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Canon Primer: S & C Plastics

2020.06.28 17:32 ih8pkmn Canon Primer: S & C Plastics

While SCPs make up the bulk of content on the SCP wiki, it’s also supported by a massive bulwark of tales-- stories set in the SCP Foundation universe that deal with everything from death itself dying to a mother sacrificing herself to save her daughter from a mad god to researchers enacting family disclosure protocols in order to tell their kids the truth about their work. Tales that, to the annoyance of someone who has written over 100 of the danged things, nobody really seems to read unless they include Drs. Clef, Bright or Kondraki.
I’m aiming to change that, here. This post is a canon primer for a project that I’ve worked on for close to eight years now: S & C Plastics.

What is S & C Plastics?

S & C Plastics was born from the mind of Djoric/, an author known for, among other things, SCP-2845, SCP-2085, and the saga of Mary-Ann and Salah in the Et Tam Deum Petivi canon. In his own words, it’s meant to be more of a slice-of-life look at the Foundation, as opposed to a grand-scale conflict. The lives of researchers and how they interact with each other and the world at large, for the most part. I took the idea and ran with it.
The canon is set in the town of Sloth’s Pit, Wisconsin, and focuses on the lives of researchers at Site-87, publicly known as S & C Plastics. Sloth’s Pit is located in the northwestern part of the state, in Douglas County, west of Superior and east of Duluth, Minnesota. It is a Nexus-- an area full of anomalous phenomena that is nonetheless still inhabited by people who are used to it, and are therefore exempted from the Foundation’s policy of ‘amnesticize everyone and get them out of there.’
Sloth’s Pit is named for Jackson Sloth, its founder-- or more precisely, for his fate. On Christmas Day 1890, his manor was pulled into a perfectly circular sinkhole, exactly 100 feet in diameter, and said to be bottomless. With him in the house was his wife Imogen and son Jasper-- his daughter, Caroline, was in the hospital for reasons lost to history. Since this time, Sloth’s Pit has been affected by anomalies that conform to three broad concepts.
The first is the concept of Narrative Causality. Jackson Sloth was somewhat of a budding author, and the Pit its believed to be a Narrative Singularity of sorts-- some will call it a ‘plot hole’, but they will be immediately discouraged by a sharp bonk to the head by their partner. As a result of this, events in the town will play out in a manner strongly conforming to some form of storyline-- several people have found a way to exploit this for personal gain.
As a result of Narrative Causality, beings known as Local Legends have emerged. Taking the form of urban legends from around Sloth’s Pit, they’re immortal beings whose form is fluid and changes with the most recent or most popular retelling of their source myth. The Goatman, for instance, is often portrayed as an axe-wielding anthropomorphic goat who torments teenagers in a manner akin to a slasher villain, but has taken on more demonic forms when a local Satanist convention comes into the approximate area. In one case, they’ve taken the form of a Union veteran from the American Civil War, after the Used-To-Be-About-History Channel aired a ‘documentary’ about the Demons of Gettysburg.
The second major concept is something I like to call Weirdness Magnetism. Essentially, minor anomalous phenomena just has a tendency to crop up at random around Sloth’s Pit, usually in the form of cyclical or recurring events-- for instance, gravity on Main Street reverses itself once a week, and people make a sport of trying to jump up the buildings on the opposite side of the street. Then there’s the darker events that occur-- few people forget the time that Ted Mason, owner of the thankfully defunct Vegan Buffet, tried to serve human meat as a Vegan dish. However, anomalous phenomena can be drawn in from the outside as well-- for instance, a being claiming to be the goddess Pele has recently set up the Volcanic Glacier Smoothie Co., making drinks with real strawberry-banana hybrids.
The final major concept can broadly be defined as Seasonal Oddities. This is mainly due to me writing tales in Sloth’s Pit set around Christmas and Halloween on an almost annual basis, but weird stuff happens around those holidays with startling frequency. Due to a massive amount of dangerous anomalies caused by this, American Independence Day is illegal to celebrate within city limits.
In addition, Sloth’s Pit has its own miniature Group of Interest in the form of The Union. The Union is an organization of anomalously skilled workers that refer to each other by their job titles, like The Stocker, the Electrician, or the Orchardist, rather than by name. They are stationed within the woods of Sloth's Pit at the Union House (which is more of a tower than a ‘house’), a building which reveals itself only to those who are looking for it. Much of their power stems from the Nexus itself which is harnessed within each employee's Charm-- a tool representing their position of employment. Headed by The Janitor, The Union's main purpose is to handle upkeep around the town, such as by stocking the shelves of an abandoned grocery store, fixing car problems, or keeping track of the local animal population. People slip up every now and again, but if you really screw up, you’re going to get fired-- so they’re hoping that HR never comes breathing down their necks.
The Foundation began running the city in 1977, through a combination of taking over the government and making all of the citizens E-Class personnel-- civilians who are somewhat in the know of the Foundation, insofar as ‘a research organization is monitoring the town’.
The overall tone of the canon is a fair bit lighter than some parts of the wiki-- Djoric specifically cited Gravity Falls, Twin Peaks and Hellboy as inspirations, so this is definitely an urban fantasy setting. At the same time, there’s a great deal of flexibility-- S & C Plastics has stories about everything from rampaging Christmas trees to a man’s first day on the job at a weird grocery store to someone realizing they’re losing a very old friend of theirs to Alzheimer’s.

Where To Start

Here are a few suggestions for what to read to ease yourself into the canon.
Multi-U 101: Introduces the Brothers Bailey.
Friday and Stratagem: The first two ‘Official’ S & C Plastics tales, written by Djoric.
Halloween at S & C Plastics: The first thing I ever wrote for this canon! About vandalism and Halloween.
Playing with Flames: Acts as the introduction to Dr. Katherine Sinclair and Montgomery Reynolds, a pair of fairly major players in the canon.
Local Legends: Introduces the eponymous concept in the form of the Goatman.
Satyr’s Reign: Introduces several major task force agents in the canon.
S & C Plastics Actually Does Their Job: S & C Plastics… making plastics.
Starlow Grocery: A tale about a Civilian in Sloth’s Pit trying to adapt to his new job. Serves as an introduction to the Union.


Site-87 has four above-ground floors and thirteen sub-levels. The Director has an auxiliary office above ground on the top level, while their office proper is on Sublevel 2 with the rest of administration. The remainder of the aboveground is used for storage, with the exception of a reception area.
There’s no real concrete location for most of the places in Site-87, with a few exceptions:
Ground Level: Reception and entrance. Greenhouses used by the department of botany are located in the back of the building.
Sublevel 1: Barracks and headquarters of Mobile Task Force Sigma-10, “The Sloth’s Arm”, a task force dedicated to the containment of anomalies in the Sloth’s Pit Nexus Zone. Also houses the main armory and firing range.
Sublevel 2: Administration. The Director's office, department of accounting, and offices for liaisons to various organizations are located here.
Sublevel 3: Residential areas. Site-87 is capable of housing one-thousand members of personnel at any given time, though several members of staff choose to live in the town itself and commute to work. In addition to living quarters, it also hosts a weight and cardio room, two different rec rooms, three auditoriums and a cafeteria.
Sublevel 5: Metaphysical studies. Theology, thaumatology, memetics, ontology and pataphysics are all headquartered here. Conceptual and thaumic containment cells are all contained on this level.
Sublevel 11: The Department of Multi-Universal Affairs.
Sublevel 12: Maintenance sector. Several redundant power generators, heat sinks, boilers, and a small-payload Penzance Device, capable of erasing local reality in a twelve-mile radius, are down here. The Penzance Device requires approval from the Site Director, Regional Command, and at least one member of the Council to activate, and will destroy the Nexus and everyone and everything within it when it detonates.
Sublevel 13: Due to superstition, Sublevel 13 does not exist.
Sublevel 14: Over 200 meters beneath the rest of the site, housing high-level containment cells.
With the exception of Level 14, all levels also have a break room, restrooms, an intercom booth, security station, emergency bunkers, and access to small arms available to personnel who have a weapons pass.

Local History

This is a rough timeline of events, leading up to the first canonical S&C Plastics tale in the ‘modern’ day.
1879: Aspiring lumber magnate Jackson Sloth founded a town he would call New Toronto, Wisconsin.
December 25th, 1890: Sloth’s Manor sinks into the ground, forming Sloth’s Pit.
1892: Following a massive spike in anomalous activity, the town is renamed Sloth’s Pit, and largely abandoned. A small number of people remain, and the community grows from them.
1895: The first sighting of the Goatman is reported. His original tale claims he kills couples who have children out of wedlock, before cutting open the mother’s womb and taking the child for himself, to either eat or raise.
1897: The first sighting of the Gallows Ghosts are reported-- specters that apparently climb up an invisible set of gallows, before being hung from them. Sloth’s Pit’s gallows have never been used, as far as public knowledge is concerned.
1903: The first sighting of Sinning Jessie, a Local Legend born from a series of advertisements promoting the virtue of abstinence, is reported. She’s depicted as a prostitute missing her left eye, and is known for eating a certain… male organ.
1918: Caroline Sloth, the last known member of Jackson Sloth’s line, dies from the Spanish Flu. She and over 400 others are buried in the largest mass grave in Wisconsin, which over time turns into the Grave Bog.
1921: Josef Macek, a native of Sloth’s Pit and veteran of the Great War, murders three women over the course of a week. As a result, he’s coined the King of Knives and after his death, is incarnated as a Local Legend.
1950s: A WWII veteran named Sebastian Balreich, his left hand replaced by a primitive ‘hook’ prosthesis, becomes the subject of fear and ridicule from local children after myths of the Hook-Handed Man begin to spread across the USA Sloth’s Pit does its thing, and Sebastian is reshaped into the Hook-Handed Man archetype, having to fake his own death in the 1960s as a result of his newfound immortality.
October 31st, 1969: The County Fair burns down, and several prominent members of the community disappear. The Legends term the period of time this takes place during as the Black Autumn, and agree to forget about it, because that’s easier to do when you’re a pataphysical construct.
July 1976: The Foundation learns of Sloth’s Pit from an unknown source-- specifically, they learn of an anomaly affecting a local summer camp, Camp Krakow. The camp is overrun by creatures formed from the nightmares of homesick children who attend it, but is protected by a guardian spirit known as Big Bear. The Foundation raids the camp in the middle of the night, flooding it with amnestic gas, and takes the Big Bear totem. The next day, the entire camp is found torn to shreds by nightmares creatures. The events here are depicted in the tale Last Days at Camp.
September 1976: Site-87 is formed in a small industrial building on the eastern end of town, to monitor the camp, as they think it’s the only anomaly in the area. They are quickly proven wrong, as Phillip Verhoten, a Foundation physicist from South Africa, finds several dozen minor anomalies within a single block of Main Street. This helps develop his theories on Nexuses as a whole.
Summer 1981: Parapharmacologist Nina Weiss is thrown down the Bottomless Pit by an unknown malefactor, only to crawl her way out. Director Gregory Westphalen is found dead a few days later, and posthumously is discovered to be a member of the Chaos Insurgency. Philip Page is appointed as director.
1982: Physicist Tyler Bailey and his research assistant Johnathan Everett King manage to do three impossible things in the course of a single year: firstly, they manage to create a stable portal to an alternate universe. Secondly, they manage to send matter through it and retrieve matter from it. Thirdly, they get help with this from counterparts in another universe who send them blueprints for a completed device to allow this, known today as the Multi-Universal Transit Array. Dr. King would later be known for his contributions to studies on string theory, free will as it applies to the multiverse theory, and being that guy with the apple seeds.
1983: Site-87 is made the testing ground for the Kinder Foundation Initiative, following a series of psychological breakdowns throughout the organization, due to its cruel treatment of humanoid anomalies and even colder treatment of staff who attempt to do something about it. Personnel are encouraged to socialize with each other, host events such as movie nights, and a proper rec room is installed with more than just a foosball table and a TV that picks up NBC once in a fortnight, as well as instituting mandatory counseling.
1990: Nina Weiss is appointed director of Site-87.
1997: Tyler Bailey dies of a brain aneurysm. He is survived by identical triplets-- Thomas, Tristan, and Trevor, all of whom go on to careers in the Foundation’s Department of Multi-universal Affairs.
December 25th, 2008: The Incident Happens. Exactly what the Incident was is unknown, but it involved several things, including:
* The disappearance of Site-87’s entire Paleontology department
* Dreams of candy-cane fingers
* Pieces of mistletoe being found in the air ducts for decades to come
* A very bad batch of eggnog
* The reassignment or disappearance of over a tenth of Site-87’s staff
* An acute phobia of the concept of Santa Claus that persisted in most staff until 2015.
2012: Phillip Verhoten publishes his first edition of The Crossroads: A Study of Urban Anomalous Nexuses in the United States, a nonfiction book that catalogs and analyzes all known Nexuses. Sloth’s Pit is the focus of Chapters 2 and 3. The tales Stratagem and Friday take place.

