0.00
Martin 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11-7 0.00
Melancon 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 11-8 0.00
Smith, W 1.1 0 0 0 0 3 0 19-14 0.00
O'Day 0.1 1 0 0 2 1 0 15-7 0.00
Matzek 1.1 2 0 0 0 4 0 24-16 0.00
Greene 0.1 2 0 0 0 1 0 11-8 0.00
Minter (W, 1-0) 0.2 0 0 0 1 1 0 16-11 0.00
Totals 13.0 11 0 0 3 16 0
Game Info
WP: Lorenzen; Greene.
IBB: Votto (by O'Day).
HBP: Winker (by Fried); Freeman (by Bauer).
Pitches-strikes: Bauer 103-73; Iglesias, R 26-17; Sims 20-12; Lorenzen 27-16; Bradley, A 12-4; Garrett 4-3; Fried 78-53; Martin 11-7; Melancon 11-8; Smith, W 19-14; O'Day 15-7; Matzek 24-16; Greene 11-8; Minter 16-11.
Groundouts-flyouts: Bauer 6-3; Iglesias, R 0-0; Sims 2-0; Lorenzen 1-0; Bradley, A 1-0; Garrett 0-0; Fried 9-3; Martin 1-2; Melancon 2-0; Smith, W 1-0; O'Day 0-0; Matzek 0-0; Greene 0-0; Minter 1-0.
Batters faced: Bauer 27; Iglesias, R 5; Sims 4; Lorenzen 7; Bradley, A 3; Garrett; Fried 26; Martin 3; Melancon 3; Smith, W 4; O'Day 4; Matzek 6; Greene 3; Minter 3.
Inherited runners-scored: Garrett 2-1; Matzek 3-0; Minter 2-0.
Umpires: HP: Stu Scheurwater. 1B: Marty Foster. 2B: Alan Porter. 3B: Joe West. LF: Mark Wegner. RF: Vic Carapazza.
Weather: 65 degrees, Sunny.
Wind: 7 mph, Out To LF.
First pitch: 12:08 PM.
T: 4:39.
Venue: Truist Park.
September 30, 2020
Inning Scoring Play Score
Bottom 13 Freddie Freeman singles on a line drive to center fielder Brian Goodwin. Cristian Pache scores. Ronald Acuna to 2nd. 1-0 ATL
Team Highlight
CIN Reds' lineup for Game 1 (00:01:09)
ATL Braves' lineup for Game 1 (00:01:37)
CIN Nick Castellanos' running catch (00:00:30)
ATL Bauer's 5th consecutive strikeout (00:00:15)
ATL Duvall nabs Castellanos at third (00:00:43)
CIN Trevor Bauer escapes jam in 6th (00:00:15)
ATL Austin Riley's stellar diving tag (00:00:22)
CIN Trevor Bauer's 12-K gem (00:02:15)
ATL Matzek escapes bases-loaded jam (00:00:30)
ATL Tyler Matzek escapes jam in 12th (00:00:14)
CIN Lucas Sims escapes jam in 10th (00:00:15)
CIN Lorenzen whiffs Swanson in 12th (00:00:13)
ATL Minter gets out of jam in 13th (00:00:17)
ATL Max Fried escapes early jam (00:00:15)
CIN Albies steals second after review (00:00:24)
ATL Freeman's walk-off in the 13th (00:01:01)
CIN Raisel Iglesias fans 4 in relief (00:01:20)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 R H E LOB
Reds 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 1 13
Braves 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 6 0 9

Around the League

HOU 3 @ MIN 1 - Final
MIA 5 @ CHC 1 - Game Over
CWS 0 @ OAK 5 - Top 8, 0 Outs
TOR 1 @ TB 8 - Top 4, 1 Out
STL 4 @ SD 1 - Top 2, 0 Outs
NYY @ CLE 07:08 PM EDT
MIL @ LAD 10:08 PM EDT
Next Braves Game: Thu, Oct 01, 12:08 PM EDT vs. Reds
Last Updated: 09/30/2020 05:34:14 PM EDT
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2020.09.30 21:57 yonijonathan Patch Notes 2.0.0

Hello lovely Mangaswap community!

In the short one month since the last set of patch notes, we have grown from a sub with less than 10,000 members to one with 50,000 members and counting! With the incredible growth the sub has been experiencing, we have made some much needed changes. Without further ado, here are all the changes that have been made.


The biggest (and most time consuming) change that has been made as of late is the development of our very own Mangaswapbot!
  • Trade flairs will be confirmed automatically and almost instantaneously.
    • Self confirming a trade will be automatically reported to the mod team.
  • All posts will be checked for proper title formatting; failure to format properly will result in a post removal.
  • Selling posts without a proper image link (i.e. Imgur) will be automatically removed.
  • All approved posts will have the poster’s name, join date, karma, and confirmed trades displayed in the comments.
There are still some minor functionalities in development. These include:
  • Running the confirmed trade check 24/7. As of right now, it’s a manual activation.
  • Checking post frequency. We will be implementing a function to ensure members only make 1 selling and 1 buying post every 7 days; they will be tracked on separate timers.

Rule revisions

Clarification on rule enforcement and punishment:
Since it’s not clear as to how strict/lenient we are with the rules, we figured it would be good to clarify. For most rules, we will stick to a 3 strike system. Upon violating a rule the first time, you will receive a warning. If you violate a rule a second time, you will again be warned. If you violate a rule a third time, you will be permanently banned. We believe our rules are extremely clear and it’s in the best interest of the community to remove those who can’t follow them.
Exceptions to the 3 strike system include rules 1, 4, 5 , and 6. Rule 1 is at the discretion of the moderators. Any heavy levels of harassment and/or derogatory comments will most likely result in an immediate ban as we don’t tolerate the mistreatment of our wonderful community. Rule 4 and 6 will likely only warrant a single warning as a repeated offence essentially has to be intentional. Finally rule 5 is also at the discretion of the moderators. Asking for Bitcoin, Cashapp, etc. will warrant a single warning if we believe it was out of ignorance, however, if we feel the intention is to scam, a ban will be issued immediately.
  • The order in which the rules appear has been altered for better flow.
  • All posts must now follow the proper title formatting specified under the “Posting Format” section of the sidebar.
  • Rule #3 (updated) - "All selling posts must include prices and pictures. G&S fee must be included in prices.
  • The “70% of MSRP price cap” and “buyers must list prices” were swiftly removed from rule 3.
  • Although we do permit the sale of h-manga and dōjinshi, anything depicting “loli” is banned as it violates Reddit’s ToS.

Posting revisions

  • Monthly trade threads will now be locked 3 days after the newest month’s trade thread is posted.
  • The weekly Q&A thread will now be bi-weekly.

Sidebar revisions

  • We added a mangaswap specific scammer list under the “Important Links” section of the sidebar.
  • On old.reddit, the mod mail button was altered to be largemore visible.