Characters Bios

Director Nina Weiss: As her title suggests, she is the director of Site-87. She’s first mentioned in Halloween at S&C Plastics, and first appears in Attack of the Keter Skeeters.
Nina Weiss had to literally claw her way up to where she is. She’s a parapharmacologist who got her start attempting to develop an antidote to an anomalous toxin she encountered on an expedition to the Amazon to find medicinal plants, and was recruited after she managed to save a quarter of her expedition. She was one of the first staff at Site-87.
In 1981, Director Westphalen attempted to have her assassinated for her work on something called RHNOBTL (pronounced “Rhinobeetle”)-- essentially, a super-strength serum that, when injected, would make your body burn thousands of calories an hour, before leaving you to collapse and die of starvation. She used a sample of this to climb out of a ledge on the bottomless pit that her would-be assassin threw her into, and was found by Foundation agents, whereupon she devoured every single hamburger at three different restaurants just to be able to walk again. Director Westphalen was found dead of starvation a few days later.
Since this time, Weiss has carried a pearl-handled revolver with her everywhere, and judging by the number of times members of personnel have seen her at the range, she knows how to use it.
She has a niece, Jane Weiss, that’s part of MTF Theta-90 (“Angle Grinders”), and may or may not be based on the character of Nina Sharp from Fringe.
Dr. Katheirne Sinclair and Montgomery Reynolds: The only two members of the Occult Studies division at Site-87, first appearing in Playing with Flames.
Dr. Sinclair was largely disrespected when she first joined the Foundation, due to entering the anomalous community as a member of the Serpent’s Hand. She quit the Hand after her cell, organized by her ex-boyfriend Ben ‘Burnout’ Carlisle, attempted to atomize her alma mater due to having a grudge on a single faculty member. As a thaumaturge/Type-Blue, she specializes in ritual invocations and enchantments, but lacks the focus for deeper studies of occult lore. Her hair is the same color as the magical fire she wields, and her skin is pale and freckled, reflecting her half-Irish descent. Her passion for the art of magic is only matched by her curiosity and need to experiment and find more.
Montgomery Reynolds was originally an alchemical consultant from the Global Occult Coalition’s Sunspotting program-- an initiative to identify and recruit individuals who may have Type-Blue abilities before they can become a liability. Reynolds possesses little talent himself, but was snatched up by the GOC at only fifteen after a recruiter found him having an argument with an owner of an occult bookstore in New York City over a forged copy of Ex Dorminus. He was given to the Foundation as part of a Personnel Exchange, and while Sinclair originally thought Reynolds was going to be a hyper-militant GOC-sucker, she was pleasantly surprised after coming into the lab one day and finding him making notes on several tomes she had been meaning to catalog for months. Rotund, dark-haired and tall, his physique might be intimidating, but it’s his mind you have to watch out for. He’s carried a flame for Dr. Sinclair since they first met.
Drs.Thomas, Trevor and Tristan Bailey: Three triplets, first appearing in Multi-U 101.
In the Foundation, family lineages are relatively common. The Brights have a dynasty going back at least a century, the Anboroughs are widespread and ambitious, and it’s speculated that Simon Glass’s daughter will follow in his footsteps after she gets her doctorate. Then we have the Baileys. Tyler Bailey was best known for inventing the Multi-Universal Transit Array. His three sons, Tristan, Tom, and Trevor, continued his legacy.
Until around 2013, Trevor Bailey was head of the Department of Multi-Universal Affairs, before he took drastic measures in containing an important Keter-class anomaly by shoving it into a pocket dimension, shutting the portal, and scrambling its coordinates so that it could never be found. He’s been stuck at a desk job since, acting as a diplomat and bean counter, which is a major waste of his talents-- he’s smart enough to redesign the entire M.U.T.A. to run on solar energy, if they gave him a chance. Stationed at Site-19, feels like he’s constantly put-upon by everyone and everything.
Tom “Bombadill” Bailey is an explorer. His boots are first in the ground in any newly-discovered universe, the stranger, the better. He’ll revel in the oddness of the infinite worlds, the new stars in every sky, the feeling of wind in his hair underneath two or three or five suns. He’s currently commissioner of Site-1483.
Tristan Bailey is probably one of the most influential physicists in the Foundation today. His work on SCP-2000 helped further the understanding of how the facility works. He’s mainly a diplomat, nowadays, due to the fact that he helped design a multi-universal translator. The only brother stationed at Site-87. He has a sharp mind and sharper wit, though he acts odd for his age-- whatever that may be. He's romantically involved with Claire Hennessy, the current head of the Department of Multi-Universal Affairs.
The triplets all have an odd quirk about them-- while they always look identical, barring facial hair or the odd suntan, their age is hard to define, and their date of birth might even be classified. Tom claims they were born in the 60’s, while Trevor swears it was the 1970s, and Tristan shrugs and says ‘I grew up watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, does that tell you anything?’. They look anywhere between 20 and 40 years old, due to their cells being scrambled as a side effect of constantly crossing universal barriers, a mechanism also observed in SCP-507.
Dr. Keith Partridge: A botanist, first appearing in The 12 Days of Site-87’s Christmas.
Dr. Partridge is a private person, often not getting along with a large part of SIte-87’s staff. What he has been willing to share is that he’s half-Romanian on his mother’s side, has a bachelor’s in horticulture and a botany doctorate, and was part of an expedition to contain a species of anomalous plant that he refers to as ‘triffids’ in Guatemala. What happened in Guatemala is largely classified, but during his time there, he became competent with skills ranging from plumbing and navigating with an improvised sextant to safe ways to eat raw meat and the use and maintenance of an AK-47. He’s haunted by his past, though tries not to show it too much. Has a tendency to get transfigured into plants.
Researcher Christopher Hastings: Research assistant to Dr. Partridge, first appearing in And I Feel Fine.
Christopher Hastings is that one weird guy. You know, the guy at work who seems nice enough, but you think is happier alone in his own little world. And largely, you’d be right. Hastings only joined the Foundation in 2011, and while he’s not amounted to much research-wise, he’s known for having various life-saving protocols and guidelines memorized down to a T. He’s a wiry little twerp and may not seem like much, but the words ‘scarily competent’ have been used to describe him on more than one occasion. Consequently, he’s also quite paranoid and smells conspiracy in everything.
Dr. Claude Mattings and Dr. Cassandra Pike: A biologist and a cryptozoologist, respectively, introduced in Closure.
Dr. Mattings and Dr. Pike have been together since 2012, and have gone through several public arguments, a very nasty breakup, dozens of tearful counseling sessions, and eventually, marriage (though Pike still uses her maiden name).
Dr. Mattings is a man who constantly sounds like everything he says is snide or sarcastic, even if he’s being sincere. He’s tall, gaunt, and wears glasses that always seem to shine in such a way that they hide his eyes. He seems like an entirely humorless human being, except in two areas: firstly, his wife, who he refuses to stop loving for even a second. Secondly, his D&D group, which he runs every Sunday in the common area. The group consists of him, Dr. Pike, Dr. Bailey, Dr. Sinclair, Reynolds, and (when they can find time) Dr. Partridge and Agent Pryce.
Cassandra Pike is a woman who has blonde hair, teeth that are uneven and fang-like, and psychological issues. She’s quiet and reserved normally, but is prone to bizarre fits of rage and paranoia followed by crushing despair and anxiety, which resulted in her first truly Massive Fight with Claude. She’s been placed under psychological observation a number of times, and she knows she’s on her last strike-- but she has been improving, with a combination of therapy, medication, and support from her friends.
Lt. Seren Pryce: A sniper, and member of Squad 29, first appearing along with the rest of her squad in Satyr’s Reign.
Seren Pryce is a veteran of Afghanistan, having been honorably discharged in 2005 due to her repeatedly humiliating her C.O. and him wanting to get her out as quickly as possible. She briefly worked for a Private Military Contractor, before her ‘Initiation’ happened.
An Initiation is Foundation slang for when a member of the Armed Forces has their first encounter with the anomalous. Seren’s first encounter occurred after seeing one of her buddies die in a hospital-- but a few hours later, he’s wandering around the camp, confused. Seren put him to rest, inadvertently disturbing his corpse in the process, resulting in her being fired. The Foundation recruited her after her story was overheard by an agent at a bar in her hometown of Carol Stream, IL.
From her recruitment in 2008 until 2014, she was a guard at Site-36, which housed SCP-089. She was severely injured during the events of the tale Empire of Dirt, which resulted in her reassignment to Site-87, where it was believed her life would be less hectic and that she would have more time to recover.
Cpl. Ruby Williams and Sgt. Blake Williams: A pair of fraternal twins, first appearing in Satyr’s Reign. Ruby is adept at breach-and-clear maneuvers, while Blake specializes in stealth tactics.
Ruby and Blake are fairly inseparable-- they were in the same unit in the military, fought in the same battles, like the same food. In some ways, they’ve always been part of the anomalous world-- they have an uncanny ability, like many twins do, to perceive what the other is thinking.
Ruby has what her counselor charitably describes as ‘anger issues’ and fits of paranoia. Blake, on the other hand, is far more mellow and diplomatic, resulting in his higher rank, but can’t handle active gunfights as well as his sister, preferring to be more of a stealth operative when possible Ruby has been together with Christopher Hastings since late 2018.
Col. Raymond February: An agent of Squad 29, first appearing in Satyr’s Reign. The first explicitly African-American character I wrote for S&C Plastics, and is one of the few characters who is explicitly religious-- in this case, he’s an Episcopalian.
Sigma-10 is February’s third assignment in the Foundation. He originally joined it out of college, during a phase where the Foundation was experimenting with recruiting task force members under the banner of the contractor “Silver and Crimson Protectorate”.
His first assignment was as part of Stoker’s Stakers, a task force dedicated to the research into and eradication of various species of vampire. Unfortunately, his neglect during an assignment resulted in his then-girlfriend, Leah Cribari, being infected and slaughtering a large part of his squad. Leah was given medication in time to prevent a full-on change, but she’s vampyric enough that she has to be kept in the eternally dark and grim nexus of Eventide, Oregon.
Following this, he was assigned to MTF Chi-13, “Choir Boys”, tasked with guarding SCP-1983. Admittedly, there wasn’t much activity following its neutralization in 1989, but reports of similar phenomena popped up around the world, and he was tasked with investigating.
He got sent to Sigma-10 in 2013.
Lt. Allison Carol and Lt. Robert Tofflemire: A pair of agents first introduced in SCP-4040.
Alison “Alice” Carol thinks the world is grimmer than it actually seems. She always sees the dark side of everything, knows there’s a conspiracy around every corner. She’s a pessimist by nature, and her experiences in the Foundation haven’t helped. She joined in 2013, and while she didn’t have a true Initiation in the way the other agents introduced here did, she didn’t need it--she saw plenty of horrors in Mexico, where she was part of a cross-border anti-drug task force with the US Marshals. ‘Cynical’ would be a good way to describe her, but even the harshest cynics have an ounce of joy in them, and it can usually be drawn out by her partner.
Robert ‘Bob’ Tofflemire has been with the Foundation for two years longer than Alice has, despite being about two years her junior. One of his seminal experiences was seeing his friend, Kirk Wright, be carried off by SCP-106 into its dimension. He requested amnestics, only to find out he was deathly allergic to a compound present in them. He trailed into a spiral of nihilism as he was unable to forget the screams of his friend while being dragged into a hellish netherspace and having nightmares of him begging for his death. After a fair bit of counseling, he realized that fatalistic thoughts like the ones he was having were a waste of brain space. He may have overcorrected in the other direction-- everyone finds his jokes insufferable, most of all his partner, who is the only one who can ground him.