Aesthetic revisions

The community banner has been updated on all platforms. In case you missed it, mari-moth was the winner of our banner contest! Her wonderful banner is the new banner on the new.reddit and reddit mobile UI. We went ahead and designed a fresh new banner ourselves for old.reddit users.
Trade flairs have been updated! The new flairs are as follows:
  • Brown book: 1-4 confirmed trades
  • Red book: 5-9 confirmed trades
  • Orange book: 10-14 confirmed trades
  • Yellow book: 15-19 confirmed trades
  • Light green book: 20-24 confirmed trades
  • Green book: 25-29 confirmed trades
  • Cyan book: 30-34 confirmed trades
  • Blue book: 35-39 confirmed trades
  • Purple book: 40-44 confirmed trades
  • Pink book: 45-49 confirmed trades
  • Bronze book: 50-59 confirmed trades
  • Silver book: 60-69 confirmed trades
  • Gold book: 70-79 confirmed trades
  • Platinum book: 80-89 confirmed trades
  • Black book: 90-99 confirmed trades
  • Rainbow book: 100+ confirmed trades


If you need to contact the mods for any reason, please feel free to send us a mod mail. Please do not send any of us PMs/DMs in place of mod mail. Any PMs/DMs sent to us regarding moderation will be ignored.

Future plans

At this point in time, the only future plans we have is perhaps making some aesthetic revisions to both old.reddit and new.reddit/mobile.
We are considering adding a “leaderboard” purely for fun. It would show the top 5 or 10 users based on their trade counts in the monthly trade thread. Let us know your thoughts on this!

Closing notes

To the experienced users out there, if you have the time to spare, please take a moment to check the bi-weekly Q&A threads to help answer questions. We would like to make the Q&A thread more inviting to new users and have a larger diversity of input. As of now, most of the questions are answered by the mod team.
If anyone has any comments, questions, or suggestions on anything we implemented or if we forgot something, feel free to let us know. We take each and every suggestion into careful consideration. Remember, we are here for you, the Mangaswap community!
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2020.09.30 21:49 ColoradoCatLady22 My happy update

I wanted to provide an update on my story for anyone who, like I did last year, may find my posts in future searches.
To recap, I froze eggs at age 34, got married a year later, TTC for one year after that, then thawed the eggs and fertilized them with husband’s sperm and ended up with 6 PGS normal embryos in early 2019. First single FET resulted in early MC, so on second FET we transferred 2 against doctor’s recommendation. Worst case scenario happened with one splitting and both implanting, resulting in high risk triplet pregnancy including a mono/mono twin pair sharing a single sac. About two months in, heartbeats in the twin pair stopped, leaving me with a viable singleton. But around 15 weeks I experienced a large amount of bright bleeding from a very large subchorionic hemorrhage which the doctors attribute to the presence of the deceased twin pair. The bleeding lasted until about 22 weeks, and the SCH remained visible on ultrasound into my 3rd trimester. I think it was finally on my 32 week scan that it was no longer visible. Meanwhile I had an elevated AFP result which resulted in much worry but turned out to be likely a false positive due to bleeding. Did not undergo cell free dna testing because of the triplet pregnancy which I was advised would cause inaccurate results as well.
Well it was a long and arduous pregnancy made all the more so by the pandemic. I counted down every single day until 32 weeks which was a “goal” the MFM doc had set for me. Was so relieved to make it that far.
My water broke in the middle of the night in bed at 36+2, and baby was born uneventfully the following day after being induced. The OB said she could see the residua of hemorrhage throughout the surface of the placenta, which probably caused irritation which made the amnion rupture.
Little guy is now 4.5 months old and doing great. We narrowly avoided the NICU and were sent home after delivery in the standard 2 days.
This group was a source of much comfort and advice throughout that ordeal for which I am so grateful.
The two big pieces of advice to take away from my experience and that I tell people every chance I get, are 1. Do not transfer more than 1 PGS normal embryo at a time (we will never do that again and in face were so traumatized by the result in our case that it may be a contributing factor if we end up deciding not to even try for a second) and 2. Do whatever you think is right for you in healing an SCH - we were told that there is “no evidence” that bed rest helps and that the standard baby aspirin I was on “probably didn’t matter”. To me it only made sense to stop the Aspirin, which I am very glad I did on my own accord, and not to engage in any physical activity that wasn’t necessary. So I put myself on strict pelvic rest and modified bed rest (no exercise) for the remainder of the pregnancy. I was so glad I did both these things.
Thanks again for all the support, and perhaps this update will help others down the road. Feel free to PM me although I can’t guarantee I will be checking Reddit too often.
This is such a special group to be a member of and I wish everyone here good luck.
submitted by ColoradoCatLady22 to InfertilityBabies [link] [comments]

2020.09.30 21:48 Sho1va Ironmen I need your advice

I am not an Ironman main. I do use mainly rockets. I have a gear selection advice request for all you who are smarter than me.
Piece 1 (base 130 stats) : 53 precision, 52 proficiency. Single perk 10% increased dmg to all rocket attacks
Piece 2 (base): 36 precision, 34 proficiency, 33 valor. Three perks: 77.6% chance ranged critical grant defense buff, missile attacks deal particle damage, and 10.5% increase damage on heavy combo finishers.
Any advice would be more than welcome. Thank you!
submitted by Sho1va to PlayAvengers [link] [comments]

2020.09.30 21:44 AssemblingParts €500 Gaming and Programming Build

Build Help:

Have you read the sidebar and rules? (Please do)
What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better.
My intended use for this build is programming, including running Android Studio and other IDEs, and Android virtual devices, on both Windows and Linux, and 1080p 60hz gaming of some older games like Skyrim (Oldrim and SE) with gameplay mods (not textures), Witcher 2 and 3, Kerbal Space Program with mods, Dirt Rally. No first person shooters or similar games requiring a TN panel monitor.
If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, framerate, game settings)
1920x1080, 60 fps, medium to high settings depending on the game
What is your budget (ballpark is okay)?
A bit under €500 without the monitor, mid-€500s with the monitor
In what country are you purchasing your parts?
Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts please). Consider formatting your parts list. Don't ask to be spoonfed a build (read the rules!).
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 3 3100 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor €94.00
Motherboard MSI B450M-A PRO MAX Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard €56.00
Memory ADATA XPG Gammix D10 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory €56.00
Storage ADATA Ultimate SU800 512 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive €55.00
Video Card MSI GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER 4 GB Ventus XS OC Video Card €157.00
Power Supply SeaSonic S12III 550 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply €39.00
Monitor LG 22MK430H-B 21.5" 1920x1080 75 Hz Monitor €80.00
Custom FSP Group CMT110A ATX Mid Tower Case €32.00
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total €569.00
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-09-30 20:32 CEST+0200
Provide any additional details you wish below.
Living in Eastern Europe my budget is constrained but I can get some parts from certain manufacturers with a discount. There is no PC Part Picker version for my country so I entered the price manually in euros. I started with the PC Part Picker guides, the logical increments guides, and the Linus's guide for building a $500 AMD Gaming PC. Then I adapted it according to part availability in my country and what parts I can get with a discount. If you suggest a part, I can check how much it would cost for me.
CPU: I would have liked the Ryzen 3300X but it is out of stock so I selected the 3100 instead. If the upcoming launch released a successor of either of these two CPUs I would be happy to get it, with a compatible motherboard, but they have been released in April this year, 8 months after 3600, so I guess it can take some time for them to arrive, and I have no gaming PC so I can't afford to wait. The same holds true for the entry-level GPUs by AMD and Nvidia, so I think the wait for a new release of parts at that price level would be rather long.
GPU: I selected a GPU with 2 coolers but it is a rather short one at 180 mm. For €177 I can get MSI GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER 4 GB Gaming X at 248 mm but it is a budget build so I am not sure if it is worth it to spend €20 more for that.
Storage: ADATA SU800 has DRAM cache, which is nice. I can get the 256 GB version for €34, which is more € per GB. In addition, IDEs, AVDs (Android virtual devices), image editing programs (Lightroom, Photoshop), and Linux partitions (I will probably put 2 Linux distros so triple booting) can quickly fill up 256 GB.
Case: It is an mATX motherboard in an ATX case but mATX cases are rather expensive for me and it is cheaper to use an ATX case. There is no PC Part Picker listing for the FSP Group (Fortron) ​CMT110A case so here is a page with the specifications and pictures. For €38 I can get a Cooler Master N300 but it is a budget build so I am not sure if it is worth it to spend more on a case. I will put the case close to a wall to the side so I selected a case that seems to have a good front-to-back airflow. It seems like the product page for the case says it comes with a 120mm rear fan pre-installed. Do I need a front fan in such a relatively low powered build if I do not intend to overclock it?
CPU Cooler: This is a budget build so I think putting an aftermarket cooler would be a bad use of the budget.
Upgradeability: I do not plan to upgrade it, I will probably sell the whole PC when I decide to build a better one as I have noticed that prices for complete used builds are rather high in my region.
Monitor: I want an IPS panel for the better viewing angles when programming and the colours during some single player games. 21.5-22 inches is enough for me I think. I could get a 23 or 24 inch but not if it is more than 10% more expensive that the current one.
submitted by AssemblingParts to buildapc [link] [comments]

2020.09.30 21:42 MC77__ First time posting on reddit - PC noob wants to upgrade

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
CPU: i7-4770k @ 3.5GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 RAM: 16 GB DDR3, 4x4 GB Harddrive: 1x Samsung HD154UI SSD 55,2 GB and 1x Samsung HD154UI HDD 1,34 TB (information taken from task manager) Monitors: 1x AOC G2460PF 1920 x 1080p, 144Hz Freesync and 1x HP x2301 Micro Thin LED 1920 x 1080p, 60Hz Motherboard: Asus Z87-K Power Supply Unit: LC Power LC6550, 550 W Mouse: R.A.T. 5 Keyboard: Razer Cynosa Lite
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars: I'm very happy with my monitors and use the better one like 99% of the time. I never had watercooling (but always wanted it since it just looks cool) and right now have 3 fans in front, 1 in the back and 1 on top of the CPU. I'll buy the parts you folks recommend and bring them with my PC to the shop I trust near me and let them assemble it for me. They will charge extra for that and don't include that in the 1k budget pls. Thanks in advance to everyone who will recommend parts. I'll respond and provide further details if requested.
submitted by MC77__ to buildapcforme [link] [comments]

2020.09.30 21:04 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 30, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 30, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Register for your Absentee Ballot here!
Watch here:
Full Notes
(continued in stickied comment)
submitted by mr_tyler_durden to Coronavirus_KY [link] [comments]

2020.09.30 20:56 oedipusrex376 Anyone here's enjoying Kanashimi no Mukougawa?

I personally think her voice shines when singing slow ballad. The lyrics, the flow in this song is just too perfect. You could sense that she flexed hard when singing this song. I dare say this song is the best in this single (i bought the CD just because of this song).

My favorite minute(?)/parts of this song. (there are tons of highlights in this song)

0:34 "Egao"

0:44 "Atatakakute"

1:08 "Tooku todokanai" (It's o lovely when she pull her voice during this part)

2:30 "Namida"

2.54 "Yume wa kienaiiii"

4:18~4:45 The whole climax

Its been a long time since she released a ballad this good
submitted by oedipusrex376 to Aimer [link] [comments]

2020.09.30 19:26 Stormcoil Tyranids vs Daemons and Death Guard 9th Edition Battle Report (Text & Images only)

Tyranids vs Daemons and Death Guard 9th Edition Battle Report (Text & Images only)
Welcome internet to another Tyranids battle report. I want to thank everyone for all of the positive feedback you have given me on my previous efforts. I hope everyone continues to find these both entertaining and informative. I have been asked for a battle report that is not against an imperial army. Now probably 80%+ of my games are against some form of imperium right now, but there is a daemons and harlequin player still in the group (we used to also have some tau but all those players have moved on to other armies). Also with daemons doing well at tournaments recently one of our blood angles players has recently bought a slaanesh daemon army, so I may soon have that as a new matchup in my meta. This game was my most recent game against the forces of chaos.

My opponent for this match started 9th running almost pure death guard but over time has moved more and more into daemons and less and less into DG. This current version of his list is what he is finding to do the best right now against our specific marine heavy meta, but he is always tweaking the list. He has told me that he finds my Tyranid list to be a tougher matchup than most of the marines right now for how his list works. This game was our fourth where we were both running similar versions of these lists, and I had managed to win the previous three. Would today be any different?

Tyranids vs Daemons and Death Guard 9th Edition

Daemons + Death Guard, 2000 pts, 3 CP:
BATTALION - Nurgle Daemons
Horticulus Slimux
Poxbringer, Miasma
Poxbringer, Virulent Blessing
3x Nurglings
4x Nurglings
4x Nurglings
5x Beasts of Nurgle
5x Beasts of Nurgle
5x Furies, mark of Nurgle
5x Furies, mark of Nurgle

PATROL - Chaos Undivided Daemons
Lord Of Change, Warlord, Impossible Robe, Incorporeal Form, Exalted Lord of Change, Aura of Mutability, Infernal Gateway, Gaze of Fate, Flickering Flames
3x Nurglings
6x Flamers

SPEARHEAD - Death Guard
Chaos Lord, bolt pistol, chainsword, plaguechosen, Arch Contaminator, Fugaris Helm
Plagueburst Crawler, plaguespitters, heavy slugger
Plagueburst Crawler, plaguespitters, heavy slugger
Plagueburst Crawler, plaguespitters, heavy slugger

Tyranids, 2000 pts, 9CP:
BATTALION - leviathan
Broodlord - resonance barb, catalyst
Neurothrope - psychic scream, warlord
10x hormagaunt, adrenal glands
10x hormagaunt, adrenal glands
3x Rippers
6x Warriors, deathspitters, lash whip and bone sword x4, rending claw x2, adaptive - enhanced resistance, adrenal glands
5x Zoanthropes - onslaught
5x Zoanthropes - horror
PATROL - kronos
Neurothrope - symbiostorm
3x Rippers
6x Hive guard
Exocrine, adaptive - dermic symbiosis

Between the three crawlers, the dude on the snail and the ten beasts of Nurgle I really don't know if I pack enough offense to ever chew through this army. It is a brick that can also hit harder than you think. He is also not really that slow, being very comfortable to advance his whole army, the beasts naturally have heroic intervention, and the big bird and furies gives him some needed speed. The three mortar tanks also help him dig something out from an objective hiding out of line of sight.