Minor Characters

Dr. Merrick Palmer: Site-87’s resident counselor. An older gentleman. I toyed with the idea of using him as a POV character to write in-universe psychological dossiers for other characters in this canon, but that never came to be.
Dr. Jonathan West and Dr. Harold West: Identical twin brothers. John first appears in Halloween at S & C Plastics, and Harold first appears in SCP-3773.
I’ll admit, they mainly came about because I accidentally thought that John’s name was Harold when I wrote about him after years of forgetting he was a character.
They’re minor characters because I haven’t really given them much of a personality, despite John literally both the first character I wrote for S & C Plastics, and the in-universe author for my 001 proposal.
Dr. Jason Hendricks: Cryptozoologist at Site-87, appearing in Attack of the Keter Skeeters. Has a crippling fear of insects. Panicky, paranoid, accident-prone. Has a trout-shaped birthmark on one of his cheeks.
Isaiah H. Pickman: The former archivist of Site-87. Presumed KIA in 2017.
Cpt. Nicholas Ewell: An agent sometimes appearing with Squad-29. Not much in the way of personality, but has a criminal past, and due to someone accidentally spiking the punch at a Halloween party with an anomalous chemical, has a tendency to turn bright yellow when he’s frustrated.
Dr. Ryan Melbourne: A memeticist at Site-87, first appearing in Stratagem.
Melbourne doesn’t have any particularly big achievements under his belt. He tries to fly under the radar most of the time, in part due to the fact that he’s a compulsive gambler. He’s been part of Gambler’s Anonymous for almost a decade now, and carries his chip everywhere.
Cmdr. Harold March: Commander of Sigma-10.
Dr. Claire Hennessy: Head of the Department of Multi-Universal Affairs. Red-headed, slightly curvy, and has an amount of sarcasm to match that of her partner. I've not gotten to do much with her, sadly-- I need to change that.

Canon Crossovers

S & C Plastics co-exists with quite a few other canons on the site.
Aces & Eights (alt): A version of Sloth’s Pit, termed New Toronto, appears in the tale It was a night in Lonesome October, a loose retelling of the first two Black Autumn stories.
Antarctic Exchange: Thomas Bailey, commissioner of relations between the Foundation and the Third Antarctic Empire, is the identical triplet of Tristan and Trevor Bailey, as detailed above.
Dread & Circuses: The tale “Herman Fuller Can Shove It Up His Ass” takes place in Sloth’s Pit. Spoilers for the Black Autumn tale series.
Et Tam Deum Petivi (alt): The events of the Mary-Ann and Salah series are canon, with one major exception: Mary-Ann survives her confrontation with Moloch, instead of succumbing to her wounds.
Stealing Solidarity: It’s not made explicit, but SCP-2117 ends up jumping into the S&C Plastics universe, where it remains to this day.
Third Law: Several pieces of supplementary material for the canon make reference to Site-87, and Dr. Katherine Sinclair appears in Suspect Ratio.
War on All Fronts: Hy-Brasil is mentioned at one point, and was meant to be the focus of a tale that I sadly didn’t have time to finish.
Wilson’s Wildlife Solutions: Again, a tale I didn’t have time to finish would have focused on an anomaly from Sloth’s Pit making its way to Boring, Oregon.

To Wrap Up

As I said, I've written over 100 tales, the vast majority of which are part of this canon. S & C Plastics is currently the second or third-largest canon on the site, having... 87 works in it, how about that? It's something I've been building up almost eight years, and this is my attempt to make it more accessible to a wider audience that may be intimidated by the scope, breadth, and sheer amount of works in it. There's a lot more here than I've presented-- the Black Autumn series, I.H. Pickman's 001 Proposal, and a few SCPs that mention it besides. I like to think it's been fairly influential on the site, but the fact that it seems to have trouble getting traction in the larger fanbase has kind of bugged me, so I'm hoping to rectify that with this post.
If you've made it this far, thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great day.
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2019.11.15 18:12 CaptainRoyD Provocateur Stone Found Guilty-Mueller does "Get Me Roger Stone"

Roger Stone, Jr. has been the ‘Wizard’ that was behind the curtain of Presidential politics for decades. First a campaign aide to President Nixon (large Nixon tattoo on his back), a consultant to Reagan, and finally an early Trump Presidential Campaign informal adviser.
Post Q# 2500 on 11/25/18:
CORSI [attempt infiltrate] Q.
Roger (aka Snuggles) Stone is a self described Libertine and has often overstated his roles with government officials. Bob Dole gave him his first paid government job but fired him due to Roger Stone posting public ads asking for 3-way sex partners (swing fever).
Post Q# 2556 on 12/5/18:
Controlled Narrative?
People awake are what they FEAR THE MOST.
Stone has been found guilty on a 7-count federal indictment over WikiLeaks (WL) connections and his prior U.S. Congressional testimony. Ensnared under Robert Mueller’s Russia review, charges only related to Stone's past interviews given under sworn oath to the U.S. Congressional House PSCI.
Post Q# 3622 on 11/21/19:
Puppets have masters.
Roger Stone was part of the Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly (BMSK), one of the first and most powerful DC lobbying firms. For decades BMSK was the place to get agendas and laws tailored per their paying clients exacting stated requirements.
Post Q# 3683 on 12/15/19:
Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”
This obvious Roger Stone connection helped to enable Paul Manafort to become Candidate Trump’s campaign manager. Paul Manafort was recruited just prior to the 2016 Republican Convention to help in securing Trump’s previously won critical voting convention delegates.
Post Q# 2102 on 9/6/18:
There is a lot more to this than you realize.
Think ‘collective’ attacks v ‘Q’.
Stone has been convicted on false statements, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering. Roger Stone had claimed prior knowledge from Julian Assange about the 2016 WL drops involving the Podesta/DNC leaked emails.
Post Q 1164 4/16/18:
POTUS targeting using pushed RUS decoy meetings / campaign insertions.
Federal charges stem from Stone’s several false statements to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). Roger Stone and Michael Caputo exchanges texts about a $2M fee needed to obtain ‘dirt’ on HRC from some connected Russians.
Post Q# 2128 on 9/10/18:
When does a BIRD sing?
Both Stone and Caputo conveniently did not remember these 2016 discussions when put under testimony. Roger Stone attempted to get witnesses to alter testimony to match his own narrative as per his federal conviction.
Post Q# 2089 on 9/5/18:
Why are the majority of ‘Q’ attacks by ‘PRO_MAGA’ supporters coming from AJ [MOS backed] and/or AJ known associates?
Additionally Stone has acknowledged contact with Romanian hacker Guccifer 2.0 over claimed HRC hacked emails. These interactions were part of Mueller’s probe and include conduits Jerry Corsi/Alex Jones/and Randy Credico.
Post Q# 1343 on 5/12/18:
Destroy through [misinformation].
Absorb the ‘confused’.
Re-route traffic to other platforms.
Guccifer 2.0 first posted hacked emails on 6/16/16 which was the day after the DNC computer intrusion. Evidence points to Guccifer intentionally planting Russian ‘markers’ (CIA Vault 7) to assist with the false collusion narrative and possibly an Ukrainian operation.
Post Q# 4712 on 9/14/20:
Guccifer 2.0
Stone has been written books disputing the official narrative of both the JFK and JFK Jr. deaths. It can be argued that Stone has kept up the fight for the final complete disclosure of the decades long sealed JFK assassination archives.
Post Q# 2123 on 9/9/18:
Last and final comment(s) re: AJ and Associates [attempts].
Attempts to deceive AUTISTS/ANONS will FAIL.
We are a threat to their livelihood [+CLAS].
Roger Stone has been described by many as a political ‘Dirty Trickster’. Stone cherishes the media exposure regardless if it is negative or positive press coverage.
Post Q# 3740 on 12/22/19:
NOBODY is above the law [not anymore].
Stone’s top quote “Politics is not about uniting people, it’s about dividing people.” Always with a lot to say other than any thing about QAnon (‘known associates’). Roger Stone has plead the 5th Amendment to a Senate panel inquiry in 2018 after giving extensive House testimony.
Post Q# 1794 on 8/2/18:
”Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”
Alex Jones has recently described his prior employee Roger Stone as an “Albatross around his neck.” The QAnon outed traitorous Jerry Coris has additionally filed a large defamation lawsuit against Roger Stone.
Post Q# 1862 on 8/13/18:
[‘They’ prey on emotionally unstable (helpless) individuals and use them as PAWNS]
I have to believe that Roger Stone’s past NXIVM cult connections are also at play. Stone was on Keith Raniere’s payroll and the entire NXIVM sex-trafficking ring is under federal criminal investigation.
Post Q# 1368 on 5/14/18:
Allison Mack [NXIVM] arrested [date]?
When does a bird sing?
Robert Mueller has demanded “Get Me Roger Stone.” Stone is the second top InfoWars/Alex Jones personality that was ensnared in the Muller probe (Corsi). Odd that Roger refused to take the stand in his own trial nor did his counsel offer any witnesses for the defense.
Post Q# 3990 on 4/28/20:
President Trump has criticized the Stone jury verdict, saying “HRC and Mueller should be Indicted.” POTUS has also made comment as to the appearance of anti-Trump bias among the jury and these factors lead to the last minute commutation.
Post Q# 365 on 12/18/17:
Shall we play a game?
How about a nice game of chess?
Stone received 3 years and 4 moths in prison due to ‘process crimes’. Four of the prosecution team have withdrawn from this case and have been reassigned within the DOJ or resigned.
Post Q# 4196 on 5/10/20:
Stone had filed notice of appeal based on jury and DOJ misconduct but has been ordered to begin prison sentence. Of odd note has been the sudden health change from a lifelong gym rat/body builder to claimed illnesses to prevent self surrender.
Post Q# 1828 on 8/9/18:
What assets (people) were placed (spy) in POTUS’ campaign?
What if those ‘placed’ are being investigated by Bob Mueller, Special Counsel?
President Trump has granted Stone a last minute commutation of his guilty sentence. With General Flynn’s DOJ exoneration any day, this may signal the final acts of justice beginning in this historic American play.
Post Q# 3596 on 11/15/19:
What advantages might exist when you know the other sides playbook?
Enjoy the show!
Atlantic-Roger Stone’s Secret Messages with Wikileaks
The Hill-Roger Stone uses Racial Slur in Interview w/Black Radio Host
Gateway Pundit-Roger Stone: Senate Intel Committee Report is Recycled Bunk
ZeroHedge-Why the Roger Stone Commutation is not as Controversial as Mob Thinks
Epoch Times-Roger Stone asks Appeals Court to Delay Prison Sentence
Yahoo News-FBI Docs reveal Communications between Stone and Assange
NBC News-Roger Stone will Not Testify
New Yorker-Roger Stone’s Crimes
News Week-A Revealing Lunch w/Roger Stone
Business Insider-Roger Stone bought 200 FB Accounts to Run Ads defending Himself
Buffalo News-Conserative Figures Sues Caputo and Stone
Washington Examiner-Smears, Swingers and Dirty Tricks: Roger Stone
Empty Wheel-Stone/Gates/and Caputo Met Around the DNC/Podesta Hack
News Week-Who Is Roger Stone? Self Described ‘Dirty Trickster’
Post Gazette-Roger Stone/Michael Caputo/and A Russian
New Yorker-The Dirty Trickster (classic old article)
News Week-How is Roger Stone Connected to NXIVM
Destroy the Illusion-Roger Stone and InfoWars (time stamp 4:15-16:45) Weird Stiff Roger Stone said at Weed Conference
FeistyCat and Friends-Roger Stone Dig (1:10 mark begin)
Now This News-Roger Stone comes Unhinged in Court Deposition
Netflix: “Get Me Roger Stone” documentary Stone Testimony (9/26/17)
PBS/Frontline-United States of Conspiracy
White Grant of Clemency: Roger Stone, Jr.
WWG1WGA-Thank you for viewing my article⚓️
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2018.10.05 22:58 mreowbox This weekend events in Huntsvill! (10/05 - 10/07)