And what can I say? I don't have the infiltrate deployment, but I have a lot of deepstrike and a lot more speed than my opponent. But is superior speed going to be enough to win this day against so much beef?

We rolled up Sweep and Clear, which is mission 32 from the GT Mission Pack. My opponent took the mission specific objective Direct Assault, Domination and While We Stand We Fight. His three targets were the big Lord of Change and two of his crawlers. I took Linebreaker, Deploy Scramblers and While We Stand We Fight because that is how my list is designed to work against armies with few guns. It is specifically matchups like this which is why I think you always want to at least have the option to realistically take wwswf in any competitive list you build. For me my three models were my Broodlord and both Exocrines.

He started by spending 1 cp to put his unit of flamers into deepstrike. I spent 1 cp to put one exocrine in deepstrike just to be able to get creative with my lines of fire. Then I also put 1 ripper swarm, both lictors and the mawloc in deep strike.

Battle Grid
The battlefield had a good amount of terrain. There were 6 large obscuring ruins with the first floor walls also all solid, 6 forests of various sizes, and a few small containers.

Not much of interest happened in deployment. Because we have played several times before he committed a lot to defending his back objective, putting one of his wwswf crawlers and 4 nurgling bases to physically block off his back objective and there was no place a mawloc could come up touching the objective and within 2". Still, it's a tempo win to get an opponent to commit so much to one objective just because of one of the units in your list. The two blobs of beasts and the slug stood poised to rush out to objectives, and the last two crawlers screened several characters preparing to rush south. He had two nurgling units hidden out of line of sight in ruins out of his deployment zone. Neither of the forward groups of nurglings were on objectives, but they were placed so they could easily move onto objectives.

I knew his list didn't have many guns and that this was going to be a rush for the middle. I want to get close to him as fast as possible to hurt his psychic phase by having my zoans right in his face to deny and maybe get shadows of the warp, and I know that because he has so little firepower the game is likely to quickly degenerate into a mosh pit on the objectives. So I really crowded the edge of my deployment zone much more aggressively than I would normally do. I had my one tougher exo on the board, and it had good fire lanes north and east, with a field of fire that covered two of the objectives in no man's land. Because of how the walls were on the central large ruin in my deployment zone, even if my Exocrine touched it I couldn't physically see through the structure.

We rolled off, I won, and I took the first turn.

Tyranids Turn 1: (0-0) And we are off. I metabolic overdrove my right unit of horms to go sit right in front of his crawlers to jam him into his deployment zone, and one of the gribblies died under the effort. Adrenal glands and a good advance roll helped me to move my warriors up behind an armored container and just out of reach of the lower right objective (I don't hold it). My other unit of hormagaunts easily bound up to take the top right objective. My broodlord, warlord and one unit of zoans all advance up towards the middle objective. One unit of zoans stays still and deploys scramblers.

Not much of a psychic phase to speak of with most of my psychers in deny range. After all the dice were rolled I managed to put symbiostorm on the hive guard, catalyst on the forward unit of zoans and I put two mortal wounds on Slimux. I spent the cp to double shoot the hive guard who easily cleared the units of nurglings in the corners. The exocrine didn't have line of sight to anything so didn't shoot. The horms that lost a guy to overdrive were within range of the warriors and auto passed morale. I scored no points and had deployed one scrambler.

Tyranids End of Turn 1
Daemons Turn 1: (0-0) At the start of the turn Slimux heals himself back up to 8 wounds left. The top unit of beasts gets a poor advance roll. He CP rerolls the advance into a 1. With the forest slowing them down the beasts only manage to move 5" towards the top left objective. The beasts in the middle and slimux move towards the central objective. The furies both move forwards, and my opponent measures to be sure both units are out of range of the hive guard. The Lord of Change advances but does manage to get onto the bottom right objective. The crawlers are jammed up by my horms and can't move.

We both are shutting down each other's psychic phases. He attempts virulent blessing from his poxbringer on the central unit of beasts, so I use the kronos strat to make him roll it on one die (-1 for shadows of the warp) and that fails. He does get miasma off on the central unit of beasts. The lord of change gets gaze of fate off but I deny his smite. For his shooting phase the crawlers put their flamers and heavy sluggers into the hormagaunts killing them. He also puts all three mortars into the hive guard as that is my only s8 shooting, and he kills 2 of them.

Finally the charge phase. Slimux fails his charge but the beasts make it in. I now have 6 models on the objective and he has 5. If the beasts can kill 1 zoan he takes it from me. If they can kill 2 he will hold the objective. He rolls up 19 attacks, hitting on 3s, then rerolling 3s to wound because the poxbringer makes him s5 vs my toughness of 4. In the end after rerolls (I spend a cp to reroll a failed invuln) I only fail a single 3++ invuln, and then I make my catalyst saves and take no wounds. I still outnumber him 6 to 5 models. He does not score domination or direct assault as a result.

Daemons End of Turn 1
Tyranids Turn 2: (15-0) At the start of the turn I hold 3, hold more for 15 primary points. I metabolic overdrive my free unit of zoans to form a wall 4" in front of the top unit of beasts so they can't heroically intervene but to keep them from charging my hormagaunts. I advance my rippers that were in the large ruin up into the corner to get obsec onto the central objective as I don't expect my zoans to last for long in this combat. My warriors moved around the lord of change to get on the objective, and my warlord advanced out of the ruin to be able to lend psychic support against the lord of change. Then my lictor and a unit of rippers came in the back of his zone so I could deploy my second scrambler and get linebreaker. Finally my mawloc came up in front of the two plagueburst crawlers to continue my roadblock of his tanks.

On to the psychic phase. His lord of change denied my catalyst and a smite. Otherwise I managed to get all of my spells off. I put two more mortal wounds into Slimux, who is now down to 7. I managed to kill off a single beast of nurgle with smites. And then I psychic screamed the lord of change, doing 2 mortal wounds (14 left). Sadly I was unable to roll over the greater daemon's leadership so I wasn't able to strip a spell from him. Finally I got symbiostorm off on my wounded unit of hive guard.

For the shooting phase my warriors put their deathspitters into the furies, killing 3. Then my hive guard were able to draw lines to the lord of change without going through the trees, but my exocrine was not and so was -1 to hit. Because I was only hitting on 4s and wounding on 4s I decided not to use pathogenic slime and instead saved the cp. The exocrine in the end managed 4 wounds on the big bird, but he made a 6+++ fnp and healed one so it was only two wounds total (12 left). Then I decided to shoot twice with the hive guard while they were still alive. In the end I put 8 wounds on the big bird, and he rolled another 6 on his feel no pains, taking 6 wounds in total (6 left).

The staff of Tzeentch is only ap -2, and my warriors ignore ap 2, so I charged the lord of change with the warriors as I didn't want him moving around and casting, and I was pretty confident the warriors could tank the daemon. In the end I did another two wounds to the bird (4 left) with my boneswords and he killed a warrior in return. Then his furies failed morale but only 1 more ran. I have now deployed two scrambelers and got 4 vp for linebreaker.

Tyranids End of Turn 2
Daemons Turn 2: (19-5) At the start of his turn he held 1 for 5 primary vp. My opponent is not too happy that I have clogged up his tanks for another turn, and turns one of them sideways to stop my advance but actually advances the other one through the forest around me to try and get closer to the bottom right objective. The trees slowing him down helps me here. He tries to advance his nurglings in the central ruin to get on the objective to contest my ripper obsec, and is forced to use a precious cp to reroll to get enough movement to get on the middle objective. The furies all advance. His characters and nurglings form a tight ring about his home objective now that I have obsec sitting in the back corner so that there is no path for me to sneak on that objective. He leaves the lord of change in combat as it can't do anything if it falls back, and he says there is no where else it needs to be. Then his flamers come in from deep strike in a forest so that if I shoot at him I'll have to take the -1 to hit.

I manage to deny every spell this time, but all of his units are within 18" for shadows of the warp except for his rear poxbringer with miasma, and I use the kronos strat to make him cast that spell on 1d6 so it doesn't go off as my lictor in the corner is kronos. Only two of his crawlers can shoot mortars as one of them advanced, but those two mortars roll hot and manage to kill two more hive guard. The flamers from the crawlers manage to put 5 wounds on my mawloc. He uses a cp on the mortal wound strat on the flamers and they are easily able to toast my gribblies on the top left objective.

Then combat. Slimux and the beasts in the woods charge my screen of zoans, and manage to kill 3 of them. The fighting continues in the middle, and with 4 beasts left alive he manages to drag down two more of my zoanthropes. Now my smite power is reduced on both units and I have lost two casts a turn. The fight with the lord of change continues. He drags down another warrior but I put 3 wounds on the big bird leaving him with 1 wound left. At the end of his turn we both have obsec in the middle and he outnumbers me in total models, so he gets 3 points for direct assault. I still hold more so he gets nothing for domination.

Daemons End of Turn 2
Tyranids Turn 3: (34-8) Because of the "objective cleared" rule for this mission I still count as holding the objective where my hormagaunts just died, so at the start of the turn I hold 3, hold more for 15 primary points. I'm running out of troops and not a lot of options. The beasts are getting dangerously close to my broodlord and I took wwswf, so I back off to a corner of the building with the broodlord. My lictor and rippers in the top right corner move up into the ruin out of line of sight. I make sure to get within the 12" of the back crawler's mortar so that he will have to back off the objective if he wants to shoot me. Then my last lictor comes in the bottom right corner and deploys my last scrambler and my exocrine comes in along the right side in his deployment zone just 9" away from one of his plagueburst crawlers.

Drama in my psychic phase. My warlord smites his lord of change with one wound left. He denies me. Then I psychic scream the lord of change and get perils, double six. The psychic scream goes off and kills the lord of change but I take 3 wounds so just two wounds left. Then my zoans and broodlord all attempt smites, one gets denied by the poxbringer and one goes off doing 1 mortal to a beast. My broodlord gets catalyst off on the two man zoanthrope unit holding him up in the middle. I also get symbiostorm off on the hive guard.

My hive guard are down to two models and it is not worth shooting them twice I think unless it is desperate. I shoot them once at the three bases of nurglings on the objective in the middle and kill two bases. Uh oh. I will now not hold the middle at the start of the turn as he still outnumbers me and there is obsec alive. The warriors find themselves out of combat due to the psychic phase, but no good targets they can see so they waste some fire into a crawler. My exocrine in my deployment can really only shoot at the flamers, but is shooting through woods. It makes a big difference (I roll 4 3's to hit! all misses due to woods) and I only manage to kill three of the flamers due to the forest. I spend 1 cp on my newly arrived exocrine so it counts as sitting still. It can just barely see a base of nurglings, and they are not the closest so I only hit on 4s. In the end I end up killing two bases of nurglings with exocrine shooting.

So the moment of choice. I have only 2 cp left. I can double fire with the last two hive guard, but that will run me out of cp, and it is only 4 shots. I decide to spend it and just manage to kill the last base of nurglings in the middle, giving me the middle objective back. Then my mawloc charges both plagueburst crawlers it can (he overwatches and does another wound to me, not worth it we agree) and my warriors charge the fury hiding out of line of sight in the ruin. In combat the warriors kill the fury, the mawloc and crawlers do nothing to each other. The 5 man beast squad finishes off my two zoans. The middle unit of 4 beasts manages to get 3 wounds past my invulns (6 wounds total), but I make two catalyst saves in the first 4 wounds, so all 6 wounds end up going on just one zoan, who dies but I still have one zoan left alive in the middle on full wounds.

At the end of my turn I've deployed my last scrambler for another 10 vp and I have 3 units in his dz to get another 4 for linebreaker.

Tyranids End of Turn 3
Daemons Turn 3: (48-13) Because I killed his nurglings in the middle my rippers hold that point, so at the start of his turn he still only holds 1 for 5 primary vp. His furies move to the top left objective and claim it. His flamers bound over to my home objective and his top unit of beasts and slimux all advance through the woods towards the middle of the board. His plagueburst crawler on his objective moves back so it can mortar my rippers in the building, and his poxbringer and chaos lord push forward into the building. He leaves his plagueburst crawlers in combat.

Psychic phase I am now out of cp, and so he gets miasma off on his two man nurgling squad on his home objective. His poxbringer in the middle is denied on his virulent blessing due to shadows in the warp. Then in his shooting phase he spends 1 cp again to give his flamers mortal wounds, and they flame my kronos neurothrope and thanks to the mortal wounds they kill it. My guns will no longer ever be in synapse. Then his crawler that moved killed one ripper base and put two wounds on another with mortars. His crawlers in combat flame the mawloc and bring it down to 2 wounds.

In his charge phase his flamers charge my Hive Guard, but he strings them out so that two flamers are still on my objective. His death guard lord charges the two ripper bases, and his poxbringer charges my exocrine. In combat the flamers fail to kill a hive guard but I only do 1 wound back. The lord powers up and manages to finish off the last four wounds of rippers, knocking out my obsec in his corner. The poxbringer and exocrine do nothing to each other. Then in the middle. With the space on the board he is only able to get two beasts into contact with the rippers. So two beasts tear down my last zoanthrope. Then his two beasts on my rippers, in the end he gets 5 wounds through, and it takes 2, 2 damage attacks to kill a base and so I am left with 1 ripper with 1 wound left. I auto pass morale because I'm in synapse, so by a single wound my obsec holds the middle! What a champion gribblie!

At the end of his turn he does hold 3, the top left objective, my home objective and his home objective, so he gets 3 vp for domination. I hold the middle with my ripper so he scores nothing again on direct assault.

Daemons End of Turn 3
Tyranids Turn 4: (58-16) At the start of my turn I hold 2 but do not hold more so I get 10 primary vp up to 40 primary vp. Overall a pretty quick turn. My broodlord advances back to my own zone to charge the flamers if my shooting failed. My hive guard fell out of combat. My lictor in the bottom right moves up to the edge of the building and my lictor in the top moving advances back into the corner. My mawloc and exocrine in the the top right corner stay in combat. Then my warriors move back towards the middle and my warlord moves up into a central ruin.