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Per request I will be posting a weekly, weekend or monthly schedule of events for our city. I gather this information for work purposes but gladly have posted it here since this is a simple copy and paste from me!
If anyone wants links to event details let me know and I can attach that for future list and just pull that with my research from work.
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2017.10.20 05:44 darkstarhaze01 712 classic Howard Stern Radio Show Moments.

Phoney Phone Calls And Pranks 1:55:25 Phoney Phone Calls And Pranks - Tradio 1:32:02 The Songs Of Booey / Monkey Megamix / BaBa Booey's Greatest Hits 1:38:00 Stern Spotlight: Stuttering John Interviews ('88 - '03) 7:59:12 Fred Norris: The Power Of Drops 47:03 Howard At DC101, Washington D.C. -- March 1981 - June 1982 4:47:01 Howard At WNBC NYC, Part 1 -- August 1982 - September 1985 5:11:40 Howard At WNBC NYC, Part 2 -- August 1982 - September 1985 6:23:08 The Move To Mornings -- Early 1986 37:00 Backward Messages (1986) 10:55 The Cock Hotel (1986) 7:21 Sam Kinison (9-23-86) 44:38 Problems With The FCC & The Anti-Censorship Rally (11-86 - 4-24-87) 28:22 Caught Brown Handed (1-26-87 & 2-9-87) 28:29 George Carlin (2-16-87) 28:45 Messin' With Wrong Number (5-19-87) 10:49 Gary's Teeth & Breath (6-2-87) 16:50 Howard Tries To Buy The Elephant Man's Bones (7-19-87) 6:53 Gilbert Gottfried's Show Debut (8-18-87) 24:33 Dick Gregory (10-28-87) 40:20 Scott The Engineer DJ Tapes (1-4-88) 23:48 Howard Under DEA Investigation (3-10-88) 52:45 Sam Kinison vs. Bobcat Goldthwait (3-17-88) 34:02 Judy Tenuta (5-25-88) 35:38 Gary Takes Howard's Magazines (8-25-88) 10:38 Rae Stern Calls In (8-26-88) 21:29 Two Fingers In Paradise (10-6-88) 8:48 Fred The Elephant Boy Dial-A-Date (12-2-88) 43:50 1988 Christmas Party (12-16-88) 2:14:15 Sam Kinison (2-13-89) 1:48:28 Stuttering John's Problems (5-9-89) 24:13 What's Inside Fred's Bag? (6-2-89) 15:48 Gary's MTV Audition (6-6-89) 15:37 'Gina Man (6-9-89) 30:53 Sam Kinison (6-12-89) 1:22:30 Sam Kinison (10-10-89) 1:54:10 George Carlin (11-10-89) 17:53 San Francisco Earthquake News Update (10-19-89) 19:24 Sam Kinison, Richard Lewis (12-1-89) 1:24:18 Pat Cooper -- All In The Family (8-8-89) 41:58 Richard Belzer, Richard Lewis (1-24-90) 1:23:48 Gary Arrested (1-30-90) 16:38 Richard Lewis (3-2-90) 1:10:26 Sam Kinison, Joe Walsh (4-5-90) 2:20:20 Sam Kinison, Gilbert Gottfried (4-12-90) 1:08:24 Philadelphia Funeral (5-11-90) 1:01:35 Richard Belzer, Gilbert Gottfried (6-29-90) 1:04:44 Howard Names The "Wack Pack" (7-6-90) 9:00 BaBa Booey Is Born (7-26-90) 20:20 Howard vs. Angry Caller (8-6-90) 11:36 The Pope Of Pot (8-16-90) 26:22 The Stern Family Recordings (8-28-90) 28:12 Judy Tenuta (10-12-90) 1:01:53 Howard's Tantrum (10-22-90) 18:32 Andrew Dice Clay (11-20-90) 1:14:05 Stuttering John's Future (2-7-91) 1:09:30 Judy Tenuta (2-13-91) 41:04 Howard Argues With His Mother (4-1-91) 32:28 Gilbert Gottfried As Jerry Seinfeld, Jr. (4-5-91) 37:10 Cookie Puss (5-1-91) 15:10 Gilbert Gottfried Dial-A-Date (6-14-91) 55:55 Sam Kinison, Carol Alt, David Brenner (8-2-91) 1:49:18 Gary Nude Beach (9-3-91) 13:34 Bo Diddley (9-20-91) 46:14 Robert Claims He's Possessed (9-26-91) 17:31 Sam Kinison (9-30-91) 1:17:29 Woman Gets Naked For Plugs (10-2-91) 26:54 Fa Fa Flunky (10-2-91) 19:20 Mental Patient Call, Howard's Vision For America (10-3-91) 21:27 Jessie The Blind Girl Dial-A-Date (10-25-91) 1:44:40 Andrew Dice Clay, Leslie West (12-9-91) 41:09 Chevy Chase Fued ('92 - '08) 1:00:10 Howard vs. Gary (1-9-92) 18:36 Billy West As "Red" (2-2-92) 48:03 Henry Hill (2-21-92) 19:22 Gilbert Gottfried (3-2-92) 55:18 Gary's April Fools Prank (4-1-92) 13:29 Gilbert Gottfried, Dennis Miller (4-1-92) 1:10:20 Sam Kinison, R.I.P. (4-13-92) 1:16:20 Andrew Dice Clay, Frank Stallone (4-22-92) 56:10 Gilbert Gottfried (6-4-92) 1:03:48 Disturbing Videos, KKK Messages (6-25-92) 19:10 Zookeeper's Wife Dial-A-Date (9-14-92) 1:34:30 Howard's System Being Ruined (10-22-92) 16:45 L.A. Funeral (11-24-92) 41:52 Howard Stern's Private Parts -- A Look Back (1993) 47:53 Drawings On Back Wall, Goofing On Booey (3-5-93) 17:47 Robin's Self Portrait (3-5-93) 13:49 Howard Goofs On WCCC Hartford and Southern Rock (3-5-93) 7:00 Brian May (5-6-93) 35:42 Howard vs. Boston Universty (5-10-93) 15:06 Howard Complains About Ratings (5-26-93) 39:54 Gilbert Gottfried (6-22-93) 1:10:20 Howard Goofs On Don Imus, Makes Psychologist Cry (8-3-93) 47:43 Emerson, Lake & Palmer (11-16-93) 33:03 Andrew Dice Clay (11-18-93) 1:11:06 Scott The Engineer's Lung Capacity Test (12-20-93) 28:53 Howard For Governor (1994) 2:26:21 Scott The Engineer Stays Home (2-9-94) 22:47 Goofing On Grillo & Grillo's Lecture (3-18-94) 1:01:16 Gange Screws Up, Goofing On Gary (4-11-94) 23:55 PETA Girls (4-18-94) 28:20 Tiny Tim (5-6-94) 1:07:58 John Amos (5-9-94) 29:53 Marriage And Family Discussion (5-17-94) 33:21 Fred The Elephant Boy And Jolene (5-18-94) 32:12 Madonna's "Sister" Calls In (5-19-94) 35:21 Howard's Nerdy Teen Years (5-24-94) 20:09 Gilbert Gottfried (5-27-94) 1:15:12 Cleveland Funeral (6-10-94) 33:28 OJ Phoney Phone Calls, Reviews Of E! Show (6-20-94) 37:51 Electric Comic Book (6-28-94) 16:55 Female Caller Describes Fantasies (7-20 & 21-94) 1:01:39 Fred's Bachelor Party (7-25-94) 59:20 Gary's Smelly Phone And Brushing Lesson (8-3-94) 8:40 OJ Song Parodies (8-15-94) 22:44 Goofing On Scott The Engineer (8-18-94) 25:43 Gary Puppet Gets Stolen (8-22-94) 58:38 What Does Fred Do? (9-30-94) 22:32 Fred The Elephant Boy vs. Captain Janks (10-20-94) 27:48 Gary At The Learning Annex (10-21-94) 53:10 Gilbert Gottfried (10-21-94) 50:07 Gary Pranks A Guest (10-26-94) 37:13 Gary's Answering Machine (11-14-94) 24:33 Conan O'Brian (11-16-94) 39:32 Pat Cooper Freakout & Fallout (11-22 & 23-94) 1:00:58 George Washington Bridge Jumper (12-7-94 - Early '95) 47:43 Scott The Engineer's Haunted Hair (12-13-94) 13:45 Willie Nelson (12-14-94) 42:10 The Jackie Contest (12-16-94) 39:14 Black Movie Theaters (1-15-95) 27:50 Stories About Fred (1-17-95) 22:41 Howard's Rest Stop (1-26-95) 30:02 Richard Lewis (2-6-95) 33:06 Howard vs. Robin (2-15-95) 28:57 Howard's Trip To Atlantic City (2-21-95) 19:35 Dracula Gottfried (2-23-95) 1:01:39 The Killer's Confession (2-24 & 27-95) 1:03:53 Foot / Food Fetish Girl (3-1 & 2-95) 50:29 Strip Jeopardy (3-3-95) 39:59 Goofing On Scott The Engineer (3-8-95) 26:36 Kenneth Keith Kallenbach's X-Rated Movie (3-16-95) 27:43 Jackie The Salesman (4-3-95) 19:15 The Selena Incident (4-4-95) 38:00 Gary's Sega Channel Screw Up (4-18-95) 30:43 Howard Finds A Body In The Woods (4-21-95) 18:31 Howard Says Don't Edit My Show! (6- 7-9 -95) 1:23:40 Clarence Clemons (6-16-95 & 7-26-95) 1:27:07 Howard's Cyber-Sex Girlfriend (6-20-95) 33:53 John K. vs. Billy West (6-21-95) 48:59 Croix (6-23-95) 22:03 Nutless Patsy (6-29-95) 25:17 NHL Player Claude Lemieux And The Stanley Cup (6-27 & 28-95) 38:13 Summer Camp & Sex Stories (7-18-95) 24:14 The Bones Of Debbie "The Space Alien" Tay (7-19-95) 40:53 Midget In A Trunk (7-21-95) 36:46 Vietnam Stories (7-25-95) 32:40 Howard Visits Jackie's House (5-30-95) 21:56 Cyndi Lauper (8-2-95) 38:56 Weekend At OJ's (8-3-95) 40:00 Jerry Garcia, R.I.P. (8-10-95) 1:14:27 More Stern Family Recordings (8-14-95) 26:53 Jim Bakker's Prison Lover (8-17-95) 25:47 Scott The Engineer & Gary Report To Robin (8-17-95) 27:55 Howard Hates Mancow (8-22-95) 1:08:12 Gilbert Gottfried (8-22-95) 37:10 Striper Who Claims To Look Like Pamela Anderson (8-28-95) 29:44 Tony And Tina's Wedding (8-30-95) 1:00:32 Fake Suicide Caller (9-13-95) 20:11 Jillian And Elephant Boy's Date (9-18-95) 38:58 Jackie's Web Page (9-21-95) 20:35 Guess Who's The Criminal (9-26-95) 55:52 Stuttering John's Practical Joke Backfires (9-27-95) 12:57 OJ Verdict Discussions (10-5-95) 38:35 Robin vs. Suttering John, Howard vs. Ralph (10-10-95) 43:15 Chuck Negron (10-11-95) 53:09 It Doesn't Matta! Caller (10-16-95) 21:38 The Reverend Howard Stern (10-18-95) 54:18 Gilbert Gottfried (10-20-95) 57:22 Music Fight (10-30-95) 30:52 Miss America Book Fight (11-8-95) 57:40 Robin In San Francisco (11-28-95) 7:25 Plugs For Hotel Rooms (1-11-96) 31:46 Howard's $5,000 Sex Machine (1-15-96) 48:01 Caviar And Howard's Weight (1-18-96) 26:40 Goofing On Soupy Sales (1-22-96) 18:57 Ozzy Osbourne (1-29-96) 40:07 Joey & Marky Ramone (2-8-96) 48:24 Howard Yells At Gary And Stuttering John (2-9-96) 21:19 Jasmine St. Claire & Annabelle Chong (3-4-96) 56:15 Eating Jackie's Marshmallow For A Date (3-8 & 11-96) 58:33 William Shatner Enters ''The Homo Room'' (4-2-96) 28:13 James The Unfunny, Smelly Intern (4-17-96) 46:55 The Rainbow Room Incident (4-23 & 24-96) 43:20 Wedding RSVP Prank (4-23-96) 13:41 Ham Hands Bill (5-8-96) 20:17 Howard Pranks Wannabe Porn Star (5-15-96) 17:27 Scott The Engineer: Sad Sack (5-15-96) 25:45 Stuttering John Scams Grillo (5-16-96) 47:51 Rabbi Gottfried (5-21-96) 53:19 Jenna Jameson And Her Father (6-3-96) 25:21 Incest Wednesday (6-5-96) 50:09 Tiny Tim (7-2-96) 50:48 Crackhead Bob Dame Dat Dune (7-24-96) 32:57 Riley Martin's First Call (7-24-96) 15:18 Riley Martin's First Time In Studio (7-31-96) 36:10 Tribute Bands (8-8-96) 34:08 Mira Seagal (8-15-96) 37:52 Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf's First Time On Show (8-16-96) 34:48 Henry Hill (8-22-96) 33:35 Sniffing The Playmates (10-9-96) 25:59 Amy Lynn & Tempest (10-23-96) 44:57 Monica The Mexican (11-1-96) 51:40 Yankee Parade Game (11-6-96) 27:17 Smokin' Joe Fraizer (11-13-96) 42:00 Robin vs. Fred (11-14-96) 23:41 Ralph's Lie Detector Test (11-27-96) 56:48 Nico Treasures (12-3-96) 52:52 Fred The Elephant Boy's Past (1-10-97) 47:53 The Jesus Twins (1-27-97) 29:30 Rodney Dangerfield (1-30-97) 45:54 Robin Pissed At Dominic Barbara (3-28-97) 15:36 Janine Lindemulder And The Arousal Machine (4-18-97) 1:20:53 Frank Gifford / Suzen Johnson Transcripts (6-11-97) 49:07 The Topless Sun Bather Across The Street (6-11-97) 15:58 Woman Calls In From Bathtub (6-26-97) 23:52 Stuttering John's Wedding Stories (7-14-97) 29:44 Stacy Sings For Howard (7-21-97) 1:14:52 Crazy Alice First Call (7-30-97) 12:08 BaBa Booey Candy Revelation (8-4-97) 20:51 Flip Wilson (8-14-97) 33:23 High Pitch Eric's First Time On Show (8-15-97) 31:08 Crackhead Bob At Graceland (9-9-97) 22:41 Scott The Engineer's Walk Of Shame (10-7-97) 47:58 Crazy Alice In Studio (10-7-97) 19:54 Scared Caller (10-17-97) 21:15 Gilbert Gottfried (10-22-97) 1:27:17 Captain Janks, Keneth Keith Kalenbach, Crackhead Bob (10-28-97) 24:40 Homeless Game (10-30-97) 17:40 How Many Push-Ups Can Scott The Engineer Do? (11-97 - 1-98) 1:32:12 Dr. Remulak (11-14-97) 5:00 Wack Pack Hypnosis (12-10-97) 36:28 Ralph At Star Trek Convention (2-24-98) 15:45 Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf Karaoke, Nicolette Gets Evaluated(3-4-98) 49:56 Stephanie Gets Evaluated (4-1-98) 34:15 Carol Alt (4-30-98) 37:54 Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf: People's Most Beautiful (5-8-98) 14:37 Gary The Retard Goes To Scores (5-27-98) 6:19 Ringo Starr (6-17-98) 38:50 Gilbert Gottfried (6-18-98) 53:25 Homeless Game (7-22-98) 21:09 Brian Wilson (7-24-98) 35:14 Jackie's Three Crummy Houses (7-30-98) 33:38 Intern Interviews Richard Simmons (7-31-98) 16:39 Measurements With Houston (8-10-98) 29:43 Howard Yells At Religious Freak (8-20-98) 12:42 The Homeless Game (8-20-98) 33:13 Gary The Retard Knowledge Question Game (8-27-98) 20:41 Handicapped Star Search (8-27-98) 24:05 Howard Plays Twister With Jasmine St. Claire (8-13-98) 42:21 Goo Goo Dolls Gay Dance Party (9-23-98) 32:42 The Orgasm Contest (10-8-98) 14:48 Wack Pack Halloween (10-30-98) 49:20 Smokin' Joe Frazier (11-6-98) 29:50 Homeless Game (11-9-98) 33:20 Houston Dial-A-Date (12-4 & 7-98) 54:14 Christi Lake Dial-A-Date (1-14 & 15-99) 1:02:07 James Brown (1-26-99) 37:58 Howard's Gay Dream (2-03-99) 14:52 Hollyweird Squares (2-23-99) 46:16 The Gang Bang Summit (3-3-99) 33:53 Kennedy Assassination Evidence (3-9-99) 29:35 KC's Lie Detector Test (3-11-99) 57:44 Howard's Sex Slave Solitaire (4-27-99) 17:57 The Saga Of Houston & Brad (5-99 - 1-01) 1:38:34 Midget Wrestles Playmate (5-5-99) 54:18 Mob Rat Anthony Fiato (5-10-99) 33:09 Barbed Wire Accident (5-14-99) 10:15 Does Jackie Enjoy Being Angry? (5-18-99) 45:53 Stripper Game (6-7-99) 30:53 The Babapology Tape (6-17 & 18-99) 1:21:27 The Freaky Feud (6-23-99) 42:34 The Debut Of Beetlejuice (7-14-99) 19:10 Angry Teacher Call (7-15-99) 32:00 Joey & Marky Ramone (7-20-99) 26:54 Beetlejuice Reads Lines (7-28-99) 7:40 Benjy's Behavior At Scores (8-2-99) 18:58 Triplet Dial-A-Date (8-18-99) 55:30 The Yankee Game Freak Show (8-30-99) 35:04 KC Can't Get It Up (9-2-99) 21:05 Gary Craps His Pants (9-21-99) 7:52 Gary Reads To Children (10-11-99) 11:13 Drunken Jackie Stories (10-18-99) 29:07 Wack Pack Carrots (10-20-99) 54:09 Bridy Brings Howard A Gift (11-18-99) 54:33 Wack Pack Politically Incorrect (11-19-99) 38:19 Beetlejuice Accepts Howard's AVN Award (1-10-00) 26:48 Who Wants To Be A Sex Millionare? (2-7 & 8-00) 1:42:33 Erica The Gymnast Saga (1-28 - 2-7-00 & 12-1-00) 1:57:21 Johnny "Mud" Mudman (2-28-00) 26:29 Crystal Meth Brothers (3-1-00) 16:18 Gary's Throat Clearing (3-3-00) 13:06 Who Wants To Be A Sex Billionare? (3-6 & 7-00) 53:33 Gary's Teeth (3-8-00) 15:26 Houston's Rubdown (3-16-00) 41:08 Hank The Dwarf vs. Beetlejuice (3-17-00) 37:18 Michelle The Teacher (4-4-00) 30:55 Gary Screws Up Movie Plans (4-7-00) 16:25 Homeless Jeopardy (4-10-00) 39:50 Dopey Strippers (4-13-00) 27:53 Howard vs. Gary: Who's The Better Sports Jock? (5-10-00) 9:26 Dynamite And The Wack Pack (5-22-00) 33:04 KC Asks ''Does A Horse Know It Won The Race?'' (5-30-00) 6:14 Eagle Scout (6-14-00) 23:30 Peter, Angel Of Death (6-22-00) 34:26 Crazy Alice Meets High Pitch Eric (6-22-00) 29:20 KC At Gay Pride Parade (6-26-00) 17:13 Elegant Elliot Offen First Time In Studio (7-25-00) 20:57 Beetlejuice For Senator (8-4-00) 20:03 Elegant Elliot Offen (8-14-00) 29:07 Backstage At The MTV Video Music Awards (9-8-00) 43:05 Stuttering John Live From The Miracle House (9-27-00) 59:55 Sgt. Beetlejuice (10-26-00) 22:30 Porn-O-Ween Contest (10-31-00) 35:32 Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf And David Blaine (11-29-00) 27:35 Win Fred's Money w/ Pete (12-13-00) 21:38 Elegant Elliot Offen (1-16-01) 36:40 Testosterone Test And Results (1-25-01 & 11-11-01) 30:59 Beetlejuice vs. Gary The Retard - Battle Of Wits (1-26-01) 31:55 Nutty Ruby (2-15-01) 13:27 Fred Gets Hypnotized (3-13-01) 41:26 Beetlejuice, Celebrity Q Ratings (3-14-01) 41:21 KC And High Pitch Eric's NCAA Final Four Trip (4-1 & 2-01) 52:10 Beetlejuice Sits In On The News (4-6-01) 52:19 Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf, Crackhead Bob, Nicole The Nude Painter / Is Carly A Star? (4-19-01) 51:14 Beetlejuice Meets Camille (5-1-01) 40:19 Howard's Clog (6-6-01) 20:16 Sarah Silverman (6-15-01) 30:03 Beetlejuice vs. Johnny T-Bone (6-27-01) 18:27 AJ Benza Punches Stuttering John (7-24-01) 1:37:21 Billy Meets Beetlejuice (8-1-01) 24:48 Gary Busey (8-2-01) 36:02 Gilbert Gottfried, Richard Jeni (8-14-01) 1:17:05 Beetlejuice, Arden Myrin (8-22-01) 35:56 Bangin' w/ Beetlejuice (8-23-01) 1:01:03 World Trade Center Coverage (9-11-01) 1:43:38 Beetlejuice As Uncle Sam (9-19-01) 