Psychic phase my broodlord fails to get off catalyst but smites down one flamer. My warlord is in the ruin and out of line of sight of everything so has nothing to cast. And those are the only casters I have left alive. My shooting phase is more eventful. My Exocrine on my home objective finishes off the flamers. My Exocrine in combat with the poxbringer kills it. My warriors really don't have any targets so put a few pot shots into the full unit of beasts that aren't in combat and do 2 wounds.

In my charge phase my warlord charges from out of line of sight into his back crawler, so now I have all three of them engaged. My warriors attempt a long charge into the beasts as I know that my rippers are dead and I don't want him holding the middle objective at the start of his turn, and my warriors are obsec. I roll and fail by one inch. While debating whether I want to spend my last cp to reroll, I remember that my warriors have adrenal glands and get +1 to charge, so actually make it in. They fail to kill a beast and lose two in return along with the central rippers, but I end the turn yet again with obsec in range of the middle objective. My mawloc engaged with two crawlers does no damage but takes no damage.

I end with 3 units in his dz so I get 4 more vp for linebreaker.

Tyranids End of Turn 4
Daemons Turn 4: (62-26) At the start of his turn he holds 2 for 10 more primary vp. He moves the furies south and advances slimux and the unengaged beasts down to engage me. Everything else stays in combat. He attempts to cast virulent blessing on his beasts and for a change manages to get it off and I don't deny it.

In his shooting phase he declares his flamers into units in hth and then his mortars elsewhere in case he kills me. This works out for him twice. His crawler on his home objective flames down the last two wounds on my warlord and then mortars finish off my lictor in the top corner. One of his crawlers manages to finally flame down my mawloc and then puts the remaining mortar into the exocrine in his deployment zone, doing 3 wounds total.

His furies attempt but fail a charge on my broodlord. Then in combat with a mortal wound buff his 4 beasts kill my last two warriors. He ends the turn holding 3 to my 2 so he gets 3 vp for domination and he now holds the middle so he gets another 3 vp for direct assault.

Daemons End of Turn 4
Tyranids Turn 5: (67-32) I start the turn holding 2 due to the way this mission works (I'm technically still holding the objective in the bottom right) but can only score 5 more vp to max my primary so don't earn the full 10. I move the broodlord back into the building to try and stay alive for wwswf. I metabolic overdrive my remaining lictor into his dz to finish off my last 3 points for linebreaker. Then I shoot and kill the furies and the chaos lord in the building, spending 1 cp to count my right exocrine as standing still. I am again out of cp.

Tyranids End of Turn 5
Daemons Turn 5: (70-47) He starts the turn holding 3, holding more for the full 15 vp. The only points he has left he can score are to kill the exocrines and be sure he holds the middle. Slimux makes a charge into the exocrine in my zone but fails to kill it. With the arch-contaminator lord gone the crawlers are not rerolling 1s to hit and are only rerolling 1s to wound on their plague weapons, and only manage to put six more wounds on my exocrine in his zone, leaving it with 3 wounds left. He scores 3 at the end of his turn for domination for holding more and another 3 for direct assault for holding the middle.

Then I score another 15 for WWSWF and he scores 10 for WWSWF. So the raw score is 85-63.

Daemons End of Turn 5
And with that the game was over. Adding in paint the final score was Tyranids 95 and Daemons 73. Another tough fight, his list can certainly do more damage than it looks like. It is always a little sour when you won the roll off, took first turn and then won. I am forced to wonder how the game would have gone if only he had been able to move out of his zone a turn sooner with how the board looked at the end.

Still, overall I was very happy that I stayed disciplined and stayed focused on the score rather than getting dragged into a killing contest against Nurgle. My opponent had tried to bait me early with some friendly banter "So, this is the fourth game I've brought the beasts. You've never even managed to kill a unit of them yet, huh?". No buddy, I never have. And I STILL have never killed a unit of those things. But I went in knowing I needed a game plan to score points, and then I spent the whole game scoring points. And at least I wasn't tabled.

Let me know what you think and good luck in your future games. For the Hive Mind!

P.S. - Pictures. I have had quite a few requests for pictures of the battles. This may come, but there are several hurdles. I play a lot of games right now. This gives me the advantage when I'm going to sit down and write about a game to go through my old score sheets and pick a game that was interesting. The writing is done after the fact and I don't take pictures during any of my games. Sadly a lot of the games I play are blow-outs that would not make for a good report.
The problem with taking pictures is that I either need to take the time to slow down the game with my opponent to take the pictures (some would be cool with this, some would not, which immediately limits which games I can choose to write about). Also, I don't know ahead of time if the game will be a good one or not. So then I might impose on my opponent to take pictures to write up a report, and then have the game be a dud that wouldn't be worth writing about or reading.
I might just take pictures of my own army at home if I figure out some good lighting. I don't know. I have heard that people want this feature, and I'm trying to accomadate the request while still being respectful of my opponent's time and wishes. More to come on this, but I cannot offer this feature yet.

Links to my previous battle report and article, if so inclined.
Initial 9th Edition and Tyranids Analysis:
Tyranids vs Custodes:
Tyranids vs Iron Hands:
Tyranids vs Knights and Admech:
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2020.09.30 18:48 MidnightOwl86 Covid Connection?

Hey ladies 😊 Just wondering if there are any others out there like me, looking to connect and have some awesome convos? A little about me, I’m a 34 recently single lesbian with 2 adopted kittens (a brother and sister) that just turned 6 months old. I love sports, movies, have a wicked sense of humor and just enjoy living life. That’s all I’ll give away for now. Feel free to message me if you’d like to chat, and hope you have a great hump day 😊😊
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2020.09.30 18:07 mccanntech Wi-Fi 101: Origins and History

Wi-Fi as we know it today is a series of standards, voted on by a worldwide engineering body, the IEEE. The IEEE is an open membership organization with more than 423,000 engineers in 160 countries. It took years of work and dozens of proposals to form the original Wi-Fi standard in 1997. It took even more effort over the last 23 years to get to where we are now.
The story of the invention of Wi-Fi depends on who you ask. There is a complicated history leading up to that original 1997 standard, and the truth is hard to decipher. I'm not capable of litigating who invented what, but there are some key players to know about. Where possible, I will point out the people and the organizations behind the technology.

Wired and Wireless Precursors: Say ALOHA to Wireless Networking

In 1968, researchers at the University of Hawaii began to investigate if radio waves could be used for communication between computers. The project was led by professor Norman Abramson, Dr. Franklin Kuo, and a team of faculty and students. It would go on to become known as ALOHAnet.
During this time, wired computer networking was in its infancy, and evolving rapidly. Packet switching was conceived of by Paul Baran in 1964, and first demonstrated by Donald Davies in August 1968. In October 1969, the first ARPANET link was established between UCLA and the Stanford. By June 1971, ALOHAnet was the world's first wireless packet switched data network.(1)
During the development of ALOHAnet, Abramson and his team had to solve many foundational issues with wireless networking, including collisions and failed transmissions. They decided that a random access protocol would be the best way to accomplish this. The ALOHA protocol allowed terminals to send data whenever they had it, and listen to their transmissions to make sure they were received, and acknowledged. If a transmission failed, terminals would resend after a random delay. This was simple and effective, but had problems scaling up to more users. The ALOHA protocol was improved and expanded, and was the inspiration for CSMA/CA.
ALOHAnet was a pioneering technological marvel, but it was experimental and not fit for commercial use. Most critically, unlicensed spectrum for computer communications was not available to the public yet. Since the University of Hawaii didn't have a way to sell the technology, it was put into the public domain. ALOHAnet was decommissioned in 1976, but it inspired others to continue what it started. Most notably, Robert "Bob" Metcalfe studied it for his PhD dissertation.
Through the 1970s, many wired local area network technologies were developed. Some were proprietary, and some were open standards. Most of this early work has gone on to become ANSI or IEEE standards, and formed the basis of the computer communication and the Internet. A standards-based approach wasn't destiny, and we all benefit from the pioneers who pushed for standards over proprietary solutions. All of this groundbreaking work on wired standards helped lay the foundation for wireless.

Key Dates In Wired Networking History

The Wright Brothers of Wi-Fi

By 1985, all the pieces were in place for the development of a universal wireless networking standard. These were the Wild West days of wireless networking. Dozens of companies were competing to be the first to produce a successful product. Many companies came and went, so I'm only going to focus on the biggest and most important ones.

NCR and WaveLAN

In the 1980s, NCR Corporation was a big international company selling computers, ATMs, and cash registers. They wanted to develop a way to have their cash registers work wirelessly. This would give them a competitive advantage, and allow retail stores to avoid the costs and logistics of running cabling to every register. At the same time, cash registers were becoming more computer-like, so NCR sought to develop an International wireless standard that any computer could use. Two of the key engineers assigned to this project were Cees Links and Vic Hayes. Through 1986 and 1987, Vic and the other engineers at NCR developed a product which became known as WaveLAN.
NCR introduced WaveLAN to the world in 1990.(2) While WaveLAN was intended for use in cash registers, it was also positioned as a wireless alternative to Ethernet and Token Ring for PCs. In the 1990s, wireless products were expensive, and hard to use. The early drivers were buggy, and documentation was hard to find. WaveLAN network adapters cost hundreds of dollars, and access points could cost thousands. The high cost and limited usability kept WaveLAN as a niche product, mainly found in the big businesses that could afford them.
WaveLAN operated at 900MHz or 2.4 GHz, and offered speeds of 1 to 2 Mbps. It competed with Aironet's ARLAN and others which offered similar speeds, frequency ranges and hardware. Several companies also marketed wireless bridges and routers based on WaveLAN technology. Wireless networking products became a mess of competing companies and different implementations. The need for an International standard was clear.
NCR wanted to have Vic Hayes make the technical proposals to the IEEE on the companies behalf. Vic disagreed, and fought to stay independent and not do any of the proposals on behalf of NCR. The company agreed, and this actually worked to their benefit. Since Vic wasn't pushing NCR's proprietary solution, he gained the trust of others. Vic ended up becoming the first chairman of the IEEE 802.11 working group, giving him the nickname “Father of Wi-Fi"

IEEE and the 802.11 working group

In 1988, Vic Hayes approached the IEEE to contribute to the 802.4L, an existing committee creating a wireless standard based on Token Ring. As it turned out, that committee had become inactive, and the chairman had quit. This let to Vic becoming the chairman of 802.4L, and the forming of a new working group, 802.11. Ethernet and WaveLAN technology formed part of the technical base of the 802.11 committee, which was officially started in 1990.
WaveLAN and the knowledge of Vic Hayes' group at NCR helped form the basis, but countless others contributed as well. Many other companies submitted proposals for various aspects of the standard, and the group compromised and voted on the best ideas along the way. Most of their documents are still publicly available. The 802.11 group continued to work throughout the 1990s to develop the standard, which was a long and complicated process. It took 7 years and input from countless engineers to form the first Wi-Fi standard, known as 802.11-1997.
The first Wi-Fi standard was in some ways a messy compromise. It allowed for transmissions over Infrared or 2.4 GHz radio waves. It also allowed for two different frequency selection methods, which prevented guaranteed compatibility. In the end, both Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) and Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) were added to the standard. The group allowed these options as a way to please the entities involved in the creation, but it made the standard weak.
802.11-1997 never gained much traction. Despite that, the group got to work on its next set of standards, 802.11a and 802.11b, which were developed in parallel. The main difference between them was the frequencies and the modulation schemes they used.
802.11b hit the market first. Despite the slower speeds, people preferred the availability, lower cost, and longer range of the 2.4 GHz equipment. The success of 802.11b snowballed into the development of 802.11g, and made 2.4 GHz the defacto International wireless spectrum range for years to come.
In the late 1990s, Wi-Fi's success wasn't guaranteed. Early Wi-Fi devices were expensive, slow, and often incompatible with other devices. According to Vic Hayes, he approached many computers makers to persuade them to add Wi-Fi to their computers, but most of them said no. Steve Jobs and Apple wanted to add Wi-Fi to an upcoming laptop, but they wanted it to cost $100, not $500. They argued that the lower cost would make it more marketable to consumers.
Apple eventually got the $100 Wi-Fi card they wanted. The iBook and AirPort launched on July 21, 1999, a few months before the 802.11a and 802.11b standard were finalized. It was the first mainstream computer designed and sold with integrated wireless networking.