22:59 Paul McCartney (10-18-01) 51:21 Beetlejuice The Idiot Savant (10-25-01) 30:50 High Pitch Eric vs. The Fish (12-4-01) 22:23 Two Women Make Out With Beetlejuice For Prizes (12-6-01) 22:48 Yaqi The Tickler (1-25-02) 53:14 Riley Martin Sells Tickets To The Mothership (2-12-02) 15:38 Elegant Elliott Offen And His Girlfriend (2-15-02) 27:23 Beetlejuice The Prisoner (3-8-02) 24:55 Raymond Norman - The Oprah Guy (3-28-02) 23:01 Weakest Dink (3-28-02) 36:38 Donna Talks To The Animals (4-22-02) 27:47 Henry Hill (5-3-02) 47:47 Plane To L.A. (6-7-02) 11:03 Katia Corriveau (6-7-02) 33:39 Staff Confessions Game (6-21-02) 56:49 Rhode Island Station IDs (8-9-02) 11:42 Eric The Midget's First Call (9-19-02) 7:30 It's Just Wrong: Brother / Sister (9-25-02) 58:25 Tom Fights His Suit (9-26-02) 18:09 Howard Drunk At Party (10-7-02) 21:04 It's Just Wrong: Father / Daughter (10-18-02) 39:18 Wack Packers Sit In On The News (11-7-02) 15:42 Beetlejuice To Sleep On Billboard (11-18-02) 28:21 Artie vs. High Pitch Eric - Treadmill Challenge (11-18-02) 28:46 Stump The Booey w/ Mike And Michelle (12-20-02) 26:43 Various Calls From Hateman (2003) 28:51 Stump The Booey w/ James And Jen (1-16-03) 36:13 Evil KaBeetlejuice, The Tattoo Bros. (1-23-03) 28:32 Stump The Booey w/ Carl And Allison (2-3-03) 25:05 The Ultimate PPV Event Ever? (3-03) 2:48:42 The New And Improved Jeff The Drunk (5-16-03) 29:37 Artie And Stuttering John's Comedy Weekend (5-19-03) 51:08 Real Or Fake w/ Rita G (5-27-03) 31:43 Speaking Italian (7-5-03) 14:00 Robin And Gary's Trip To Amsterdam (7-21-03) 15:36 Stump The Booey w/ Lee And Lisa (7-30-03) 14:31 Robin Has Accident (9-4-03) 7:38 Eric The Midget: Nothing To Say (9-11-03) 5:37 Vinnie Favalie Love Tapes (10-14-03) 38:44 Stuck On Jeff The Drunk (12-10-03) 24:23 Wheel Of Beetlejuice (12-18-03) 23:10 Howard vs. Ronnie (1-13 & 14-04) 48:22 Wack Pack Jury (2-2-04) 31:05 Artie's Arrests Stories (1-9-04) 15:53 Eric The Midget Wants To Give A Speech (3-18-04) 6:00 Win Fred's Money w/ Over Confident Jarrett (3-19-04) 24:29 Riley Martin Voicemail (3-23-04) 11:08 Chris Rock (4-15-04) 44:39 Jeff The Drunk And Cindy (5-17-04) 12:31 Beetlejuice's Family (5-19-04) 26:16 Eric The Midget: Movie Star? (6-8-04) 14:22 Artie's Pig Suit Story (6-15-04) 14:30 Eric The Midget: Night Of The Midget (6-22-04) 11:28 Benjy Screams For Peace (7-23-04) 25:44 Party In Pamela Anderson's Hotel Room (8-4-04) 2:01:56 KC Wins $300K (8-18-04) 32:45 Beetlejuice And KC Going On A Trip (8-19-04) 30:42 Aurora Snow (8-24-04) 34:26 Acting Out Scenes w/ Wack Packers (12-3-04) 45:55 Howard Goes To Dinner With Richard And Sal (1-4-05) 9:28 BaBa Battleship (1-5-05) 26:20 Eric The Midget: American Dreams Rehearsal (1-24-05) 20:04 Artie Calls In Sick (1-31 & 2-1-05) 12:46 Is Wendy The Retard A Racist? (2-3-05) 15:39 Caller Wants To Nail Hot Female Friend (2-4-05) 23:22 Ash Wednesday Stories (2-14-05) 10:34 Beetlejuice The Heavyweight Champion (2-16-05) 22:30 Eric The Midget: Entertainment Reporter (3-9-05) 8:45 Pat O'Brian Voicemail Saga (4-4 & 5-05, 5-5-05, 1-9-06) 1:26:24 Win Fred's Money w/ Steve And Shayna (4-11-05) 25:29 Sal's Odd Request (4-14-05) 48:09 Sal Caught Red Handed (4-21-05) 14:13 Eric The Midget: Messin' With Eric (5-3-05) 11:18 Beetlejuice Meets Gilbert Gottfried (5-5-05) 10:00 Weakest Dink (6-7-05) 32:52 Willie Nelson (8-17-05) 32:04 Sal Sleeps At Richard's Apartment (9-12-05) 14:22 Elephant Boy's Mess (9-12-05) 30:50 Stevie Wonder (10-20-05) 1:04:40 Artie's Hooker Love Story (10-21-05) 25:24 Beetlejuice (10-28-05) 13:48 Eric The Midget: No Phone Sex (11-15-05) 15:39 Fake Arnold Pranks George Takei (1-10-06) 15:44 Artie's Staff Revelation (1-17-06) 14:21 Rachel Hunter Bails On Interview (1-18-06) 16:47 Let's F Some Whores! (1-18-06) 12:01 The Reverend Bob Levy Celebrity Roast (1-27-06) 1:01:49 Jenna Jameson, P. Diddy (2-1-06) 54:02 JD And Kissyphur (2-2-06) 24:01 Kendra Jade (2-7-06) 36:00 Fred The Elephant Boy Sex Stories (2-8-06) 37:34 Eric The Midget: Radio Show Host (2-13-06) 14:47 Richard Gets Waxed (2-13-06) 45:55 Misty The Wacky Prostitute (2-21-06) 43:06 Eric The Midget Calls In: American Idol, What Does Eric Do All Day? (2-24-06) 22:19 Operation Tissue Retrieval (2-28-06) 25:05 Elegant Elliot Offen Goes Crazy! (3-2-06) 15:24 Gilbert Gottfried, Red Peters (3-1-06) 53:08 Artie's Dirty Cop Stories (3-8-06) 30:59 Elegant Elliot Offen Goes Crazy...Again! (3-10-06) 9:12 Richard Streaks Through The Cosmo Channel Party (3-14-06) 41:36 Beetlejuice (3-21-06) 29:11 Artie Reenacting Godfather Scenes, Drug Stories (3-22-06) 27:00 Mike Walker Accident (3-24-06) 12:47 Porn Stars Demonstrate Wild Sex Machines (3-28-06) 1:05:25 Bobby Badfingers (4-05-06) 20:52 Sal And Gary's Weekend With Beetlejuice (4-18-06) 37:38 Crystal Clear (4-21-06) 1:02:38 Beetlejuice, Jodie Moore (5-2-06) 43:21 Crazy Alice Calls In (5-2-06) 27:48 Eric The Midget Measures Himself (5-22-06) 11:27 Riley Martin's Salary Problems (5-24-06) 30:32 Sal The Stockbroker Apology (5-26-06) 55:50 Eric The Midget's Parents (6-5-06) 25:04 The Roast Of Artie Lange (6-8-06) 3:23:36 Artie vs. Crazy Alice (6-15-06) 24:05 High Pitch Mike Goes To Disney Land Alone (6-25-06) 38:52 Cheap Trick (6-26-06) 34:08 Eric The Midget: Will Eric Fly With Balloons? (6-27-06) 37:29 Artie vs. Andrew Dice Clay And The Missing $5,000 (7-18-06) 1:12:48 Jeff The Drunk Wants A Job (7-31-06) 22:04 The Next Wack Packer: Bigfoot (8-3-06) 44:37 Joe Walsh And The James Gang (8-21-06) 40:09 Beetlejuice (8-22-06) 34:42 Sal's Adventures In The Booths (9-6-06) 9:24 Artie vs. Crazy Alice (9-14-06) 10:29 Artie vs. Crazy Alice (9-21-06) 13:03 Gilbert Gottfried (9-27-06) 1:26:43 Artie vs. Crazy Alice (9-28-06) 13:05 Beetlejuice Meets Mr. T (10-3-06) 59:18 Playboy Evaluations (10-18-06) 1:07:26 The Roast Of BaBa Booey (10-26-06) 2:04:10 Tracy Morgan (11-1-06) 1:01:00 Gary's Mac-Hine Mistake (11-7 & 8-06) 13:33 The Artie Lange Dating Game (11-9-06) 1:02:37 Opening And Shredding Christmas Gifts (12-14-06) 28:08 Various Calls From Hateman (2007) 19:59 Bubba's Wedding Stories (1-16-07) 40:20 Gilbert Gottfried (1-10-07) 57:29 J.D.'s Miserable Life (1-17-07) 30:00 Porn Stars vs. Slow Adults (2-7-07) 45:45 Eric The Midget Orders A Hit (3-12-07) 27:38 Chris Rock (3-14-07) 1:06:56 Sal's Wife Shoots Him With Paintballs (3-22-07) 40:07 Richard Simmons (4-10-07) 41:32 Gary's Sound & Vision (4-18-07) 13:18 Eric The Midget Calls In: Eric Loves Porn (4-24-07) 23:27 Eric The Midget: No Gay Porn! (4-30-07) 36:22 Gary's Dinner Party (5-1-07) 35:21 Win Fred's Money w/ Jennifer (5-10-07) 29:12 Howard vs. Ronnie: The Petcock Problem (5-21-07) 47:20 Eric The Midget And Brandy Talore (5-22-07) 24:09 The Bro Fight (5-24-07) 1:00:57 Chris Cornell (6-12-07) 53:44 Darth Nihilus & Howard Fest (6-13-07) 22:34 Grillo vs. Tracy (6-14 & 21-07) 29:35 Howard's Weekend With His Parents (6-18-07) 31:40 Goofing On JD, Arm Wrestling (6-28-07) 27:27 Riley Martin (7-17-07) 58:19 Tracy Morgan (8-2-07) 53:11 Sal Takes A Citizenship Test (8-22-07) 25:46 Ping Pong: Miss Amputee vs. Crackhead Bob (8-23-07) 41:03 Howard At Bon Jovi's Party & Weekend In Hamptons (9-4-07) 57:46 Sarah Silverman Smells Richard (10-07) 58:48 Win Fred's Money w/ James The Collage Professor (10-2-07) 32:09 Gilbert Gottfried (10-23-07) 42:51 Eric The Midget Reads Dougie The Puggie (10-24-07) 18:20 Richard's Life On The Farm (10-31-07) 24:10 Beetlejuice Spelling Contest w/ Bob Levy (10-31-07) 27:43 Artie vs. Sal And Richard (10-29 - 11-6-07) 1:55:05 Grandma Caprio (11-3-07) 28:45 Ass Napkin (Paranoid Schizophrenic) Ed Visits (11-8-07) 30:00 Ronnie & Scott The Engineer's Prank Goes Wrong (11-11-07) 32:00 Eric The Midget: Movie Ideas (11-14-07) 20:03 Artie "Comes Out" To George Takei (12-5-07) 42:52 Various Calls From Hateman (2008) 19:36 Gary's Braces (1-14-15 & 22-08) 33:51 AVN Awards (1-15-08) 29:33 Gary Bored In Vegas & Sal's Night Out (2-4-08) 46:18 Chimpanzee Attack Discussions (2-23-09) 27:28 Eric The Midget: Internet Press Confernece (2-27-08) 18:38 Beetlejuice: Stories From The Road (2-27-08) 27:13 Uncle Mike The Murderer (3-4-08) 40:49 Ray Stern Redecorates (3-6-08) 15:50 Amy Fisher Walks Out (3-6-08) 26:13 Eric The Midget Modeling Agency (3-19-08) 18:04 Sal's Backside Problems (3-25-08) 8:40 Beetlejuice vs. Iron Sheik (4-30-08) 36:17 Richard's Concert Problem (5-5-08) 19:11 Jon Hein: The Blow Job King (5-7 & 8-08) 55:53 Gary's Stink Breath (5-20-08) 18:40 Gary Eats Last (6-5-08) 5:26 Eric The Midget: Derek From Texas (6-12-08) 12:21 Kool The Candy Wrapper (6-16-08) 27:57 Wolfie Observes Gary (6-19-08) 14:25 Eric The Midget: Zero Point Zero (6-26-08) 11:50 Artie And Gary's Trip To Afghanistan (7-14-08) 1:48:14 Baba Booey Song Parody Contest (7-30-08) 52:54 Wack Pack Waxing With Fred The Elephant Boy (8-12-08) 39:59 Mayday! Mayday! (8-20-08) 6:24 Ronnie At The Exotic Dancer Awards (9-8-08) 40:47 Chris Rock (9-24-08) 57:46 Eric The Midget Real Doll (9-25-08) 19:23 Eric The Midget Gets Lucky (10-14-08) 28:06 Sour Shoes Prank Calls (10-14-08) 9:13 Cheech And Chong (10-20-08) 51:38 Ronnie's Mambo (10-30-08) 12:44 Eric The Midget In Studio (11-3-08) 50:38 Gina Lynn (11-5-08) 37:50 Beetlejuice, Meggan Mallone (12-3-08) 34:52 Hottest Funniest Chick Contest (12-9-08) 57:15 Various Calls From Hateman (2009) 22:37 Sal's Stories About His Dad (1-7-09) 14:00 Jim Beruer (1-13-09) 50:36 Goofing On Amy Fisher Video (1-19-09) 10:25 Stump The Booey w/ Chuckles And Jenna (1-21-09) 22:10 The Odd World Of Sal (1-26-09) 23:56 Gary's Home Theater (1-29-09) 31:58 Beetlejuice Argues w/ Artie (2-5-09) 17:36 Eric The Midget Is Club Fucking Footed! (3-2-09) 7:09 Jim Breuer (4-8-09) 1:02:53 High Pitch Eric Harassment (4-29-09) 48:30 Gary's Shitty Pitch (5-11-09) 1:15:33 Gilbert Gottfried (6-2-09) 1:25:43 Spiderman: The Musical (6-15-09) 20:15 Bang My Dad Contest (6-16 & 17-09) 1:04:17 Howard's Ba Mitzvah (6-25-09) 23:05 Howard The Sucker (10-8-09) 30:33 Purple Medicated Rain (10-20-09) 23:42 Beetlejuice And Porn Stars (10-28-09) 37:20 Richard's Swollen Feet (11-30-09) 16:57 Win Fred's Money w/ Doug The Genius (12-1-09) 20:42 Mishandling The Mail (12-7-09) 20:18 Saddest Virgin Contest (12-10-09) 50:55 Gary vs. Yuko The Clown (1-20-10) 20:55 The Cookie / Cupcake Fight (2-11-10) 42:55 Tracy Morgan, Riley Steele (2-25-10) 1:05:43 Eric The Midget: Human Calculator (4-12-10) 18:17 Little Lupe (4-15-10) 31:32 Gary vs. Tracy (4-17-10) 1:07:15 Eric The Midget: Wack Packer? (4-21-10) 31:48 Ben And Rae At The Yogurt Shop (5-10-10) 7:18 Howard Goofs On Will Smith (5-20-10) 15:20 Gary Dozes Off During The Show (6-10) 47:21 IQ Test Results (7-29-10) 1:08:08 Jim Breuer (9-29-10) 1:04:30 Howard Reminisces About His Childhood (11-03-10) 9:57 Billy Joel (11-16-10) 1:29:49 Ozzy Osbourne (11-30-10) 57:09 Howard's "Major" Announcment (12-9-10) 18:12 Little Lupe (12-15-10) 44:09 Beetlejuice (Wearing Green Bay Packers Jersey) Visits (2-8-11) 35:05 Gilbert Gottfried (4-26-11) 52:17 Benjy At The Anthony Weiner Press Conference (6-7-11) 30:13 Ben And Rae Stern (6-22-11) 45:02 Ronnie's Winter Poem (12-1-11) 8:59 Eric The Midget: No Werewolves Please! (12-8-11) 38:16 Beetlejuice Meets Santa Sal (12-13-11) 33:15 Riley Martin (1-4-12) 46:35 Roger Waters (1-18-12) 57:22 John's Direct Connection (1-30-12) 36:45 Ronnie vs. The Ugly App (4-23-12) 43:32 Jim Breuer (6-25-12) 42:22 Sharon Plays Bigfoot Game (7-6-12) 34:34 Timgate (7-23 & 24-12) 44:05 Sour Shoes (9-25-12) 1:05:50 Sal vs. Leiberman Rap Battle (10-23-12) 57:01 Hurricane Sandy Contingency Plans (10-29-12) 43:47 Annoying Howard Game (11-13-12) 54:38 Staff Handwriting Analysis (12-03-12) 16:47 End Of The World Prank (1-2-13) 40:19 Jon And Gary's TV Show (2-27-13) 9:33 Pope BeetleJuice Visits (3-13-13) 25:48 Louis CK (4-3-13) 1:23:59 Eric The Midget: Mad At Twitter (5-14-13) 9:47 ZZ Top (5-14-13) 50:57 The Odd World Of Sal...Again... (6-24-13) 36:53 Jerry Seinfeld (6-26-13) 1:31:31 Andrew Dice Clay (7-22-13) 1:13:23 Graham Nash (10-1-13) 58:30 Eric The Midget vs. Jeff The Drunk (10-8-13) 33:51 Paul McCartney (10-8-13) 49:08 Sal's Wacky Writing Meeting Pitch And Beauty Regimen (10-14-13) 41:02 Sal's Grammar (10-22-13) 12:55 Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony (10-28-13) 1:13:39 Sal Gets Hypnotized (11-19-13) 32:43 Donovan (2-5-14) 1:21:00 Louis CK (5-5-14) 52:08 Willie Nelson (6-10-14) 55:54 Bigfoot (8-19-14) 45:02 Eric The Midget, R.I.P. (9-22-14) 1:32:25 Sarah Silverman (9-23-14) 57:43 John Mellencamp (9-24-14) 1:12:32 Smokey Robinson (9-30-14) 52:53 Joe Perry (10-6-14) 1:18:49 Bill Murray (10-8-14) 1:10:23 Neil Young (10-14-14) 1:33:08 Amy Poehler (10-27-14) 1:24:23 Martin Short (11-5-14) 1:06:05 Bill Cosby Discussions (11-17-14) 20:29 The Foo Fighters (12-3-14) 1:12:00 Chris Rock (12-8-14) 1:09:22 Christmas Party Stories (1-5-15) 30:53 Hall & Oates (2-18-15) 54:00 Larry David (1-7-15) 1:22:00 Are You A Wack Packer? (2-24 & 25-15) 1:29:26 Conan O'Brian (2-25-15) 1:19:55 Ronnie's Sex Tips (3-16-15) 15:01 James Taylor (5-12-15) 2:07:43 Ronnie And Sal Hypnotized (5-13-15) 38:11 Roger Daltrey (5-15-15) 53:51 Jeff The Drunk (6-15 - 9-15) 1:24:21 John Fogerty (10-7-15) 1:25:20 Elvis Costello (10-19-15) 1:13:00 JD Never Washes His Sheets (11-15) 36:34 Sal On Terrorists (11-16-15) 12:21 Tina Fey (12-14-15) 1:01:54 Goofing On Scott The Engineer / Bailey The Bed Bug? (1-6-16) 36:07 High Pitch Eric vs. Fred The Elephant Boy (1- 25-27 -16) 1:48:45 Beer Fest, The Odd World Of Sal: Pt. 3 (1-26-16) 1:17:00 A Visit w/ Beetlejuice & Aftermath Of His Visit (2-22 & 23-16) 1:22:48 Tina Fey (3-1-16) 59:38 Peter Frampton (3-2-16) 1:35:14 Cheap Trick (4-6-16) 56:52 Nicole Bass The Stripper (5-2-16) 58:28 Steve Miller (5-31-16) 1:34:21 Wolfie Observes JD (6-15-16) 42:32 The Good, The Bad And All Kinds Of Porn (6-20-16) 36:30 Hit 'Em With The Hein! (7-20-16) 31:18 Eric Andre (8-9-16) 1:13:17 Tracy Morgan (8-16-16) 1:20:18 Richard And Sal Play Bongos (8-23-16) 17:29 Ronnie's Twitter Feed (8-24-16) 54:21 Ronnie's Party (9-12-16) 1:02:38 Norm Macdonald (9-19-16) 1:46:11 Metallica (9-26-16) 1:16:28 Benji Fucks Up And Is Late... Again (10-26-16) 1:01:40 Richard And Sal: In The Closet? (11-1-16) 1:07:38 Dana Carvey (11-2-16) 1:49:11 Sting (11-8-16) 1:18:56 Lenny Dykstra (11-28-16) 1:06:28 Jeff The Drunk (11-30-16) 41:13 Richard And Sal Lie Detector Test (12-5-16) 1:29:02 Ronnie's Sex Stories (12-6-16) 1:00:13 Bobo's Essay (12-13 & 14-16) 1:52:39 Ronnie Hypnotized (1-11-17) 1:19:15 Sal's Out Of Body Experience (1-18-17) 18:51 Staff Sex Stories (1-24-17) 43:52 Memet vs. Everyone (3-8-17) 55:21 Gary vs. Shuli (3-15-17) 40:00 Who Would Howard Go To Dinner With? (3-28-17) 33:18 The Odd World Of Sal: Part 4 (3-29-17) 59:11 JD's Twitter & Wedding (4-5-17) 59:43 Richard And His Dad (5-9-17) 38:54 Embedded w/ Bigfoot (5-23-17) 30:29 Goofing On Scott The Engineer / Scott Doesn't Pay (5-24-17) 54:19 Richard Has Accident (6-6 & 7-17) 32:00 Jimmy Iovine (6-26-17) 1:24:28 Steve From Florida's Walk Of Shame (6-28-17) 1:07:26 David Letterman (8-16-17) 1:34:20 Ronnie The Actor (8-16-17) 52:17 Jerry Seinfeld (9-25-17) 1:47:12 Ronnie The Woman? (9-27-17) 1:02:07 Sarah Silverman (10-2-17) 1:10:35 Robert Plant (10-17-17) 1:22:55
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2017.04.20 16:59 portlane Death Notices for Thursday, April 20 2017