OFDM, CSIRO, and Dr. John O'Sullivan

This is where our story get murky. CSIRO is the Australian federal agency with a long history of scientific research. They have developed many advanced technologies, such as atomic absorption spectroscopy. According to CSIRO, Wi-Fi is an Australian invention. The truth isn't that simple, and it isn't that clear.
CSIRO's key insight came out of their work in radioastronomy. In 1977, CSIRO researcher Dr. John O'sullivan was searching for small exploding black holes. He wrote a paper about how fast Fourier transformations could be used to sharpen images from optical telescopes. As the waves traveled towards the telescope they became scrambled, and CSIRO developed a custom processor to use fast Fourier transformations to unscramble the image. While this technique didn't help him discover the black holes he was looking for, it helped to solve a different problem.
Starting in 1990, John O'Sullivan led a team of CSIRO scientists to develop a high-speed wireless network. Their goal was 100 Mbps, to compete with the best wired networks of the time. This caused them to look past the techniques used by ALOHAnet and WaveLAN, because they wouldn't be fast enough. One technical challenge they faced was how radio waves tend to bounce off surfaces indoors, causing an echo that distorts the signal. Using fast Fourier transformations, they found a way to transmit a signal while reducing that echo. Rather than using one fast wireless channel, they used lots of slower channels. This is known as multicarrier modulation.
Single-carrier modulation systems exploit only one signal frequency to transmit data. Multi-carrier modulation systems divide the whole frequency channel into subcarriers, and the data stream is divided into many low-rate streams transmitted in parallel. Single-carrier modulation has advantages, but multi-carrier modulation is better suited for high-bandwidth, short-range communication like Wi-Fi. In modern Wi-Fi standards, we use multi-carrier modulation in the form of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, or OFDM.
According to their lawyer in a 2009 patent dispute, CSIRO did not invent Wi-Fi, but it did invent the best way of doing it. CSIRO scientists tested hundreds of techniques until it found a unique combination that worked at high speeds. That combination involved multi-carrier modulation, forward error-correcting, and frequency interleaving to send multiple copies of the data. This specific combination of techniques is the secret sauce the CSIRO applied for a patent for in 1992, and was granted in 1996.
CSIRO didn't invent the underlying techniques, since they were already known. Frequency division multiplexing dates back to the late 1870s, when telegraph companies were trying to increase their capacity. Multi-carrier modulation was described in the 1950s. OFDM is attributed to Bell Labs employee Robert W. Chang back in 1966. Interleaving also dates back to the 1960s. Forward error correction was used when NASA sent the Mariner mission to Mars in 1968.
CSIRO also wasn't the first to combine these techniques and apply them to computer communication. Harris Semiconductor sold modems to the US military using these techniques in the 1980s. Critically, the Harris modem was never patented since interleaving, modulation, and coding had been around for decades by the time Harris came along. According to testimony, Intel official Stephen Saltzman said that outside CSIRO, engineers didn't take the idea of a Wi-Fi patent using these techniques seriously. Experts at Intel had already shipped products based on OFDM with previous employers, and thought that a new patent with OFDM didn't seem credible. Regardless of the merits and the origin of the ideas, US patent #5,487,069 was granted in 1996.
During the development of the 802.11a standard, CSIRO made the IEEE aware of its patent and offered to license it. Beyond that offer, CSIRO never got involved in the creation of the 802.11 standards. Dozens of companies made proposals to the various 802.11 committees, offering to submit their ideas or license their patents. CSIRO never submitted a proposal for the original 1997 standard, or any of the revisions. Despite their lack of involvement in the process and lack of licensing agreement, 802.11a, 802.11g, and later IEEE standards would go on to use OFDM and multi-carrier modulation.
Years later, CSIRO used this as the basis for lawsuits against major networking and technology companies. CSIRO won settlements worth $205 million in 2009, and another $229 million in 2012. If you want more detail on the CSIRO patent fight, Joe Mullin wrote a good piece for ArsTechnica back in 2012. Mark Summerfield wrote a counter-point to Joe's article for Patentology, looking at what the CSIRO patent did and didn't cover.
The truth is a messy thing. In Wi-Fi's case, success truly did have many fathers.

802.11 Timeline


1 - ALOHAnet used 100 KHz channels, operating at 9600 baud on the 407 and 413 MHz UHF frequencies. It originally connected seven computers across four islands, which communicated wirelessly with a central computer in a star network topology.
2 - AT&T would go on to buy NCR in 1991, only to spin off the remnants of the division as NCR and Lucent by 1996.

Sources and Further Reading

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2020.09.30 17:35 JiveWookiee5 Is there a post somewhere that has listed all of the existing evidence on T-cell cross immunity/reactivity?

In honor of Tony Fauci saying "research refutes" T-cell cross immunity I am trying to find every single paper that either indirectly or directly supports the idea of pre-existing immunity or resistance to SARS-CoV-2. Will add to this post as I find them but feel free to add your own below.
Thanks in advance!
What I've got so far:
"T cells have been reported in unexposed individuals, suggesting cross-reactive T cell memory in 20-50% of people…T cell memory to coronaviruses that cause the common cold may underlie at least some of the heterogeneity observed in COVID-19 disease."

"Surprisingly, we observed a differential pattern of SARS-CoV-2 specific T cell immunodominance in individuals with no history of SARS, COVID-19 or contact with SARS/COVID-19 patients"

"Remarkably, we detected SARS-CoV-2-specific [T-cell] responses in 19 out of 37 SARS-CoV-1/2 unexposed individuals"

"We detected cross-reactive T cell responses [to] SARS-CoV-2 in 28% of unexposed healthy blood donors, consistent with a high pre-existing immunity in the general population…these data were from cryopreserved samples, so this figure might be considered a lower bound"

Indirect support of T-cell cross-immunity from kids exposing their parents to common cold coronaviruses: "The risk of hospitalisation with COVID-19 was lower in those with one child and lower still in those with two or more children"

"Importantly, we utilized the exact same series of experimental techniques with blood samples from healthy control donors (PBMCs collected in the 2015–2018 time frame), and substantial cross-reactive coronavirus T cell memory was observed."

"We demonstrate the presence of S-reactive CD4+ T cells in 83% of COVID-19 patients, as well as in 34% of SARS-CoV-2 seronegative healthy donors, albeit at lower frequencies."

T-cells in Sweden: “Moreover, roughly 30 per cent of the blood donors who’d given blood in May 2020 had COVID-19-specific T cells, a figure that’s much higher than previous antibody tests have shown.”

"These donors exhibited robust memory T cell responses months after infection, even in the absence of detectable circulating antibodies specific for SARS-CoV-2, that may contribute to protection against severe COVID-19."

Bonus on the limitations of only testing antibodies: "Antibody tests conducted six weeks after an outbreak...did not detect all previously PCR-positive tested individuals. Cautious evaluation of antibody testing strategies to assess immunity against the infection is warranted."

Double bonus on antibody surveys: "Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 can induce virus-specific T cell responses without seroconversion (detectable antibodies). T cell responses may be more sensitive indicators of SARS-Co-V-2 exposure than antibodies."
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2020.09.30 17:31 mmjjggss Found my biological parents through Ancestry, bio mother won’t speak to me. Need advice.

I haven’t posted on Reddit much so please bare with me. I’m sorry this is so long but I really need some help.
A year or so I (34/F) did ancestry DNA mainly to find out my heritage but also hoping I’d have some DNA matches. Right away I matched with someone categorized as either my aunt or grandmother. I sent her a message that went unanswered until 2 weeks ago.
After a couple of exchanges with my bio aunt I was texting with my biological father. So far is been a polite and cordial experience and he gave me my bio mother’s name.
After some searching I found her sister on Facebook and reached out. She knew who I was immediately including the name my bio mom gave me at birth (which I’ve always known). My bio aunt was so reassuring that I’ve always been loved and missed and that meeting/speaking to my bio mom would be a wonderful and happy experience. That was 2 weeks ago and I still haven’t heard from her.
Her family suffered a horrible loss this past year with the death of a family member she was very close with (I don’t feel comfortable sharing any other info) and I think the loss of this person and then me finding them has been hard to process for her
I want to give her time to process but it’s starting to take a toll on me as well. I’ve cried every single day, I’m distracted, I’ve missed appointments for myself and my kids, I’ve been snappy with my husband and to be honest I feel like the angry and confused teenager I was before lots of therapy.
I need some help and advice about what to do now. Do I send my aunt a message and just say I think this is turning out to be too painful for everyone and close this door?
Am I not being patient enough? I don’t want to cause her any more pain and I also don’t want to continue living with the way I’m feeling as well.
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