Clark County (Columbian):
Gruber, Christine E., 90, Vancouver, died April 15, 2017. All County Cremation and Burial Services, 360-718-7948. Harmer, Donald W., 86, Vancouver, died April 16, 2017. Evergreen Memorial Gardens Funeral Chapel, 360-892-6060. Kunsman, Linda Lou, 72, Vancouver, died April 19, 2017. Evergreen Staples Funeral Home, 360-693-3649. Lund, Floyd A., 83, Washougal, died April 15, 2017. Straub’s Funeral Home & Columbia River Cremation, 360-834-4563. McBee, Florence Laveta, 80, Vancouver, died April 9, 2017. Evergreen Staples Funeral Home, 360-693-3649. Nam, Woo H., 61, Cathlamet, died April 17, 2017. Straub’s Funeral Home & Columbia River Cremation, 360-834-4563. Nelles, Jeanne Ann, 66, Battle Ground, died April 10, 2017. Layne’s Funeral Home, 360-687-3143. Newgard, Carol S., 82, Lincoln City, Ore., died April 3, 2017. Funeral and Cremation Care, 800-764-0895. Parvin, Donald Ray, 50, Washougal, died April 18, 2017. Davies Cremation & Burial Services, 360-693-1036. Schoenthal, Naida N.A., 85, Vancouver, died April 17, 2017. Evergreen Memorial Gardens Funeral Chapel, 360-892-6060. 
Portland (Oregonian):
Loraine Shannon Allinger
June 2, 1942 - April 17, 2017
Loraine was born to David T. and Viola (Wade) Jones. She earned her degrees from Portland State and taught 13 years at the Clarkes School. In 1977 she married John Allinger. They lived in Longview and Hockinson. Loraine enjoyed music and natural history and belonged to the Mazamas, Audubon, and the Vancouver Chrysanthemum Society. Her charities were The Carter Center and Medical Teams International.
She is survived by her husband; sons, Andy and Ben; sisters, Dary Jones-Eagles, Shelley Hettman and Josie Evans; and many nieces and nephews.
Memorial service will be at 1 p.m., Friday, April 21, 2017, at the Beavercreek United Church of Christ, 23345 S. Beavercreek Road, Beavercreek, OR 97004.
Please sign the online guest book at
Robert A. 'Bob' Bonney
Aug. 16, 1940 - April 7, 2017
Robert "Bob" Bonney, Jr. was born in Salem, Aug. 16, 1940 and lived most of his life in Lake Oswego. Bob passed away from pneumonia due to complications of chemotherapy, April 7, 2017.
Bob attended Central Catholic High School and Oregon State University. He became a Civil and Structural Engineer. He managed and co-owned the engineering firm Moffatt, Nichol & Bonney with his father for over 45 years until they sold the company to a national firm. Bob worked on many projects all over the country for various clients including Toyota, UPS, and Freightliner. Bob developed strong relationships with his clients, colleagues, and staff, he was very well respected in his field.
Over the years Bob was involved in various Catholic organizations, his community and professional organizations. He was an avid tennis player and enjoyed traveling, especially with friends and family. Most importantly, his family came first; he never missed a game, meet or recital. He lived a full life with integrity and faith.
He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Mary; daughters, Gege Rayburn (Rod) and Jackie MacMillan (Kent); son, Michael (Cari); his sister, Suzanne Gressinger (Cary); and seven grandchildren, whom he loved dearly.
A funeral Mass will be held at 11a.m., Friday, May 19, 2017 at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Lake Oswego. In lieu of flowers, the family requests remembrances to Mt. Angel Abbey, St. Benedict, Oregon or Our Lady of the Lake Parish, Lake Oswego, Oregon.
Please sign the online guest book at
Kim Shoon Chin
Nov. 6, 1918 - March 29, 2017
PORTLAND – Kim Shoon Chin (also known as Shew Hing Moy), 98, of Portland died Wednesday, March 29, 2017. Kim was born Nov. 6, 1918, in a village in Toishan county, Kwantung (Guangdong) Province, China to the late How Chin and Yuen Fook Yeung. Kim was an immigrant and came to the United States in 1940, and later became a U.S. Citizen in 1972.
Kim was married to Mue Jim Ng in 1947 who died in 1984 and to Yue Mei Zhu in 1987 who died in 2004. Kim is survived by his six children, Luann Moy (Phil Neel) of Arlington, Va., Linda Chin, Wanda Renfro (Barney), and Gary Chin (Chris), of Portland, Shirley Dotts (Michael) of Saipan, CNMI and Winston Moy of Berkeley, Calif.; three step-sons, Ming D. Li, Zhi Yuan Li and Ming Bin Li. He is also survived by one sister, Kim Bo Chan Tam of Montreal, Canada; and 12 grandchildren. In addition, he leaves friends and caring staff from his life at Parkview-Cherrywood Village Memory Care.
Visitation with viewing will be from 4 - 8 p.m., Friday, April 28, 2017 at Zeller Chapel of the Roses Funeral Home, 2107 N.E. Broadway St., Portland, OR.
The funeral will be from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Saturday, April 29, 2017 at Lincoln Memorial Park and Cemetery, with burial following at 1 p.m., 11801 S.E. Mt. Scott Blvd., Portland, OR.
Floral arrangements may be sent c/o: Zeller Chapel of the Roses Funeral Home. Donations may also be made in memory of Kim Shoon Chin to the Portland Chinese Scholarship Foundation or Portland Chinatown Historical Foundation. For more details, please visit:
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James Alford Hall
May 29, 1934 - March 5, 2017
James Alford "Jim" Hall passed away peacefully March 5, 2017 at the age of 82. He was born May 29, 1934 to George and Pearl Hall in Portland.
He attended grade school and high school in Parkrose, and attended Oregon State University before entering the U.S. Air Force in 1954. He served until 1957.
He was a long time member of the Lions Club and the Freemasonry.
He is survived by his son, Jim Hall, Jr. of Portland; and daughters, Mary Jo Hall of Beaverton and Cheryl Lynn of Portland. He has four grandchildren, Emily and Nello Hall, and Nicholas and Austin Lynn.
Services will be held at 11:30 a.m., Friday, May 5, 2017, at Willamette National Cemetery.
In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation at 1010 N.W. 22nd Ave., #144, Portland, OR 97210.
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Nancy Herriman Horne
Feb. 25, 1922 - April 16, 2017
Nancy Horne passed away peacefully, in her home in Happy Valley, April 17, 2017, at age 95. Born to Elbridge Askew (Ted) Herriman and Kathryn Louis Curtiss in Chicago, Ill., Feb. 25, 1922, Nancy Curtiss Herriman spent her early years living in Chicago, and then Gary, Ind., before settling in Denver, in 1936.
After graduating from South High in Denver, where she was passionate about music, she attended the University of Denver. There, she was a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. A highlight of her life at the University was being a member of the Pioneer Promenaders square dancing troupe. They were featured in Life magazine and travelled to Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington DC, while Nancy was a member. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Airline Practices in 1945.
After graduating she became a stewardess with TWA. It was at this time that she met her husband to be, John Long Horne, who was stationed at Lowery Field in Denver after serving in the Army Air Force in Europe during WWII. They were married at St. Johns Cathedral in Denver, Jan. 11,1946.
After moving to Everett, Wash., in 1957, John and Nancy finally settled in Portland in 1968. She worked for the U.S. Forest Service until her retirement. She was a proud member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), and the TWA Clipped Wings organization. She was also very much involved with her family's genealogy research.
Nancy was a wonderful and loving wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She was preceded in death by her husband of 62 years. Survivors include her daughters, Susan H. Chandler and Cynthia J. Hannan; son, J. Peter Horne; six grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.
Nancy's life will be celebrated at a memorial service held at 1 p.m., May 6, 2017, at the Town Center Village, in Happy Valley. A private interment will be held, April 20, 2017, at Willamette National Cemetery.
The family suggests that remembrance's be made to
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Leo F. Ketzner April 1, 1949 - April 16, 2017 Leo F. Ketzner passed away in McMinnville, at the age of 68. Services will be held at 11 a.m. Friday, April 21, 2017, at St. John Catholic Church in Yamhill. Interment will take place at St. James Catholic Cemetery. To view full obituary and leave condolences, please visit
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Ian McClure Mitchell
April 23, 1984 - April 14, 2017
It is with heavy hearts that we share the sad news of Ian McClure Mitchell's sudden passing in the evening hours of Good Friday, April 14, 2017. He passed unexpectedly but peacefully at his home in Portland.
Ian was born on Easter Monday, in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, April 23, 1984. At the age of four, Ian and his family moved to Oregon. Ian spent his younger life growing up in Canby, attending elementary and high school there. Ian also attended Shawnigan Lake preparatory school on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Ian excelled at anything he put his mind too. From a very young age, Ian had a passion for computers and electronics. He also played and enjoyed Rugby while he attended preparatory school. Ian returned to Canby for his final high school years.
Following high school Ian attended Oregon State University. He later graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor's degree in logistics.
Ian spent most of his young adult life in Portland, with a brief move to Tacoma for work. Ian loved the city of Portland and the people; it was always home to him.
Ian had a large presence in the Electronic music community. He DJed publicly and released Electronica mix sets. Ian was a devout sports fan, enjoying anything from football to hockey to cricket. He loved craft beers, swimming holes, and movies. He recently had been taking trips to Alaska for work, and talked about spending more time there. He also talked about driving across Montana. Ian had plans to go skydiving with his brother Scott for his 33rd birthday. Ian loved and cared deeply for all animals, especially Alli and Ian's cat, Joey and their fish, Stuey. Ian spent hours in his garden tending to his plants. More than anything though, Ian loved being around his friends and family. Ian had a huge heart and an insatiable appetite for life and new experiences; he led a life of unimaginable kindness, caring, gentleness and grace.
He leaves behind his parents, Maureen and David; his sister, Erin (Joe); brothers, Graeme (Molly) and Scott (Kansas); his maternal grandmother, Elizabeth (Betty) Gauley; many aunts; uncles; cousins; and cherished friends. Ian also leaves his cherished girlfriend of seven years, Alli Warren.
A Celebration of Ian's life will be held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., April 23, 2017 at Sah-Hah-Lee golf course, 17104 S.E. 130th Avenue, Clackamas, Oregon.
Given Ian's love for animals and kids, we ask that in lieu of flowers, you make direct donations to one of the two charitable organizations in Ian's name: Oregon Humane Society: (
) or Boys & Girls Club of America: (
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Howard V. Mozeico
Jan. 27, 1947 - April 13, 2017
Howard V. Mozeico, 70, died April 13, 2017, as the result of a tractor accident. While his death is sudden and unexpected, he died working on the land that he loved where he built his home, small vineyard, and garden. Howard was born in The Bronx, N.Y., Jan. 27, 1947, and was the son of Israel and Diana Mozeico. He lived in Oregon for 39 years.
Howard got his Bachelor of Science from City University of New York and his Masters of Computer Science from University of Hawaii. Howard was a software engineer, with most of his engineering career at Mentor Graphics. He then followed his passion for winemaking and founded Et Fille Wines of Newberg, with his daughter Jessica in 2003. Howard was Winemaker until his death.
Howard is survived by his wife of 49 years, Mona Mozeico; daughter, Jessica Mozeico of Portland; granddaughter, Gabriella Mozeico-Blair of Portland; and sister, Patti Cohen of Manasquan, N.J.
The memorial service will be held at 2 p.m., Sunday, April 30, 2017, at The Allison Inn in Newberg, OR.
In lieu of flowers, the family requests that any memorial donations are made to the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue to support their emergency response efforts.
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Mary Lou Robinson
Aug. 23, 1943 - April 1, 2017
Mary Lou passed away in Portland at the age of 73. She was born in Oakland, Calf.,and as a child moved with her parents to Portland. At the age of three, she contracted polio and was wheelchair bound the rest of her life.
She attended PSU and then returned to the San Francisco area. She especially enjoyed the view of harbor night lights from her apartment. Her high rise condo in Portland gave her similar joy. Mary Lou spent many years in her antique business with her dear friend "Red" when they lived in Lake Tahoe. On his passing she moved back to Portland. She had a love for life and didn't let her disability slow her down.
Mary Lou is survived by two nieces.
There will be no service.
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Arne Westerman
March 24, 1927 - April 17, 2017
Arnold "Arne" Westerman, artist, trumpeter, and Royal Rosarian, died April 17, 2017. For his complete obituary, please go to
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